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What I like about CPP is that it's extremely diverse and it makes me feel at home because I grew up around a very diverse setting. Also, what made my experience great was the bric it's our school gym and you can go there in between classes or whenever you want. There's nothing really bad about the school other then the walking around campus due to the hills. But after all there's nothing wrong with getting a bit of cardio in.
Beautiful campus. There is a good variety of affordable food to eat on campus, the gym is well equipped, and professors genuinely seem to want you to succeed in their classes. Being an English major, many of my classes are dialogue-heavy and designed to get students involved and thinking critically. I don't regret this being my first choice of university.
The campus is nice and if you like to work out, their gym is the coolest thing ever. They have a rock wall
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It's a nice campus. It's a nice, fairly small school if you're looking for a campus that's not too big.
Cal Poly Pomona is a good school that has a great diversity of students from different cultures. The school offers many classes in different categories. And what I like the most during class is the group project, since it's showing "Learned by doing".
The campus is huge and extremely beautiful. The staff and students are amazingly nice. There is so much diversity, it is great. The academics is the best! Anyone would be lucky to attend Cal Poly Pomona.
Cal Poly's campus is beautiful with many places for students to feel connected and comfortable. There are many clubs which students can join and get involved.
The school is overall a great place to get an education. The learning by doing motto by which they operate drew me here.
I enjoy the atmosphere at California Polytechnic University, Pomona. The student are very friendly. I would however, prefer if the staff were more helpful when answering different questions.
Cal Poly Pomona has a diverse cultural student body. We are always surrounded by wonderful students from different cultures and backgrounds which contribute to our understanding of others different from ourselves. The office staff is always very helpful to our needs and never hesitates to assist and guide students as they progress through the college courses. The professors I have had are very good at presenting course materials and are willing to answer questions that may arise. The parking can sometimes get very crowded so it is my recommendation to come a little earlier if you are driving and need to park your car. Overall, I am having a wonderful student experience at Cal Poly Pomona.
Transferred here from Long Beach City College, it has a great engineering program. The only downside is the program is so impacted getting classes is nearly impossible. My only recommendation is to get a student job with priority registration. Get involved in student clubs so that you can apply your engineering studies and make time go by smoothly.
Beautiful campus with dedicated preofessors. Very diverse campus in which the motto applies "learn by doing".
Cal State Poly Pomona is a great college facility, absolutely one of the Cal State's, offering and giving opportunities to minorities wanting a better future for themselves. Without a doubt one of my first options to go to school to pursue my career.
Cal Poly Pomona has a school motto - "Learn by doing." If your the type of person to learn better by practicing instead of reading, then this will be the place for you. No matter what you decide to study at Cal Poly Pomona, chances are that you will "learn by doing."
This school is all about learn by doing, and it definitely shows!! The students, faculty, and the professors work together in making the campus community a safe and fun environment. Everyone is there to see you succeed, and they help you along the way until you reach success.
I am an incoming freshman at Cal Poly. The campus is beautiful and the freshman orientation was well executed and fun. I am very excited to begin my classes, and start living on campus.
What I enjoy about Cal Poly Pomona is the amount of student life and diversity that occurs on such a small campus. The school is very agricultural based and while at times it may smell a bit like a barn, I couldn't imagine attending another school. My major is one of the smaller ones at this school and honestly I couldn't have it any other way. The professors I have are very engaging and want you to succeed beyond the classroom.
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I transferred to Cal Poly Pomona and loved it, because of my department! I was a history major and loved the professors. The classes were largely discussion based learning and put Cal Ploy's motto to the test: learning by doing. The professors encouraged collaborative learning and engaged every class meeting. The department as a whole was helpful and invested in learning and in the students. I am going into teaching to expose future generations to this style of learning and engagement. I am current in the single subject teaching program, and wish they would offer a credential program that in blended with a master's program in education. A huge disappointment, since a lot of universities do offer such programs.
California State Polytechnic University-Pomona has been an amazing experience thus far. The environment is very diverse and makes every person feel like they are apart of a tight community rather than an individual. The area around the school could be better, however the positive campus life makes up for this.
As a transfer student the environment is not so much different from the community college I attended. There is more livelihood during the day because of those who live on campus. Students there are helpful to find your way around and how to navigate the area. It is nice to see people who enjoy their major and the people they have met. They usually hang around in their building so it is quite amazing to see. There are organizations that help transfer students which is very ideal for a person who needs to get used to a quarter system rather and a semester and the new environment. So many services are offered that you just want to take on them whenever you can and take advantage of what you won't have after you leave.
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