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California State Polytechnic University - Pomona Reviews

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Cal Poly Pomona's "learn by doing" approach in academics has been very helpful when trying to learn the material for a class. The faculty to student ratio is not that large which helps student get their questions addressed. Cal Poly Pomona is very welcoming via clubs, fraternities, sororities, and other communities.
This is my first year here, I love the campus and the professors so far are great, the parking situation is a little tough with how packed it is all the time.
During my experience visiting Cal Poly Pomona, the atmosphere felt so lively and energetic. When talking to the students and staff, their attitudes were so enjoyable and made you feel happy and welcomed. The campus is a great size and has a lot to offer its students.
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The environment is very nice. The students are all very kind & I have already made a lot of memories. A lot of the professors are helpful and kind, easy to communicate with.
For starters, this school is clean, has constant renovations and is making changes for the better. Unfortunately, the parking situation here is quite unpleasant. I do enjoy the hands-on approach the school upholds, but some of the instructors make it difficult for students to succeed. In addition, there isn't an exciting campus life, as seen at other institutions. Overall, the quality of education is what is most important, everything else is simply not ideal.
It is a great school many of the professors care about the students. There also advisors and great resources for students that need help on any matter. Only negative factor is the parking and there is a lot of walking from the parking lot to the classrooms.
The things that I did not like that I would really enjoy to see changed are the way the academics are held in term of certain majors that have labs. In the current grading system the labs tend to require more work than that of the lecture counterparts and are worth less in terms of units. It would be nice if it was balanced out more evenly.
I love the environment that surrounds me at Cal Poly Pomona. The faculty, professors, and students are what make the campus a great learning environment. I am motivated to do well in my studies due to the pride involvement on campus. One thing I wish I could change or improve would be the parking. A downfall to my school is they allow more incoming students yet cannot accommodate all the physical parking spaces for students.
Well I feel like Cal Poly Pomona is a great place because it quiet and somewhat a big campus but easy to get us to. I have a sister that goes there and I am hopping to go there and study. I love the environment its nice and the people are welcoming, but the diversity is not so good.
My experience here has been very hands on with the opportunities to actually participate in undergrad research, the countless internship opportunities on campus and the many clubs tailored to almost every interest possible, I feel that I could not have chosen a better school. The only downsides really are parking and the difficulty getting classes which is not a unique problem.
Cal poly pomona is one of the "smaller" campuses so parking is limited and very hard to find. Most people either skate or bike to get around since there is such a lack of close by parking. Food choices are limited as most of them are fast food. However the campus is pretty well-known for on hands teaching which it fulfills pretty well. If anything, I wouldn't go to Cal Poly Pomona if campus variety is what you are seeking, but is great in academics if you are willing to deal with the horrid parking competition with this years' largest incoming freshman class of all CPP history.
The atmosphere of being such a close nit community through dorm life and clubs activities helps to ingratiate students to the campus lifestyle. Universal issue that arise for students is the increases in tuition and housing prices alongside constant need for more parking spaces and a surge in admitted students.
Cal Poly Pomona is a great university for transfer students in specific. The faculty there go above and beyond to make transfer students feel welcome there, with there even being a 2 day event for transfers that allow them to make contacts at the school and generally become more familiar with the campus and its culture.
Pomona wasn't my first choice for college, but thankfully it turned out to be the best choice coming here because of all the great opportunities this school has to offer.
I like Cal Poly Pomona because their method of teaching is very hands-on. I find that this is the best way to learn and practice in your career field. The campus is great and there are many resources available to the students in order to have the best learning and fun experience.
I've really enjoyed being at this school. I worked really hard to get here and it hasn't disappointed. The classes have been really challenging in a good way, and I've found the professors to be phenomenal.
I enjoy the campus and all the professors! The campus is lively and you should check out the animals.
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I like how diverse the campus is which makes it feel more welcoming. I would change the programs they use for on-campus jobs because the employers do not send out emails all the time which make looking for a job harder.
I absolutely love Cal Poly Pomona! The amount of incredible resources and professors is astonishing. I am applying for this scholarship so I can fund my study abroad plans. I would love to open my horizons to different cultures and languages. And thankfully, Cal Poly has granted me the opportunity to do so. It has been a dream to be a part of such a wonderful campus. I cannot wait for what the next two years have in stores!
Beautiful campus, friendly students. Everyone is willing to help make your experience at the campus easier and better.
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