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California State Polytechnic University - Pomona Reviews

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It is a very good school with a great engineering program. The environment the school gives off is great for the students to want to learn.
My experience here at Cal Poly Pomona has been great. It has a beautiful vicinity. There is so much going on and many classes to take. This is my first year here and I know I’ll enjoy the next 3 years here.
It was alright. Nothing I didn't expect. Beautiful location. Has great hospitality and managment program.
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I love that Cal Poly Pomona has a great sense of community. The campus has beautiful scenery. I also like their motto, "Learn by doing." It is really helpful to be able to learn from experience.
The campus is incredibly beautiful, and takes an innovative approach to the learning experience. Their motto is 'learn by doing', and the way they incorporate this into studies is simple and effective. From all the students that I have met here, they all take extreme value in this approach. Additionally, the lush, green campus makes every stroll you take enjoyable to the eyes. Having a nice environment is imperative to keep your spirit up throughout college, and Pomona allows this to prosper in every regard.
My experience with Cal Poly Pomona has been perfect so far. They are extremely helpful throughout the application process, and have given me access to various resources to ensure that my future at CPP is the best possible.
Close to home/work, manageable tuition
Respectable professors and staff
Safe Campus
Cafeteria with a great selection of food items
Cal Poly is a great school full of diversity, great professors, a lot of hands on opportunities and many campus clubs to choose from. Something that could use improvement is the aspect of academics in the area of class availability and number of sections throughout the school year.
I am an animal health science major and I love the campus. this college is great for students who want to major in agriculture. The campus is very pretty. The social scene is good and the class sizes are reasonable. I know everyone in all of my major classes and we are all friends. If you get involved you can make the best out of it since it is mainly a commuter college.
Cal Poly Pomona provides the resources, knowledge and skills needed to be a practitioner in any desired field. The university's philosophy 'learn by doing' develop's students to be problem solvers and critical thinkers, do become the future leaders and organizers for the issues ahead. As a commuter school, parking is difficult to find; however, the school has some beautiful places to relax, particularly the Lyle Center.
CPP has been an overall greatf experience. There are many clubs on campus that you can get involved in, or even work on campus to meet people. The campus is green and is a great enviornment to be in.
Cal poly pomona is a good place if you are a studious A student. Not many parties and everyone is friendly.
Cal-Poly Pomona is an amazing school. I had great faculty, research experience and a unique education here. The university has many resources for students to succeed, an amazing campus, Starbucks and very large library. This is one of the top Schools in California and highly recommendable to students going into the fields of science and engineering.
CPP is really fun, diverse, and has wonderful prpfessors who care! You can never go wrong at this university! Office hours are vey helpful and the professors make sure you are learning and veey understanding.
Overall this school is amazing!!!! The scenery, he hosing, the vibe, the people. I can go on and on. Everyone that I know that goes there is very, very happy.
The student's are very welcoming and friendly. It is so helpful to have a shuttle that will help students get from place to place. The student clubs are very active.
Amazing school, they offer a huge amount of services and amenities for their students. The professors are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their areas of study.
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Cal Poly Pomona fosters a great learn by doing atmosphere which I find particularly helpful in helping along my success within my academic career. If you don't just want to learn things by the books, but by actually doing them yourself, this school may be the right fit for you.
I like the environment here at Cal Poly Pomona, it is very calm and laid back. The faculty are pretty great, and the school offers a lot of resources and activities. Thing I wish they would improve are dorm conditions. I pay $17,000 to live in the dorm and they are filthy. The clean the showers maybe once a month and they don't do a very thorough job. Over the weekends, the bathroom run out of toilet paper, and the showers are barely warm. Most of the time I have to take semi-warm water showers in a freezing bathroom.
Honestly, I am not a big fan of my school. I feel as if there is not a lot of diversity, nor are there individuals who I can connect with well. However, that may also be because I am very introverted. I know that I need to get out of my comfort zone and reach out to other people, but I dislike doing that.
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