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California State Polytechnic University - Pomona Reviews

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its really amazing how understanding the professors at cpp are. they understand how tough it is especially at a time like this. the people in my class are also all so nice and are willing to help other students who don't understand something.
although its online this year, it been great and the people and professors i've met are all so nice and patient.
I think the school's location is very nice. It's also a fairly large campus as well, so you might have to walk a bit to get to classes. I personally got a scooter just so I can get to my classes faster. The only downside is that some of the professors here aren't super great at teaching. They mean well, but sometimes I feel like I'm better off self-studying instead of learning from their lectures just because they don't help at all.

As for the food, it is decent. But recently they built a new dining hall and the food quality there is a whole lot better than before.

Lastly, housing. Cal Poly built two new dorm buildings that are literally 20-second walks to the new dining halls. The place is brand new and it honestly looks better than the suites. Unfortunately, for those who are stuck with the brick dorms, you will suffer. In my first semester of college, I encountered 3 cockroaches in my room. The showers are also pretty bad as well since they are small and communal.
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As for my online experience. It is not that great, to be honest. I personally struggled a lot last semester in online classes and this semester, the classes are kind of overwhelming. For example, every week, I get at least 9 links from my math class and each link is a lecture video at least half an hour long. If I took the class in person, then I would only have to listen to 2hr and 30 minutes. But online? That's 9 times 30 = 270 minutes or 4 and a half hours. So that kinda sucks.
the online learning experience has been a very easy transition for me because I have understanding professors, but I know that this is not the same case with everyone.
Its a very diverse school and some of the staff is very understanding and do their best to help the students, especially the EOP department. It can become a lottle difficult to obtain the classes one needs to graduate within the 4 years therefore it is not uncommon for students to go a 5th year.
CalPoly was a excellent college to do my undergraduate studies! Campus culture is very positive and diverse. Since it is a commuter school less students live on campus than at a larger university, but campus life still thrives. ASI at CalPoly does a great job getting all students involved on campus and updated on news around campus.
Before COVID-19 I had many online classes in previous semesters. All were very organized and positively impacted my academic experience at CalPoly. Many of my in-class professors were able to adjust well to virtual learning when we had to go remote.
Amazing school! Very accepting of all walks of life. Extremely affordable compared to other schools. The Health and Wellness Center is amazing. There's a lot of other resources available to students to help them get better grades and make college life easier for them.
At first, the online school was very difficult as many of the teachers had no idea what to expect. NOw that they do, it seems to be moving much easier.
Cal Poly Pomona has one of the best Hospitality programs here. The college is well funded and cares about your education.
The online courses were good. I finished an entire semester of Biology in a week and the course was laid out perfectly.
During my undergraduate experience, I took a few online classes. These online classes were immersive, because the professors took multiple approaches to teaching. For example, there would be live video chats, challenging essays, and different forms of assessments to ensure that students were retaining and comprehending the material. I felt that my professors truly put in effort to make the online learning experience a positive one. This approaching school year (2020/2021), I will be taking all online classes, due to the circumstances with Covid-19. Therefore, I am confident that I will continue to have a positive learning experience with Cal Poly Pomona.
Cal Poly Pomona is a university that truly lives up to its motto: "Learn By Doing". During my undergraduate experience, I was able to learn through hands-on experiences and engage in critical thinking. Because of my undergraduate experience, I was well-equipped with the tools necessary to pursue graduate school directly after receiving my B.A. I would recommend an education at Cal Poly Pomona to anyone looking to gain a well-rounded approach to learning, or to grow professionally. As a first-generation college student, I felt immense guidance and support from my peers, as well as the staff at Cal Poly Pomona. However, one aspect of this university which could be improved slightly is the professors' teaching approaches. Fortunately, most of my professors chose to teach in an immersive, hands-on way. Still, there were a few professors which relied heavily on lectures and PowerPoint. Other than this, I have no other criticisms of Cal Poly Pomona.
It was kind of hard for me because some classes are online due to the pandemic, but overall it was very good.
First time I attended Cal Poly Pomona, it was great, lots of things to do during my free time, resources were helpful.
Cal Poly Pomona is a great school for those who want to branch out and meet other people from different places. It has its flaws, but overall great school.
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Cal Poly Pomona going online was very difficult. Some professors were very helpful in transitioning to online while others were not. For myself, I did not find it difficult to transition, my professors communicated well before we transitioned how they could help us in making the switch easy.
Most of the professors at CPP are very professional and knowledgeable at their specialties. I have been having wonderful, talented, and kind professors at CPP.
My experience at Cal Poly Pomona, CPP has be a wonderful experience. CPP is my second home. I've met so many great colleagues and faculties that have helped me along my college journey.
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