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California State Polytechnic University - Pomona Reviews

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Cal Poly Pomona is located about a half hour east of Los Angeles (with no traffic). The school is nice and has changed a lot since I graduated. It's close enough to LA to be able to go have some fun experiences, but far enough away so that you can breath. Overall, okay school.
Class experience heavily depends on the professor. Most classes are close to the quad. I initially thought the campus is huge, but after realizing that most classes are around the quad area, it seems smaller.
It is an amazing university with awesome people that I can relate to and aspire to be like. There are plenty of jobs, food, and drinks for everyone. I hope more people can learn to enjoy this place like I have. It has been an amazing experience to be here.
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It’s a really nice campus with a great surrounding area. The students are very helpful and the professors really work with you.
Cal Poly Pomona is an exceptional school in which one feels embraced and protected by so much culture and powerful equality.
Cal Poly's professors are intelligent, and they are always willing to help students out! However, it will be better if campus food can be less expensive.
It’s great! The classes are really hands-on and the teachers care a ton. They will take time out of their schedule whenever asked to help students understand the material.
During my time at Cal Poly Pomona, I have grown as a person and an intellectual. I have been able to assist in research in two different disciplines and am a member of the honors college. The faculty are very approachable and really want their students to be successful.
The school overall is very helpful and the teachers and are helpful as well. The area is also very safe and never feel like I am in danger. The classes are also very helpful and make sure that you are getting everything that you can get out of it. The people are also friendly and helpful;. My first day I asked many people how to get to a certain place and they were all nice to help me out.
As a second-year student here, I have had a limited experience with Cal Poly Pomona, and college in general, so take my answer with a grain of salt.

Firstly, the tuition they're asking for is relatively small compared to many other universities.

Secondly, nobody really likes taking general ed classes, so Cal Poly Pomona offers something called IGE, which is pretty much all of the general education subjects mashed into one class. Take each IGE course consecutively for two years, and your general education is out of the way. IGE has no tests, no quizzes, but a lot of essays and a few projects each quarter. It's very interactive and a good way to make new friends, freshman or otherwise.

Third, all of the science/engineering programs that are offered here are very hands-on, as Cal Poly Pomona has a "learn by doing" philosophy, so we have co-requisite classes dedicated toward testing experiments and building things.
Cal Poly Pomona is a highly diverse university that offers hands-on learning, dedicated faculty, and incredible preparation and opportunities for the workforce and real world. The beautiful campus is offered through reasonable tuition and an ideal location.
Cal Poly Pomona is a hands on school that is not only focused on teaching its students from the book but from doing the work manually as well. The professors and staff are very helpful and are very interested in helping all of their students achieve!
Here at CPP the classes are pretty easy and not very challenging. In my major there are great professors and advisors willing to help. I dorm and I enjoy it a lot I think if I didn't dorm i wouldn't have the same experience.
Affordable tuition, various opportunities for social life, and a collaborative environment were definitely attractions for Cal Poly. The only caveat to that is the fact that Cal Poly is predominantly a commuter school, and sometimes this undermines the sense of community that, I feel, could have been stronger with more affordable housing on/off campus.
I am currently a student attending Cal Poly Pomona. It is an amazing school filled with incredibly intelligent minds– both students and professors. This school offers many resources to improve one's college experience like the cultural resource centers, the disability resource center, the cermet center, the tutoring center, and so much more. All of the professors and advisors that I have met have been incredibly helpful in guidance. Although this school is mainly a commuter school, students tend to still be involved and it is easy to make connections with those around you. This campus has a great abundance of diversity so it is more than likely that students will not feel culture shock when they arrive to this school.
This school has a great campus that actually makes me happy to go to school. Making friends and being involved in campus helps enormously. Being around people who are driven and are constantly on top of their studies help a lot.
CPP is an ever-changing campus with a surrounding area that seems green around a concrete haven. The way Cal Poly Pomona is so built so well for anyone who needs a specific major, and trust me, they got many majors
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I've met incredibly humble and insightful instructors at Cal Poly Pomona. The campus location is beautiful, sitting on the hillside in the Pomona Valley. The only downside for me is the course offerings and availability - this is mainly due to the quarter systems and I am looking forward to semester conversions so that I may take courses during appropriate times.
What I liked about Cal Poly Pomona was that they have a great engineering program. The surroundings at Cal Poly Pomona are very beautiful as well.
I like that Cal Poly Pomona has a lot of engineering majors to choose from. As a civil engineer major myself, I can understand how important that may be to some people. I do wish that there were more to do in the area surrounding the campus though. I think in that regard it can be a little boring and at times annoying. You might need to go out a little further to go to any stores or to find different places to eat. Overall Cal Poly is a pretty good school, and I’m sure you can find what you are looking for here.
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