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California State Polytechnic University - Pomona Reviews

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I start school at Cal Poly in a week or so, therefore my answer to this question is very limited. From my experience so far, I have to say, I really do like the campus and the professors. The university is multi-culturally diverse and they are all celebrated.
It's a great school, they take care of you, and most of the professors really do care about your well being. However there is nothing really special besides the great arcade and gym on campus. No Football Team.
The two years I've already spent here were well spent and I am excited to begin my third year. I am glad that I have enrolled right after high school and I do not regret ever coming here.
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This school has understanding teachers with good programs and activities. It is hard to create a campus culture since this is a commuter school but they do try to host many fun events.
I really like the on hands learning because I'm more of a physical learner than in books. The campus is so beautiful and the diversity is completely diverse. I will like to see change for the safety of the school.
Overall, it's a very beautiful school. I would say its beauty comes from everything in between the lines as in the small things are what makes this place great. From the fact, its so diverse or so green and hilly just gives it a different feel compared to other universities. Plus, being a visual learner, the learn by doing motto fit me perfectly.
My first year of college was not how I expected it to be. Most of the blame has to do with me. The teachers I had there were more than willing to help me become a better student. They had good office hours for students to be able to go to them and talk.
Cal Poly Pomona is an amazing school! Very diverse & the students there have so much to learn from one another. The professors are always willing to help. The atmosphere/school environment is always a positive one. The only places that could use improvement are the dorms and the parking areas.
Pomona is a good place for Engineering major. The professors all know what you need to work well in the industry. The school care and assist the student to get an internship during attending the course and get an actual job after graduation. The learning by doing moto is really amazing. Students always get the hands-on experiences at Cal Poly Pomona.
What I like about California State Polytechnic University - Pomona is the fact the school is very accepting. I have not had one bad encounter with any individual whether student or professor. Everyone is always willing to help.
I just started attending Cal Poly Pomona and I love it so far! I'm a transfer student and transitioned pretty smoothly into university. All the professors I've had have been pretty good. I look forward to graduating in 2 years!
Cal Poly Pomona is located about a half hour east of Los Angeles (with no traffic). The school is nice and has changed a lot since I graduated. It's close enough to LA to be able to go have some fun experiences, but far enough away so that you can breath. Overall, okay school.
Class experience heavily depends on the professor. Most classes are close to the quad. I initially thought the campus is huge, but after realizing that most classes are around the quad area, it seems smaller.
It is an amazing university with awesome people that I can relate to and aspire to be like. There are plenty of jobs, food, and drinks for everyone. I hope more people can learn to enjoy this place like I have. It has been an amazing experience to be here.
It’s a really nice campus with a great surrounding area. The students are very helpful and the professors really work with you.
Cal Poly Pomona is an exceptional school in which one feels embraced and protected by so much culture and powerful equality.
Cal Poly's professors are intelligent, and they are always willing to help students out! However, it will be better if campus food can be less expensive.
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It’s great! The classes are really hands-on and the teachers care a ton. They will take time out of their schedule whenever asked to help students understand the material.
During my time at Cal Poly Pomona, I have grown as a person and an intellectual. I have been able to assist in research in two different disciplines and am a member of the honors college. The faculty are very approachable and really want their students to be successful.
The school overall is very helpful and the teachers and are helpful as well. The area is also very safe and never feel like I am in danger. The classes are also very helpful and make sure that you are getting everything that you can get out of it. The people are also friendly and helpful;. My first day I asked many people how to get to a certain place and they were all nice to help me out.
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