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California State Polytechnic University - Pomona Reviews

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Classes are hard to get into and its hard to make friends unless you join a club or frat. Its a commuter school so many people that attend here do not try to branch out or make new connections.
I visited the campus and saw some very intresting programs they had. Very clean, vibrant, and big campus. Overall enjoyed my experience while I was there.
You can definitely get a lot out of your time here. Many clubs and opportunities to take advantage of. A lot of events that is always happening on campus. You will earn the equivalent of how much effort you put in.
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Cal Poly is a great school, I have learned so much from many of my professors. There are tons of resources and places to spend your time. Professors are willing to help and other students. We are extremely diverse and eco friendly.
The parking situation is just ridiculous. There's not enough parking for the students yet, we're paying $231 dollars for a parking permit. The campus is quite small and we have a limited food choice. The classrooms are old and outdated.
I like the class ratio between the professor and student, it is really reasonable and the professor are really nice. What I want to see changes is the housing, because the bed is really dangerous, student will be really easily to fell off the bed because there isn't a railing to prevent student to fell off.
I loved the professors and how invested they are to make sure there students felt welcomed. Of course every school is not perfect but my time at Cal Poly has been very eye opening. The thing I wish could be changed is an improvement of the C.L.A.S.S. building because it could use some updates.
So far, I like attending Cal Poly Pomona. I like the campus because there is so much more to do than just go to class. There are plenty of opportunities to join clubs and organizations of your interest. There is lots of nature so if this is one thing you like then yay! The campus is pretty diverse, depending on the class you are taking. The professors I have gotten are very helpful and want you to succeed in their classes.
I have gone to this school for 2 years now and my experience has been decent. I had high hopes but they were not fullfilled.
Cal Poly Pomona is a a wonderful school. It is a multi-cultural people which have a variety of different types of people. There is also so many international students from all over the world. I think that is pretty cool to experience such a beautiful campus as well with friendly people to help guide you.
My first year at Cal Poly was on the quarter system, however, during my second year they began the process of switching over to semesters. Unfortunately this process wasn't handled in the best way possible, which left many of us clueless as to what classes we should take while still on quarters because not all would translate to the new semester system. This was very frustrating and disappointing when we were all paying the school thousands of dollars but they implemented a plan that wasn't fully developed. Still to this day my degree progress reports shows most classes on quarter system which makes it difficult for me to plan out the rest of my time here and figure out my best path to graduation.
Cal Poly is a great school that gives real opportunity and practical skills for whatever field you enter!
Parking permit prices are very expensive as well as tuition. Some buildings are outdated. I was underwhelmed by the campus's overall design because it has an emphasis on Engineering yet other California State Universities are far more superb.
I start school at Cal Poly in a week or so, therefore my answer to this question is very limited. From my experience so far, I have to say, I really do like the campus and the professors. The university is multi-culturally diverse and they are all celebrated.
It's a great school, they take care of you, and most of the professors really do care about your well being. However there is nothing really special besides the great arcade and gym on campus. No Football Team.
The two years I've already spent here were well spent and I am excited to begin my third year. I am glad that I have enrolled right after high school and I do not regret ever coming here.
This school has understanding teachers with good programs and activities. It is hard to create a campus culture since this is a commuter school but they do try to host many fun events.
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I really like the on hands learning because I'm more of a physical learner than in books. The campus is so beautiful and the diversity is completely diverse. I will like to see change for the safety of the school.
Overall, it's a very beautiful school. I would say its beauty comes from everything in between the lines as in the small things are what makes this place great. From the fact, its so diverse or so green and hilly just gives it a different feel compared to other universities. Plus, being a visual learner, the learn by doing motto fit me perfectly.
My first year of college was not how I expected it to be. Most of the blame has to do with me. The teachers I had there were more than willing to help me become a better student. They had good office hours for students to be able to go to them and talk.
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