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California State Polytechnic University - Pomona Reviews

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very friendly environment and everyone is open to new cultures and frinds, when I went to visit the arcade was very fun and interesting.
CalPoly is an amazing school. The school provides more than enough resources from students to find support and explore a new chapter in their lives!
As a transfer Student, I appreciate the wide diversity of students from different backgrounds and cultures. The school is very large with plenty of extra curricular activities to be apart of.
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cal poly pomona is a good school and has been my dream school for the longest time. i plan on going to cal poly for biology
It's only my first year however I have met some great students and teachers. Teachers seem very invested in making courses go smoothly and keep students interested.
The classes are small which makes it easier to ask the professors for help and keeps the students focused on the lecture. Most of my professors are exceptional in teaching the material with the exception of one who is new to teaching but is slowly getting better.
I had a field trip at cal poly and I extremely loved it. The campus is beautiful and the best thing is that they have my major. I hope to major in animal science to then become a vet. There is really nothing I would like this school to change because it is perfect the way it is and that's the reason why I want to attend cal poly.
My experience at Cal Poly Pomona was alright, it was first college campus visit I had. I didn't really get to meet the people on campus or be in classroom while they were teaching but I did get a tour of everything else. They do mention how good of an engineer school they are and how everything they do is mostly hands on so the students learn better. The campus was nice, like the view of the school, I did see their gym which was simple, small but neat.
The school is more of a secluded area, that is surrounded by acres of horses while driving up to the campus. The students are friendly and the teachers will help each student out if they come to their office hours. This is a great school for those students that want to pursue engineering or agricultural sciences. It is also a very diverse campus.
Friendly enviorment with lot of learning . So far I got good proffesors. If you are mire into academics then this is the best.
I really like the campus. The buildings are very nice. They even have Arabian horses that you can take a look at.
The two frustrating problems are the registration and dealing with the advising center. Be very diligent about getting classes and keeping on top of paperwork.
As a first time year at Cal Poly Pomona, I appreciate the wide range of diversity. Education sees not just one color but all. They have a wide range of clubs to fit all interest. I have truly enjoyed my first year at this facility the only thing that took some getting used to was the parking and on how big the campus is.
I will be transferring to Cal Poly Pomona for fall of 2019, the tours I had attended are really informative and including students and people who are involve in the program they are more than happy to help you. I hear a lot of stories from friends they are currently attending the university. All of the feedback I got from them they agree that it was the best decision they had ever made because they get really involve in the program they want to complete and the professors are flexible to help any student after class hours. This is why I am deciding to attend this university.
Classes are hard to get into and its hard to make friends unless you join a club or frat. Its a commuter school so many people that attend here do not try to branch out or make new connections.
I visited the campus and saw some very intresting programs they had. Very clean, vibrant, and big campus. Overall enjoyed my experience while I was there.
You can definitely get a lot out of your time here. Many clubs and opportunities to take advantage of. A lot of events that is always happening on campus. You will earn the equivalent of how much effort you put in.
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Cal Poly is a great school, I have learned so much from many of my professors. There are tons of resources and places to spend your time. Professors are willing to help and other students. We are extremely diverse and eco friendly.
The parking situation is just ridiculous. There's not enough parking for the students yet, we're paying $231 dollars for a parking permit. The campus is quite small and we have a limited food choice. The classrooms are old and outdated.
I like the class ratio between the professor and student, it is really reasonable and the professor are really nice. What I want to see changes is the housing, because the bed is really dangerous, student will be really easily to fell off the bed because there isn't a railing to prevent student to fell off.
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