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Cal Poly Pomona is a great school, hands on learning allows students to gain a better understanding of the subjects and to have hands on experience in the field. It is known for its Agriculture and Engineering programs. Professors go above and beyond to make sure students are learning.
So far, I've had an awesome experience at Cal Poly Pomona. I definitely think it's an underrated school. Cal Poly has given me so many opportunities to excel as both an individual and student. The diversity here makes everyone feel welcomed, and the professors I've had have shown that they really care about their students. I joined Greek Life on campus as well, which has really helped me to make friends and meet new people, since I am from the Daly City/SF area. It's also pushed me to get involved on campus and fundraise for a bunch of great philanthropies and causes. I'm a part of Chi Omega (Beta Kappa chapter) and am constantly surrounded by ambitious, hardworking women who inspire me to become a better person every day.

Our campus food is okay. That's probably the only thing I would change. There's not much of a variety compared to other schools. Other than that, I give Cal Poly 5 stars for making my first year of college the most memorable learning experience of my life.
Currently I am a Junior at Cal Poly Pomona. My experience at this Cal State has been a journey filled with knowledge and comfort. I enjoy being able to study in a "home" like environment and being surrounded by an open diverse campus. There are a variety of characteristics that I like about Cal Poly such as the ethnic diversity, the programs that provide help for students having difficulty in certain subjects, and the teaching staff. The only change I would like to see is more students attending our Cal State University so they could start their own educated and successful journey at Cal Poly Pomona.
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My time in CPP has been great so far. They take "Learn by doing" seriously by having very hands on work. Helps me pick it up faster.
I really enjoy my time here at cal poly Pomona. Thanks to its low tuition cost I am able to attend this college and scrape by on my own. Some things that I think needs some improvement is that some professors need to be reviewed to see if they meet the campuses teaching standards. This isn't a major problem only a minor one.
I am a transfer student and I can say that I have enjoyed my two years at CPP. The psychology professor are so nice and have a lot of knowledge to offer to their classes and provide a lot of insight on their experiences as professionals in their field
I loved my time at Cal Poly! It is such a beautiful campus and I always enjoyed being on campus. A lot of the buildings just got updated with fresh paint and amenities, the new BRICK is amazing, and there's tons of food choices on campus. Although it's a big campus, it's easy to get around especially with the Bronco Express. I know they're planning on building a new student center building and expanding housing options too. I enjoyed all my courses and don't think I can complain about too many professors. All the staff and faculty in my department (psychology and sociology) were amazing to work with and very helpful. I would definitely recommend Cal Poly!
At Cal Poly Pomona I found my identity. It was the best investment that I have made for myself. I met friends that became my family and staff that became my mentors. I would recommend this school to absolutely everyone. We pride ourselves in diversity and has several cultural centers based off gender, enthicities, nationality, disibility, and sexual orientation. I am proud to call myself a Bronco!
I enjoyed my time attending Cal Poly Pomona. I thought that the campus was easy to navigate, scenery was beautiful, food options were decent, and teachers were above average. Some of the buildings could use updating, however the hands-on teaching outlook really helps post-graduation.
The campus is beautiful at this school and because it is an agricultural school, they have many incentives to keep the campus looking nice, however they are mostly lacking in good food. the food at this school is just complete garbage and for a college this should not be the case. They use cheap ingredients for the main common where the majority of freshman eat .
I love the campus. It is a beautiful campus and it has some of the best professors in the state. They have open office hours and are willing to help every student out. Some bad things are the parking situation and class availability.
Our motto is "learn by doing". Cal Poly truly lives up to this motto. As a future teacher, I had multiple opportunities provided by my classes, professors, and clubs to go out into schools and get a feel of what it was like to be a teacher. Most of the professors are very invested in your future and will do what they can to help you succeed. Although my major is one of the smaller ones on campus, there is still such a strong community that will support you, which is one of the things I absolutely love about this university.
I enjoyed many of my classes and my interactions with professors, as well as other students. However, administratively, this college is more than lacking.
My experience at Cal Poly Pomona so far has been a good one. It is a commuter school, so anticipate the bad parking and traffic; however, the school is making an effort to accommodate by building a new parking structure. Besides that, I have yet to have a bad experience with the professors or facilities. It is a beautiful campus that is always improving, and the professors and students at Cal Poly Pomona are friendly and helpful. Overall, Cal Poly Pomona is a great school that I would recommend to anyone.
Cal Poly Pomona is a great school. Most of the teachers are easy to talk to and give their students a lot of their time. Also, a lot of the classes are more hands on rather than theoretical so you learn by doing.
Great college for your money. The tuition is pretty cheap in comparison to what you get out of it. Teachers are good and it is very easy to get involved with the campus
Cal Poly Pomona is a very diverse campus and is made up of students of all different races and students that come from all over the world. Professors are all very kind and do genuinely care for each student's success. The campus is moderately big and everything is easy to find. Living on campus can be very efficient and helpful. The dorms are very close to the dining hall and it is in range of the college buildings and the library.
Review California State Polytechnic University - Pomona
Cal Poly is home to students who work hard, wish to change their futures, and hope to have an effect on their community. This school prides its self on its strong history, dedicated professors, and cultural diverse students. The professors I encountered were knowledgable greatly concerned about making the material applicable. The campus houses thousands of job opportunities, internships, and research positions to all students. Whether you are a commuter or plan to make Cal Poly your home address, there is no lack living options around this campus. The food and coffee fixes are endless and the bronco shuttle allows for your walking time to be cut in half. Since the students are greatly diverse the sense of inequality is diminished and the feeling of inclusion promotes a community that is working together. Everyone at Cal Poly has one goal, and that is to further their education at a wonderful university.
I really love ca poly pomona because I can commute every day to my classes and I can save a lot of money on parking. Another thing that i really liked about Cal Poly Pomona was the atmosphere once I step inside campus it feel a whole new world.
This school is fantastic! Advisers will help you through your college journey, but you have to make the effort to go see them. Overall a beautiful campus with many resources for students to take advantage of in order to be successful. However, some instructors are not exactly favorable, yet mastery in the courses is still attainable with diligence.
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