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California State Polytechnic University - Pomona Reviews

2,609 reviews
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Cal Poly Pomona is a very diverse campus and is made up of students of all different races and students that come from all over the world. Professors are all very kind and do genuinely care for each student's success. The campus is moderately big and everything is easy to find. Living on campus can be very efficient and helpful. The dorms are very close to the dining hall and it is in range of the college buildings and the library.
Cal Poly is home to students who work hard, wish to change their futures, and hope to have an effect on their community. This school prides its self on its strong history, dedicated professors, and cultural diverse students. The professors I encountered were knowledgable greatly concerned about making the material applicable. The campus houses thousands of job opportunities, internships, and research positions to all students. Whether you are a commuter or plan to make Cal Poly your home address, there is no lack living options around this campus. The food and coffee fixes are endless and the bronco shuttle allows for your walking time to be cut in half. Since the students are greatly diverse the sense of inequality is diminished and the feeling of inclusion promotes a community that is working together. Everyone at Cal Poly has one goal, and that is to further their education at a wonderful university.
I really love ca poly pomona because I can commute every day to my classes and I can save a lot of money on parking. Another thing that i really liked about Cal Poly Pomona was the atmosphere once I step inside campus it feel a whole new world.
This school is fantastic! Advisers will help you through your college journey, but you have to make the effort to go see them. Overall a beautiful campus with many resources for students to take advantage of in order to be successful. However, some instructors are not exactly favorable, yet mastery in the courses is still attainable with diligence.
Cal Poly Pomona overall is a great school with a lot of resources at hand. There are hundreds of clubs in which students can get involved in and make great connections with future employers. Although the campus is a bit old and some of the dorms need to be remodeled, the four year university really makes you feel at home. Personally, something that I would like to see change are the math professors at the university. Most of the math professors are really bad at teaching and explaining things. There are only a hand full who really want you to learn the material and actually teach you.
Cal Poly Pomona is a great school if your first priority is academics. The dorm life, food, and local area is average. I am in the Apparel Merchandising program and so far it has brought me lots of opportunities. The campus is very diverse and has a lot of activities and on-campus job opportunities, you just have to look for them. The classes follow the "hands-on" learning ethic for the most part and all of my professors have been great and made themselves available to students. I can't wait to see where Cal Poly will take me in a year or two!
California State Polytechnic University- Pomona is overall a successful campus. The students are highly focused on their academics and proffesors are very friendly. The university has an interesting background and the campus is really safe!
There are many great things that I like about Cal Poly Pomona. One of the reasons why I chose to attend to this school was because it is hands on, which means we learn by doing. We get to experience and work on things that we are going to work with in the actual world. I also like the size of my classes. I like to ask questions and make new friends, so when it comes to my lecture classes and labs it is not that hard because of the amount of people that there are. I am part of the cross country and track team of Cal Poly Pomona and that is what I love the most about my school. Our coaches are always there for us, we know that their goal is to help us achieve our goals. My team feels like a big family, we are all supportive and we are always there to help each other out. Cal Poly Pomona is a great school with great programs, it is also a beautiful campus with amazing people that will make you feel welcome.
My first quarter at Cal Poly Pomona was simply marvelous. I was nervous to start college because I'm the first person in my family to attend, but everything went smoothly. I am part of two student support programs: The Educational Opportunity Program and the Reading Advising and Mentoring Program which made my transition easygoing. One of my courses I had trouble with but the instructor was always available for office hours and the tutoring center really helped.
I'm dorming my first year and the dorms are something I wish were a bit modernized. It would really help my first year experience.
I love Cal Poly Pomona. I've only been there for a quarter and I can't believe how welcoming the campus is. The students there are easy going and it's very diverse so being around people like you is more likely to happen!
Pomona caught my eye because of its motto: Learn by Doing; As an incoming Freshman I perceived it to be a promo, to get students to gravitate towards applying to Pomona, but attending Pomona this Fall, completing my first quarter, and starting my second, I have fallen in love with the campus, the enjoyable atmosphere, and the interesting people. My dormitory is great, it is very home-like because the people are open and fun, and there are always events, like karaoke, for students who do not return home on the weekends. Los Olivos, the cafeteria, is very accommodating to the various cultures at CPP; LO has food for everyone and I very much appreciate the diversity. CPP has a very hands-on environment, the students create a very welcoming, and honest space. There are cultural centers for Asian and Pacific Islanders, the LGBT+ community, African Americans, and more. CPP is genuinely a great campus with phenomenal people, and a pleasant atmosphere that I immensely enjoy being a part of.
Overall, Cal Poly Pomona is a very good college. With professors, it can sometimes be a bit of a hit or miss, but for the most part they're all very good teachers. The campus is clean and there are no eyesores except for the plentiful construction sites.
School and its parking lots are huge and growing as we speak, however, you don't always get the chance to find parking. I'd like to see a better parking reform. Campus foods are nice, especially Los Olivos buffet. Students on campus are very peaceful, mature and refined unlike your typical higher schoolers. It's difficult making long-term friends, and people especially from Cal Poly Pomona are picky when it comes to who to date, befriend, and have fun with, but don't let that discourage you; you just gotta find the right friends. For professors, since Cal Poly Pomona is known best in engineering, all the best professors dwell in the engineering department. So if you aren't majoring in engineering, then too bad for you. Kidding. Honestly, best advice I can offer when choosing a good professor is to search him on Koofers, read the reviews, then decide your fate. Basically, If you chose to apply for this school you're in for a treat. Otherwise, I can only say you're missing out on life.
Although I am only in my first year in college, I have absolutely enjoyed Cal Poly Pomona. The campus is beautiful is absolutely beautiful and is filled with so many nice people. The classes are challenging but not overwhelming. They are easy to pass as long as you pay attention, get your work done, and talk to your professors. I am a history major and the history department helped me to make a seamless transition from high school to college. Overall it is an excellent school and I know that I will enjoy my time there.
Cal Poly Pomona is my first college and I have no plans on transferring. In all honestly, the community here is by far the greatest I have ever had in forever. What I would love to see change are events that are held. I know they have a lot of campus activity, but awareness for such events are badly needed. That's what I'd like to see changed.
I'm a freshman at California State Polytechnic University of Pomona and my experience thus far has been great. The professors actually care about you and try to help in any way possible, the students on campus are very diverse. The one thing I would change would be the food selection available on campus to a wider variety or a fast food restaurant that has a bit of everything.
I love my school. I have been able to get involved in many different aspects. I have played on intramural teams, acquired a job on campus and even worked on multiple research projects related to my major. I was even given the opportunity to travel many different places due to my research. The Engineering department here is pretty good. The only thing I would change are a few of the professors and the opportunity for better equipment in the labs.
I recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a fun social and academic life. The profesors are engaging for the most part and the good thing is you only have them for 10 weeks! Everybody is so nice here, I love it!
This University has it all! What a wonderful vibe there is and lots of nice outdoor scenery makes the student environment so much better.
I really like Cal Poly Pomona, I'm a freshmen and so far my experience has been great. The campus makes me feel comfortable and the professors are Great! Cal Poly Pomona is my home away from home!
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