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As a person of color I found the campus environment to be very isolating. The faculty in my department (Psychology) were all amazing and one of the main reasons I stayed. However there are consistent incidents of racism throughout the campus that administration fails to do anything about. There are also issues with sexual assault on this campus. The majority of sexual assault and racist offenders receive little to no consequences for their actions.
Very geared toward agriculture and engineering students. Nice variety of courses. Lacks diversity in the community. Nearly all students are from California. The remainder are from Washington or Colorado. Beach is only accessible by car.
Coming to Cal Poly was a big decision for me as an 18 year old. I believe that I made the right decision. The opportunities I have been given and the people I have met here are things I will appreciate forever. The first thing I noticed about Cal Poly was the environment. Just walking around campus you see the people around you are happy to be here, and that is just the type of place I want to be.
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I lived the way they made new be=uildings that benefits the student on their education. many asked why did you go there and I'm like why not. Every university is unique in their own way. That makes you understand that many people are going to be.
I've had a great time so far. The professors know their stuff and are engaged with their subjects. The school offers a lot of assistance in various areas. Only downside, lots of walking and lots of hills.
The campus is generally nice with the exception of some outdated buildings. Endless resources available from advising to food pantries. The rec center is definitely a highlight on this campus, 3 pools, multiple basketball courts, beach volleyball courts, and tons of machines. There are also classes available. I've never had problems getting classes despite being a science and math major. Does lack racial diversity. San Luis Obispo is the perfect college town and campus combination with plenty to do in the area from hiking to eating good food to drive in movie theaters! Party scene is great- work hard play hard mentality at hand. There is usually something to do everynight of the week.
Taking my first step on a college campus was very memorable. I remember visiting Cal Poly for the very first time, the weather was beautiful, the people were very nice and the school was obviously much bigger than a high school campus. Although this school gave me a great first impression, I was shocked at the fact that there was hardly any diversity on campus. All I could see was white, white and more white people. Unlike other schools, Cal Poly struggles to gain interest from minorities.
The first thing that drew me to this school was the location and the amount of outdoor activities that you can do. It's a beautiful city. However, I am rating it as average because the majority of the people I came across were either abrasive or unfriendly; this doesn't mean that everyone is, but this was my experience, especially in the dorms. Some professors are outstanding, but there are others that simply make you wonder how they ever were hired in the first place.
I would love to see a bigger push to recognize our minority students and create a more welcoming environment for them
I love Cal Poly! It is an absolutely beautiful area--tons of hikes, 15 minutes from the beach, and even a trail for the horses located on campus. Not to mention you're not far from places like Pismo Beach Sand Dunes, Morro Bay, etc. Everyone who goes here is absolutely in love and obsessed with it and it is a great city in which the community is completely invested in the college town atmosphere!
Academic wise the school has exceptional opportunities for students both incoming and continuing, offering a variety of ways to help students realize if what they're learning is what they're really passionate about. However, the diversity is very minimal and often times the minority students don't necessarily feel at home.
Beautiful campus, great teachers, welcoming students! Only drawback is that it can be difficult to get into certain classes but besides that everything is amazing!
I am amazed at how great Cal Poly is. The professors are so knowledgeable in their subjects and the staff are always very helpful. Their Learn By Doing approach to learning is the most effective strategy to get students to learn because they not only understand why something is happening, but they get the experience that they can add to their resume. GREAT school!
Overall, Cal Poly is a university that aims to help the successes of its students. There are many resources available for students around campus. The only thing that is lacking is the campus food and parking.
So many positives. Great location. Great opportunities to apply learning. Great classroom environment. Friendly students. Small class sizes. Beautiful campus.
Cal Poly's "Learn by Doing" allows you to get industry experience while in school and sets you apart from other college graduates. As an added perk, its in a great location, allowing for ample extracurricular activities.
I love it here! The scenery is amazing, everyone here is extremely nice as well. The professors are top notch and most classes seem to go by quick as well. You will have to put in your fair share of study time, but other than that this university is in a class of its own!
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Cal Poly is a great school, and encourages people to grow through a ton of hands on experience: research, labs, and extra curriculars. The campus isn’t perfect but they are continuously making changes and trying to fight to better diversity, student experience, and affordability, even if the resulting actions do not match the original intent. The school is good, but you have to focus, work hard, and create new opportunities for yourself in order for it to be a great college experience.
So far, I’ve had a great college experience! You meet so many people and personalities through your days in college that you start learning more about yourself. It is a great college with a great energetic vibe! One thing I would like to see a change would be in its diversity among the student body. Other than that, I love my college!
While Cal Poly has great prestige, administration has been making poor decisions for the past couple years. This is making the university noticeably less enjoyable and effective.
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