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The academics at Cal Poly are unrivaled. The school is rigorous, and the "Learn-by-Doing" motto really encapsulates exactly what Cal Poly is about. For academic standards, Cal Poly is the place to go. However, if you're looking for a diverse community that understands the needs of students, this is not the place for you. Currently, we are experiencing major issues in racism and intolerant acts. We need positive forces of change on campus to make this school as successful as it should be.
Cal Poly has always been my dream school, and being here the last 2 years it has met all my expectations. From the students, teachers, organizations, SLO, greek life CP has so much to offer. Everyone on campus is very friendly and active and its a motivating environment.
CAL POLY - SLO is an excellent school. As an Alumni of 20 years, I can speak to my experience compared to the real world.

CAL POLY gave an average student like me the opportunity to experience the challenging life of a top University.

The Professors were tough, nurturing, and excellent. Hands on learning & real world life was brought into all subjects. CAL POLY is by no means easy. However, you are set up for success, not failure. POLY prepares you for real life & success in life after graduation. POLY prepared this average student to go on to receive 2 more degrees, and be successful in life. Thank you to all programs at CAL POLY!
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At Cal Poly, I feel really safe here. I don't find myself clenching onto my bag when I pass someone or feel the need to carry around defenses like pepperspray. Personally, feeling safe creates a more welcoming environment. Nobody is out to get you and they share similar interests in attending college to further their education and broaden their social network. Feeling safe on campus and in the community allows me to focus on schoolwork without worrying if I am putting myself in harms way. One thing I feel Cal Poly should improve is its demographics. Being considered one of the top state school in the CSU system, it often leads to potential students straying away from applying here. They may feel like they are not good enough academically to be accepted here. With that, the population at Cal Poly is less diverse compared to other universities.
I love Cal Poly. The "learn by doing" motto is incorporated into every single class here. I knew many students from other school who had little to no hands on animal practice, while being an animal science major. Whereas here, every single Animal Science class I have had was up close and personal with the animals and handling them. Personally it is the best type of teaching method a university can have.
Academically Cal Poly is very rigorous; heavy course loads combined with the quarter system makes academic success challenging. However, at Cal Poly you have the unique opportunity to be incredibly hands on as an undergraduate, and participate in grad school level projects, experiments, and classes because the professors incorporate undergraduate experience into their goals.
The Cal Poly student body is rather less than diverse, but the school is making an effort to diversify student presence on campus.
I like the environment and the layout of the campus! Students seem very engaged and happy to be at school.
Cal Poly is a very beautiful school. The students are nice, and the staff is their to help at all times. It's in a beautiful city, and is just a wonderful place to be.
I liked the education, not the school climate. I was a sociology major and most of my professors were brilliant, and fueled my love of learning. However, I am lesbian and a lot more than once, I felt uncomfortable as a minority at Calpoly. Most people are pretty accepting, but some aren't. There is a lot of closeted ignorance that comes out in different situations. With 54% of the student body being white and a good chunk of the student body being well off financially, the school has a weird climate. One of privilege. Don't come if you're a minority.
I am a newly admitted student, and have not yet attended however the time I spent touring the school was a pleasure. The campus was beautiful with surrounding mountains on all sides, students seemed happy and the staff were extremely friendly. I love the learn by doing philosophy and that students get to start working on their major right away. Also orientation week seems very fun and such a cool idea to get freshman so know new people and feel comfortable at their new school.
My experience in cal poly has been good so far, but there are some issues. sometimes classes get so full it's hard to find a class. There is not much diversity on campus, its mostly a Caucasian school, and this has brought a lot of problems recently in school. It is a great school nonetheless, and I would recommend it if you enjoy the outdoors. You can go downtown, beach, hiking, and other scenic areas on highway 1.
I loved my time at Cal Poly. The campus and professors were amazing and the location is one of the best in California.
Best school ever. Not easy but work hard to play hard. I have only been here for 2 quarters and am involved in greek life and finding new people comes very easy.
I think Cal Poly SLO is a great school. I’ve had a great experience so far with good classes and teachers. My teachers are passionate about their subjects which results in students being well engaged. The only downside to Cal Poly is the cost of housing.
School is fantastic. Overall great teachers. Incredible environment. Friendly people. Great location.
California Polytechnic State University SLO has many positives and negatives. I truly fell the campus and town are beautiful and there are copious amounts of activities you can do. However, many instructors do not feel obligated to actually teach the material in an understanding manner. They usually rush through it and you have to do most of the learning outside the classroom on your own time. Cal Poly also lacks diversity. It is predominately white with less than 2% black population. This is very concerning and makes the school feel as if it adheres to the white community. This school really needs to higher their diversity and start integrating more cultural things onto their campus.
I love Cal Poly! I am a first year business major and I could not imagine going anywhere else. The people at Cal Poly and in the surrounding area are so nice and supportive, it made the transition from high school to college much easier. There is also so much to do on the weekends, the downtown has cute eateries and clothing stores, there are dozens of gorgeous hikes, and we are surrounded by beaches. Cal Poly also has so many resources available to prepare us for the future, it is by far the best education for such a low cost in comparison to UCs and privates.
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Attending Cal Poly was one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. The greater San Luis Obispo area is gorgeous and friendly, the university offers so many opportunities for students to get involved, and studies to choose from. One thing I would like to see change is the lack of diversity on the campus.
I am a freshmen at this university, and i have loved my first two quarters. Cal Poly makes freshmen transition easy with their orientation program and on campus housing requirement for first year students. I wish to see this university to be more affordable.
This school is pretty expensive but nonetheless a worthy investment. If you are trying to get into engineering good luck it is heavily impacted and competitive.
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