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California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo Reviews

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Great Engineering program. Like the emphasis on hands on experience. Also like the relationship between the school and private industry.
I believe the classes are extremely hard but worth it. In the end, I know that I will have gotten a competitive advantage because of the difficult classes I have taken. The quarter system forced me to manage my time. I love the hands-on aspect of all lab classes, especially manufacturing classes. The campus culture is sometimes conservative, given that the population is not too diverse, but I had an overall good experience.
There are multiple reasons why I believe this is one of the better schools. In terms of academics, the vast majority of the professors are very knowledgable and are mainly here, not for research, rather to teach and help students. The motto of Cal Poly is "Learn by doing" which is, in my opinion, a very good way to learning some new subject. Then of course there is the student life which is great as well. There is about 400 clubs which should definitely give you the chance to find something you like. Finally, the town is very beautiful with lots of things to do.
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Cal poly SLO is a great school that gives a wonderful education as well as many resources for in and outside the classroom. They also provide a great number of clubs for literally any interest you have wether that be for your major or just a hobby.
I really enjoy how small all my classes have been averaging around 35 people in each class. It makes it feel a lot more personal and you actually get to know your teacher.
You learn by doing instead of sitting in a lecture hall with 500 other people in it. Everyone here is committed to helping you academically or in any other way. There are plenty of opportunities for every major and a wide variety of clubs and everyone will find a few clubs that they are interested in. It's a very safe campus. WOW week is a great way for those who are introverted or shy to make friends and not feel lonely while at Cal Poly. The campus is clean and isn't too confusing. The recreation center is fantastic and has plenty of things for people to do there. The food is good and not too expensive either.
The weather is beautiful, stays around 70-80 degrees. San Luis Obispo has a lot of outdoor activities to offer such as hiking, kayaking, line dancing,etc. Also every Thursday there’s a farmer’s market that sells a lot of great food, fresh produce, and is a just a great way to tour downtown more. One thing I would like to see more is diverse food options, aside from Thai food, sushi, and Panda Express there’s not much variety of food to choose from.
I took summer courses here and it was challenging but not overwhelmingly stressful. Poly is definitely not a super diverse campus but the people are pretty friendly and the professors are I had were really understanding.
Cal Poly is a definitely great campus. Near Pismo, we are one of the "happiest towns on earth". The students are great and the teachers are even greater. Although it's very competitive, each and every one of us strives to ensure each others success.
This school is heavily academically focused its hard to write a holistic review without talking to the whole student body but lots of people feel forgotten. There are major diversity issues among other issues. overall its a good school for the location and the academics
Great campus! The Agriculture department are so friendly and the tours are worth taking especially to the twin unit and dairy house.
Phenomenal college! One of the most underrated in California is not the West Coast. If considering, I’d definitely suggest a campus tour. You’ll be hooked!
It is a very nice school. The campus is very large so it feels like you're exercise wherever you go. The great thing about Cal Poly is that the class sizes are smaller where you are able to get to know the professors more as well as get closer to some classmates. I wish there would be more diversity at the school but I know the school is working on that more. I hope to be able to be part of more clubs as well as attend more school events. Overall a great school and a great place for education.
Cal Poly SLO has great academics and a good student life. For those who would like to be involved on campus there are many options and opportunities. A large portion of the campus is based around outdoor activities which adds the culture of the student population. I would like to see more diversity on campus and in classes. As of right now there is a lot of education on diversity but with little action. For a change to occur administration needs to make bigger actions. I think that a good start to adding diversity on campus would be to begin with having a more diverse staff. If the group of people running the university have a wider range of perspectives and knowledge more change would be seen campus wide.
Cal Poly SLO keeps true to its motto of "Learn by Doing". Courses at this university give you hands on experience in your field of interest, which in turn, prepare you for your career more than students from other universities. Professors are extremely knowledgeable on the subjects they instruct. Unless you're an engineering, business, or math student, many of the buildings and facilities are outdated. The food on campus isn't that great either.
I absolutely love the campus and small town feel of SLO! The campus is beautiful and the downtown area is also very nice with plenty of shops and great restaurants.
Cal Poly SLO is not only in a great location, but the people you are constantly surrounded by truly make the college experience worth while. I have never been surrounded by such positive kind people, and this aspect distinguishes Cal Poly from other schools. Additionally, this campus and town is extremely safe, which made a huge difference in my application process. When visiting other campuses, I do not feel nearly as safe as I do in San Luis Obispo. Along with high safety, Cal Poly also provides all the tools to put yourself out there and meet people. Everyone is so kind which makes the social aspect easier. On the other hand, the campus food could use some work. Most of the food is located in one area, and has never fully reached my satisfaction. There aren't too many options, so dining could definitely use some improvements. Besides that, I am very pleased with my decision on attending this college, and I would not have wanted it any other way.
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Academics and job prospects are very good for almost students especially for those in an engineering or business field. Campus life is good, but if you're looking for big school spirit you won't find it at Cal Poly SLO because of the lack of good sports especially in football. The party scene is pretty good as long as you're in Greek life. Most of the professors are good, but definitely pretty difficult courses.
California Polytechnic University is a good school overall, however, the academics are fairly rigorous especially in stem and architecture. None the less, if you graduate, this school's name will help your career out a lot especially in California. Most other aspect of the school are good. Student life is fun, there are many things to do here, from sports, all the way to video games. There is something to do for everyone and you will never get bored here. I would recommend focusing more on sports and academics and less on you social life. While socialization is important, it should never interfere with your work life. Overall cal poly is a fun school but you will be pushed academically.
The school has a great academic environment with everyone being competitive and passionate about their major, including the professors. However, there is a lack of cultural diversity which does make it difficult to fit into any type of party scene without being involved in sports or Greek life. When you make friends the school makes for a great college life with the location being close to so many natural picturesque beaches and shores.
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