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California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo Reviews

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I toured there about a year ago and it was just amazing. The second i stepped foot onto the campus I was filled with acceptence. The epoeple tehre are truly astounding and it was just an ovberall amazing vibe.
Cal Poly provides students with an experience that is unmatched by any other school. The relationships that students have with professors are top notch, even though these professors are often so busy doing their own research. Opportunities for students to get involved in research, get internships in their field of interest, and eventually become employed are abundant. The city of San Luis Obispo is also an amazing college town. There is something to do for everyone, across all interests. 350+ clubs on campus allow for everyone to be involved in something that is greater than themselves. Each student has a unique experience in Cal Poly's Learn By Doing philosophy, but everyone is united under the fact that wherever we end up, we will be prepared.
The orientation was just amazing the campus was very green and the people there are friendly. The Academics were exactly what I was looking for when searching for colleges.
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I love Cal Poly! The sense of community that the Mustangs have is unparalleled. Everyone is so friendly, and the small class sizes really give you the opportunity to know your professors on a personal level.
I love the overall academic, athletic, and social environments of Cal Poly! It's a great school full of extremely driven and talented individuals. One thing I would like to see change a little more is the diversity within the student body population. It's already off to a great start, but I think it would be cool to see the integration of more diverse groups of people around campus.
Awesome campus, the food is not the best but it is easy enough to get a good variety that it still deserves 5 stars. Food pantry is also one of the most helpful things on campus for a broke college student.
It is an academically rigorous school and great college environment. The scenery around the school is unmatched. There are things to do for everyone. If you enjoy nature and beautiful sunsets it is the place for you.
Cal Poly is one of the best agricultural programs in the nation. It's goal of hands-on learning is exactly what students get and they have the ability to learn first hand about their field of interest. Great School!
Cal Poly SLO is located in a college town in the middle of nowhere. Academics wise -- Cal Poly is great. Professors and faculty are there to help you succeed. However, the diversity at Cal Poly is not great (but it is getting better). I feel as if students are not extremely inclusive, although the school tries to be. Overall, my experience here has been alright.
Incredible learn by doing and Poly Reps are a great club I enjoy being a part of. Just a great place if you know what you want
Love small class sizes. Loved the location and the small town community. I would like to see more diversity, both in faculty and student body. However, overall this is a great school.
This university is very nice in a little suburban area. You feel very at home as soon as you go there. Lots of jobs, hiking, and activities available. Also, if you are interested in engineering, this is a great university to go to as it is what it specializes in. It is not too far away from the local town San Luis Obispo. The town is very great with lots of little places to eat, shop, and study. Overall, it is a great university to go to and I recommend it highly.
The hands on learning environment is definitely a plus and most of the professors are reliable, but the town is very sleepy. People overall are friendly.
I love the area and the engineering department is fantastic, but the campus/student relations as well as greek life/community relationships are absolutely horrible. It feel like as a student a have barely any freedoms.
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo is a great place to be in. It is a very good public university with many opportunities. It is great for Engineering and Architecture.
The people who attended this school were very friendly and the overall environment of SLO was accepting and happy. The school does a good job promoting diversity to the new incoming students and on my orientation to Cal Poly I was able to see the many resources provided to students. Somethings that could be changed would be better resources for students to receive help in certain classes and maybe a increase in counselors and advisors to help guide the student in the right path.
Great school! So many opportunities offered. Many ways to get involved in and out of the classroom. The overall environment is very friendly and inviting.
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This school is amazing. Cal Poly is a very prestigious university in the beautiful area of San Luis Obispo and the best college town in the country!
This college has excellent connections with industry to obtain internships, co-ops, and full-time positions for most of their majors, more specifically in agriculture, engineering, business, and architecture. The school and town are very welcoming and there is a variety of activities to do when taking a break from school in town and the surrounding area.
California Polytechnic State University is in a beautiful location. My professors are great and the level of education is high. The thing it lacks is diversity.
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