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California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo Reviews

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Cal Poly SLO is known for their great engineer and agriculture programs. The professors are knowledgable and with a smaller campus and small class sizes, you can really get the attention and help you need from your professors. However, Cal Poly struggles with diversity. There are some programs directed to making prospective students of color feel more welcome (such as Poly Cultural Weekend) but overall, people of color make up less than half of the student body. There is even less people of color apart of Cal Poly's faculty. The lack of diversity is also apparent in the town, not just on campus. If you are coming from a big city to San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly will be a big change. Since it is such a smaller, quieter area, there is not much to do here, especially if you're under 21. That being said, there are a lot of places to hike and hammock if you're a nature lover! The Farmers Market on Thursdays are a popular spot and attract many residents. The beaches are beautiful.
This is an excellent school. I have been here for almost two years now and have loved it. Day one, you come in and immediately start to "learn by doing". Many of my classes (especially since I am studying Engineering) have been hands-on since I first started. All of my classes have been challenging but very enjoyable and interesting. The location is incredible. I could not have asked for a more beautiful and perfect location.
It is a really good school for engineering students and other tech students in general. Though it also costs a lot as well if you don't want to spend hours commuting.
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This campus is very large and overall very beautiful but there isn't much diversity but they're all very humble and friendly.
Wonderful teachers and people. Classes are interesting and professors are engaging. Sometimes very difficult and an expensive area to live in, but it is worth it.
The college was very good. I went over for a field trip and it looked very comfortable for any student. It is a nice campus and looks very involved with eachother.
I like the campus of cal poly San Luis Obispo and the professors all seem very nice. I dislike the lack of diversity, as a Caucasian student who previously lived in the bay area it is jarring to move to a campus that has mostly white people. Additionally, food quality on campus is not great and the health center is not open on weekends. At the same time costs of living in the dorms is increasing. I wish I had faith that Cal Poly was taking time to address these problems.
Cal Poly is a pretty nice school. Why it may be the most exspensive CSU you can attend, the academics and campus life is worth it.
It has a nice overall campus and the technical programs are always very good and you get the help you need
This university offers a lot of resources to help with whatever you need whether thats in academics, or your personal health.
Parking is hard because there are many students and there’s a lot of walking to be done. Building are close together though and rooms are up to date. Really like a lot of the teachers there.
Not a very diverse school, but we're working on it. Campus and location is beautiful. 10 min drive to the beach! Our motto is 'learn by doing' so we're very hands on which makes the learning experience so much better. Health center sucks.
I love Cal Poly! Best decision. Not only am I getting a great education, but I have made amazing friends and memories here.
My experience at California Polytechnic State University was incredibly rewarding. The faculty and staff were all very accommodating and made me feel very welcome. I greatly enjoyed the fact that I was able to enter straight into my major, as I felt like I had time to explore the field entirely. The campus was very pretty and walkable. We had access to great accommodations like the new gym and the library. On top of the extraordinary academics, Cal Poly is located in the amazing city of San Luis Obispo. The city is vibrant and full of activities, restaurants, and bars.
Overall, I feel as though Cal Poly has set me up for a future of success as I enter grad school, as well as providing the most fun 4 years of my life!
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's learn by doing motto is embodied by all those who attend and teach there. There is no better public university to get a quality engineering education from.
Cal Poly is located in San Luis Obispo, also known as the "Happiest City in America," and for good reason. Cal Poly has allowed me to maintain a balance between school and my social life. Not only am I learning a lot in my classes, but I have made tons of friends. San Luis Obispo has great food, friendly people, and beautiful hikes and beaches. Cal Poly's campus is also beautiful with its many trees, lawns, and cool buildings. Overall, Cal Poly is awesome and I would highly recommend it to others.
cal poly has been my home away from home for the past 5 months now and I could not be happier. I have made friends that im not sure how I lived without fro the past 18 years and made memories that I wouldn't trade for anything. being able to have the freedom to chose your schedule, your friends and your classes all at your leisure has been the best experience of my life.
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I went to cal poly for a field trip and once i got there i knew that this was the school that i want to go to.
I like their selection of majors. The school is focused on giving their students a great experience with both their education and life.
What makes Cal Poly so incredible is the people. Cal poly pride is recognizable from our quaint downtown to our surrounding cities. Each person i meet is so proud to be a mustang. We show our pride on UCSB soccer game day, our devotion to change with our social awareness walls, and our commitment to school with an always crowded library. There is so much to do beyond our campus from riding ATVs in the sand dunes, hiking our many mountains, surfing, thrift shopping, or even visiting our out door theatre. It is a perfect combination between small beach town and busy college city. Slo is noting but slow. In addition, there is so much to get involved in on campus. There are so many different communities to join to make this big school feel like home. From intermueral sports, greek life, or student government there is a spot for everyone to call themselves a mustang.
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