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California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo Reviews

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I am amazed at how great Cal Poly is. The professors are so knowledgeable in their subjects and the staff are always very helpful. Their Learn By Doing approach to learning is the most effective strategy to get students to learn because they not only understand why something is happening, but they get the experience that they can add to their resume. GREAT school!
Overall, Cal Poly is a university that aims to help the successes of its students. There are many resources available for students around campus. The only thing that is lacking is the campus food and parking.
So many positives. Great location. Great opportunities to apply learning. Great classroom environment. Friendly students. Small class sizes. Beautiful campus.
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Cal Poly's "Learn by Doing" allows you to get industry experience while in school and sets you apart from other college graduates. As an added perk, its in a great location, allowing for ample extracurricular activities.
I love it here! The scenery is amazing, everyone here is extremely nice as well. The professors are top notch and most classes seem to go by quick as well. You will have to put in your fair share of study time, but other than that this university is in a class of its own!
Cal Poly is a great school, and encourages people to grow through a ton of hands on experience: research, labs, and extra curriculars. The campus isn’t perfect but they are continuously making changes and trying to fight to better diversity, student experience, and affordability, even if the resulting actions do not match the original intent. The school is good, but you have to focus, work hard, and create new opportunities for yourself in order for it to be a great college experience.
So far, I’ve had a great college experience! You meet so many people and personalities through your days in college that you start learning more about yourself. It is a great college with a great energetic vibe! One thing I would like to see a change would be in its diversity among the student body. Other than that, I love my college!
While Cal Poly has great prestige, administration has been making poor decisions for the past couple years. This is making the university noticeably less enjoyable and effective.
Although this institution has wonderful academics, propelled by a "Learn by doing" philosophy, there are definitely improvements to be made. The most significant issue at this school is the lack of diversity in the student body. The school is almost 70% white, leaving minorities as a little over a quarter of the population. For a public institution in California in 2018, this is dissappointing.
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is a great school with amazing lab based programs that promote learning both inside and outside of the classroom. With a strong engineering program they offer incredible value for the money spent on a education.
Cal Poly is the best state school for a reason! It has a beautiful campus with a tight knit community of students, professors, and staff. I cannot rave enough about the rec. center and the town of San Luis Obispo itself. Hope I can attend Cal Poly because the tour was college heaven for me!
I like the small classes' size and the hands-on curriculum. Cal Poly has a really good engineering department but they don't open enough computer science classes. The university holds many networking events and the career services help students prepare for the career fair and interview well. They offer many services for students.
California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo is a great school with strong academics and an overall welcoming community. Cal Poly SLO has many student resources, such as free math tutoring and writing consultations, that will help you succeed. These resources are extremely beneficial and are available to all students. Furthermore, San Luis Obispo is a very exciting community to be a part of. There are many - outdoor and indoor - activities one can partake in including hiking, surfing, visiting the farmers market, and dining at the many restaurants San Luis Obispo has to offer. All in all, Cal Poly SLO is the perfect fit for anyone willing to learn and explore a fun and exciting city.
San Luis Obispo is a great college town with neighboring towns to explore. I believe that the school has the students best interests at heart when it comes to academics. The professors all want to be at school and teach the students what they know. They are passionate about what they teach and want to be there. Academics is hard, as it should be, and really challenges the students to be better. Where Cal Poly lacks is in the diversity aspect. There have been incidents on campus where I felt the school didn't handle them well or I felt like they had very little compassion for what had happened.
Classes are very hard but rewarding. Extracurricular activities and clubs are abundant and offer social and networking opportunities. My only complaint is with the administration and the lack of communication and their poor decision making.
The academics at Cal Poly are unrivaled. The school is rigorous, and the "Learn-by-Doing" motto really encapsulates exactly what Cal Poly is about. For academic standards, Cal Poly is the place to go. However, if you're looking for a diverse community that understands the needs of students, this is not the place for you. Currently, we are experiencing major issues in racism and intolerant acts. We need positive forces of change on campus to make this school as successful as it should be.
Cal Poly has always been my dream school, and being here the last 2 years it has met all my expectations. From the students, teachers, organizations, SLO, greek life CP has so much to offer. Everyone on campus is very friendly and active and its a motivating environment.
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CAL POLY - SLO is an excellent school. As an Alumni of 20 years, I can speak to my experience compared to the real world.

CAL POLY gave an average student like me the opportunity to experience the challenging life of a top University.

The Professors were tough, nurturing, and excellent. Hands on learning & real world life was brought into all subjects. CAL POLY is by no means easy. However, you are set up for success, not failure. POLY prepares you for real life & success in life after graduation. POLY prepared this average student to go on to receive 2 more degrees, and be successful in life. Thank you to all programs at CAL POLY!
At Cal Poly, I feel really safe here. I don't find myself clenching onto my bag when I pass someone or feel the need to carry around defenses like pepperspray. Personally, feeling safe creates a more welcoming environment. Nobody is out to get you and they share similar interests in attending college to further their education and broaden their social network. Feeling safe on campus and in the community allows me to focus on schoolwork without worrying if I am putting myself in harms way. One thing I feel Cal Poly should improve is its demographics. Being considered one of the top state school in the CSU system, it often leads to potential students straying away from applying here. They may feel like they are not good enough academically to be accepted here. With that, the population at Cal Poly is less diverse compared to other universities.
I love Cal Poly. The "learn by doing" motto is incorporated into every single class here. I knew many students from other school who had little to no hands on animal practice, while being an animal science major. Whereas here, every single Animal Science class I have had was up close and personal with the animals and handling them. Personally it is the best type of teaching method a university can have.
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