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California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo Reviews

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California Polytechnic State University is a beautiful campus. The school is surrounded by green and creates an aura of tranquility. The school itself gives a sense of unity, in that the quad and student center are always occupied with students interacting with one another. Overall, the campus is amazing and San Luis Obispo is equally as gorgeous.
I am an engineering student at Cal Poly and am extremely happy with my choice. Cal Poly offers a thriving, non-competive environment so that every student may be successful.
Loved this school. Great value, top-tier student body, and world class academics. An overall great experience with an enduring alumni network set in one of the most beautiful and desirable areas in the world.
Review California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
I really enjoy the location of the campus it's in very beautiful area and the professors are great. The only thing is when you want to register for certain classes it can be tough to get them and you basically plan out your entire schedule for your time there and it's very frustrating if they switch the quarters in which they are offered or you can't get in the class.
I toured there as a part of my junior trip, and I thought the campus was absolutely beautiful and I would have loved to apply there unfortunately they did not have the major I would have liked.
The school has many small class sizes where the student to faculty ratio is around 27-1. It is near the beach and is surrounded by mountains that students can hike. The food is not the best on campus but there are a few restaurants that make Cal Poly worth it. The professors enjoy helping their students and like to know them one on one and they are willing to help out with any issue you may have whether it be extending an essay or a quiz. The night life in SLO is adventurous and such as bike night once a month, Farmer's Market on Thursday's and other activities.
I love absolutely everything about my university and I wish everyone had the opportunity to attend this wonderful and opportunity filled college. There is always something going on and people to do things with, whether it be exploring all the San Luis Obispo has to offer, or hitting the library to study!
At Cal Poly you can always find a good party, but trying to find diversity is hard. The school really tries to make minorities feel included but it singles them out even more.

The professors are hit or miss.
The quarter system is truly a kick in the butt at Cal Poly. I started off with that because that is truly the only flaw about this college. The atmosphere day in and day out is so positive and energetic. Academics is a huge part of attending here, but the students know how to have a good time and balance their social life and school life.
I liked the feeling of the surrounding town, San Luis Obsipo, along with all of the recreation options such as hiking.
So far, so good. I am currently a freshman, with 2 quarters down and one to go until my first year is complete. It hasn't been super easy, but I haven't regretted my decision to attend Cal Poly once. First of all, Cal Poly is totally dedicated to student success, and unlike big universities such as the UCs, Cal Poly has mostly undergraduates, so you get to take classes from the professors themselves, participate in undergraduate research, and have a fantastic time. Cal Poly is also not as competitive as those larger schools-- it's still plenty competitive, but you don't have to worry about your fellow classmates not helping you when you need it or trying to sabotage your success. The professors I've had so far have been great. They have office hours every week and are usually very helpful. The classes haven't been easy (I'm a bio major, and chem is driving me crazy), but I already feel like I've learned more than I did all four years of high school (probably true).
Cal Poly has provided challenging and bettering courses for their students. Located in a beautiful place, Cal Poly's students have an active academic and personal life.
It's a pretty good school. The campus is beautiful and the weather is amazing. The only bad thing about this school is the diversity.
I love Cal Poly. I wasn't sure that I wanted to live in a more rural area but it was the best decision I have ever made. There are so many ways to get involved and I have made such amazing friends and learned so much, I could not more highly recommend it.
Amazing university with a great engineering program where the schools motto is "learn by doing", courses are very challenging and there is a lack of diversity but the environment is great and San Luis is an awesome city.
My sister goes to Cal Poly, and I may possibly attend this coming year. I am very interested and impressed by their Kinesiology program!
This is absolutely the greatest school ever. The people are the nicest and most down to earth you'll ever meet, the location is one of the most beautiful in the world, and you're getting a top-class education. Come to Cal Poly.
Review California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
Cal Poly is generally a pretty good school. The coursework is engaging and the labs give you the hands-on experience that companies highly value when hiring new employees. What Cal Poly has in curriculum, it lacks in diversity and range of activities. San Luis Obispo lacks the wide-array of things to do (at day and at night) that other college towns possess. That said, San Luis Obispo is placed conveniently between LA and SF, and it only a few minutes to get to the beach.
I love Cal Poly in every way. The teachers and staff are all great people and it is a very interactive hands on learning environment. I would encourage anyone who can come to Cal Poly to do so, they wont regret it.
I love the community and the endless opportunities the university has to offer. The "Learn by Doing" motto is absolutely exemplified through all the classes and clubs and I am glad to be part of the program. Cal Poly does need work on building its diversity as well as having enough faculty and enough sections of classes.
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