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California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo Reviews

3,388 reviews
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Cal Poly is an amazing school that helps instill positive values in its students, and its academics are well rounded with good professors. The social experiences I've had have allowed me to network with many fellow students and industry members.
Cal Poly is an amazing school academically. They seek students who already have an idea of what they want and really drive each student towards success. However, this can be dangerous for students who are unsure since Cal Poly is nearly impossible to switch colleges (majors) at.

However, being at this school, you are practically guaranteed a job right after graduation. They emphasize learn by doing, pushing students into internships and many programs pertaining to their majors early on.

The community of SLO and Cal Poly is extremely friendly, however, extremely ignorant. The city and campus are extremely non-diverse, and as a minority from Los Angeles, I had and still have major culture shock. If you are a minority, you'll have a very hard time fitting in, especially in the beginning. It's appalling to see the lack of diversity here.

Ultimately, the academics and opportunities at this school are amazing, but the community is definitely not up to par.
Was my top choice and am very glad I am here. I am halfway through my first year but the learn by motto really shows, from attending a court trial for business law to having to spend the night in a homeless shelter for sociology. If you pick the good professors during registrations, they really shine and you truly learn a lot. For the social scene, it is really what you make of it. I am in a Sierra Madre, which is a super social dorm, but even those in less social dorms often visit the more social ones if they want to meet new people. There is so much to do that it's hard to get bored. On the weekends my friends and I usually hike, go to the beach, grab food downtown, and party. For a smaller town, SLO has an awesome variety of quality restaurants so you never really get bored of the food. However, the on-campus food is not very good but you just have to deal with that for your first year.
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is one of the best universities for Computer Majors. Its "Learn-By-Doing" motto helps students to get a hands-on learning experience, giving students a head-start on real-life problems.
The fact that every professor is required to have office hours is definitely something that I have gotten to take advantage of. Most teachers have been more than willing to help, especially when they see how hard the student is trying. Additionally, the level of challenge that is incorporated into every class forces us to be on our feet every day, and always be thinking, applying our new knowledge to our every day life.
This school is amazing depending on what you are studying. The only school admin cares about funding is the School of Engineering, so if you're an engineer, great! (Side Note: If you want to go to Medical School; DON'T COME HERE (I made this mistake)). Most of the 100 level professors are awful in my experience, so the first year you'll have to put up with shitty professors. The location of this campus is ideal if you are looking for a college town and not a big city. There are a couple nice beaches nearby and great places to hike. The campus dining is AWFUL, so some creativity is needed to not go insane. All of the students at this school are genuinely friendly. Parties. If you are a female, this school is ideal for girls into the party scene. If you are a male, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get into a party unless you are in the frat. The admin here seems like it wants you to fail which makes you feel awful. Athletics aren't that impressive here.
The campus is great - it feels like home to me. Everybody is so nice, even the professors. They all really want you to succeed. The social life is good, but there's not much to do as a freshman unless you bring your car to school because the buses don't have routes to the beaches, which was a major attraction for me personally. The food choices stink, but they're building a new place so hopefully it has good stuff.
I love attending Cal Poly! After just one quarter, I really have nothing bad to say about my experience here. I would have to say the best part has been the environment and the incredible people I am surrounded by. Everyone from the staff to the professors to the students is helpful and friendly and I feel so welcome here. They did a great job at helping the freshman to have a smooth transition to college life and to make friends. The food is not what comes from a gourmet five star restaurant, but this is college, and there are so many options for everyone. Even more options will be available soon with the new housing and dining areas being built. The surroundings are beautiful and the campus is very active as well! Students are very driven to succeed and I always feel safe on campus. I am so glad that I get to call myself a mustang!
I do not regret my decision of going to Cal Poly at all. I would choose Cal Poly every time if I had the chance to pick my college. While the campus isn't very diverse, everyone is very friendly and easy to make friends no matter what major you are in. The campus food is not the best but they are making renovations to improve the campus dining and create more food options. I love how the classrooms are smaller and the variety of classes I can take.
Cal poly is an incredible school. Countless reports have shown Cal Poly ranks very high with ROI. Many students receive job offers months before graduating and Cal Poly classes prepare them for the "real world".
What they advertise is wildly different from what it's really like. Felt unsafe even in my own dorm room with the door locked. Friend received death threats. University is indifferent to criticism, only gives fraternities light slap on the wrist for rampant misogyny and racism. Only cares about university image, students be damned.
If I could give a negative amount of stars I would. Don't apply unless you're a white cishet male.
Cal Poly has been the best experience of my life so far. I came in as a freshman in 2013 and it was the best decision I have made. My freshman door mate is now my best friend and I have made such amazing friends here. The downtown scene is definitely fun as well. San Luis Obispo is the definition of a college town, every where you go there are college kids, which is what makes it fun! I played for the basketball team there and the athletic environment is awesome also. There are different scenes that you could be apart of but I bet they all are fun, every one is free to be who they want and it's awesome!
Being an International student at Cal Poly, I was very very scared to start college. I doubted studying abroad a million times; however, my worries were pointless: studying at Cal Poly was the best decision I have ever made. Not only there is a huge system that supports students in every aspect of their lives—from academic struggles to nutrition advice—but students are very welcoming and friendly. I've made tons of friends (and I am not an extrovert or extremely friendly person) and found balance between my academic and social life (with the help of my Resident Advisors and teachers, who were all very eager to help and support me.
My experience at Cal Poly has been one that I do not deserve. Academically strong for my major, Electrical Engineering, I have learned quality material from very caring and intelligent professors that could answer practically any question I had. Extracurricularly, there are so many clubs that you can join, whether the club be an engineering related club(where there are several that students can choose related to their major) or a social/cultural one, where students can make friends with those who they have things in common with.
BEST UNIVERSITY HANDS DOWN. I would recommend Cal Poly to anyone. I have only been here for about 4 months and absolutely love it. There are so many amazing professors and the student life is great.
I have had many friends that have chosen this school over UC's, showing how much of a good reputation it holds. Those who go there say that not only are the classes wonderful, but the community on campus is amazing as well. Although it is a State University, many prefer Cal Poly over many of the Universities of California.
Their campus is very beautiful. The environment is positive and nature is involved all around the campus.
I love the community, there are so many different things to do! Hiking, the beach, a cute downtown trip, fun food places! The weather is perfect, you get every season. One thing that is very noticeable and that the school is working on (slowly but surely) is the lack of diversity on campus.
I have only just started here at California Polytechnic State University as a Freshman this quarter, but from what I've seen and gotten to know, the professors here are great, and the people on campus are great. The location in San Luis Obispo is also a plus.
I love Caly Poly a lot, their Week of Welcome for freshman really really works and it makes you really good friends. Everyone at Cal Poly is nice, and everyone wants you to succeed. It is very scholarly though, classes are hard and you really have to work hard to get a good grade. As much as academics are important, the party scene here is pretty big. It isn't very diverse here, most of the students are white, followed by an Asian population.
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