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I love the private school feel on a public campus. I just wish there were more girls and more sports.
There is usually only one teacher per subject, and most subject are only offered once per year. You can live on a ship and go on cruise. The food isn't great, you have to wear a uniform and the student body is only 20% female, but you are pretty much guaranteed a high paying job once you graduate.
This is a great college that really focuses on the students and how they perform in the workplace. Their small campus makes you feel at home and you can get close to your classmates for lifelong friends.
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They do random drug tests making me paranoid after I'm done chiefing
Rugby, sailing , crew and basketball are top in nation for small schools and usually ranked. The other sport are okay. Most sports don't recruit and you just try out with the exception of basketball. Saying that, it is very impressive that most sports do play against some d1 and d2 schools. Facilities are good. Spirit is okay.
Not a party school at all, but hands down the best marine engineering school. Top engineering school with chill teachers, shipmates, and atmosphere. If you love sailing this school is for you. Because it is so small you know every one and get surprised when you meet someone you don't know . mostly every one is chill .
By far my dream school
I liked it others didn't
Not the best but not the worst!
It's has a beautiful site to see!
A university that offers majors that will help a student succeed in their future offering great opportunities and internships.
Housing is different then other CSUs. They give you the option of having a housing facility that adds to the experience of shipboard life. All Engineers and Marine Deckhands have the opportunity to live and learn in an environment they will be working in potentially. The lottery system is difficult to get in to and actually get in. It holds in to account your cumalitive GPA and class standing.
The athletics program here is different then most CSUs. We don't have a football team or baseball team. Our three major sports are Basketball, Crew, and Men's Rugby. But with these sports the school excels in.
This is a hands on school. If students are willing to get their hands dirty they can go really far here. There are so few majors here, but they push you hard so every student who is willing to give them the effort level they seek, will succeed. It is small but the way the university is setup students have no excuse not to give it their best.
The security on campus is pretty good if you feel unsafe or insecure one can request a drive from the campus police, which is in surveillance everyday. Personally I feel safe and I requested a drive several times before, whenever I stay late in the tutoring center.
Most professors care about the students passing and learning, they try and work with students, and most of them are available in there office hours. Most students just take classes that are going to be beneficial to there degree and also there are limited courses. The class sizes are small which is a good thing and was one of the many reasons I decided to go to Cal Maritime.
Every student attending Cal Maritime is required to internship, most undergrads complete it in there sophomore year. Every year we have a career fair and recruiters hire some students before they graduate.
Review California Maritime Academy
Housing costs are extremely high for what we are getting. The heater at my room doesn't work and my window won't lock, the rooms are pretty small. The housing process was fairly easy. The girl showers at first were horrible, but then they fixed the shower heads which was definitely a huge improvement. The people around are nice, which makes the transition easy to get use to.
There is no Greek life at Cal Maritime.
The athletics department at our school sucks. There aren't many sports that one can participate in. One thinks that after a whole week of orientation one would introduce the sports on campus. The only sports that I know of are guys rugby, men's/women's basketball, men's/women's water polo, men's/women's crew, and the sailing team. I have never been to any game at Cal Maritime but I am going to guess that the fan support is not that great.
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