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The professors here are amazing. Small class sizes (and department sizes) allow you really to get to know your professors, and it's clear that they genuinely care about you. The campus is absolutely beautiful and has great vibes. The new cafeteria has incredible food, and most of the dorms are spacious and comfortable. My only complaint is that I wish it were bigger; sometimes clubs die out because not enough people come to them, and I wish I could get to know more people with similar interests. Overall, though, great experience so far.
I am in love with the campus and surrounding area. You can walk around anywhere at one in the morning and feel one hundred percent safe. I am never worried about my safety on campus, and you definitely get what you pay for. I would like to see some more passion from some faculty and professors, as well as more student diversity. Overall, this university is amazing and definitely worth every penny I spend.
Cal Lu gave me an exceptional education with the help of many great professors. My professors have all been understanding and caring when it came to my education, you are not just a number in a lecture hall. The one downfall is the lack of Greek life making you miss out on the “typical college experience.”
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I really enjoy the campus and the students, if you want to be involved you can be as involved as you want. There are many internship opportunities, and people to help.
Its small school, extremely expensive and diverse. The town of thousand oaks is very nice and so is the campus. However, it seems that it lacks in educational value. I feel that I had to put more effort into my studies at a community college.
I love cal lutheran because it is so diverse and everyone on campus is super friendly. I would personally like to see growth in the film and art departments!
CalLu is an overall pretty great school. The professors seem to really care about their students success and personhood. The campus is beautiful, but the food is BAD. Ullman is okay on some days but generally not very good and I always feel sluggish afterwards.
I had a great experience at FLU. It is true that it is a small, friendly campus, and you can certainly make the most of your time there with a variety of activities, study abroad opportunities, clubs and internships. If you lean into it you can fill your 4 years with a wide mix of academic and social experiences .
I recently took a summer college course at this institution and all I can say is that it is a breathtaking experience. Not only is the campus architect beautifully crafted, the professors are so passionate in their lessons that intrigue me deeper than any other school. The professors question your thinking and guide you to think of another perspective that you would have never imagined thinking about. They are helpful and willing to go up and over for any question you have. Similarly, the students encourage everyone to come together and form a family. Within this family you learn to love others and embrace each others differences regardless of their background. All in all, the institution aims for a higher education for every student that would not dare leave anyone out of this amazing experience and will help you financially.
I love my university because of the small class sizes to begin with. These classes allow teacher- student interactions to be much more refined. Also, the campus is beautiful and the staff is very attentive.
I loved California Lutheran University! Small class sizes, the professors truly care and want you to succeed! Great location!
The academics are excellent if you're willing to take advantage of what's available to you. The campus is very nice and the region is great for hiking and stuff like that. The dorms are overpriced for what they offer and the rules are applied on an unbudging zero tolerance policy that I've seen do in a lot of students over things like having a beer in the fridge. The majority of people on campus are extremely well off and it creates a culture that's unwelcoming to poorer students. And above all, the school is exorbitantly expensive.

I say that if you are religious, passionate about sports, like a smaller more intimate campus, and can afford the school it's a good option. Otherwise explore your options for somewhere more affordable that respects its students.
Cal Lu is THE BEST private and liberal arts school in the country! The professors and the small class sizes are amazing, as is the overall atmosphere at the university. The aid and scholarships are extremely helpful.
As an alum of California Lutheran University I was able to see how much respect employers have for graduates from here as I prepared to enter the workforce. I was able to get a job thanks in large part to the Career Services department on campus -- they even helped me with my resume and prepping for the interview.
Great school, small class sizes, real opportunities for deep relationships with professors. But, a little limited in student support services and diversity of students.
California Lutheran is a fantastic university! The only complaint I have to make about it is that it doesn't always do a good job recognizing its student's financial struggles. The Financial Aid office needs to be made aware of other ways to help.
Cal Lutheran is located in a beautiful and safe area. The staff is incredibly helpful and provide so many opportunities for the students. I am so excited to have the opportunity and I recommend it to all college-seeking students.
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California Lutheran provides a small family feel. The college and all the resources that are provided are very nice.
I absolutely love the small atmosphere Cal Lu provided. They give you all the steps to succeed. It is wonderful to be able to make a real connection with your professors, seeing as the biggest class you'll be in is about 45 people. Walking through campus, you will see familiar faces anywhere you go. You make great connections with your classmates, especially the ones who share the same major, as you are likely to spend most classes with them. Cal Lu sets you up for success and offers many services while you are a student, as well as great opportunities to network as an Alumni as well. No matter where I go, I know I can always call Cal Lu my second home.
Love the four year graduation guarantee. However student life living on campus not great. Seems more like a commuter school. The food is gross and been a waste of a lot of money because you have to buy the meal package and when salads are wilted and fruits are slimy,not much left. I pay double for food because I can't stand the food. Eating at Starbucks is my main meal and that's not mucho option. I have lost weight and I didn't need to. It's encouraging poor diets and can cause anexeria. Student life there isn't one. Academics is good however my English class they picked was for a foreign student so they transferred me to intramedial English and I was a high school AP student.