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California Lutheran is a fantastic university! The only complaint I have to make about it is that it doesn't always do a good job recognizing its student's financial struggles. The Financial Aid office needs to be made aware of other ways to help.
Cal Lutheran is located in a beautiful and safe area. The staff is incredibly helpful and provide so many opportunities for the students. I am so excited to have the opportunity and I recommend it to all college-seeking students.
California Lutheran provides a small family feel. The college and all the resources that are provided are very nice.
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I absolutely love the small atmosphere Cal Lu provided. They give you all the steps to succeed. It is wonderful to be able to make a real connection with your professors, seeing as the biggest class you'll be in is about 45 people. Walking through campus, you will see familiar faces anywhere you go. You make great connections with your classmates, especially the ones who share the same major, as you are likely to spend most classes with them. Cal Lu sets you up for success and offers many services while you are a student, as well as great opportunities to network as an Alumni as well. No matter where I go, I know I can always call Cal Lu my second home.
Love the four year graduation guarantee. However student life living on campus not great. Seems more like a commuter school. The food is gross and been a waste of a lot of money because you have to buy the meal package and when salads are wilted and fruits are slimy,not much left. I pay double for food because I can't stand the food. Eating at Starbucks is my main meal and that's not mucho option. I have lost weight and I didn't need to. It's encouraging poor diets and can cause anexeria. Student life there isn't one. Academics is good however my English class they picked was for a foreign student so they transferred me to intramedial English and I was a high school AP student.
Small classes. Personal attention. Well-qualified and experienced professors. Lovely campus. What else could you want?
Cal Lutheran is an outstanding university. It has been rated one of the safest colleges in the entire country. The Professors knowledgeable, professional and genuinely concerned about your success.
Coming from A small close knit high school, I was looking for a university that could offer me a similar experience. At Cal Lutheran I feel that the professors and faculty make an honest effort to get to know the students. I feel that they challenge the students and foster growth among them. I am very proud to be on a campus that accepts and promotes diversity. It has been an honor to attend Cal Lutheran and I hope to make my mark on the university in my time there.
Safety measures include text/phone/email alerts.
School has their own community mental health clinics that train therapists from their program. Reputation of this school's MFT graduates is highly regarded in the community and draws employers from throughout the area.
I have not visited campus housing
No Greek life on campus
I honestly don't know much about the regular athletic activities as I attended a satellite campus and was an older undergraduate
Most people don't care about sporting events, but there is a fair amount of intramurals
Very liberal for a religiously affiliated school, but that's Lutherans for ya
A large majority are liberal, however the conservatives are trying to stay afloat. In regards to finances, I would say that the majority of students would be categorized as affluent while it seems like a select few (including myself) inhabit the fairly low income classification.
There's really no peer pressure, and the school does a lot of crack downs on students and drugs.
Review California Lutheran University
Although I have not fully taken advantage of the career assistance, I find the counselors and advisors very helpful and passionate about our futures.
I enjoyed my classes, and it was very apparent how much my professors cared.
When needing transportation across campus late at night, campus safety was always available to drive me. They made me feel very safe and comfortable.
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