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My experience at California state Lutheran University was outstanding. The tour guide was very nice and spoke loud enough so all the students could hear. She explained each building to us and told the students what subject was taught in each college. The students got to see how big the classes could be and how it may look like on a regular basis. She took us to the Gym which was very clean and big. We got to see some athletes in action. One thing i would of liked to see was more trash cans around the campus
California Lutheran University is filled with the kindest, giving, and intelligent individuals. Every professor deeply cares about their students' success. I personally grew to realize the intensity of this campus's kindness after the Borderline shooting down the street. Cal Lutheran truly brought everyone together and made it a place where people can still feel safe and connected with the community. California Lutheran University is truly special in more ways than one. If you are looking for a college with an accepting community and a personalized eduction experience, Cal Lutheran is the place for you.
I play basketball here and it is an awesome experience, even with it being a division 3 school. The class sizes are very small which means you have the opportunity to get close with you professors, and that can be very helpful if you take advantage of it. The food here isn't awful, it's just that you get sick of it quickly but it is better then a lot of other schools. The campus is small and nice so you never have to walk more than 7 minutes to get to a class which is convenient.
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My experience with CLU has been a good one generally. I have attended it for three semesters so far and am satisfied with most features. However, the food on campus is pretty bad. You do have a choice of buffet-style cafeteria, Starbucks, Jamba Juice and a cafe, yet for an athlete, the only place with a good price/food ratio is the cafeteria. The food in cafeteria is the worst. It may seem to have a good variety at first, but after a few month it feels like a refrigerator full of food where there is nothing to eat.
In my profession, I have heard employers and districts will only hired those from this university because they know when the students graduate, they are prepared for the workforce.

Great school and amazing professors. Excellent opportunities!
CLU has opened me up to so many different life opportunities. I have met some of my absolute best friends through the university and have gained a large amount of knowledge. The professors are so dedicated to their students and having such a small class size is very beneficial. Overall, CLU is decently small but since it is a private school, there are a lot more opportunities for individualized activities and activities that would not be normally allowed at a public university.
I may be in the minority, but CLU is a terrible school. My social experience has been great and I have made many friends. But it all comes down to administration at CLU. I always have to double check to make sure my registration or housing forms have been filed correctly., things that students shouldn't have to do. Housing is a mess. There are more students than the university can handle, so freshman are stacked 5 to a room. Overall CLU just has terrible regard for their students.
Professors and students are some of the greatest people I have ever met, however, the other staff members are not very friendly or caring people.
CLU is a great school and I am so glad I picked it for my graduate studies. The counseling program I am in, teachers, students and facilities are all fantastic. You truly get to interact with your professors and classmates and work on assignments together to get the best result. Class sizes are small and it feels like I am truly getting the most out of my graduate experience.
Being a small private university, California Lutheran University is well known for their professors that care a lot about their students that they want to see succeed. The perks about Cal. Lutheran include the small and comfortable campus that brings a relaxing while also vibrant atmosphere. From the beautiful scenery of the campus to the students who strive for success: California Lutheran University is the school where people and teachers will push you to achieve your dreams.
This school is accepting and diverse . The campus is beautiful and safe and people look out for each other like family . With this atmosphere , you can learn and grow . The professors are great and the smaller classss allow for lots of personal attention. They are also easy to meet with and always want to help. I feel like CLU is a hidden gem . People don’t realize how wonderful it is!
Being a small private school makes relationships between student and professor much more personal. Communication is very easy among the school and they provide many activities and opportunities for the students to set them up on the right career path.
California Lutheran University has been such a wonderful experience for me. The administrators and staff work to make the college challenging and fun at the same time.
I have the opportunity to work with the Study Abroad Department to gain to go abroad and gain a global perspective while earning credits towards my degree.
So far, the experience here, since my enrollment has been smooth and truly helped me develop my path in life. The classes and its teachers goal is to allow us students, to grow and become a part in a very diverse world, in our own ways.
California Lutheran University is a great school with an incredible campus. Since it is a small school you get to meet a lot of nice people. You also get to know your professors who are there to help you.
CLU is the perfect school if you're looking for small class sizes with teachers that are more than willing to help you succeed. The campus is small enough that you recognize faces where ever you may go, but will always seem to make new friends
California Lutheran University has provided me with all the necessary tools to be successful in my academics as well after graduation. They have also given me the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research which could potentially benefit greatly once I apply to graduate programs. Over all, Cal Lutheran is a friendly, caring, and welcoming campus.
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I have a cousin who attends California Lutheran. When visiting the school, I really enjoyed the sense of community, and diversity. My cousin really enjoys the school. He says it is filled with intellectual professors, fun activities such as intramural sports, and many different activities.
My Dad went to California Lutheran University and he took me to visit the campus over Summer, and I do have to say I was very impressed on how bautifl it is. They had plenty of activities and the building were amazing.
California Lutheran University has a tremendous staff who care deeply for your success during and after your stay at the school. The small-sized campus makes for a feel-good, community-like dynamic in which everybody is accepted and celebrated for who they are. The academics are above average as each professor provides in-depth academia in which they are very passionate about. The smaller class sizes allow for a more intimate setting for students to develop relationships with not just fellow students, but also with their professors. The atmosphere of the entire campus is fresh and welcoming. Personally, it has been very easy getting to know new people whom I have built great relationships with already. Overall, California Lutheran University is a place for people who want to feel at home and feel like they can make an impact on their school.