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Being a student at California Lutheran University has been such a rewarding experience so far. The professors really look out for you and do everything they can to help you succeed. The campus life is very diverse and we have many activities and events that happen on campus almost every week. I love the school so much I plan to attend as a graduate student as well.
I have enjoyed myself in the California Lutheran University. Everyone has been very nice and professionals are very helpful
The professors are all professional, smart and collaborative. Our courses kept us engaged in class, keeping us motivated while learning solutions of the modern world.
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I liked a lot of things about California Lutheran University but one of the things that stood out to me most was the inclusion among both students and staff. I never felt left out or excluded because everyone seemed to care about each other and felt like a family. The campus itself is gorgeous with lots of greenery and natural elements while still keeping it modern with its buildings and commodities. I enjoy that there are constantly student activities going on, such as movie nights and improv shows, and I feel at home whenever I am here.
You are not a number. You are welcomed and appreciated even before you sign up. The small campus is a close community.
CLU is a great school filled with fantastic and dedicated professors, really in depth classes and opportunities on campus to meet other people, get involved and study abroad. The school is on the way of becoming more diverse and progressive and expanding, but isn't expanding in all the ways necessary to keep up. The classes are great, but more sections are needed with the growing population of admitted students. Same goes for dorms and appointments. The criteria is there, it just needs to be increased. The school helps with some programs in setting up opportunities for internships and post-grad life, but for me in particular I had very little assistance from the school itself, minus some fantastic advisors.
I am in the Executive MBA program, which started in the Spring. I take classes both at the campus and online. The Administration and Faculty are first class. They want the students to succeed. Cal Lutheran has one of the highest ranked MBA and EMBA programs in California. So far my classes have been small (WW students) and I don’t expect that to change. The only thing that I can think of that I might change about this University is to have more consistency in the skill of teaching in the professors. I feel very lucky to be enrolled in this excellent program.
California Lutheran University is a small learning institution, but large in what it offers: a home away from home, a place to grow intellectually and emotionally, and a guide set on helping its students find the right path in life.

Since my first visit all those years ago, I fell in the love with the campus and its small, intimate design. Now, entering my final year of college, I relive all those precious moments I had. CLU gave me the tools and knowledge to start a career, but more than that it offered me a chance to branch out and learn who I truly was. I can only hope that those looking for a college or university find what I found in CLU.
Small liberal university, very easy to meet new people. I would say the only thing that I would change is it make it bigger with more options to get around more (food, classrooms, gym).
California Lutheran University is a wonderful school. The campus is beyond beautiful and so is the wild life and the local area. Everything is close to the campus so there is not a real need to drive very far to get what you need. Certain professors don't teach by having the students basically figure everything out on their own which I don't really like, but other than that the school is pretty great.
California Lutheran University is a great ,small, and private 4 year university. It's a great school for those that want a close knit community that still pushes you towards academic excellence.
CLU a is very accommodating and welcoming community filled with people who want you to succeed. If you are ever in need of help, there is a resource or point person ready to assist you in any way possible.
Overall my first year at this university was great. I got lots of support for my studies and made many new friends. Professors here genuinely care about you and your education and will always make the time for you to get extra help. The only thing I wish was better was that I wasn’t always notified about the events going on and only found out the day of.
The Admissions is fairly competitive as the Cal Poly Pomona acceptance rate is 55%. Popular majors include Business, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Computer Science. Graduating 66% of students, Cal Poly Pomona alumni go on to earn a starting salary of $37,000. Overall it was good school.
This small community really cares about you and everyone acts as a friend to get you to be your best.
Even before college was on my brain I was comfortable with CLU! The community is so close together and everyone I have met is so friendly. After applying and being accepted to CLU, everyone I have gone to with questions were so helpful. The counselors and professors are very supportive when it comes to changing your major, which is something I was personally looking for. The average classroom size is around 17 people, so you really get to know your professor, as well as have to opportunity to ask questions!
I like it. Feels like a community.
Not my first choice but very good, very friendly.
Small - not many places to eat.
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California Lutheran University has a beautiful campus. Since I applied, they gave me an admissions counselor I could text if I had any questions and she has been very helpful.
I love everything about Cal Lutheran. The campus itself is so heart warming, so safe. With the campus being in Thousand Oaks, one of the safest cites in California, it makes the environment a place wanting to attend.
Cal Lutheran needs more resources outside of the classroom for students who need extra help with course material, especially for their STEM majors. Their dorms are also not worth the amount of money you have to pay to live in them; most of the dorms need renovating. Additionally there's limited on-campus options for food and the meal plan types aren't varied and are very expensive. It's also a very small campus so if you like a larger student population, then look at a different school because it's difficult to meet new people after your first year there. This university is a good experience for some people and for others it's not, make sure you visit it before you make a decision.