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I never was an online student, so I can't really make a statement about it. I have never spoken to students about their online experience either.
My experience with California Lutheran has been amazing so far. The staff and faculty have been extremely friendly, going above and beyond to ensure that we are receiving the best experience possible through these troubling times. Despite having online courses, the students on campus here at California Lutheran are making the most of their college experience.
I am taking all of my classes online, excluding my Beginners Painting class. My experience thus far has been very good, considering the fact that everything is being done virtually. Despite the challenges of online schooling, living on campus in the dorms has been extremely helpful. My friends and I do our zoom classes throughout the day, but whenever we have a chance to break away from the computer screen, we hang out together.
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i took classes online and my professors were so willing to accommodate students that had trouble. Loved how my teachers made class as much fun online as it would have been in person.
It is a very quite town, not too much activity so it is easy for one to be able to focus on their schooling and not worry about a lot of noise. The town tends the go to bed early so it is great for people who enjoy waking up early.
I am about to take classes online and the professors have communicated very well with everyone, which gives me a lot of confidence to do well in my classes.
I like California Lutheran University because they are quick to help in times of need and they allow you to have a life. This university is flexible with you, as well.
I appreciate that CLU is doing more to ensure that minority groups feel safe at this school. I do wish that there was more funding for certain departments instead of increased funding for departments that are already thriving.
All of my classes were online. I feel like my professors could have put more effort in. It was hard to keep up for the rest of the semester.
I was a CLU student for 5 years, studying for a bachelor's in psychology. I graduated in 2018 and honestly I miss it so much. The professors care about their students, and I made friends in nearly every class I took. Everyone is friendly, especially psych students. I will say, parking is horrible, the freshman dorms are gross, and it's hard to get into classes. But, the campus is beautiful, there are better dorms for juniors and seniors, and the quality of the education you will receive is great. Personally I am not a partier so I didn't mind that there wasn't much of a party scene. If that's what you're looking for, I'd say look elsewhere. But if you're looking for a really good education and a school where you can get along with everyone, go to CLU. It's worth it.
I wish there were more online classes available. Almost all of CLU's classes are in person. Hopefully this is something they will change to allow for more flexibility for students, especially since in person classes are always full.
I did not have many classes online at CLU, but the ones that were were very clear. I'm sure now that most classes are online things are better.
A great school, small but with a good campus life. Class sizes are small so they feel more connected.
They typically do not offer many online classes (at least in my fields of study). With that being said, I did take one online summer school class and enjoyed it tremendously.
Small classes were very helpful in the learning environment. Some classes purposely try to weed students out, but I suspect that is something that occurs at all colleges/universities
For the most part, people are kind here— staff, employees, professors, and students (Usually, but what can you do).
I had to take my classes online after Covid. I didn’t love it, but the professors were understanding and did the best they could.
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As a commuter student I found this school a very good choice. The campus is nice and the student union is an excellent place to kill time or do work if you don't want to go to the library. The professors genuinely care for their students and want to help them succeed. As a first generation student I was a little nervous going to a university since no one I know can really help, but the transition was easier with all the programs offered to help you at this school. The dorms look nice too, at least when I visit my friend's rooms they do.
I'm from the other side of the country and I found California Lutheran to be unexpectedly welcoming. Everyone I meet was friendly and there was always more than one person willing to show me around the campus. The teachers I had were fine, none of them really made me interested or excited about what they were teaching but they weren't terrible either. I didn't have a meal plan, but I heard from more than a few people there that it is common knowledge around campus that the food they serve is terrible. Though they do have a Starbucks and Jamb on campus so that might make up for it. The dorm hall that I lived in was very nice and I luckily got put with roommates that were very nice. One of them I am still in contact with. Overall, it's pretty chill.
I loved attending CLU. It allowed me to reach my dreams and continue my education in graduate school.
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