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So far I love it. The people are really nice here. The professors are exceptional and the facilities are well-kept and well-equipt to make art. The one thing I'd like to see change is maybe facilitating a tuition cap.
It is a college I would like to attend to. I would want to become a graphic designer and photographer and study the fashion of both majors.
Great artistic place. Full of art and culture. Very diverse. Great artistic place. Full of art and culture. Very diverse. Great artistic place. Full of art and culture. Very diverse. Great artistic place. Full of art and culture. Very diverse. Great artistic place. Full of art and culture. Very diverse. Great artistic place. Full of art and culture. Very diverse. Great artistic place. Full of art and culture. Very diverse. Great artistic place. Full of art and culture. Very diverse.
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Film/Video is the best school and has the sanest people. I only recommend going for School of F/V. People from dance, music, and theater are scary and on drugs. The administration and distrubution of funds has a lot to improve on. Dorm facilities are outdated. The dorm plumbing is terrible and unsanitary. The campus is unsafe and has had multiple shooting threats. It really is the students keeping the school alive and functioning. The community is great, aside from the heavy drug and drinking culture.
The whole atmosphere at this school is so encouraging and creative. I get inspired all the time by the fellows and teachers here. Tons of opportunities to show my artworks are offered. I can surely say that this is the most open place about races, gender identities, sexual orientations, and any other stuff in the world.
The best part of being a student at California Institute of the Arts is that you are free to express anything you want, including going to class naked. You have the right for almost anything, the school is full of creativity. There are rarely any wrong answers. Mainly of the people are open minded, free to be who you truly are. Very accepting people all around. The professors are kind, you could speak to them about anything and will be helpful. It doesn't feel anything like High School, to me attending Calarts has given me a lot of freedom to do what I wish with my personal life and my practice. You may take any class you are interested in even if it is not your major. The only thing wrong about this school is that, it is not a diverse school. Thursday nights, which is gallery night is typically party time.
It is an amazing school for art students. As a musician, it has been an amazing experience so far and it proves every day to have the most amazing teachers and experience. The food could improve, though!
CalArts has been a great place to develop my artistic skills. I like that this school encompasses all major areas of art under one roof giving you the opportunity to cross-pollinate with and take classes in other disciplines.
CalArts is a school for the privileged & rich. The facilities are all outdated and are lacking basic resources that they provide at other schools. Low-income students will struggle no matter how talented you are.
This college is a great outlet for young artists to grow and explore beyond their boundaries. With a credible faculty and a liberal environment each student is given the opportunity to express through art.
I would like to see more effort put in from the academic teachers. Most of the teachers here are artists themselves and they don't know how to approach a topic to a group of students.
CalArts is a welcoming and empowering environment for aspiring artists. They make sure that the students have the tools that they need to create and collaborate with other artists. They have students coming from all over the world---a great way to connect with people coming from different backgrounds and culture. Furthermore, CalArts provides the students with the knowledge that they need to succeed in their chosen metier. However, they do lack in traditional academic classes so the option to have an academic minor is quite limited. Other than that, I think CalArts is a wonderful place for artists like me to grow and learn.
The class sizes are small, meaning a more intimate connection is brought inside the class. The teachers are engaging and the teaching styles vary, but all the material is learned.
There are many job offerings on campus, whether it is or is not for work study.
There have not been any major issues that campus security has had to deal with.
Living on campus makes it relatively easy to get to classes easy, the dorms are fairly close to the main building. The dorms are pretty clean, the bathrooms could use some work. Mom's Cafe is somewhat boring but the pool outside is nice.
Every student that I have met is insanely talented in their metier.The energy is always positive because everyone is loving and accepting. It seems as if time moves slower here, maybe because there's always so much going on.
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For my fist year, I really enjoyed the diversity of students from each department in collaborating works of art together.
It does not feel particularly dangerous considering that the city is considered the 2nd safest city in the US (apparently). Though we have had warnings come through campus security of people being banned for harassment and a homeless person hanging out in the music school, as well as an old lady taking a topless shower by the dorm pool. We called security about the old lady and they basically told us to just chill. Take what you will of that!
The rooms are wide and at least the bathrooms are only shared with one or two other rooms. I have still experienced a good share of mold and disgusting toilets and the building itself is kind of old. Fire alarms go off like every week especially early in the year and are very disruptive, it's also kind of unsafe because nobody even cares about fire alarms anymore. There's really only one building unless you're at least a 3rd year student, and the only other housing option is kind of tiny. Finding an apartment after your first year is probably going to be a lot nicer.
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