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In the last months of school, we had to take to learning online via zoom. My faculty at CalArts did a wonderful job executing this process, making online learning as accessible, and maintainable as possible.
In my one year at CalArts so far, I have been pushed in so many ways as an artist. I wanted to find a place where I would not only be encouraged to create art, but to use my voice as well. I came to CalArts to collaborate, and to use my art making as a vessel of change. I am a dance major, and I have been in such awe of the dance faculty. While it is a primarily westernized institution, I feel there is a level of diversity, and my education has included many conversations around this western education style, and where areas in my major specifically have been influenced by other cultures.
I loved how collaboration between different art forms was cultivated, as well as the fantastic faculty members who have taught me a lot. However, the administration can be a little disoriented sometimes, which causes problems when dealing with a school full of artists.
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A lot of classes didn't translate well, and even those that did were still a little more exhausting than usual. Classes in lighting design, for example, resorted to looking up pictures of lighting angles for homework, rather than creating these angles in a project-based setting.
CalArts is what you make it. The faculty and staff want to help you succeed. The student body however, can cultivate a lot of competition and inspiration at the same time. If you are someone who works well under pressure, this school can work wonders for you.
It seems greats. I like art and art is pretty and i appreciate everyone who wants a career path in art.
California Institute of the Arts is a well-raounded school that gives many opportunities for their students. Although expenses make it difficult for students to flourish and to afford. Overall, it is a good school that many would be lucky to go to and learn from, but few are able to due to affordability.
The school is not a technical school but rather work on the ideas or message you are trying to deliver. Another major issue my peers and I have specifically in the photo program is they do not supply students with any material such as digital or photo paper, film, hard drives, or chemicals so the student would have to buy these for themselves which would be a recurring issue throughout the school. You will be continuously be expected to pay or buy services although the tuition is expensive none of it seems to be for the students but rather for the pay of the faculty as you would have to pay $50 each year to access certain areas in the school which could total up to an additional $200. The one absolute positive about this school is the faculty and certain students as they are vibrant, helpful, kind, and smart as I am inspired by each person and drive me to improve myself.
I would like to see a little bit better of improvements on student living conditions, some of the rooms aren't the prettiest and are quite uncomfortable. And maybe better food. But other than that this campus has been fantastic on everything else.
Some of the best faculty, and talent in the world. The opportunities are endless, as every teacher is currently a working artist in the industry giving us intense, and rigorous training of our craft. I am forever grateful for their dedication and hard work. However, the tuition price is absolutely ridiculous. Nobody has $50,000 a year. This in itself should be an outrage. I should not have to pay this much for a strong education in order to succeed. They need to financially offer more to their students. California Institute of the Arts is nothing without their students.
The school is excellent! My major is involved in the Herb Albert School of Music which in itself is very open to any style of music, has several performance opportunities, and teaches valuable information that the modern-day musician needs to be able to take on a number of careers and music degree can give. The school as a whole has an incredible, stress- free environment that is constantly inspiring students to step outside of the box and be as creative as possible. The school even has it's own cute coffee shop and a huge cafeteria full of gourmet food and options for every kind of diet. The dorms are on campus making it super easy to get to class and it also has it's own little cafe/game room, spacious rooms, a pool, a gym, and even a sauna. The only issue with the school is the handicap accessibility and the tuition in which there is funding help from the school, but no full ride options.
The experience at CALARTS is the best experience I have been through and that it such a qualify way of telling everyone that this is the perfect spot for someone who loves video and to film stuff like how Tim Burton attended this college as well. Such a way of telling how this school was and can't wait to join it soon.
Great place to achieve your goals and pursue your dreams! The professors are great and atmosphere overall is very friendly.
My overall experience at CalArts has been pleasant. I love the small campus, you really get to know your classmates. the class sizes are also smaller so the teachers are able to take a more personal interest in your development. The class that I find the hardest is "Skills."
My strong attraction to CalArts came when I first visited the campus. Every aspect of the environment captivated me, especially the accepting and encouraging energy that every member of the community, staff and student alike, radiates. The focus on diversity and the versatility of their programs is very inspiring.
I can't recommend the graduate program in Art. Unbelievably shabby and out of date facilities, lacking in the most basic of requirements for a contemporary practice. No surprise that the 'post-studio' approach is what's being pushed, then. The Broad studios ARE sexy in that down-at-the-mouth clearance-rack modernism kind of way, if a bit prone to being water-logged in the winter and working solar ovens in the summer.If you're in Photo/Media you have aluminum cow sheds plopped on a parking lot to look forward to.Faculty in the Art school are mostly checked-out; there is little community feeling besides the transactional niceties and scratch-my-back groupie-formations. Lots of old white dudes too, if you're into that sort of thing.The program hasn't produced anyone or thing of interest for about a decade. This might be because there is no structure, or even a guiding idea,& an apparently constant crisis in performing even the most basic of administrative procedures to operate it.
it is known for the best animations in television today. it has also inspired me to start animating at a young age. ive been drawing since I was 5 years old and ive always wanted for others than just myself, and that is what I think will happen with this school
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So far I love it. The people are really nice here. The professors are exceptional and the facilities are well-kept and well-equipt to make art. The one thing I'd like to see change is maybe facilitating a tuition cap.
It is a college I would like to attend to. I would want to become a graphic designer and photographer and study the fashion of both majors.
Great artistic place. Full of art and culture. Very diverse. Great artistic place. Full of art and culture. Very diverse. Great artistic place. Full of art and culture. Very diverse. Great artistic place. Full of art and culture. Very diverse. Great artistic place. Full of art and culture. Very diverse. Great artistic place. Full of art and culture. Very diverse. Great artistic place. Full of art and culture. Very diverse. Great artistic place. Full of art and culture. Very diverse.
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