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Four years at Caltech were a unique experience. I was there in the esrly 60s and it is hard to explain the effect of sitting around and talking with Richard Feynman. He was a unique individual.
What I liked was the striking environment and the involvement of the students. For first year Physics lab they had us run through a few standard labs just to experience and then they turned us loose to do other labs. One of our labs was with two friends. We managed to get a key to the old astronomy building where a solar telescope was removed leaving a many storied hole in the building. We managed to rig a pendulum to measure the latitude. It was fascinating. We were measuring the precession but got an interesting effect. The pendulum which started as a line drag showed that it was an eclipse with an increasing minor axis. Not a perfect result but one which required learning a lot. Where else would they just give a bunch of teens the keys to play with the building.
My experience so far at Caltech has been that yes, the rumors are true: it's really hard. However, if you are willing to put in the work, you'll be okay. I really like it's spirit of collaboration: students work together on problem sets, and then TAs and professors are there to help if you still can't get it. It's a pretty positive learning environment.
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Some of the best (and worse) people you will ever meet. Nurses here take care of you super well, especially if you encounter the Freshman Plague. Professors go really fast and expect you to know a lot more than you're taught in high school. The emphasis on honor code makes this school truly unique.
I loved visiting caltech! I loved the campus, it was so beautiful. The houses each had their own personality, and cool traditions! I got to play tennis on the courts there and stay with some other girls in the houses themselves. We staying in flemming house and spent a lot of time in the common room! We also were able to tour the academic facilities and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is associated with Caltech and it was truly inspiring to see. We were given the opportunity to see current projects in JPL like the 2020 mars rover! I cannot wait to apply!
The size and academic rigor of this institution makes it the perfect place for a STEM-focused student to go and grow.
California Institute of Technology is definitely a dream school. The engineering classes seem very interesting, and I look forward to possibly study there.
The best school in the country, period. Great research opportunities, faculty and resources make up Caltech. But it is the incredible people around that make it such a worthwhile experience.
I love Caltech! The collaborative environment here is amazing and I am learning a lot! The challenge is there, but for people who love the sciences, this is the best school in the country.
The place is no different from HELL.
You have all the access to the top of the top of any field. But you have to work hard. you are going to take the same class with first year grad students from your junior year. By the time you finish your four year inmate life, you get extremely well prepared for grad school, or you will become too full of the subjects; you do not want to see the subject which once you liked. GOOD LUCK
Caltech is a very work hard play hard mentality. Academically, it has the most rigorous and intense coursework I've ever experienced. Alumni agree that any job after graduation pales in comparison to the Caltech workload. The professors are amazingly competent, and it's treated as no big deal to take a course taught by a Nobel-prize winner. I would say the classes are very theoretical with an emphasis on proofs, so it's not very industry-oriented (unless you study computer programming). Socially, although there's no Greek life, all students are sorted into one of eight dorm houses, which are essentially fraternities. There are parties, you just need to know where to look for them. The food is terrible, eating out or cooking your own is both cheaper and tastier. The dorms are old, but no major issues. Caltech isn't perfect, but it'll challenge you academically and get you a good job after graduation.
Not just 'small', intimate. Imagine a top-tier university where many classes have 15 or 20 students (or less) AND do not get cancelled. This is true of English lit (Falkner and Fitzgerald), Entrepreneurship, Poly Sci, Anthro or Macro and even science intro classes. This is simply a small but spectacular place. A student body of UNDER a thousand students, and these will be a thousand of the brightest stars you will ever hope to meet. You will personally know almost all of your classmates (there will be only ~270 TOTAL, including all majors in your class), plus your professors typically teach only one or two classes (except for freshman lectures) and are personal. Research opportunities abound. My upper division classes had 8 students. Really. Every course I took opened my eyes and inspired me. Caltech is full service: my graduating class included a business, econ and even a journalism major. I took fencing (epee) and beginning golf classes. Each had maybe 6 students(!)
I loved the campus when I went on my tour! The trees and greenery really draw you in and give you a feeling on inclusion. Can't wait to apply to this wonderful small university!
Tough, Good for research and general science. Expect to work hard, but feel very rewarded. Houses system is a plus.
Great academics and opportunities, beautiful weather. Very demanding but also a very supportive community.
If you like science and tech, this is the place to go. Small school makes professors, research, work study, and other opportunities more available. You learn to work with others to get through the academics which are tough, but you ultimately come out with a great sense of accomplishment. It is not the right school for everyone but if you want to major in science or engineering, it would be hard to find a better place.
You can do things here no one else can. Research and professors and classes all incredible. Hardest school in the world. Work is insane.
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Great school. Really tough to get in, even tougher to get out, but well worth it, overall. Can't get an education like it anywhere else.
As a freshman in the second term, the experience here has been pretty positive. The coursework is definitely challenging, but it keeps me motivated to pursue higher goals. I am extremely grateful for finding such a like-minded community of scholars who are supportive and caring.
Good school for science - but just that. It is a technical school. The House System is good - IF you get into the house you want. There are a few students who are placed into houses they rated very poorly; for these individuals, House Life is poor.
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