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You can do things here no one else can. Research and professors and classes all incredible. Hardest school in the world. Work is insane.
Great school. Really tough to get in, even tougher to get out, but well worth it, overall. Can't get an education like it anywhere else.
As a freshman in the second term, the experience here has been pretty positive. The coursework is definitely challenging, but it keeps me motivated to pursue higher goals. I am extremely grateful for finding such a like-minded community of scholars who are supportive and caring.
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Good school for science - but just that. It is a technical school. The House System is good - IF you get into the house you want. There are a few students who are placed into houses they rated very poorly; for these individuals, House Life is poor.
Caltech is a place of wonderful innovation and the students really do care about one another.
You're guaranteed off-campus housing if you want it. Also, "off-campus" means "across the street from your classes" still, so you're fine there.
A few houses have just casual parties; there are also the 8 interhouse parties which are really great / tons and tons of work. Literally preparing for the party for more than 1 month ahead of time, with hundreds of manhours.
They're very flexible about drinking -- "just put it in a cup so we don't know" is a common theme.
"It's ... okay." This is the line everyone says, and it's very accurate.
The House system is fantastic. Really it basically renders the quality of actual on-campus housing irrelevant. :D You have to live on campus for the first year anyway.
Decent, basically only Lake accessible without a car
The only school policy that is really prevalent is the honor code.
Some houses better known for partying than others.
Lots of options in Chandler (and the South kitchen), but dinner is subpar
The housing system is definitely unique
Not a big part of Caltech :/
Food in Pasadena is expensive, but good.
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Caltech's honor code is great!
Bro, it's Caltech. Coming back here to get his PhD in physics was some kid's fallback plan.
Working with students is the bomb-diggity. Profs aren't really chosen for their teaching ability, though.
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