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CIIS has an array of unique programs only found at this school (ie, Humxn Sexuality and Expressive Art Therapy). It is a refreshing take on education, dismantling the teacher-student power dynamic. There is a spiritual component to the school, with students, professors, and guest speakers asking large cosmological questions any day of the week. They offer intriguing discussion series as well. The classes are small and the workload is manageable. That said, there are things I am still wishing there was more of: more food options inside the campus, more feedback on my writing, and better communication. The later is a larger issue, where there are mistakes on the Syllabi, last-minute changes, and unclear standards for work. Also, I understand that the school is looking to break away from the judgment-focused way of Academia, but some students would benefit from more rigor and challenge. All-in-all, I am in my dream program and hope to add to the solutions of the issues I have found.
great school I like the fact that its in down town San Francisco thus giving the the school a good eccentric vibe that makes work and school more pleasurable. san Fransisco is also a diverse place and the people are great, most have a liberal view point and open to other cultures. The school programs are great, I enjoy the fact that it has psychology, TCM and Fine arts under one building.
It has only been my first semester and so far I love everything about it. The faculty, the students, the teachers, the campus, the resources.
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CIIS will open your mind to new things and has the kind of intellectual atmosphere that is often absent at many colleges where students are just looking to prepare for a career without really learning about the world we live in and of which we are a part. CIIS is a better and different experience. It is an awesome intellectual environment and a great community of thinkers.
I love the classes and the community of learners is really amazing. People are super open and kind, and everyone is always willing to help you out.
we don't have athletics at CIIS. we are focused on other things, like learning.
I haven't started classes yet, but from the meet and greet, it seems great!
There are no fraternities or sororities at this graduate school. You need to add a n/a option on your questions.
This is a graduate school. We are generally over that early college years party phase.
In San Francisco, our campus is ONE large building. I feel safe in the building. I do not feel safe one block away due to many homeless people on drugs or off their medication.
good quality & variety of food, good hours, delicious
professors are amazing, library is great, courses are great
enjoy the community, the program, the workload is fine
i have no idea what the school policies are in regards to this, it's not applicable
there is no campus housing, students live off campus
great school facilities to support students in studies
b e a u t i f u l here in san francisco, glad to be here
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glad to be here, courses are engaging and entertaining
good good good good good good good good good good
great selection of internships and help getting them from the staff
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