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i have no words for this school. they JUST WANT YOUR MONEY. DONT GO HERE. EVER. food - terrible, there's no meal plan don't listen to them they give you a card with 300$ on it and the food is terrible. the campus has no safety, there is a gate but then a parking lot right after and it absolutely makes no sense at all. the teachers are mostly failed artists that brag about their own work but don't know how to guide you. there is no gym, no way of getting the students to know each other, everyone is by themselves. i have no words for this school, absolute waste of money and time. ALSO you won't be living in San Fran, you'll live in Oakland so get ready for some fun e-mails of how students are getting robbed weekly.
School has no care for their student's health, and forced them to go to class in unhealthy air quality conditions or they could fail.
The campuses lack photos, the website is old, once I arrived there I didn't even know how my room is going to look like. As an international student, they don't offer you much and there isn't such thing as "diversity" because it is not a very big college, I get that. They didn't help me with much being international, nor financial solutions or different attitude because I had no idea how the system functions, I had to find out for myself. Also, they pretty much give scholarships to everyone. The college is SO EXPENSIVE and the scholarship is not even "there" because you can't feel like it actually helps your budget. You have to pay for your food, that is another point that annoyed me, you have to pay to wash your laundries, again, why? It's just, you invest so much money into this school and you still have to pay for the little things.
But yeah, the teachers are great, hands down.
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The campus may be small, but it's one of the most diverse and creative colleges in the country. I recommend applying here if you are looking for an art school and want to live somewhere with decent weather.
What I did like about CCA was the frequent student organized activities. Some of their faculty are also very qualified in their job and have ties to thier respective industries. That is about it. I attended CCA for a year and decided not to return. The primarily incompetent faculty, poor living conditions in the dorms besides Clifton, the administration that is woefully incompetent and often downright malignant made it against my better interest to return for the next term.
CCA has an incredible community that invites diversity in order to create an environment where students and faculties are open to freely exchange their ideas and creativity. I found it easy to meet new people and the community was overall very welcoming. Academically, I had minor issues in regarding some programs that fail to provide broader opportunities and options following certain specific major programs but there are professors who aided me significantly through out my first year in college! There aren't any sports or athletics clubs that are offered and unfortunately the school also doesn't offer any gyms for students to access.
The faculty is amazing, and the BArch program is great, but I wish interdisciplinary connections were facilitated more.
Very fun, very diverse, very DIY social scene. A mix of very driven profession-minded students and those that integrate fun and play into their work.
I study an undergraduate in Animation and going into my sophomore year. Although CCA has great teachers from Pixar, the teachers don't really seem to help you unless you ask for help. There are many great resources, and you can definitely learn more than you could ask for in multiple disciplines! Lately, CCA has opened new VR classes for animation and have a new professor who is the author of Force: Dynamic Life Drawings. Individually, you WILL spend a lot of money for his classes, and with a little asking around you'll find what is worth your money. The exchange program offers you to go around anywhere in the States, but you also have the opportunity to go overseas! CCA has a lot of great programs to take you on trips, you get to improve a lot.
The main thing to do is to just be a transfer student to gain more experience if you want to be a animation major. Also the core classes are all good experience, however it's extremely stressful in starting out as a freshman.
This school is an expensive waste of time. The administration is terrible. The classes are asinine. No sports, no meal plan, a three absent fail policy. The amenities are barely existent. If you live in the dorms I hope you like drafts and mold. The only thing that keeps me here is the stellar animation staff. If that’s worth terrible conditions and $40,000 a year minimum to you knock yourself out. Wish I had never come to this garbage heap.
Both Campuses are great and have really good facilities. There's a wide and interesting range of classes to take. The teachers are helpful. The houses is also pretty great.
This school has allowed me to have access to so many opportunities and resources for having a higher education. There is access to programs, and equipment that I would have never been able to even use and learn about if I had not attended.
I would not like to see anything change with California College of the Arts. This college has helped me with my technical skills, diversity in information and knowledge, and I love the teachers and people willing to help me in case I ever feel lost or stuck.
amazing people from all over the world. everyone is creative in their own way. the biggest downside about this school is that it doesnt have any athletics whatsoever. a gym should be the least i'd ask for.
I attended for the CCA Pre-college program and would highly recommend it to other young people who are looking to find out if art school is right for them. The program was costly but I came out with a scholarship and invaluable knowledge gained. CCA is also a non-profit, so that makes it easier to pay the huge fee for an art education. Overall, highly recommend this school.
I am currently a Junior Animation major at CCA. I enjoy the oakland campus and the students who attend. While some students are competitive and cliquey, overall I think CCA has a supportive community. The only struggle so far is the difference in skill level. I had very little art skills before attending the school. While I have improved tremendously, my work is not quite on the level as most of the other students. This has proven to be a problem when working with groups and during critiques. Even though I still need practice, my work is sometimes looked down on by other students. Maybe if there are more collaborative projects as freshmen, the students can learn to not be as competitive.
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CCA is a really really amazing school. It is so diverse and just being there helps your creativity flow. However it has it's major flaws. One being that they literally don't care about the living situations of their students. Honestly i'm paying almost 9,000 dollars to live in run down dorms on top of a random high school that's 3 miles away from campus. On top of that we pay so much money and it feels like we get so little back from the school.
I a transfer student in CCA. This is my first year to be here. CCA is a great place for learn art and design, but the location and food here are not that good.
I feel safe when I am inside school, sometimes at night it is a pain to have to walk to your car where there is a bunch of homeless encampments taking over. I don't want to be bothered.
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