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The main thing to do is to just be a transfer student to gain more experience if you want to be a animation major. Also the core classes are all good experience, however it's extremely stressful in starting out as a freshman.
This school is an expensive waste of time. The administration is terrible. The classes are asinine. No sports, no meal plan, a three absent fail policy. The amenities are barely existent. If you live in the dorms I hope you like drafts and mold. The only thing that keeps me here is the stellar animation staff. If that’s worth terrible conditions and $40,000 a year minimum to you knock yourself out. Wish I had never come to this garbage heap.
Both Campuses are great and have really good facilities. There's a wide and interesting range of classes to take. The teachers are helpful. The houses is also pretty great.
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This school has allowed me to have access to so many opportunities and resources for having a higher education. There is access to programs, and equipment that I would have never been able to even use and learn about if I had not attended.
I would not like to see anything change with California College of the Arts. This college has helped me with my technical skills, diversity in information and knowledge, and I love the teachers and people willing to help me in case I ever feel lost or stuck.
amazing people from all over the world. everyone is creative in their own way. the biggest downside about this school is that it doesnt have any athletics whatsoever. a gym should be the least i'd ask for.
I attended for the CCA Pre-college program and would highly recommend it to other young people who are looking to find out if art school is right for them. The program was costly but I came out with a scholarship and invaluable knowledge gained. CCA is also a non-profit, so that makes it easier to pay the huge fee for an art education. Overall, highly recommend this school.
I am currently a Junior Animation major at CCA. I enjoy the oakland campus and the students who attend. While some students are competitive and cliquey, overall I think CCA has a supportive community. The only struggle so far is the difference in skill level. I had very little art skills before attending the school. While I have improved tremendously, my work is not quite on the level as most of the other students. This has proven to be a problem when working with groups and during critiques. Even though I still need practice, my work is sometimes looked down on by other students. Maybe if there are more collaborative projects as freshmen, the students can learn to not be as competitive.
CCA is a really really amazing school. It is so diverse and just being there helps your creativity flow. However it has it's major flaws. One being that they literally don't care about the living situations of their students. Honestly i'm paying almost 9,000 dollars to live in run down dorms on top of a random high school that's 3 miles away from campus. On top of that we pay so much money and it feels like we get so little back from the school.
I a transfer student in CCA. This is my first year to be here. CCA is a great place for learn art and design, but the location and food here are not that good.
I feel safe when I am inside school, sometimes at night it is a pain to have to walk to your car where there is a bunch of homeless encampments taking over. I don't want to be bothered.
I did Admin on the Spot which was great to be face to face with the person who was looking at your application.
The school has open up doors for me to think differently and creatively. I am surrounded by students from around the world that all bring something to the table and I am grateful that I get a chance to learn more about other cultures too.
I am very happy with my college experience. It is very different from most colleges, but I think that is why it is so great for a lot of students.
Graphic design at CCA is a great community of teachers, students, and alumni. I will be looking for internships for next summer this year, and I am not too worried about finding one.
I feel very safe on campus. Going to and from the dorms to campus has been fine for me because I bike, but I know that many people do not feel comfortable walking especially at night. The dorms are in sketchier areas, so there have been some safety issues there.
Housing in San Francisco is a struggle. The panoramic is expensive, but the suites are great. It's about an 8 min bike ride away from the SF campus. I don't mind the location at all, I actually like it. I can bike everywhere I need/want to go. You have to apply for housing as soon as it opens because it is competitive. Socially, people are always busy but friendly. I work in the lobby often with other people. The people who work there are fantastic!
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All of the professors I have had in my major have been amazing. They expect a lot from students, but in a very supportive way. I have no doubt that the connections I have made and all of the skills I have already attained here in my first two years will land me a job. Everyone at the school is so different and creative. We may complain about the lack of computer scanners available or the computers getting jammed at the worst possible moment, but in the end we get to learn from extremely successful, working professionals in the field which is the best.
We have a great security program, there are always public safety people around and they are able to escort you where you need to go, if necessary. There is a number you can call if you need assistance or feel unsafe, as well. I haven't heard of any assault on our campuses, it's a very peaceful, progressive, and respectful campus.
I have seen a lot of really incredible alumni success stories, but you really need to make things happen for yourself, I wish there was more of a community and more clubs for students to connect.
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