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I honestly love going to this college. The professors are all experienced in their fields, passionate about what they are teaching, and incredibly helpful above and beyond normal class materials. Everyone is supportive and genuinely interested in seeing the students succeed in their chosen professions and class sizes are not too big.
its a wonderful school, like the experience of going to collage. instructors like to teach there experiences and knowledge with you
All of my courses have been relevant to my degree and my professors have been excellent. They are approachable and incredibly supportive. The class sizes are small and tutoring is available whenever I need it. I love my school.
Review California College - San Diego
My major is medical specialties. I love the fact that by the time I graduate I will have learned about, have experience and be job ready in a variety of positions within the medical field. I'm super excited about what I have learned and have yet to learn.
My overall experience at this school so far has been incredibly positive. All of my professors have been so supportive and approachable, willing to go the extra mile to be sure that I succeed, including pushing me when they knew that I wasn't putting forth the effort that I should. I would definitely recommend my school to anyone interested in any of the degrees that they offer.
So far I have liked my experience in my courses along with my interaction with professors, I like that the class sizes are small enough that I don't necessarily need to learn everyone's name but I have developed a repore with a few of my classmates.
I like the online classroom experience because It gives me the opportunity to see every at one time that I need to have to succeed in this class as well as a peak at coming weeks so some days if need be I can be ahead so that I wont get behind. Also I am a visual learner so seeing the videos and weekly lecture videos helps me to understand and follow along for classroom assignments.
I was hoping to have more of my credits transfer but one of the other schools I attended I still owe money too so they wont let me get my transcripts till I pay the balance which I cannot afford at this time. So CCSD has been good enough to put off the couple classes that I know I have transfer credits to give me time to pay off my debt.
It's great just about every degree offers the ability to attain a masters degree.
My major is Business management and Accounting, and I wasn't sure how that would go with a 24/7 online degree but its fantastic this school fits my schedule I can access my classes and schoolwork anywhere at anytime. I take two classes every four weeks and the workload is arranged perfectly so that I can meet them every week.
I would choose my school again and in fact I might choose it again for my BA because, I like that I can sort of do things at my own pace and that my professors are reachable any time of day and get back to me quickly when I have questions about my grades and assignments.
The school offers day and night classes as well as online courses that we can adapt to our daily lives and add to our family and work schedule.
Online courses are great to learn and submit our work from anywhere we are located. There is still a connection with the instructors and other students in order to study and do well on the exams.
The school has a career center where we are able to receive information about jobs recently posted, internships and assistance with our resumes and job interviews.
Professors are very supportive and additional free tutoring is offered if needed.
This college does a great job providing with career information to the students. They also help students with their resumes and job search. There are job fairs that the school host and help students find a company to work for.
I am in love with the major I chose. I am loaded with information and homework everyday. I am glad they offer a time management class to make sure the students succeed through the course. They emphasize the need to dedicate ourselves to study and learn as well as to find what is best to manage our time.
Review California College - San Diego
From the time I scheduled an appointment to obtain information about my chosen career until now I am very satisfied with everyone in college. We are offered all the resources necessaries to obtain the knowledge and skills to not only pass the state exam but to perform with experience on our jobs. This college offers free tutoring, professors are very helpful. They assist with financial aid and scholarship information as to loan applications to make our way easier during the school admission process and throughout our college years. Programs are within a reasonable time in order for the students to obtain and retain all the information learned and put it to practice.
The flexibility of online courses give me the opportunity to complete work at my pace and still within the timeframe requested.
I like that I can read everyones responses to things. I love the capability of the live recording so I can listen at my convenience and pause it to take notes as well.
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