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There are days when are campus chef cooks a meal that is quite healthy to say the least, as well as days in which we can serve ourselves pizza or hamburgers and fries: the comfort food. I love this variety of what we may put in our stomachs and often what goes in my stomach determines the level of my happiness which is kept as just that when I dine at CCC. I also enjoy the fact that the meal plan is included in the monthly tuition towards campus living.
The opportunity for spiritual growth in terms of Christianity and the Biblical courses which allow for students to better understand God's message of man. Many of the teacher's including the librarian are involved in their church and regularly attend giving them the Biblical knowledge that is so crucial to reach student whom are signed up for the in depth bible classes.
I had applied for financial aid previously and found the process to be fairly simple.
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The Dorms Are So Good to Live – The fresh man dorm is so good to live in order to read attentions
How to Upgrade the Wired Network – I want to review the wired network to wirless network
The Inside Scoop – I love my school because it is an unique school. My school is more like a family since there are about thirty students. We all have someone to talk to if there is something going on in our lives. It is not hard to get a ride somewhere if one does not have a vehicle.
I am pretty sure none of the students are doing drugs. If they are they are pretty good with covering it up. Also if there is alcohol usage it isn't permitted on campus, if some of the students engage in that activity it is off of school campus.
I love the nightlife at my school. Although there are no full out parties like at some other college, we make our own parties. Me and my friends have fun whether its going late to Taco Bell or talking about our day or past. I love my friends that I've made at California Christian College. I love how I have grown as a person also.
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