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This school has a very negative environment due to the attitide of the administrator and quarrels between instructors, on the positive side some instructors are very educated and experienced, no remediation, if you do manage to graduate you get a good return on investment. I went from making 20k to 45k and paid 22k tuition
The best thing about my overall experience is my addmisssion counselor. everyone is helpful,teachers are incrediable
The curriculum is set and we cannot deviate from it at all.
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The online access is great but we are not allowed to print.
I think the library can be updated with newer books.
The school is very expensive and they can raise there fee while you are attending. If the fee is raised will incur the new fees.
The school overall is a good school.
All are classes require online work and I think it gives experience with using computers. Most things are done through computers, especially in the medical field.
I really enjoy working with my classmates and we are always willing to help each other out.
I really do like the school because the classes are challenging.
They can do a better job in getting back to the students with information they have requested.
My major is not offered at many private schools, this program seems to be one of the better ones. The classes are challenging and fast paced.
The professors are what makes the school worth going to. Some of the teachers really care and help you out as much as they can.
I am in Medical Specialties. My school offers many different classes that gives you the opportunity to obtain a different certifications along with getting your degree. the classes are small so there are less interruptions, more concentration, and more 1 on 1 time with the instructor when you don't understand something.
My Academic experience has been great so far. The curriculum is refreshing i am actually learning things i didn't know and the instructors are well skilled and knowledgeable.
The Financial Aid Department was very helpful. They made sure i got all that i could and that everything was taken care of. The process was fast and easy.
Very small campus, only 1 classroom available, They try to get as many students as possible(for the money) and end up cramming all of them into one class.
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The education I received was not well worth the money, I wish I would have done more review before attending this school. They are a rip off and make a lot of hidden charges in order to get the most money possible.
They do not have a career center, this school has no resources to help student find jobs or internships.
The technology at school is alright the computers are well maintained and the internet is fast so that is very helpful.
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