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Very average academics, not challenging. Professors are hit or miss. Campus is just okay, some dorms are awful. Nothing stands out in a good way.
What I have really enjoyed about California Baptist is the Christian community. I have been able to connect with other Christian students who have helped me academically, as well as my walk with the Lord. I love being able to have teachers pray over us, and integrate the Christian faith into the different courses we are studying.
The campus is beautiful and the people are al very friendly. The professors are also very kind and do anything they can to help you as long as you put the effort in. There is a lot of food options as well and it is hard to get bored of them.
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So far i like how they are very welcoming, and have helped me in continuing my education. I also like the fact that they have an online bachelors program.
How is there an A+ for dorms? They could use a lot of updating. I really disagree with that. Campus life is pretty quiet on the weekends. I wish there were more outlets to be outgoing. The religious emphasis can be a problem for some.
California baptist university is a great school to grow in your education and in your faith. The professors and everyone who works at CBU are all so caring and ultimately want you to succeed. If your confused on what route you want to take , CBU will help you realize what path you should take. Overall, this school has a lot to offer and is a great place to further your education.
Very hard to get involved in this school if you are an out of state student. Over 50% of the school is commuters and ever more students go home every weekend. Weekends at CBU are incredibly boring, no greek life or events ever happen on the weekends for enough people to go to.
I absolutely love this school! Since i started at California Baptist University i have had the best professors who always are there to help me achieve my goals of graduating.
California Baptist University has a very welcoming student body. There are many different students from not only all over the country, but from all over the world. The diversity comforts me. The professors are patient with the students.
This school is what to expect from a private school, you get what you pay for. The campus is very beautiful and everybody there is super friendly.
Impressed with Graduate program and campus. California Baptist has programs catered and dedicated in assisting working professionals that would like to earn a higher education and making it feasible to do so through their programs.
My experience with this school was life changing. They have professors who genuinely care about your well being spiritually, physically, academically, and mentally. They will truly amaze you with how helpful they are in pushing you reach your goals. Joining a sport was also a huge push in the right direction. Sports on this campus are amazing and helped me get involved in on and off campus activities, helped me make new friends, and gave me an extra pair of support from coaching staff. I would recommend this school or anyone and everyone but the added catch that its only flaw is its price. This school is going to be very expensive, but that being said I do think it was worth my money.
It is very beautiful and has a lot to offer. The campus has a very nice diversity. The staff is great. Free parking.
While I am just starting my journey at Cal Baptist University, I am already in love with school. The grounds are beautiful, the staff is friendly and incredibly helpful. I could not be happier with my decision to attend school here.
Nothing fantastic, nothing horrible. Nice students and knowledgeable professors. Campus is okay but the surrounding areas are undesirable.
The professors here are just awesome. They really want to see you succeed. I like that you can gain a stronger relationship with the Lord as you attend school. There are a lot of activities you can attend and be apart of as well. They do fun stuff like “ladies night” and “guys night”. Also they have great apartments on campus and you will feel safe there too.
I love being a student at CBU. This school is very well rounded and makes you feel at home. There are many events for students to participate in. Social events is what makes this school so fun. The academics are hard but the professors geniually care about you as a person not just a student.
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I have been at California Baptist University for almost 4 years now. I am about to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences and, because of the instruction and guidance from the faulty and staff, I will be continuing my educational journey at a sister university. From my perspective, there is significantly more good that CBU has to offer than it needs to improve upon. The academics and professors are few and far between as they incorporate a real-world perspective with grace and understanding. However, I am aware that to a typical college-aged individual the perspective might change in terms of the availability of a party-atmosphere as well as a thriving campus life. CBU is identified as a quiet, to-yourself kind of campus that can lack opportunities to effortlessly get to know people that you do not normally interact with. That does not mean, however, that it is impossible to find people that you will call friends for life.
I absolutely loved California Baptist University! In fact, I have since chosen it as my college of choice to attend in the fall. When I first visited, I was fairly skeptical and didn't know much about the college. However, from the moment I stepped on campus I was amazed by the academics, friendly faculty and staff, and even the campus architecture. All of the free things that they offer that most colleges charge their students for are incredible. CBU clearly loves and admires their students and it is obvious that they are at the top of their game.
I transferred here with high hopes but was met with disappointment. I had the worst roommates my first year and had no one reach out to get me involved in activities. Now, I have run out of money and the only 'help' the school offered was advising me to withdraw or drop out.
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