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I love California Baptist University the atmosphere is great! What I would change is social media procedures of who uses there name on social media etc.
I am new to California Baptist University. I transferred to this school from UCR for their aviation program. The campus is small but pretty new. A lot of new buildings are under construction currently. The staffs are super nice and helpful and the professors are professional and willing to work with students. The dining hall food is top ranking in the nation.
The school is very nice and taken care of. The faculty and staff all care about student's succeeding. Parking isn't a nightmare.
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very friendly beautiful campus baseball program excellent what I am looking for

not far from my home easy commute
A very beautiful school with great professors, but the school lacks in direction at times but a great experience overall.
California Baptist is the best school i have attended. perfect learning environment and a great overall experience.
Had a great experience, teachers were very helpful and it had a great environment. Its a safe campus overall!
Counselors are friendly and willing to help you through out your undergraduate or graduate program. Online classes are awesome at this campus and very informative.
California Baptist is a great school and makes you feel like you are apart of a family. The educational opportunities at this school are amazing and the staff and facilities encouragement makes you feel as if you can do anything. I recommend California Baptist university for people who want to thrive in life because that is what they want for their students.
Awesome school to go to. Tuition is a bit steep, but you get what you pay for and much more. Well worth the investment.
California Baptist University is a great school overall. It has been a great experience to have the privilege to be able to come to this school. I have really found what my major means to me . But the downside is that it is so expensive for a school like that and I know personal I am going to be in debt when I leave this school. Which is very hard. There is not a lot of party scene going on there. Housing is nice and comfortable. I believe that is going to be updated soon. But overall great school.
CBU is an amazing school. I’ve been there 4 years now and I couldn’t be more blessed to have made it this far in my education as well as my spirituality. The only thing i wish to see more of is financial support in those that are not exactly well off but aren’t exactly low income students. I also want to see a change in their level of on campus events that aim towards diversity. They are a diverse school, but need more events catering to those multiple diversities.
Everyone from the faculty to the students are very welcoming and helping towards you adjusting to the new school. If you have any questions all teachers are willing to help. If you are lost, you can go to any building or ask anyone walking by you and they are willing to help you. The culture and atmosphere of CBU is warm and welcoming.
California Baptist University has caring professors who do care about you and your education. Not all of the classes are challenging (especially the gen ed classes), but many of the classes are challenging.
I loved that cal baptist gave me a place to connect with other students and professors on a spiritual level. I didn’t like how some professors were better than others. I think there should be sit ins on classes for the first few months of a professors employment to make sure they are adequate for the job.
The staff is very friendly and make you feel very welcome. They have an awesome music program with tons of opportunities. Also they have free parking! They offer several scholarship opportunities for different departments. The dorms are beautiful and come furnished with several amenities. They are also accepting to those who wish to pursue a double major.
Needs more on campus, jobs that work with students schedules. Also would be nice if there's more programs on giving students money to help pay for loans.
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Great profs. Great food. Wonderful environment. The size was great too. It is large enough to be comfortable but not too big to get lost. CBU has the whole package.
My experience at Cal Baptist so far has been nothing but positive. I have exceeded well in my classes and find it helpful the professors really care about there students. I enjoy the campus life because everyone is very welcoming and there is a lot of activities to do . The food is amazing as well as the dorm. As for change I would like to see cal baptist offer more classes in my major and open more majors for students.
I absolutely love the food, people, and atmosphere of this campus. The only thing I do disagree with is the issue of mandatory attendance of chapel especially since I live off campus I find it cumbersome at times since I need to drive 25 minutes just to attend an hour ling session just to drive back home.
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