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California Baptist University truly stands by their school mission statement. Since I've attended this school I have excelled at my studies and have gained valuable hands-on experiences in my career field. I would recommend this university to anyone. I currently am an online student and enjoy the flexibility it allows. One thing that I would like to see changed is the amount of vacation days we are given for holidays. Although the university observes holidays, the online program continues to assign assignments during these days. Overall, I believe that transferring to this university was one of the best decisions I have made. Not only have I learned more about myself but I have gained a deeper understanding of how I can serve God and his people.
I love everything about CBU! it is a great school and I love the atmosphere, it is centered by God. it is a great place to go tot school
California Baptist University is different from many large, public schools as there is a deeper level of connection among the students and faculty on campus. This school boasts all the benefits of being a small, private Christian campus. There are tons of activities to get to know other students on campus. You never have to stress about not receiving a place in the class you need for your plan.
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I love attending CBU! Their campus has a variety of delicious foods! Their administration and staff are genuinely helpful. Professors are easy to contact and their teaching ethics are helpful in contributing it to our modern world.
California Baptist University is a great school that offers academically and spiritually supportive and enriching relationships as well as courses.
The professors teach via videos and references from other universities and have an extreme bias (knowingly and unknowingly) towards students who lean conservative and reference God's word in the middle of a lecture. I almost killed myself because of how terrible this insitution treated me and the alienation they showed towards me during my time there; I went to this school for a year and never made a single friend. People here are so similar its almost concerning. While it may be the "right fit" for someone else it deffinetly wasn't for me: I transferred out after a year and I was more excited to get my withdrawl notification than my acceptance packet.

If you going into any social-based major (Political Science, Sociology, Psych, etc) know that you're going to learn 20% acually usable knowledge in your career and 80% why Christians are better than everyone else and need to shove it in everyones face.
I like that CBU is relatively small, so it is easy to make friends and get involved. CBU has many student leadership/student job opportunities on campus. Most of the professors I have had have been good teachers that seem to genuinely care about the academic and spiritual growth of each individual student. CBU also has many fun events throughout the school year for students to attend. I do dislike, though, that it is not very challenging academically.
I really enjoy CBU, it has a great campus and food. The professors are excellent, very qualified, and easy to approach. The smaller class sizes make it easier to connect with professors and get the most out of your education. The campus is constantly busy with events and student life activities going on and lots of clubs and people are involved.
I love California Baptist University the atmosphere is great! What I would change is social media procedures of who uses there name on social media etc.
I am new to California Baptist University. I transferred to this school from UCR for their aviation program. The campus is small but pretty new. A lot of new buildings are under construction currently. The staffs are super nice and helpful and the professors are professional and willing to work with students. The dining hall food is top ranking in the nation.
The school is very nice and taken care of. The faculty and staff all care about student's succeeding. Parking isn't a nightmare.
very friendly beautiful campus baseball program excellent what I am looking for

not far from my home easy commute
A very beautiful school with great professors, but the school lacks in direction at times but a great experience overall.
California Baptist is the best school i have attended. perfect learning environment and a great overall experience.
Had a great experience, teachers were very helpful and it had a great environment. Its a safe campus overall!
Counselors are friendly and willing to help you through out your undergraduate or graduate program. Online classes are awesome at this campus and very informative.
California Baptist is a great school and makes you feel like you are apart of a family. The educational opportunities at this school are amazing and the staff and facilities encouragement makes you feel as if you can do anything. I recommend California Baptist university for people who want to thrive in life because that is what they want for their students.
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Awesome school to go to. Tuition is a bit steep, but you get what you pay for and much more. Well worth the investment.
California Baptist University is a great school overall. It has been a great experience to have the privilege to be able to come to this school. I have really found what my major means to me . But the downside is that it is so expensive for a school like that and I know personal I am going to be in debt when I leave this school. Which is very hard. There is not a lot of party scene going on there. Housing is nice and comfortable. I believe that is going to be updated soon. But overall great school.
CBU is an amazing school. I’ve been there 4 years now and I couldn’t be more blessed to have made it this far in my education as well as my spirituality. The only thing i wish to see more of is financial support in those that are not exactly well off but aren’t exactly low income students. I also want to see a change in their level of on campus events that aim towards diversity. They are a diverse school, but need more events catering to those multiple diversities.
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