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This is my third year attending California Baptist. I am a Business major. My professors are awesome! They work with you and make sure that you are able to finish the course with a good grade.
I Recently completed my freshman year at California Baptist University. CBU provides a great college experience to all kinds of students. What I enjoyed most about my freshman year was getting involved in the wide variety of activities and getting to know people in my housing area. CBU also has very competitive academic and athletic programs.
Many teenagers struggle with finding their path and purpose in life. I clearly remember in high school always wondering which college would fit me the best and where I could thrive. After researching many colleges in Southern California (near my family), I would always resort back to California Baptist. I knew that it would help me grow in my faith and education, so I knew I had to take a chance on the school and commit to attending. I recently just finished my first year of college there, and with all honesty, I was constantly reminded as to why I chose to attend there in the first place. I felt I had a calling there and that it would provide so many opportunities for me as an individual that other colleges would not do for me. Ranging from the professors, food, sports events, residence life, and much more, I knew and still know that California Baptist is helping me serve my purpose in life and leading me on the right path.
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CBU is a great school! Not very many schools offer a Bachelors program for Kinesiology online. They offer one stop advising through one counselor who can assist with both class schedules and questions about financial aid. I recommend this school to other students in the area as well as nationwide due to their online programs.
My experience at California baptist university has been pleasant so far. The people are nice and the environment is very safe and comfortable
Focus on Christian belief for those looking for a focus in faith. For those who are not believers and those who want to become believers, CBU is a great school to come and understand the Christian belief. Overall diversity is there and student life is comfortable and engaging. The staff does a well job in trying to get students involved in school activities and events. The professors care about the student's future, their personal struggles, and the growth of the Christian faith within their life.
It's been alright so far. Sometimes it feels as through the school places a larger value on faith rather than education, which would be fine if it wasn't an educational institute. The people are okay, but it's kind of like everyone has some sort of experience at a religious school, so if you don't have that experience it's a bit of a culture shock.
I have had a good experience at California Baptist University and have enjoyed going to this school. I like that the school is not too big and you don't get lost in the amount of students. The professors really care and are always there during office hours.
I think California Baptist University is an excellent school. The professors are very engaging and they take the time to help you out; the words "my door is always open" has never been more true when it comes to the professors. The campus is beautiful and always has some kind of activity for all its students. There is a sense of community among the students and faculty.
The only downside to CBU is the cost of tuition. Other than that, CBU is an amazing school!
I have had a wonderful experience with CBU so far. The professors are personal and care about you as a student. They focus on making sure you succeed. The administration is always there to help and answer any questions needed.
This school not only offers an excellent education but you are also surrounded by a friendly community who always has your best interest in mind.
California Baptist University is an all-around incredible campus. From the students who attend, to the campus, and the faculty and staff, I have loved every second of my journey here at CBU. CBU provides great opportunities for growth, learning, and meeting individuals. They provide many opportunities for involvement and investment in peers and in personal life. The campus is absolutely beautiful, the people are incredible, and the educational experience is outstanding.
CBU is a one of a kind university centered on Christian faith. The community of people is encouraging and exciting. I have loved the events that take place such as slip n slide kickball or the festival of colors. CBU is a globally minded campus that is unashamed of their faith. The food is absolutely amazing and has so many options I never have to eat at the same place more than once a week. The only downfall is that campus can become quiet on the weekends due to the large number of commuters.
I LOVE this school! I am so proud to be a Lancer. The professors all have higher level education in their field, teach with passion, and truly want to see each student succeed! This school is safe, beautiful, and is a wonderful learning environment.
Since I started attending California Baptist University, I have enjoyed my time here. Everyone is very nice and the professors are always there to help. I liked that CBU is a Christian college because it has definitely helped my faith grow thanks to all of the wonderful people I have met there. The only thing I would like to see is more places to eat there. I would like there to be a more variety of places, however, the restaurants that are there already are very good!
The people at CBU are really helpful and social! The diversity can be better, but it's still okay. The environment is still very friendly, and everyone makes you feel comfortable. The food and campus in general is amazing! For those who are religious, this is such a great institution! Those who aren't religious, the staff, Professors, and students do a great job of still making you feel comfortable. All of the professors that I have gotten do a great job at explaining their courses. There are many resources that are so useful as a college student here and CBU provides most of them for free. Overall, I feel like this institution provides me with both academic, spiritual, and social advantages.
I like the small atmosphere and the closeness of professors with students. The judgment of spiritual life faculty is quite offensive at times, however, which keeps students from being involved.
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While I am looking to transfer to this school, I have had a few opportunities to visit the campus. Loved the tour,y admissions counselor has been nothing but the best and the financial aid department has been very helpful.
I have been a student here since 2012. I am online only and this school is awesome. The classes are very informative the work is easy to follow. The professors are fair and quick to respond to questions.
California Baptist University is one of the sweetest colleges you could attend. The people there are very nice and are always making sure that you are well taken care of. The classroom sizes are rather small so you are able to have a more one on one learning experience with your professors which is always nice.
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