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I have taken a few online courses at CBU which are convenient as I can learn at my own pace and review lectures if needed. As COVID has led CBU to go fully online in the 2020-2021 school year, the online experience has been challenging but continues to be effective. The professors are understanding of difficulties but our education continues to take place regardless of internet troubles.
CBU is a great school especially for those wanting to receive a Christian education. The professors are all genuine and understanding when life gets in the way of schooling. I have personally enjoyed the quality of education received as although the staff is Christian, they allow for other perspectives to be expressed in the classroom and do not impose their beliefs on the class. The diversity of classes allows individuals of all majors to attend the school with a wide variety of scholarships for each major. Expansion of the school has allowed for more comfortable living areas including newer dorms that are extremely comfortable.
What I experienced at this school are people who are not afraid to smile and be genuine. A school that works toward my degree. I am in the nursing program and it has been the best experience. I am grateful to call the people I have met my comrades and friends. What I would like to see changed is more student lead chapels because I believe that is where we learn the best is watching and helping our friends in time of needs and struggle.
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Right now the classes are online and I appreciate the struggle that this school has been through. they were presented with a challenge and they conquered that challenge .
I love attending California Baptist University for grad school because the class sizes are small and the professors are great.
I love attending grad school at CBU online. It is convenient and the school has made it easy for students to attend class online.
Good mechanics with the technology implemented through Blackboard. The organization of their online facility is very good.
The quality of the academics is excellent, with an appropriately rigorous curriculum and extensive resources to augment the academic experience. the engagement of the staff was also something I've found to be a plus with this institution.
This is my first time in college and California Baptist University has been an amazing experience so far. The teachers are very kind and the students are very friendly. the campus is clean and there are always activities going on around the school.
My learning experience has been amazing, I have learned so much in the 5 weeks that I have been attending. I appreciate the commitment that the teachers have to their students.
I like how everyone there was so nice. They also had so many majors. When they were showing our students around the campus we all though it was a nice school. I also though that their sports all seem so much fun. They also have fun festivities going on every year which I though was pretty cool too.
I was never a student there at Cal Baptist University.When I visited the school all the students their said they loved it.
so far the school is very involved with the transition of virtual learning. they have provided helpful resources and the director of my major has been very helpful for those who are new to the campus. She provided an informative orientation.
i am currently taking my entire quarter online due to the covid-19. So far the professors have sent informative emails in regards to the transition.
The online learning experience at California Baptist University is actually pretty good. The professors are very accommodating and often times will help more than they have to.
It is a solid school for people that want to be surrounded by a Christian environment. Sometimes people may be a bit overbearing and it may get annoying. The faculty is extremely kind and the size of the classes is actually pretty nice. They invest a lot back into the campus including parking structures, a new engineering building, and even athletic facilities.
As we enter the new semester with virtual/online learning and lectures, all my professors are working to get a great schedule and course outline to enable our success through technology. They keep me informed of any class updates and what I will be learning throughout the course over the semester.
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The process of coming to California Baptist University as a transfer student has been easy and manageable thanks to the help of the faculty. I attended a few events for transfer students and all the faculty were very welcoming and informative of everything I needed to know about the school. The application process for transferring was simple. Applying for financial aid and housing was easily walked through by faculty from the financial aid and residence office. The school is consistent with emailing/contacting their students to inform them of any campus updates, services, class schedules, extra-curricular activities, and any events around campus. Most importantly all faculty at California Baptist University invest and dedicate their time to making sure every student finds their purpose, serves their community, and is successful long after graduation.
The professors care about their students, an strive to make you succeed. The class time is constructive and understandable.
Sometimes online classes can be confusing, but they did make an effort to try to make an easy to understand program.
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