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Cal Baptist is an amazing school!! The professors really care about you and your success. There is always something happening on campus and it’s really easy to get involved.
it's not what I had envisioned for myself for my college years. The professors are nice and the food is alright. I think the visiting hours are kind of weird, especially for freshmen. I think that might be my major complaint.
What I like about California Baptist University is that it’s a big campus and does give you the education you’re lookung for but it’s really really expensive and is making it hard for me to make my dream come true due to how much you have to pay.
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Amazing! Music program is wonderful and a huge STEM program is being built, hence their new Engineering Building.
My experience at California Baptist University has been amazing. The campus is beyond beautiful and the people are so incredibly genuine. I could have not asked to be at a better school!
I am very excited to become a part of the Lancer family. Everyone is kind, the campus is beautiful, food is amazing (they have a Chick-Fil-A), housing is fantastic! I am so excited to have found my perfect school
My experience so far has been pretty decent. When I was enrolling, I had a lot of help from friendly faculty that really helped me along. I never had any issue that wasn't resolved in a timely fashion.
I have enjoyed everything about Cal Baptist from the classes to the food to the people! It has been a great experience being here!
I love the school spirit at CBU, and the spiritual life. The campus is a safe place where I feel free to talk about religion and express myself. I wish I would have come to this college my first year of leaving home.
I have recently begun my college journey at California Baptist University as an aviation Flight major. I very much so enjoy everyone of my classmates and professors within the aviation program as everyone is very welcoming. The thing I enjoy the most is that there are smaller classes so it allows the professors to spend more time instructing to individual capabilities and needs. I would like to see the culture shift in the future because most people are friendly and welcoming there are also many others that aren’t.
Very nice campus, everyone is super friendly! I love how the environment is extremely welcoming and everyone just gives off a really loving vibe. Everyone is involved in campus events and the food is excellent. Christianity is inputed through the curriculum and all the professors are Christians.
I like that everything is Biblically based and focused on Jesus . It's refreshing to have professors that actually care about helping you grow spiritually, your success and finding your purpose for God's kingdom.
I am a first semester freshman and I love it here so much! To throw in a movie quote, "Everything is AWESOME!" The food, students, faculty, professors, food, opportunities, variety of majors, and the food is so amazing. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about going to college to look here first. Looking forward to the next few years here!
California Baptist University is a great school. It has a beautiful campus with great housing and dining options.
Since I am only a Freshman, all I can say is that California Baptist University was a great choice for myself. The staff and students were so welcoming and kind to us, especially at our Orientation. One thing that I really liked was how much of a help it was when registering for our classes and all of our questions being answered. I am very excited to be spending the next 4-5 years here, very blessed.
It is a great campus and the teachers are amazing. They take the time to help students and all the faculty is very friendly and supportive.
They are so helpful and make graduate school enjoyable! The professors are articulate and knowledgable as well as understanding and caring!
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It's extremely hard to pin point what one thing exactly is the best part about California Baptist University. In my experience the professors and their vast knowledge in their subjects, in addition to their genuine interest in the educational advancement for their students is what makes this University truly special. Sure, the campus itself is physically appealing to the eye and continues to expand year after year, but the spirit of this school that's best portrayed through the staff is what truly compels the students to love and respect this campus.
I will be attending my first year this fall, 2017. California baptist university is a beautiful diverse campus that is so welcoming to every one who attends .
California Baptist University is such a good school to attend. The environment is very peaceful, and the academic programs are great. I feel at home when I am at CBU, and it a great place to meet new people, and expand in educational knowledge as well as in your faith.
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