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Pretty cool area to live, very sun filled. Student body can be uptight. More student bonding experiences would help if the school could support it. The dorms could use some upgrading.
The academics here are average on a good day. Save some money and do online or community college so you can transfer in the credits. The education would be equal or maybe better.
My experience at this institution was nothing less than incredible. Words will fall short if I attempt to describe just how satisfied I am with the education gained at California Baptist University. The opportunities to grow educationally and spiritually are endless. I was especially content with the faculty. The professors truly care about and will completely invest in their students success.
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CBU is a great university. The professors and students are all so nice. They make you feel welcomed. If you need help academically or spiritually, there is always someone there for you. Class sizes are just right. Professors are very helpful and make a huge effort to get to know each and every student. This is a great choice for anyone who is deciding where to go to college.
CBU has been pretty good for me. I like the small class sizes and professors are helpful. I’ve been a little disappointed that the campus quality was a little over sold.
This fluoridated water using, 501c3 corporation, does not enforce a dress code, the title 9 coordinator will go after men, and enable women for any reason they make up, there is persecution within the Christian studies program, they feed people a lot of fried food, girls walk around looking like whores, the devil's university. This college is dangerous in the land of the fruit and the nuts. warning do not send your children here. Protect your children.
Cal Baptist is a great university full of friendly faces and proud students. The food is #1 in the state and the professors all care about you. Cal Baptist is a great school for a student looking to be independent.
My experience at CBU this far has been pleasant. I feel welcome and comfortable walking around campus and speaking to all of my professors. The staff, however is a bit more rude. They are very good at making you feel as if you do not know what you’re speaking about. I would like to see a change in that.
California Baptist University has provided me and most other people I know a space for spiritual growth and a natural urge for academic curiosity. The small classroom sizes (I've been in a class with only 4 people!) allows for 1-on-1 connections between students and professors which has helped me better understand and stay engaged with the courses and the topics of the class.

One thing to note, I never wanted to attend CBU because of how like-minded the people are. It is a conservative campus and I am a conservative and I am a political science major looking for a challenge. Although professors are usually Christian and conservative, they put on their Marxist and liberal thinking caps and made their students think about our own views; it was a challenge after all! They really want to help you think outside of the box and become a better individual in academia and in the professional world. I encourage you to invest your research and time, and attend this wonderful school!
Most of the students are friendly. Administration tends to create and enforce policies that would be geared towards high schoolers and not young adults.
CBU is truly a dream school. everything from it is great, there is huge dedication to success and safety. The fact of strictness makes it better as it allows for undisturbed learning. The diversity is huge and everyone will help you. The atmosphere is so welcoming and helpful, anywhere you go you will find someone who will help you. The combination of school and faith is truly beautiful as it will motivate anyone to strive for greatness. Overall, I would recommend everyone to give CBU a look and invest in your future.
It has a beautiful campus, compassionate professors, and friendly people. The surroundings make it an enticing environment for learning.
CBU is a bit oppressive and you will feel judged. I think a small university should not promote competitive atmospheres because that just ends up excluding students who have no other avenues.
Everyone on campus is incredibly friendly, most of the classes are small so the professors will likely know you by name. To me, the best part of CBU is that the professors care about you and actually want you to succeed. Most of the professors will go out of their way to help you understand the subject if you ask for assistance. Just note that the engineering and nursing programs are absolutely brutal and won't hesitate to crush those who try to coast through. I don't blame them though, they only want the best and most hardworking to get through so they can go out and make a good name for the university.
Locked me out of my dorm returning from Christmas break and all my things were inside the dorm because i didn’t pay 3,000. They’re very expensive and they don’t work with on paying it off even if you’re in a tough spot
Great school. They really care about keeping students focused. Professors really care. It is also fun to be able to win t-shirts on events. They also provide events for the students regularly that make being here more of a pleasure.
California Baptist University is a place where you can grow academically and spiritually. It is a great community of students and faculty.
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It's pretty good the only thing I would change is more class options. The professors are great and most students are pretty dedicated.
My experience at CBU was great, the campus is very nice, always a positive place to be at, the people are amazing! The food there is delicious, definitely worth trying lunch there. The campus was very nice, most of the building we new so it made it look nice, the quad was always full of people and everything just looks so beautiful. In the back of the school they have a arena which was amazing, the way it’s small but very nice is cool, they also have a gym which is big and very useful
I really loved the campus and feeling it rubs off. I am super excited to be attending in the fall the counselors and reminders have been very helpful! They are helping be very well with financial aid as well.
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