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I love this school!! They really help you with anything you want/need. The food is delicious and they provide so many opportunities for commuters such as myself.
some people would believe that a private uni. to be a different feel play due to the fact that there is a stereotype. But, it's none of that, if anything it makes you feel welcomed and as if you feel important. The people there are so nice and the professors there really care about the education that they are giving to their students.
CBU has a beautiful campus, great food, and amazing professors. There are a variety of places to eat. Classes are good. The professors really want to see you exceed and help you. The local area is beautiful with hiking, bars, and nice restaurants.
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California Baptist University is amazing in every aspect. It is a very secure place and everyone is extremely friendly. They also have a large variety of majors and minors available.
California Baptist University is an inviting place that brings people together. It is only my first year there, and I feel as if i’ve been there my whole life. Everyone is very nice and the school is great. During class the amount of students is limited feels one on one.
What I love most about this school is the unapologetically Christian environment. We are not afraid to show love on this campus. As a University dedicated to spreading the gospel of love, the students are embraced by the faculty and staff in an aura of compassion and endearment. One thing that I would love to see change is the old theater, which is already in the works. If perfect were a school, it would be California Baptist University.
The professors and staff have a genuine desire to see their students succeed in all of their college pursuits. The school is growing rapidly and student life is always exciting.
The OPS program was amazing! My professors were available when I needed to reach out to them. The program was at a pace that worked for me personally and professionally.
I have had an amazing experience at Cal baptist. Everyone is so welcoming and so kind that it makes me feel comfortable being there. It makes me feel like I belong somewhere, which is always great to have.
My first year of college went better than I expected. California Baptist University has so many opportunities to meet new people and stay connected within my school. As a new freshman they made me feel welcomed. They plan so many activities on campus for you can stay active and not focus on academics all the time. There is also a great environment for studying and seeking help. The professors actually cares about there students who gain knowledge instead of just passing the class. They make time for tutoring appointments and reference tasks to better yourself. Overall my experience made me feel at home and I am glad I choose this school.
Overall the school is great I just wish it was more affordable. The welcome weekend is the best weekend to get to meet people and get used to the vibe at school.
I love the professors . They wanted you to be sucessful. The campus life was great considering the fact was a commuter. Chapel was awesome learned alot of about my self through the messages. Overall great experience worth every dime.
It's been really great to be able to be at a school that binds faith an education. It's refreshing to be surrounded by such rich culture and like-minded individuals.
I love the atmosphere of the campus and how most of the faces of CBU really treat you with respect and kindness. CBU does its absolute best to provide support for their students in every way possible. The only down side I would have to say about this school, are the fees and the occasional rude individuals. Overall, I think it deserves to be ranked close to the top.
When I went to CBU for a cheer clinic I really loved how the campus was set up and it looked very nice.
CBU has given me a different view point on college. My time spent there has introduced me to lifelong friendships, kind companions, whole-hearted staff, and amazing experiences and opportunities. With multiple student trips to serving and exploring the world, CBU cares for their students time while attending. They focus on pushing students to find the niche and to "live your purpose" as a Christ follower, or just find what you are passionate about and work to a greater you.
I love California Baptist! Their dorms are like apartments and the food is amazing! There are so many nice people and fun events to go to that they plan like fortune bowl (flag football) or student health week!
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California Baptist University is an amazing Christian College. The school has top notch housing, food, and has an extremely beautiful easy to navigate campus. Lots of options for housing to fit the environment needs for students. The professors at CBU are very kind strive alongside students to help them succeed in their studies. The classes are taught in a well thought manner. Many class options along with options for different times. Faculty and Administration are really kind and treat students with respect. They are there to help assist in any way they can. Safety on campus is excellent.
California Baptist is a very friendly good environment school Staff is always available very nice. Always open to answer questions constantly calling to see if the student needs help in anything such as payments and counseling advice. The campus has variety of food GOOD food at that including one of my favorite spots which is Chick Fil A. The party environment is nota big issue at Cal Baptist they are strict on rules and that is something I appreciate because I dont party much and that will not distract me in my studies. I have former friends that have gone to Cal Baptist as well as friends currently attending Cal Baptist and they each tell me how great of a school it is that the education is very GOOD as long as I go and ask and get help but all together is a great school with a great education great food and and a great environment located in a very good area.
I am very satisfied with there diversity and the campus life that Cal Baptist has to offer. The had a lot of student life that I enjoyed and I see myself attending this school.
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