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California Baptist University Reviews

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CBU is a great school with amazing professors and staff who are helpful and kind. But the tuition cost is very high.
Everyone involved with this campus is generally worried about you and wants to see you succeed almost as much as you want to. The people are caring and willing to help you out it numerous ways.
My favorite thing about California Baptist University is the staff. The staff will always go out of their way to help you.
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My experience at California Baptist University has been life-changing. So far all of the staff are very informative and helpful in helping transfer over from another college. Also if one doesn't know the answer to your question they will ask others until they find an answer for you.
The campus is very nice and the students and staff keep it nice!
The professors are fantastic, and they are all willing to help you in their spare time. It seems like everyone wants you to succeed. The general administration, however, is very slow at processing documents and getting information to you. But the campus and the people are worth the wait.
Cbu displays no actual christian values from the professors. They dont care to help, although they state otherwise, and can not address issues writen to them in a professional email. Answers to important question have been consistanly wrong from different staff and professors. This campas doesnt give you what you pay educationally speaking. All the money goes to high salaries and construction. Lecture videos are not made for your class, they were made once, and are repeatedly shown for the next few years. The professor sits back and collects the cash. The computer system does the grading, submits test, and avgerages the total grade, the professor is just there to get paid for reading the same thing repeatedly every semester with no new contributions to class or students. This school was a mistake. i truly suggests attending a different university where education comes first, not a fake image covered by the word Christian.
I love the staff and all of the OPS professors/ counselors. I was a little nervous about returning to school after 10 yrs of being out of school. However I was really surprised when my counselor helped me with everything. I have nothing but good things to say about the school.
The beautiful campus. the smiling and welcoming community. I am truly blessed be apart of this institution.
California Baptist University is an outstanding christian school that provides an amazing academic experience that is very tied into the belief that God comes first and we should live our lives as such.
I love the campus at Cbu and the overall inclusiveness within the community. It’s very easy to make friends here and there isn’t much I would change about it. The food is great! Dorms are awesome, especially the village. The Rec center is great to use to get a good workout in.
CBU is the perfect school. The professors really care about you as an individual, they care about your academic success as well as spiritual success. They work with you one on one to make sure you understand everything and they offer as much help as possible, whether it be through office hours or recommending a tutor. They want to see you grow and build your future. The community on campus is amazing, everyone knows everyone due to the small nature of the campus. They offer amazing ways to be more involved in campus life, even for the commuting students. They never leave us out and always find a way to give us a more welcoming experience despite not living on the campus.
CBU is a great school that allows you to receive a great education. Everyone is friendly and wants you to succeed. For the most part, you can find fun things to do around campus and get involved in.
Great university, just hate the high tuition. It is also in a way forced religion. I know its optional to attend there; but, there are required religion courses. Other than that, it is great.
CBU is the best place!! I am the happiest when I am there. The professors, the students, the food, the community, and the city of Riverside are incredible.
CBU is a beautiful campus. It has amazing teachers, staff, students, and many other things. It is a great Christian environment and provides student with many religious resources as well as leaning resources to make sure all students succeed.
So far my past year at CBU has been amazing. The teachers are amazing and go out of their way to help and understand their students. The campus is beautiful and the food choices are endless. The school is super involved in the student's lives and try to get everyone as involved as possible. I would not change a thing about CBU.
I really love CBU for a few reasons. The professors are truly kind and want to help you succeed. Academic resources are exceptionally great. The university isn't small compared to most so its not easy to get lost. They have the best waffles I have ever had, and they are always giving out free coffee and breakfast in the morning.
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What I love about California Baptist University is the diversity of its students, the community within the campus is positive, open, and friendly to all students and staff involved. I also love the different opportunities to attend events, clubs, gatherings, and even dances or parties that are open to students. I also appreciate the different choices in food on campus and the quality in both customer service and in the food itself. One thing I would change about the campus would be perhaps the school providing more events that can meet up with my free schedule out of class time. There were many experiences where I couldn't go to events because I was either in class or because I wasn't on campus at all!
The most powerful thing about CBU is the community. Whoever you are you can find a group of people that actively want to invest and cherish you. Whether it be leadership on campus or professors, there is always somewhere for you to go should you need help. CBU has an included free tutoring office. Very flexible hours; and to reiterate, it’s free! It is very easy to get involved and there are always events going on. On campus food is great. Aside from campus life, CBU has good things to be said about its academic environment. All the professors are Christians and do their best to incorporate faith as it is relevant to the subject. There is also a small class size average. Professors are also accessible during their office hours I never had a difficulty contacting my professors. My adjunct professors were also more than willing to make time after class to meet. The small culture and close community make it easy to find opportunities that will aid in getting into professional school.
It was very easy for me to transition from overseas life to CBU. I like the community-like familial feel. Professors are very intentional and caring with their students.
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