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There's not a day that I regret choosing to attend CBU to pursue my BSN. The academic regimen here is top-notch, and you can't beat the homeliness and beauty of our campus. For the most part, professors are extremely kind and invested in students' success, but of course you will get those few who aren't so nice. Our food is highly rated and recommended - and for good reason. It's good quality for average prices; sometimes, I just wish we had a little more diversity with cultural choices. Safety isn't normally an issue on campus, but older cars seem to be a common target for thievery on the outer edges of the lots. I'm a commuter, so I can't say much about the dorms, but they're pretty enough from the outside! All in all, CBU is an awesome university that puts clear effort into its students and the opportunities it offers, and its a place where students find community and grow into prepared adults ready for the world.
California Baptist has a beautiful campus right in the middle of Riverside, CA. the Tyler mall is very accessible. There are rental scooters throughout all the sidewalks to travel anywhere local.
Not only is this campus absolutely stunning, but the people within the university are one of a kind. If you are a new student or new to the campus, faculty, staff, and students are bound to say hello and welcome you there. Food options are #2 ranked for college food and it shows! Would not want to be studying anywhere else.
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I have spent time at community colleges, as well as state universities, and none have compared to the service received here at Cal Baptist university. Problems are sorted out quickly, administration is willing to work out issues to help you succeed, and the campus is clean and well maintained.
The campus is beautiful, and has a friendly open environment, and the nursing program has been recommended to me by several peers as well as others in my family. They host entertaining wrestling tournaments, the bathrooms and environment are clean, the food is pretty good. They are dedicated to faith and promoting student success, as a senior in high school applying the welcoming package is a definite eye popper, it was much more than I accepted and the response of acceptance was quick.
The people on this campus are amazing. They are good at what they do, while being kind at it. I have been on this campus for only one semester and I already love it. The only thing that I would change is the money. This community that they have cannot be broke. They make college feel easier than other places. Focus is a freshman class that they have and it is amazing because they have sophomores helping freshman with the transition from high school to college.
very welcoming, they help you with every problem you may have and put students first over anything. interaction from student and teacher are excellent. the classes are small so asking for help is easy, and its easy to pay attention. the food is great also i advise you get a meal plan.
Best school I've ever been to. Full of Gods love and has a great community, teachers, and food. Academics are harder than I expected but its preparing me for my career. A little on the expensive side but they offer scholarships and well as many prizes you could enter to win throughout the year.
Its a very nice campus with faculty who for the most part encourage your success. I've managed to make some good friendships and I'm able to be successful in my classes.
I have loved being at Cal Baptist for the past 2 years. The community and social life on campus has been amazing, as well as the food. If I could change one thing, it would probably be the dorms. Colony needs a good update.
I love the campus and the athletics they provide with the caliber and quality of them. Also the priority of Christ on campus is something I love. I only hope they will bring back Men's Volleyball.
I love how CBU makes all student feel welcome and safe on their campus. They have a lot of programs that help students feel like they belong and are very accepting of everyone's views and religions.
I like everything about California baptist university! I love the campus! I love the food! I love the professors there! Everyone is kind and welcoming!
I had an amazing time at California Baptist University. It is a very diverse and welcoming school. They have wonderful professors and top notch education. The students on the campus seem to really like it. People seem to be very social and friendly.
So far I've had an amazing experience. The professors are very attentive to their students. My major courses make me feel like they're preparing me for the real world. I feel very confident with the courses that they force us to take they will help me when it comes time to seek a job after graduation.
excellent campus, location. Excellent academic programs. Safe campus
Administracion, Finance, Professors excellent. Very good food.
I like CBU because it feels homey. It's not too big or too small. It's just perfect for me. Though I got some emails that someone's car has been stolen. So I thought the safety could be improved
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CBU has such a wonderful community. The people there are amazing and are more than willing to help others. It is a college I would recommend to a friend any time. Not to mention they are ranked #2 for best college food in America and ranked #3 for best dorms in America!
California Baptist University truly stands by their school mission statement. Since I've attended this school I have excelled at my studies and have gained valuable hands-on experiences in my career field. I would recommend this university to anyone. I currently am an online student and enjoy the flexibility it allows. One thing that I would like to see changed is the amount of vacation days we are given for holidays. Although the university observes holidays, the online program continues to assign assignments during these days. Overall, I believe that transferring to this university was one of the best decisions I have made. Not only have I learned more about myself but I have gained a deeper understanding of how I can serve God and his people.
I love everything about CBU! it is a great school and I love the atmosphere, it is centered by God. it is a great place to go tot school
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