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I am a Freshman at California Baptist University, I found out about CBU at a college fair at my high school in 2015. When I went to the booth I immediately felt welcomed that is when the representative of the school offered me a 24 hour night at CBU. I immediately said yes. Well staying the night at CBU I felt welcomed, I felt at home. This feeling was unlike any other feeling I have felt so far. As a freshman now at CBU, I understand what a family truly is. This college has a 17 to 1 ratio therefore you fill a close connection with the professors. I recommend the school to anyone to feel at home. This school is both spiritually and academically inclined. They allow you to connect with your face which I find truly helpful because it helps you understand who you really are. I wouldn't want to change anything about the school.
On my campus tour, I was immediately amazed by the campus's views. I love how the campus is spacious and airy. This school has an amazing recreation center and gym. It's filled with state of the art equipment and the workers are very friendly. I'm also amazed how this school has top ranked foods and restaurants on campus. The dorms are clean and roomy. By far, my favorite part of this school is that 100% of the staff/administration is Christian. Overall, this is one of the best private Christian institutions that I know of.
My daughter loves the school. It's been a great experience living on campus. The professors are great. The one thing that might help the on campus living experience would be to have more activities on the weekend so more students would stay there on the weekend instead of going home.
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CBU strives to pair great academics, social life and spirituality in order to invest in students to thrive with purpose. CBU is a great place to be! #LanceUp
Plain and simple: if you are not religious, do not come to this school. Everyone here is so similar it's almost scary, making it very hard to find friends who aren't carrying around overpriced colorful water bottles or heading to their third bible study of the day. The professors teach via videos and references from other universities, and have an extreme bias towards students who lean moreso conservative and reference God's word in the middle of a lecture. The only reason I gave CBU anything above 1 star is because of their generous financial aid: that is practically the only thing that kept me from transferring sooner, but I am going to be leaving the school after one year to attend a community college until I have enough credits to transfer to a UC.
Again, it may be perfect if you came from a religious high school or have been affiliated with missionary work, but for someone with minimal church involvement and came from a public, liberal high school, Cal Baptist is not a good fit.
California Baptist university has changed my life and the way I see things. It has such a great environment and campus living. There games are just incredible you never feel left out. The teachers are always willing to help you when you are struggling.
I love California Baptist University. Great food, teachers, friends, and family. Solid academia. Very grateful for what I have learned from CBU. I know I will be prepared to enter into the workforce once I graduate next year. Great Christian education and wonderful people to be peers with. Safe and secure campus. Area around isn't the greatest but it is great on the inside. Work hard and study hard and CBU will provide you with the necessities to be successful. God has presented CBU as a great opportunity for me and I am very grateful. CBU is growing. Come and join us.
I love it! I've been impressed with how much the professors genuinely care about the student's lives. Sure, there's always that one teacher or person, but for the most part, it's pretty unlikely.
The events are great. The International Center celebrates holidays of all sorts from the Middle Eastern Holi festival to Hispanic Heritage month. Always a lot of great food and giveaways too.

Food on campus is FANTASTIC. There's a Chik-Fil-A as well as our own version of Chipotle, sandwiches, Chinese take-out, burgers, a classy buffet, burritos, and a Subway and Bakers within short walking distance. There's also a grab-and-go shop campus for packaged lunches, snacks, gift baskets, medicine, toothbrushes, etc. as well as a CVS across the street for quick access to groceries and essential items. The campus is a good size, not too big, but not small. Having a bike or skateboard helps I feel very safe on campus, and there are always jobs available as well as plenty of leadership opportunities.
I love the leaders and the wonderful environment CBU provides. The people here are so nice and welcoming and is an unforgettable experience. The one thing i would change is the expense on tuition and books.
Living the cool Cali life in a Gospel centered environment has been the highlight of attending California Baptist University. It's a place where more than just friendships grow. It's more than a university that offers programs to equip students academically. It's a place where the live of God is consistently empowering people to do great things for the future that holds even greater opportunities. Whether you are an atheist or a Muslim, this University makes you feel welcomed and accepted no matter what background you come from. Experiencing the SoCal life while studying at CalBaptist University has been so rewarding!
The teachers are truly invested in your learning. The other students are incredibly kind and helpful, when asking for help you never feel like you are being judged. However parking is a hassle! Most students have cars so finding a spot in your approved lot can be difficult.
Being at this university has been so life-changing! I can only say so much because I've only been a student for less than two years, however my time here has been so spiritually uplifting. I have learned so much about myself, I have discovered new opportunities, and I'm very grateful for what I have experienced thus far. I'm excited for what yet is to come.
California Baptist University provides students with a high quality education and numerous opportunities to grow and develop as a successful adult. Students will enjoy the community-oriented environment and opportunities to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds and origins. They will graduate academically prepared, biblically rooted, globally minded, and equipped to serve.
CBU is a fantastic school with a fantastic community! The campus is beautiful, the professors are caring, and it is very easy to get involved and make friends. Plus, the food is amazing! I'm so happy I chose to go to school here.
CBU Food service puts a whole new meaning to the freshman 15. The food is great. POKE Bowls on weekends, Sushi during the week, and El Monte crushes Chipolte
California Baptisti University cares about their students. You are not just a number to them but an individual. The professor go above and beyond and are always available with office hours or a phone call to help guide you as a student. The campus is beautiful. The food is pretty good, prices could be less costly though. The recourses such as the Academic Success Center, Community Life or the Career Center are amazing if you take advantage of them.
CBU has a very welcoming environment, with a beautiful campus and professors who really want you to succeed. All the professors I have had classes with have been helpful and friendly, although as with any school I have preferred some over others. There are plenty of on-campus events to experience in your free time that help students connect to one another. The school also has a strong spiritual foundation that is exemplified in all their staff. Living areas and dining options are all very good. So far, I have had a very good experience with this school and would recommend it. The one downside is that, as a private Christian University, it comes with a higher price tag. It is also not much of a party school (it is a dry campus), so if your going to college just to have a good time this might not be for you.
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The best location in the LA area - lots of off campus adventurers within 45 min.
The weekends on campus are quiet, I would like more activity options on campus during the weekends.
Really great school. Great campus with great food.
Excellent teachers who take their time with student. Excellent quality of classes for Design and Photography program
The only experience I went to CBU is having a student tour around the campus and dorms for a new undergraduate freshman student. Afterwards, they gave me a website, brochure, and good major of 4 years and the way I see it very beautiful!
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