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Calhoun is an excellent 2 year school for an Associate's degree or just to knock out your basic prerequisites. Calhoun has excellent teachers that truly care about their students and most are willing to help you with anything they can, even if it's not really their subject. The college atmosphere is also really friendly and their is a sense of comradery between students that really helps motivate you to attend all your classes. I would like to see more food options at the Huntsville student center but that's the only down side.
I love Calhoun! I'm a freshman and the systems changed over the summer so hearing about my federal aid and scholarships took a while. I understand that isn't their fault though. I enjoy all my professors and like all my classes. The facilities are nice and everything is very up to date. My class rooms have lots of technology. I enjoy my time here at Calhoun Community College.
I like the Huntsville Campus; I've never been to the Decatur Campus. Most of the professors are really good, and have their Doctorate's. I would recommend them over most other community colleges for technical degrees (ie Engineering or Programming).
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Its an amazing college! I love every single moment of this college!
Well organized and caring!
They're sweet caring employees and very modern college.
I love it! This is my first semester and I absolutely love it the teachers are nice, the students are very helpful, and I'm just excited to be here.
My first experience was not pleasant at all, customers service the worst and no help for confused students as myself(but I'm thinking timing 90's) cause since they now have walk you through personal, arrows to direct you the next station, even financial aid has lighted up not as touch but still could use some work. They also have more degrees and certification to chose from, which is always a plus.
Calhoun exceeded my expectations. I was hesitant about attending, but I have loved it. The professors love what they do and aim to help you in any way they can. The education is of high quality for a community college. One thing I would change is to have more clubs. It is hard to get involved when everyone only comes to class and then goes home. Other than that, I really enjoy going to Calhoun.
Calhoun Community College is like no other community college around. The professors are polite and professional. They hold you to high expectations and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you're reaching your limits. The student and admissions offices are easy to access and are always willing to help get you to where you need to be. I attended another community college after Calhoun and I can definitely say that the experience at Calhoun is one of the best I have had!
Great college! There is quite the variety of subjects and knowledgeable professors. The faculty are all kind and helpful when it comes to answering questions related to college.
A lot of my friends attend this school yet I have spent time and time trying to get in but they keep messing up my paperwork and giving me wrong information. The staff is okay but it could be a lot better.
I started Calhoun right after High School and I have had an overall good experience there. The first year and a half I was a work study which taught me how to become more social and it allowed me to grow as a person. I really enjoy the campus and the workers/professors that are employed here. Personally, I have never met anyone here who was not willing to help or give good advice to push me in the right direction. Originally I didn’t not want to go to a community college, but I think it has helped me achieve and receive the experience I need to be successful in the future.
Calhoun is a good college to attend for your first couple years of college. It helped me learn what college courses are like and taught me how hard I really need to study.
I love Calhoun Community College. I learned new things and experience new journey. I can remember missing 8:05 classes because I stayed out too late the night before. In high school the teacher would constantly remind the students when certain assignments were due, but this was not the case in college. I learned that the hard way my first semester. Sometimes I forgot to turn in an assignment because I didn’t properly read my syllabus and my professor never mentioned it. These were all new problems that could have easily let escalate without taking the proper actions. For the most part I was doing fairly well but a few of my grades began to plummet.
I am going to Calhoun as a stepping stone for Auburn University. Not only is it cheaper but it is closer to my house. I spend less money on gas, tuition, and books. I also learn how colleges work and how to successfully attend and pass classes without having the stress of a large university.
Calhoun is close to home and not hard to navigate around. The staff do their best to accommodate to your needs. It's difficult to worry about home and school so they do help in easing the stress. wish the parking lots were a bit bigger though.
I have enjoyed my time at Calhoun so far. I liked how you really can develop a relationship with the professors and the classes aren't overly packed. I have barely had any problems with my professors and would take most of them over again. I don't like how it almost feels as if I am still in high school due to there being no dorms or parties to connect with others. Other than that, it is a great school overall.
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It was okay overall. The price is cheaper to get your basic classes completed. I enjoyed most of my professors, there are a lot here that enjoy what they teach and so some that dont.
I love Calhoun so much! The teachers are great and so nice. I’ve never been so excited to get back to school!
It's a very good school to go to for you to start off your college experience. Well experienced teachers and a great average size campus.
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