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Very awesome community college. I received a general studies associates here and came back because I was accepted into a very awesome medical tech program. I love it.
I am a student returning to college after a long hiatus. My classes are enjoyable and there many resources available to me.
Calhoun is a nice way to spend the first two years of college life. It situates you as your college career is just beginning. The professors are fairly easy, but also rigorous at the same time. It is affordable so students can save for other things, like transferring to a four year university or home life. The campus facilities are nice and comfortable. Whereas the student body that walks its halls are rather diverse as well- seeing all walks of life and ages. However, I would like to see local events and opportunities improve.
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Calhoun Community college is a great start for new students who are looking to transfer to a four-year university or for those looking to complete technical degrees. It is fascinating to see how students of all ages are seeking higher education to improve their quality of life. The faculty is very supportive and the classes are challenging enough. The school offers great support systems such as free tutoring, helpful research search engines, and student projects.
Calhoun Community College is a great college. All of the officials and professors are all super nice and they always try to help you in anyway they can.
I just started college at Calhoun this spring, 2018. Its kind of set up like an high school, and is a great start for students transitioning from high school to college. I absolutely love all of my professors, they are kind, understanding, and willing to help. The biggest plus is, the professors want you to succeed.
My experience so far with Calhoun Community College has been a good one. The teachers that I have had were adept in disseminating the subject material to their students and clarifying any questions that we may have had.
I am currently a Freshman at Calhoun Community College. I think that this is a great school with awesome teachers, students, and faculty. I do wish that there were more exciting events for students to participate in. Otherwise, everything else is very satisfying.
Calhoun Community College is a great school to start off. All the teachers are amazing and they indeed help you with anything.
My experience at Calhoun has been great. The academic advisors and professors have been so helpful since I have been there. The professors always help me when I am having trouble with something. They are always where I can reach them either through email or phone and even in person if I need to meet. The campus is always well kept and clean. The other students are also very nice. I’ve made many friends while being at Calhoun. Everyone is always willing to give you directions to a building or give you information about at class or teacher. I’m very happy with my decision about going to Calhoun.
It's pretty respected for a community college, but to me it's not any more difficult than high school was. The teachers make classes way too easy, I don't feel like I'm really in college - or learning.
Calhoun Community College made it easy to get enrolled. The process to register for classes was wonderful. The online classes are very convenient and the instructors we very well prepared readily accessible for any questionings during the length of the course.
Calhoun Community College is an excellent community college. This college is able to provide high-quality education and is affordable to the student population. The institution's abundance and variety of classes pave the road for future student endeavors. Also, the access to join clubs and organizations in order to get involved is easily accessible and provide numerous benefits/opportunities. Overall, this college is a great towards reaching your academic aspirations.
My experience at Calhoun has been great. I've had amazing experience with the professors. The campus is clean and well organized. The only thing I would complain about is advising. I just haven't felt very accomplished after speaking with advisors here. On the other hand, the school treated me well and I received my education.
Calhoun is a great school! I was hesitant to start my college career at a community college, but the administration and students were all so helpful and welcoming that it made the transition from high school to college a lot easier.
The best community college experience anyone can get. I saved tons of money. They have a variety of programs and great advisers if you want to transfer. However, I wish there were more student activities.
I did not know much about Calhoun until my senior year in high school when some friends told me about them going to Calhoun. I found out that Calhoun could get me my basic degree and then I would be able to move up in my career path. They have some great counselors that are willing to help and show you the correct path to take. The teachers that are there will help you in anyway that they can and show in interest in your success. This is a friendly environment that I enjoy to go to on my days of classes. I also enjoy the ability to set up the times and days you would like to go to class. If you are like me and have to work to be able to go to college, you are able to set up your classes to work around your work schedule which is very convenient for me and many other students attending Calhoun. I would definitely recommend, and have in the past, this school for people who are wanting to get a great education and learn something great.
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My overall experience with Calhoun Community College deserves 4 stars out of 5. This can be backed by the small class sizes the ensure more individual learning and one-on-one availability with the teachers. From my experience, most of the teachers care about their students and do as much in their power to see us succeed. However, several things keep Calhoun Community College from quite the 5-star rating. The financial aid department is lacking in communication and overall availability for student. Also, the student life is lacking, but I can tell they are doing their best to improve. Overall, Calhoun Community College is definitely a great choice and the cheap expense is enough in itself to satisfy any student!
My first semester was positive. For the most part, my core class professors were very good. The area is easy to navigate between classes. There are many ways advertised to get involved if one chooses.
At first I was nervous about starting college. But I got the chance to attend the Fast Track program over the summer. It was great, I got to improve my reading and math skills, I got to go ahead and take orientation, I learned my way around campus, and it was all free. That is one reason why Calhoun is a good school. I really do enjoy Calhoun. There are so many great student sources on campus. tutoring is free and campus police are on patrol all day. Students always get emails about food service, job openings, and other important updates and announcements.
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