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It's a very good school to go to for you to start off your college experience. Well experienced teachers and a great average size campus.
Calhoun Community College is a great option for students who can not afford to attend a four year institution, but would like to receive the same education. Calhoun is affordable as well as accommodating for each and every student no matter what path a student is deciding to pursue.
Friendly and very helpful when it comes to signing up for everything you need. Calhoun has great campuses and they are very clean. I enjoy going to school at Calhoun community college because everything about it is nice and acceptable.
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My overall experience at Calhoun Community College was great. I graduated from Calhoun in the summer of 2018. I got my associated degree in general studies. I played softball at Calhoun for the two years I was there, and I loved my coaches and teammates. I had a great adviser Mrs. Gina she made sure I took the right classes and had good teachers. That being said I loved all of my teachers. They were all generally good teachers, and always answered any questions that I had.
Calhoun is geared toward students in all places of life, whether a recent high school graduate or a full-time worker looking to finish that degree you started 24 years ago.
Calhoun was a very welcoming and encouraging community college. The softball program seemed very well, and the places atmosphere there was very good.
Calhoun is a great school and has allowed me to acquire inexpensive pre requites and an associates degree.
Fun, very interactive and super supportive of my future and my life. Calhoun helped me strive to push myself harder to reach my goals. Calhoun is the best community college around my area.
I liked how caring and knowledgeable my professors were. It was a great starting point in my college career. An area of improvement would be dorms or off campus housing/apartments. It would make it easier on students who have a longer commute, especially for those who live in Huntsville but their area of study is only provided in Tanner/Decatur campus.
Calhoun is a great school. They have worked with me diligently to help get me on track to graduating before pigs fly.
Fast admission, fast registration, excellent teachers. I love this college and I wish I would have started my school path here 12 years ago instead of going to a 4 year university.
I found Calhoun to be an excellent start to my college experience. The academics and professors at Calhoun are wonderful. I did not have any courses that I struggled with or fell behind in.
Calhoun Community College is a great place to complete your basics, get an associates degree, or complete a program. They help their students succeed by offering free tutoring and easy access to information and resources. Calhoun notifies students on job openings and job fairs.
How the professors help students with their work and help understand what the information is about. they have a great lunch in everyday that students that are their late or they are close to a subway or gas satations
My experience has been pretty cool at Calhoun, they take a good effort at reaching out to students through text and email and they make sure students are updated on their academic and financial standing. I do think that for extra help with classes you have limited options and as far as test taking the hours for the testing center should be more open and flexible seeing as some students have work and other engagements.
The administration is very helpful. They actually take their time to help you get started and they answer any questions you have.
It's made the transition to college very easy and not stressful. I've enjoyed all my classes and I have met a lot of people. I would highly recommend this school to high school seniors.
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Great community college. If you want an education you can get it here. It's the best place to get your basic required classes. Instructors are great.
I loved the teachers, but there financial department leaves much to be desired. I, and many others I know, I have gotten the run around from them for years.
Calhoun made education affordable for me. I was able to get my nursing degree quickly and affordably.
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