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I like that it is a local college and teachers are always available when needed. I also like the teacher student ratio.
Calhoun is a well-rounded community college. It's perfect for starting off your education. I'm pleased with the professors, the staff, and all that the school has offer.
I am a freshman at Calhoun Community College and classes just recently started this week. My experience with enrolling couldn't of been any easier. I got set up with an adviser right away and was explained everything I needed in order to be ready for classes. Step by step they took the time to explain any complications or confusions I had regarding financial aid and how to find my classes. They are very supportive and helpful when it comes to personal backgrounds, always finding a solution to any problem. It is a very friendly community and I was stress-free during the whole process, truly a breeze. I look forward to my two years at Calhoun! I highly recommend it as a community college whether you plan on transferring to a university or not.
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This is the best place to start out your college career. It's affordable, and gets you ready for your next step in life!
My experience with Calhoun Community College has been amazing! The professors caring, they're willing to go out their way to help with anything.
Calhoun has been a great school. The staff is well trained and I feel like I'm getting the education I need at the Junior College level. There are many resources provided that helps with financial aid, choosing classes, and buying textbooks. These resources make it feel like the staff actually cares about their students.
Calhoun Community College offers a wide variety of college classes that can be taken in person or online. I would recommend that anyone interested in taking online classes take them at Calhoun Community College.
Calhoun community college is an excellent college for the pay. It allows one to receive an excellent degree minus the stringent prices.
Calhoun is overall a good school. Advising counselors are extremely helpful. All of my professors are very wise and more than willing to help their students.
I love being at Calhoun Community College. It is one of the best community colleges in this area, in my opinion. I have joined honor societies and clubs and organizations that reflect my abilities and interests. I do not know of one thing that I would change about this campus.
I love the overall atmosphere of the campus. The instructors were great and always helpful. They could improve in the advising center such as the advisors listening to the actual questions you ask and answering them. But, overall my experience has been great.
I'm still attending and have currently only taken one class but the professor was awesome. The campus is very nice and clean. I think one thing I would like to see change is possibly more things for students to do like more clubs and campus activities.
I love our new buildings and faculty. The only part I don't like is the fact we don't have food on campus. Its a pain to bring your own if you will be in class all day. And definitely not feasible to drive 20 minutes away if your class starts in 15 minutes.
Really good for dual enrolling and getting some hours in before going to a bigger school. That is what I am doing anyway. There are a lot of people there who are there for an associates and other higher learning as well. And the staff are really nice people.
Calhoun usually gets a bad rap as being "Grade 13" for a lot of local students. For many, it can be, but for someone wanting to transfer or get an education on a budget, you can't go wrong. Because it is so cost effective, it gives you a little more wiggle room with changing your major, making it a great starting point post high school!
I have no trouble with flexibility of my classes
Easier to manage when dealing with a busy lifestyle
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Everyone is excited to help with post-grad services!
The teachers are flexible with their teaching style
Faculty and students are very evolved with others
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