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I have been attending Caldwell University since the Summer of 2015. They have great programs for the students and offer as much help as possible. The staff at Caldwell are very nice and most of the Faculty show kindness also. Although it is not 100% commuter friendly it makes up for it. The school is not perfect, but it makes an effort to help others.
I like going to Caldwell University because it is a small school and I get the chance to be one on one with teachers, and they know you better than if it were bigger classes. What I would change are the student events, where I wish they had more activities I would be interested in participating in. I also live on campus and I would also change the food options they have on the meal plan because at the moment the cafeteria is not a great place to eat.
I love caldwell, the campus the environment ,the support system at the school. The convenience of taking online classes helps with flexibility as well
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It is a wonderful experience, there are a lot of international students, namely Nepali students but it is
Small campus community with very hospitable community. A lot of diversity with people from different cultures and backgrounds.
It was great! The campus looks amazing, the students are smart and full of energy, so many majors to choose from, and the insides of the building is like a wonderland of creativity. Not only that but the professors in the school have worked with many famous figures and had quite a had on many of the schools current materials that they use now.
The Caldwell University is very peaceful a college that really focuses on the student. You can find help almost everywhere you turn form your rap to your own free tutors. I have personally taken advantage of it’s resources.
Caldwell University has decent teachers and education, but no student life whatsoever. There are almost not parties at all, but this campus does allow you to drink if you're 21+. You must take Catholic classes
So far I like it but the communication here is not so good. I like the small class sizes but some teachers speed through the class which doesn't really help students. Teachers need to just take their time when teaching their students
I like that Caldwell has such great classes, teachers, and students. I would like to see nothing change.
Caldwell university is a great school for a commuter. The school charges way too much on room and board. The dorms are very small and may or may not come with basic room necessities such as lighting. Some of the food makes people sick. Caldwell University hires great teachers to teach the material in the easiest way possible. The campus is very small so walking to classes are a breeze. Overall, Caldwell university is a great place to learn but not a place to have fun.
I am currently enrolled as a student. They have been helpful and have made me feel accommodated as possible.
When I think of Caldwell University, I think of a family environment. While on campus, it feels like you're apart of a community that supports you and wants to see you thrive to your fullest potential. The staff, faculty and students are all very welcoming and friendly. It is also a stigma free campus, so no one is judged based on race, religion, color or sexuality. We all get along as one. There are also plenty of resources on campus. I was really surprised by how much assistance you get in finding a job, graduate school, internships, research opportunities etc. There are also plenty of fun activities to do there as well. There is always some event being kept. I could go on and on about the greatness of Caldwell University. If I were to do it all over again, I would still choose Caldwell University. They have provided me with opportunities that I don't think I could get so easily at any other institution.
I am currently attending Caldwell University. The things that I love about CU is its size. It is a smaller sized campus that is easy to get around. It does not take too long to get from Point A to Point B. What is also a benefit of the size is that it has smaller class sizes. I really love that you can get to know most of your classmates on a first names basis. You are also able to connect with the professors. They are able to give more attention to each student and really assist you if needed. It creates an overall comfortable environment.
I've had a wonderful experience at Caldwell University. Every student is recognized and is not considered a number. You get undivided attention from your professors, the campus is safe, and the atmosphere is welcoming. There are many activities to be apart of, clubs and sports to join, and off campus trips. The classroom sizes are very small which is great, and the professors do whatever it takes to make sure you are doing well.
Really am enjoying myself, and the teachers here aren't bad. Everyone here wants to help you with what ever it is you need. The food isn't that good but there is a cook that tries to make the food good! Academics are really important here and the sports teams are good. But its fune and its a small personal campus.
Everyone is very helpful and friendly.
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The dorms are very clean and well organized.
Our greek life is very small and quiet. They have small events and really do not affect school life
The athletics department is outstanding. The coaches are the best and the players are always working hard.
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