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I am currently attending Caldwell University. The things that I love about CU is its size. It is a smaller sized campus that is easy to get around. It does not take too long to get from Point A to Point B. What is also a benefit of the size is that it has smaller class sizes. I really love that you can get to know most of your classmates on a first names basis. You are also able to connect with the professors. They are able to give more attention to each student and really assist you if needed. It creates an overall comfortable environment.
I've had a wonderful experience at Caldwell University. Every student is recognized and is not considered a number. You get undivided attention from your professors, the campus is safe, and the atmosphere is welcoming. There are many activities to be apart of, clubs and sports to join, and off campus trips. The classroom sizes are very small which is great, and the professors do whatever it takes to make sure you are doing well.
Really am enjoying myself, and the teachers here aren't bad. Everyone here wants to help you with what ever it is you need. The food isn't that good but there is a cook that tries to make the food good! Academics are really important here and the sports teams are good. But its fune and its a small personal campus.
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Everyone is very helpful and friendly.
The dorms are very clean and well organized.
Our greek life is very small and quiet. They have small events and really do not affect school life
The athletics department is outstanding. The coaches are the best and the players are always working hard.
Caldwell is a great school to attend. The people and the atmosphere are both amazing.
i always feel safe on campus even at night
i have yet to look into internships yet but i know the career development office is always open and helpful
i am unfamiliar with greek life, i don't participate but don't have anything against it
the sports teams are great
as an adult undergrad i still feel as if i am a part of their school community. its a small campus and i felt at home the first day i attended classes, it is the best university!
I am very proud to be a member of Caldwell's Greek Life. Unfortunately, since we are a small school they're only two sororities and one frat on campus but we work with what we have. We host as many events and fundraisers as possible to raise money for our philanthropies. Although many see us as fake that's because they've never actually gotten to know us. If people see us fighting it's not because we don't like each other it's because we have different opinions on decorations for events. That's what happens when you're in an organization. So I encourage everyone to come out and be part of Greek Life because it has truly changed my life for the better! I love it! Even if you don't want to join just come to the events and support a cause. (:
The school's very diverse. Everyone seems to get along.
You can just smell it nothing crazy.
It averages because some professors care and others don't. A lot are actually boring too.
Review Caldwell University
Never had a problem. Always felt safe!
We have great teams with students who put their all into each sport but unfortunately athletes believe they own the campus. It's a small school so athletes take up majority of it.
This school is a wonderful place to make all sorts of friends. Although not everyone talks to each other all the time, they make an effort to try. I've had nothing but great experiences at Caldwell.
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