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I'm in my freshman year and I feel pretty good so far. I was scared on how strict my professors were gonna be but so far so good. The school offers 'free' tutoring but to be honest you're paying for it. The tuition may be on the more expensive side but the university gives a lot of scholarships and grants. In addition, the campus is really safe compared to others. The only down side is the food...
It is a small school which limits the party scenes and social life but its easier I’m a classroom setting because the professors get the time to know their students on a personal level.
I like attending Caldwell University because the campus is somewhat small so it's very welcoming. The faculty and students I have met so far have all been very nice and helpful. All of my professors I have had so far were very nice and made transitioning from high school to college life easy. The only flaw about Caldwell is our bookstore should be expanded and there should be better and more school pride merchandise.
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When I first stepped onto Caldwell University as an aspiring Nursing student I immediately fell in love with the campus and the welcoming atmosphere. It was the college of my dreams and something that I though only exsist in movies.
Walking around caldwell university really put me in a head space i needed to be in. Everything was so welcoming and the vibe it gave me was.. out of this world amazing.
Almost every professor is attentive to their students and they encourage students to do best and are willing to spend extra help with them. It is about the love they show in academics. Caldwell has Hall of Flag that honors students from each country who enroll the school. They will have ceremony to rise a flag when a new student from a new country comes. Most stuff will go out of their way to help students and treat us like family. Once a semester, they will have a party for all commute students. School will send out emails to notify students when events are up. Although I am not in any sport team, the school teams are strong that I always receive announcement about their successful games. Most important reason of everyone being happy on campus is that they make us feel like home with love.
I had an issue with a roommate. She was doing drugs in our dorm. Guys walked in on me nude because she thought I was asleep. Went to my RA, she wasn't there, so I went to the GRA. She didn't return any of my emails. It took three weeks. Whenever I went for progress on the issue, she said I should be patient. I emailed the VP of Student Life and 15 minutes later got my own room, which I had to pay $500 for or I got kicked out of housing. Everyone is all high on weed. Its the most disorganized campus I've ever seen. The RAs are zero help, as they usually only do it for the perks. If you're in the Education Program, you have to pay for EVERYTHING, and nobody respects or cares about you. If you don't do things the way they want it, you fail. English classes fill up because they only offer one class of each type with only ten to fifteen spots, and if you don't get a spot, you're SOL. They might do a trip to a game or Six Flags once a month, but that's about it. Don't bother coming here.
SAVE YOUR MONEY. Don't be fooled by the scholarships given to you...everybody gets money...EVERYBODY. The school is just too much like a high school...most of the students here are too immature to be called college students. If you're not part of a certain ethnic group, you are ignored. Parties rarely happen and when they do they're shut down, overcrowded, or just trash. The "mojo" dorm has no such thing as quiet hours...students are running, screaming, yelling, banging, and playing loud music until 4am ON SCHOOL NIGHTS. In addition, the school doesn't do anything about it, despite having known about these issues FOR OVER A SEMESTER. Many professors don't know how to do their jobs. I've had professors who don't show up without notice, don't know how to use technology, I've even had a professor admit she took a sick day to get drunk. If you got a 1200+ on the SAT or 25+ on the ACT: DON'T GO HERE. Save your money, time, and intelligence. Its a last minute school for kids who don't care.
I love the professors they are very helpful, if you ever have any questions they always offer extra help. Eveyone on campus is very nice and you can walk at night feeling safe.
I have PTSD, which was filed with the University. Ellina Chernobilsky, Thompson Ling, and Sister Kathleen Tuite, discriminated against me for having PTSD, and the university's response was to try to force me out of the school. They told me as someone with PTSD, I wasn't "fit enough" to be attending their program or school, or going after what I wanted because a "disability like that tells me you don't know how to achieve what you want." They also told me I would never make a "good contribution to society" because of my disability.

Academics - way too easy; not challenging enough.
Return on Investment - CU says they'll "work with you," but they don't.
My experience at Caldwell University has in all been an incredibly positive one. Being a small school, it gives the teachers and students a chance to have a better relationship as well as with fellow peers. Our school spirit in good and bad times is definitely one to take note of.
I appreciate professors who are willing to listen to students and work with them, as well as staff members who make sure that students from all backgrounds and groups are heard. Professors are welcoming and accommodating.
As a biology major, I felt that most of my professors truly cared about their students. Since this college is much smaller than most universities, this allowed the students to have a close relationship to their professors. Whenever I had any questions or needed any help, they were there for me. Only issue at this moment is that they are yet to find an organic professor that will continue teaching long-term. They are currently changing organic professors every semester over the past year because they have yet to find one that is qualified to stay.
Caldwell University is a wonderful place to learn. The professors were their greatest asset. They managed to hire some of the best and most caring professors I've ever come into contact with, especially in the Criminal Justice and Sociology departments. The biggest con about this university is its religiosity, so a student should make sure they're agreeable to taking at least four religion-based courses on top of the core and major requirements. But the campus is small, everything is easily accessible, the students are very friendly, the surrounding area is safe and upscale and the all the buildings are small and cozy. I'd recommend this university.
I have been attending Caldwell University since the Summer of 2015. They have great programs for the students and offer as much help as possible. The staff at Caldwell are very nice and most of the Faculty show kindness also. Although it is not 100% commuter friendly it makes up for it. The school is not perfect, but it makes an effort to help others.
I like going to Caldwell University because it is a small school and I get the chance to be one on one with teachers, and they know you better than if it were bigger classes. What I would change are the student events, where I wish they had more activities I would be interested in participating in. I also live on campus and I would also change the food options they have on the meal plan because at the moment the cafeteria is not a great place to eat.
I love caldwell, the campus the environment ,the support system at the school. The convenience of taking online classes helps with flexibility as well
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It is a wonderful experience, there are a lot of international students, namely Nepali students but it is
Small campus community with very hospitable community. A lot of diversity with people from different cultures and backgrounds.
It was great! The campus looks amazing, the students are smart and full of energy, so many majors to choose from, and the insides of the building is like a wonderland of creativity. Not only that but the professors in the school have worked with many famous figures and had quite a had on many of the schools current materials that they use now.
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