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All the teachers want you to succeed and that matters the most to me, which is more encouraging if I feel doubtful of myself. Plus, everyone there is nice and will work with you to make sure your grades do not slip!
I was a student here from the fall of 2015 to the spring of 2019. In that time I earned 2 degrees. The classes here are very informational and if asked, the teachers will go the extra mile with you and help you succeed.
CCC&TI is a beautiful campus in the foothills of NC. The studies offered are many. The campus is well organized and you genuinely feel safe on campus. It is a campus that I would highly recommend!
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I attended CCC&TI for three years as a high school student, and the school was a fantastic benefit for me. I took I.T. courses at CCC&TI and the courses I took were fast-paced and engaging for all of the students. The professors seemed really knowledgeable about the subjects they were teaching as well. However, this college is in a small rural area, so the student life is pretty minimal. I enjoyed talking to my fellow students though, and everyone there was kind to me. The class sizes here are quite small, but this allowed me to be closer to my professors though. Overall, I really enjoyed the community college because of the academic benefit I received from it.
I have enjoyed going to CCCTI. I did dual enrollment when I was in high school, and just recently graduated with my Associates in Science form this school. I have recommended this college to a few of my friends and two of them even went there!
The two main things that I liked about Caldwell Community College, is the professors and the Writing Center. The professors work with the students, to ensure their success. Most, are very hands-on and available when needed. They have open office hours that students can go and talk about assignments or difficulties that they are having within the class. They are open to helping each individual student with whatever they can. They actually care about their students. Secondly, the writing center is a place inside the library that helps students with writing assignments in any English class. The staff is friendly and always available. They also accept papers via email to look over and correct for students, before they submit to their professor. These two attributes are the reason why I would recommend Caldwell Community College to anyone.
Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute is an amazing starter college. The staff here are so wonderful and helping. There is also a variety of classes to choose from which I wasn't expect since it is a community college.
Caldwell is a great place to get started on your college journey. All of the staff members are there to help you when you need it, and they're really great motivators. So far my favorite part is the arts department, I have learned so much from the art teachers in the year I've been enrolled there. There are so many option for classes as well, I was not expecting this many classes at a community college. The area is very peaceful and theres a park just nearby with a very large walking trail, so if you're into hiking its great.
This is a great school! I love that I have been able to do my classes online and in person, so it is a very flexible school.
Caldwell Community College is an overall great school. The professors and academics are top-notch. However there could be more food options available on campus.
The campus has good security. Therebare many great resources available to the students as well as a wide variety of courses, clubs, and activities. They also have a Spring and Fall festival that involves all students who want to participate.
I like the town Caldwell is in. Very friendly. Most of the teachers are very nice. I have only had problems with a few teachers. The staff there is very nice,.
I have one more year at Caldwell, it's a great school, saved me a lot of money, by next year I will have all my gen. eds. out of the way, and will be ready to transfer in the fall of 2019
My experience at Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute is has been overall excellent. I have receive numerous helps from faculty and staffs. I am a full-time student here. I have not yet came across any problem/s. What is great about this community college is that there is many resources that will help you get where you need to be. I recommend this college to anyone who is thinking about transferring or attending here.
This is a good college to get in and get your associates as fast as you can, and then transfer. The teachers have always been great, but the rest of the staff are terrible. It takes AT LEAST 20 minutes to get through to anybody, whether it be in the advising department, financial aid department- anywhere. Typically, the only one's who want to help you are the teachers. The staff have been rude to me numerous times and you're basically fighting an uphill battle every time you talk to the staff. The parking is terrible, with half of it being in what the students call the "Death Hole", and the campus is pretty boring. Either get in and get out as quick as you can, or just go to CVCC.
CCC&TI is a fine community college. While it is not the best, it serve it's purpose and allows people of all ages to further their education.
The Institution has provided with a wide abundence of academic variety, and student assistance when needed. The faculty and staff has demonstrated that students are capeble to be led to success. As far changes, additional language courses would be acceptional.
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Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute is an excellent college all around. The staff at Caldwell Community College are amazing, and are willing to try to help you with anything that you might need. Caldwell offers a large selection of programs to choose from, including some great continuing education classes. One of the best things about Caldwell Community College is the small, close-knit environment where everyone is treated like they are family.
I took a school trip and had a tour of the campus it’s great and has lots of majors to choose from. Something I’d change is the parking it’s so packed
I am a Senior in high school that is graduating with my two year from CCC&Ti. It is very cheap and it opens up many doors for people. It is a grate 2 year college
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