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The community here at Cairn is better than any that I've seen, especially within such a close knit group as the music department. There are very few things to complain about, save a few professors and some of the cafeteria food.
Phenomenal experience in the school of business and leadership. Professors were knowledgeable, with many global and corporate accomplishments. One in particular, having run a large division of Campbell's soup. I was well prepared for a career in business and leadership.
The school is great if you are seeking to get a truly Christian college education. It is not great if you are looking for a true "college experience". The food is bad, and I mean really bad. The social life at Cairn is barely existent, and the athletics program is extremely sub-par. However, the professors are AMAZING. The closeness I've been able to experience with my professors is extremely rewarding. They know my name, know when I'm having a bad day, etc, and are always there to help.
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Small, Private Christian university. Great professors! Small campus and limited activities on campus for students.
I love Cairn University it is an amazing atmosphere, a most beautiful campus, and one of the safest in the country as well. The classes are amazing the professors are willing to have one on one conversations with you and also are willing to pray for you. A couple changes for Cairn I would like to see is that we have a more diverse student body and that we have more classes on prayer.
I don't think it's helpful yet. I don't know how this school will help me in the future.
I don't like food here at all
I don't know well about this part.
This university is great to make good relationships with friends and professors, however I feel like it's too small. There are not a lot of stores nearby and students are so little
Some rooms aren't great, but the social atmosphere of both on campus housing is dynamic and thriving, which makes the process very enjoyable.
Sports teams mostly act like a family, but most don't perform very well.
I do feel very safe on campus.
I haven't really gotten into this aspect
Putting their faults aside, I love this university
I'm not a huge fan of the housing, but it's not terrible. Some of the rooms are a bit small, and some of them require sharing the bathroom with three people as well as yourself, but I don't really mind that, it's just a little annoying.
I don't know much about our programs when it comes to athletics. But I do know that we are okay for our division. We aren't terrible but we aren't the greatest either. I do how ever think that the facilities are really good for both athletic and non-athletic students and when it comes to our school spirit, almost everyone who goes here is proud to go here, which is amazing.
I really love this school. The atmosphere is really amazing and I love being in a Christ-centered environment. My only problem is that it doesn't have as many opportunities as other schools do.
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Manor residence halls need lots of upgrades, but it is extremely close to classes. Heritage is new and up-to-date, but is a little further. Penndel is spacious, but needs upgrades and it is located off campus.
The athletics at Cairn are weak and definitely not the best, but the student body pulls together to cheer on the teams and athletes all the time.
Cairn University has been a tremendous blessing in my life. From the Christ-centered values and education to the personable and hardworking professors, there is little that I would change about this school. It is small and community-focused. While there may not be a TON of variety in events, clubs, and studies, the students and faculty work hard at making Cairn a loving and warm community.
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