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I like the Univeristy overall but there is no diversity among the faculty. Although there are few professors that try to relate to their student as an African American it is very difficult to find some one to confide. I have experienced constant microagressions in this school.
I love the atmosphere of Cairn University, everyone is so friendly and loving! It is the best University/College I have ever been to!!
Great Christian college, but it is not for everyone, i.e. if you are looking to party for 4 years, go elsewhere. If you want a Christ centered education, this is a great option.
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Cairn University professors are intentional, the staff are helpful and kind. The President has strong vision for future and is engaging with students. Proud to call Cairn my Alma mater and to continue to give toward the unique and important mission of this University.
Cairn is basically a fancy community college with on-campus housing. Just save your money and go to community college and then transfer to a better university. There's nothing special about this school.
The staff are so willing to help. The location is beautiful. The focus is in the right place. You are welcomed into a community that is like family. Students really seek to walk a different path.
Everyone at Cairn is committed to you from the time you submit your application. They are very sincere, helpful caring people who want to assist you in getting the degree you want while glorifying God in the process.
What I love about Cairn University is that I feel at home here! The professors, Deans, President really do care about the students and their lives.
Cairn University is a close knit community which empowers individuals to serve Christ where ever they serve in the professional world. Professors know the students, and are able to help them accomplish their dreams. This school grounded in truth and equips it's students well.
I love Cairn's Mission and the way that it truly strives to carry out that mission in different areas. Faculty and Staff were continuously striving to integrate Faith into my classes, events, etc. It was such a beautiful experience for me to finally have fellowship with so many of my classmates.
I appreciated how much biblical truth was integrated in my non-Bible classes. The teachers not only care about the academic well-being of their students, but the spiritual well-being. There is nothing in particular that I would want changed about Cairn!
Cairn University is a fantastic school! If you're looking for a strong Christian University, Cairn is a good place to start. I cannot wait to see how far the school brings me. The academics are amazing and all the professors do as much as they can to personalize your college experience to you!
Cairn University is great university to attend if you're looking for a strong Christian community. They have excellent academics and they do everything with a Biblical worldview. Also, the dining hall is very good.
Cairn is a beautiful private Christian University where the professors care about your natural and spiritual growth..
I'm so privileged to be going to this U
Cairn university is an excellent place to learn. Going to cairn is one of the best decisions have ever made. The faculty and professors are kind and are ready to assist students to achieve their academic goal. Moreover, there is no discrimination at Cairn, instead there is a feeling of acceptance.
The community here at Cairn is better than any that I've seen, especially within such a close knit group as the music department. There are very few things to complain about, save a few professors and some of the cafeteria food.
Phenomenal experience in the school of business and leadership. Professors were knowledgeable, with many global and corporate accomplishments. One in particular, having run a large division of Campbell's soup. I was well prepared for a career in business and leadership.
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The school is great if you are seeking to get a truly Christian college education. It is not great if you are looking for a true "college experience". The food is bad, and I mean really bad. The social life at Cairn is barely existent, and the athletics program is extremely sub-par. However, the professors are AMAZING. The closeness I've been able to experience with my professors is extremely rewarding. They know my name, know when I'm having a bad day, etc, and are always there to help.
Small, Private Christian university. Great professors! Small campus and limited activities on campus for students.
I love Cairn University it is an amazing atmosphere, a most beautiful campus, and one of the safest in the country as well. The classes are amazing the professors are willing to have one on one conversations with you and also are willing to pray for you. A couple changes for Cairn I would like to see is that we have a more diverse student body and that we have more classes on prayer.
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