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I enjoyed my time at Cairn! The professors are caring and helpful. It’s a fairly small campus so it is easy to make friends. It’s a great college to help students learn more about the Bible and become closer to God.
I enjoyed my summer online class. The simple layout of the programs made it easy to submit my work, take quizzes, and watch videos that the teacher posted. The teacher was available to answer any questions a student may have.
I've loved it so far. The staff and faculty do a great job of making the experience a great one. They do an amazing job creating opportunities for community.
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My online courses were essentially answering forums, watching videos, and taking quizzes on reading. There wasn't much to them.
Cairn University is a warm, welcome, and Christ-centered educational institution! I thoroughly enjoyed the faculty and staff who made it their number one priority to see us as real people and not just names on a roster.
Due to COVID-19, we had to make a quick transition to online learning. Cairn handled this transition excellently! I feel that the quality of my education remained the same given the challenging circumstances.
During Covid, classes all went online at the same schedule as we had on campus. The professors were thorough in getting the courses covered but no letting up for the big switch to online was given. They still required everything as if the classes were in person. On a positive note, they did give ample notice for getting assignments in.
Liked the classes, chapel, professors. Good spiritual atmosphere for a Christian campus. Good amount of activities each part of the year. Best all campus activity was Starry Night ( Christmas light up). Also Super Bowl night and Homecoming (literally bring in a Ferris wheel!)

Get better dining hall food! Quality is definitely lacking and more variety.
I haven’t yet got the whole experience I am a senior in highschool I will be attending cairn next fall. I have visited many time, and they are very welcoming and loving. I feel at home when I am their. I have made many friends there and only visited twice. I have never had a good school experience from middle to highschool, but walking through the halls of cairn I had a peace of doing great their, I am studying social work and there program is very good. I don’t think they should change anything, because it’s a Christian school it’s different yet you still have fun.
The communication is not very good, but the colleges small and very safe. There is a good staff to student ratio and relationship.
The environment is incredibly friendly, the professors are genuine and always willing to to go our of their way to assist you in whatever you need. There are plenty of things to do around campus. The small environment makes it really easy to make genuine friends- a much better environment than high school
The atmosphere and sense of community is what attracted me to Cairn before I even visited, and it’s remained true as I’ve been attending.
I liked the way they made the visit fun instead of boring and they aloud me to see a class while students were learning. I also met with the basketball coach.
I had a wonderful experience at Cairn. Their business program is excellent. Dean Curry is a great leader. The online MBA was great for a working professional.
I really loved the atmosphere of fellowship. Everyone is so kind and loving to one another and it makes it feel like home away from home. When you see the campus it is small but very nice. I am on the soccer team and they have really helped me feel at home and welcomed. Easy to make friends and the academics are great as well. They keep God in their lessons and teaching and yet keep it college levels learning. It’s hard work but you will learn a lot. The school is all about its students which is really awesome
Cairn is an up and coming Christian university that is slowly modernizing their campus and upgrade major needs for student activities.
I am a senior at CU. The staff is great, the food is horrible, and the campus is beautiful. It's a small campus which a newly built Starbucks available.
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From the moment I stepped foot on this campus, I fell in love with the genuine, caring atmosphere of the faculty and staff, and every professor I have had the pleasure of having in class has been nothing but gracious, incredibly understanding, and kind. There is a unique element to this small Christian university, an element of community and togetherness that is hard to find elsewhere. It's a beautiful campus, situated right outside of Philadelphia. The opportunities I have been given here and the flexibility I have been given in pursuing my major is so appreciated and allows me to almost completely personalize my program. I have never once regret choosing this university, and I am deeply grateful for how dedicated it remains to Scripture and seeking God in every area of life.
Cairn University is a small college in Langhorne Pennsylvania that strives to focus on assisting each and every student in their journey to graduation. It has a friendly atmosphere where everyone seems to be included. They have great programs in which all the professors are invested in their students in order to help them achieve their goals.
Cairn University does not allow unofficial transcripts to be emailed or downloaded. You have to pay them 5 dollars every time for them to mail an official transcript to you or whatever organization needs one.

And He said to them, “It is written, ‘MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER’; but you are making it a ROBBERS’ DEN.”
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