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Cairn University - Wisconsin Wilderness Reviews

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Small Class=Great Interaction – Although there's not any registration for the classes offered at WWC, I knew the classes that would be offered a head of time and I really enjoyed them. There was easy access to meet up with the professors outside of the classroom. Although the workload was pretty heavy some weeks because of the module setup, it was all really interesting. The only thing that I would change would be to have more time in some of the classes and with some of the professors since they're only there for a week.
Although my parents took care of a lot of the financial aid stuff for me, I think that things went pretty smooth.
Weekly Work Program – Everyone on campus pitches in to do the cooking, maintenance, office work, childcare etc. that needs doing at WWC. We do not get a paycheck, the work program is a manditory part of the program. The time you spend working alongside your classmates and staff members is irreplacable bonding time. We enter a preferences list as to which jobs we would most enjoy within the first few week and the jobs are posted weekly. No one had an off campus job my year. But the staff connected us with churches in the area where we all helped out weekly with their ministries. When the year is coming to a close they do the best they can to help and guide you along the path you fell God is leading you.
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WWC Is Not Just a College. It's a Family. There's a real emahasis on community. You really get to know not only your fellow classmates, but your professors as well, something you don't get a chance to do at many colleges. You take mostly Bible classes which are challenging, informing, and rewarding. Also the unique outdoors/sports experiences that complement your academic endavors. Bottom line: everyone who has experienced this unique opportunity has agreed with me when I've said "I would spend all of my college years there if the program allowed".
We're All Together – Since WWC offers only one course for the year, when I write about my major, I am writing about THE major.
The best thing about the academics is that everything is integrated and all is taught from a Christ-centered perspective. If you are not interested in learning how to better integrate your faith in all areas of your life, this college might not be for you. But if you are at all willing, your year at WWC could provide you with the foundation and direction everyone should have for building a meaningful, purpose-driven life lived for Christ. The year provides you with all the fundamental tools you need to understand the Bible, follow Christ in all areas of life and find balance in a world that pulls and tugs from all directions.
Creativity Is Key – Our campus resources are pretty limited compared to almost any other college out there because of our size, but that shouldn't keep you from coming. We have a large gym for volleyball and weight lifting, along with an outdoor basketball court. What we do have, which few other can boast, is a full selection of skate ramps, since our campus doubles as an extreme sports camp. Plus, the lake we're on is amazing, providing us with opportunities to canoe, kayak, swim and fish.
Our whole campus is really set up in a close-knit kind of way, and it takes less than a minute to walk from one end to the other. We have a library, lounge, cafeteria and a single classroom, but our pride is our outdoor activities, which you will find at no other college. We do a week-long camping trip, different weekend outings, cross-country skiing, etc. If you like activities that will expand your boundaries, you should consider WWC.
Very Well Connected – there is a wireless network all across the campus as well as a computer lab in the library
If you work hard you will get help. Attending WWC helps your scholarship at PBU main campus
AMAZING PEOPLE – The other students have become my best friends; I will always be close with then and know they are there for me through thick and thin. I was able to engage regularly in deep conversation with them that I am not able to do anywhere else. They are so much fun to be around and I would rather spend time with them than anyone else.
Not Applicable – this doesnt really apply since all students take the same classes. all of which are well worth it even if you dont think they will help you.
WWC GO THERE! It was the very bext year of my life and I think that everyone should go there. I actually wasnt that thrilled about going before i went but I am now so glad that I did. You get to know everyone very well and I have never had closer or better friends in my entire life. The facilities were AMAZING my dorm lounge had a cathedriel ceiling with tons of windows overlooking the lake. The whole dorm was HUGE. The academics were amazing; I learned a lot and I loved every class. I cannot say enough good things about this school My whole life has been changed in a good way.
Cross Country Skiing, as a Class?!?! During the second semester students are required to take the XC Skiing class. Every week students will take lessons on freestyle and classic technique, and then go practice some of the best trails in America. For the final, students are required to ski 30K. If you love the outdoors, enjoy staying in shape, and don't mind pushing yourself, you will love this.
Wisconsin Wilderness Campus is the greatest place on earth. Having a class of 39 students for an entire year, in the middle of nowhere WI, surrounded by God's Creation, Having the ability to do the longest and most well known XC skiing race in America (The American Birkebeiner), Making friends that become family, going on at least 15 excursions over the course of the year, and learning about God- There is nothing I have ever done quite like this. You would be insane not to do this program.
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