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I have only been at Cabrini University for a month and through out my freshman journey my experience has just been amazing. Cabrini truly cares about their students, faculty and staff and even parents. Being at Cabrini feels like one little family. When i was choosing my college I made sure it was going to be one beneficial for me and I am glad to say I made the best decision.
My experience at Cabrini for the first year was ok. I remember loving the professors and appreciating their help towards me as far as academics. If I would change anything it would be the food. It’s not bad but maybe some work needed. Also I would add more activities around campus. It gets very boring on weekends. Overall the school is ok.
During my first year I really enjoyed the resources that were made available to all students along with the teaching program. I was excited to learn in this environment growing up in a Catholic school while growing up. There are activities throughout the school year that students and staff prepare and do a excellent job.
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I enjoyed every aspect. Despite being a smaller school, Cabrini certainly has a lot to offer for both its community and its location.
I love how diverse and connected the school is. It’s small enough that most faces are a familiar face. Cabrini also puts so much effort into teaching us how to make a change to the world and that’s reallt incredible.
I love Cabrini. I have made long-lasting friendships. I feel safe on campus always. The classes are interesting and I really do feel that I am getting what I paid for.
Cabrini is a smaller university where the professors care and know each of their students. They are very flexible and willing to work with you to help meet your needs. Students support one and another as well as the sports team and cheer each other on.
I recently finished my first year at Cabrini, and I could not be happier with my experience. There is always something to do on campus in addition to the abundance of teams, clubs, and job opportunities on campus. This school adequately prepares students for their future. The class sizes are small, which ensures academic growth. Overall, Cabrini offers great education, is a fun place to be, and is rapidly expanding.
I have just recently graduated from Cabrini and I can say that I will miss it. However, my 4 years there had its bad times and good times. I meet a lot of friends that are life-long and I'm happy for that, but academics wise it wasn't the best for my major (biology). I like that there are small classroom sizes because it helped me learn one-on-one especially if I was having trouble understanding the subject matter. I also liked the campus itself, its really beautiful with the trees and shrubs & is next to Eastern University's campus too. I also will admit that I loved being so close to Philly, which was only a train ride away. Overall, I enjoyed my time at Cabrini although it could be cliquey, most of the people I knew were friendly. The parties were typically hosted by Lax so if you go to Cabrini, get in with a crowd but be safe. I've smoked a lot of pot on campus within my 4 years of attendance so I suggest lighting up when you first arrive.
It is not a bad school, however, it is difficult to get the classes you need. Some faculty are nice but some are very rude. If you are studying for a computer science major good luck. The classes expect you to know the lesson before entering class. There is no hands on learning which is a struggle to do the homework.
Campus,Educational opportunities are good.Location is good.Diversification is excellent.Professors are decent.Accessibility to staff is good.
I like that Cabrini is small, the professors can get to know the students because its only 15 students in each class. Cabrini has a Math and Writing resource room where they help you with homework for different classes. Cabrini also has an "LLC" which is a Learning and Living Community. This is one of my favorite aspects of Cabrini because my roommates are also my classmates. We help each other out with homework and at the end of the year, we have a class trip with our professors. My LLC has gotten me closer to my roommates as well as my three professors that taught me over my freshmen year. I will be looking forward to seeing them in the fall.
Cabrini University is the perfect place for someone who knows what they want, but is open to trying new things. There's a little bit for everybody here with its diverse population, career opportunities, extracurricular activities, etc. Teachers are very friendly and dedicated to students' success. There are numerous services offered to students to help them excel (i.e. homework help/tutoring, counseling/advising, and more). There's a place here for anyone, no matter who you are and where you come from.
I loved that I felt at home the entire time I was there. So many of the people on campus were willing to help you and look out for you, and the community is really able to come together.
What I really loved about Cabrini was the environment and the people that filled the campus. The energy was very positive and the entire soccer team was such a tight-knit group of girls that really bonded with each other. Also, the exercise science department really sparked my interest and the classrooms looked very inspiring.
What I like about Cabrini is that it is a small campus. The campus is very beautiful and nice to relax on. The class sizes are small, which in my opinion is better; because students can get individual attention from the teachers. My first-year experience at Cabrini was fun. I met some new people that I now consider friends, and I learned a lot about myself in just a little bit of time. Something that I would like to see change at Cabrini is the food. Also, I would like for Cabrini to have more of a campus life. There are not many activities to do on campus. I do wish that there was more of a variety when it comes to the food selection. But overall, I like Cabrini.
I transferred to Cabrini after being at another college for about a year. Unfortunately none of my credit from my previous college transferred so i began the college process all over again with Cabrini. Fortunately - Cabrini was amazing in this experience! I finished my undergrad in a whooping 3 years, making Dean's List every semester. My professors continue to be some of my biggest support systems. Even 6 years after graduation - I still love telling people about my experience with Cabrini.
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Cabrini was absolutely the right fit for me. It really was my home away from home. The campus is small and easy to navigate and has a community-like feel. You get one on one time with your professors and they really care about your success in and outside of the classroom. As a communication major, I had leadership opportunities at Cabrini that I would have never had at a larger school. I finished college with a full portfolio of work to show future employers and landed a job right out of school. My four years at Cabrini were so memorable and definitely prepared me well for my career.
I ultimately decided to attend Cabrini because of the resources available to Com majors. I participated in internships and student organizations that provided hands-on experience to boost my resume and helped me land a job right after graduation. I still keep in touch with my professors - and appreciate the supportive community that they helped create to ensure I was confident to take on new opportunities and experiences.
it is very terrible. when I am there I want to claw my eyeballs out. everyone is so weird, unattractive and just plain annoying. my teachers are very weird and talk too much. they never like to hear about the students opinions. i also had a very bad encounter with my roommate. she snored 24/7 like a mad man, and she also liked to type on her keyboard so hard at odd hours of the night and i thought the computer was going to explode. sometimes when i woke up in the middle of the night I would see her walking around and talking to no one. maybe mother cabrini. i hate everything. the only thing I like is the milkshakes at the rac. I can not wait until my 4 years are over.