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Within the online experience of learning, Cabrini University has been communicating with their students about events upcoming virtually, informing us about internship opportunities in the future, and remind us that talking to all types of eclectic people can lead us down a great marketing path. Having the info of an entrepreneur or an engineer can lead you to a job and hopefully a career in the field.
My experience at Cabrini University is still going on, but it is going well for me. I am being informed about upcoming assignments, and my teachers cooperating with me when I need an extension on certain assignments. Ever since everyone went to virtual learning, they explained to me how to use particular services like Blackboard properly, instead of expecting me to figure it out, which is nice.
Cabrini is a beautiful school that tries it's best to appeal to the students while still maintaining an appropriate image. I had a few issues with enrollment and financial aid that could have been handled better by the staff, but overall it is not a bad school.
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My professors were very sweet and they always did what ever they could to help their students. They were present when help was needed and tried their best to make each student enjoy their time in class by giving everyone equal opportunity to participate.
I'm excited to begin my senior year at cabrini with in-person classes. I can't wait to be back on the beautiful campus and be back in the community. Everyone is friendly and familiar, from the professors to the students. Classes are small and usually interesting too.
Professors moved classes online quickly last semester but they did a good job keeping it engaging for the rest of the semester.
During COVID it was tricky to get in touch with professors since there were no office hours and they had overwhelming emails, but otherwise online classes aren't difficult if you do the work when it is assigned to get ahead of it before you are assigned more.
Great if you want to go to a small college. Catholicism isn't pushed, but there are several service opportunities (even if you aren't Catholic). Great academics and one on one opportunities with professors and staff. Everyone is welcoming and awesome! Wayne is a cute little town with shops and cafes/restaurants. King of Prussia mall is a short 15 minute drive away!
Online was nice and a breeze for the most part, not a problem for me at all to be honest, hope I won’t have to do it again.
My first year attending Cabrini University was great to be honest, met lots of wonderful professors! And lots of great people, even started working out h there. Can’t wait for my sophomore year!
the campus and classes are great. close kit, easy to find friends and get involved. teachers here are very helpful, no one is left behind in any classes. there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and find what you like. the sports are good as well. dorms are nice and clean, freshmen years halls are smaller than others but still nice. they have many different living opportunities that you can pick from. they have LC which are groups that you can enter in that help you meet people and people that you can live with and go to the same classes as them. LC's are the best thing for in coming students. lC's are something that can change your whole experience. they have learning communities and living/ learning communities as well. they have many different majors to pick from and the classes are good. Cabrini is an amazing college and there isn't a lot of people in your class size so its easy to get the help you need in any of your classes. classes last around an hour and 15 minutes.
I enjoyed Cabrini University because of the small community. I loved the one-on-one time with the professors because they knew me by my name and always felt the need to reach out to me. I could always approach them with questions regarding my academics or future career. The school was small which made it easier for me to adjust to meeting new people and joining clubs and activities. The clubs and activities I was a part of was the Dance Team and Dance Company, President of my Exercise Science club, an Orientation leader, on the Cheerleading Team, a member of multiple honor societies, and achieved President's List and Dean's List several times. I am proud to be considered a Cabrini alumnus when I graduate in August.
Cabrini is a pretty good school and I enjoy my time there. Although there is no Greek life, there still is parties held by athletic teams which get crowded. I love the small classes sizes. The professors are very nice and caring. The food is a hit or miss, sometimes the caf is good but others it will be really bad. I do wish there was more food options on campus, but there is a lot of nearby food off campus like chipotle, Wawa, Panera, etc. The new residence hall South is very nice and a good addition to the school, I recommend living there if you live on campus.
Deplorable Freshman housing. It looks great until Mom & Dad leave, then it sucks. RA's have no interest in helping you. Security is a JOKE and NEVER around. Very un easy feeling at night. Weekends it turns into a ghost town. Student and counseling services barely give you the time of day. I left ag=fter my first year. HORRIBLE SCHOOL
Cabrini was not my first choice for my college but it was the right choice. The other schools I was at were larger and further away from where I live. Cabrini had a beautiful campus, small class sizes, welcoming people, but it was a small campus. When I thought of going away to school I always thought I was going to go to a big school with multiple campus's. Just because I wanted those things does not mean that is what I needed. Cabrini has offered me everything I needed in a University. The professors are great, the classes are intimate, there is always something to get involved in. I made the right choice coming to Cabrini University and I hope that if it is not someones first choice they give it a chance like I did because they might just find their home here.
At first I was not sure if I was going to like it considering how small it was. However, once I started I knew this was right for me. You have closer relationships with your teachers. Also freshman have to be involved in a Living Learning Community or a Learning Community which is a great way to make friends and since the campus is small you always see your friends walking around.
Beautiful and safe campus not far from Philadelphia. If you are looking for a small college in a nice area, it is hard to beat Cabrini. Nurturing community, extremely competitive athletics department, and a philosophy of giving all make this a unique place.
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I have only been at Cabrini University for a month and through out my freshman journey my experience has just been amazing. Cabrini truly cares about their students, faculty and staff and even parents. Being at Cabrini feels like one little family. When i was choosing my college I made sure it was going to be one beneficial for me and I am glad to say I made the best decision.
My experience at Cabrini for the first year was ok. I remember loving the professors and appreciating their help towards me as far as academics. If I would change anything it would be the food. It’s not bad but maybe some work needed. Also I would add more activities around campus. It gets very boring on weekends. Overall the school is ok.
During my first year I really enjoyed the resources that were made available to all students along with the teaching program. I was excited to learn in this environment growing up in a Catholic school while growing up. There are activities throughout the school year that students and staff prepare and do a excellent job.
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