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Overall, Cabrini University is a pleasant school with rigorous academics and a beautiful campus. The "party scene" here is, well there is no party scene. Residence halls are kept very nice by the people whom clean the spaces, only bad thing is the students treat it like someone is obligated to clean up after them. Besides that the students who go here typically love their school and take time with their academic work to be successful.
I am a freshman and I am having a wonderful college experience.I am meeting new people and trying different things and I am achieving a lot.
Great college with a family environment, in which professors work closely with you and give you maximum attention. A university full of catholic and human values.
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Cabrini is not a bad school if your looking for small classes and a lot of 1 on 1 with professors. The campus is small and classes are very close to each other.
Cabrini University is a small quite campus. I felt like i learned a lot but I didn't really receive the best social experience because its so small. Overall I like Cabrini and it offered me a great college experience.
I transferred to Cabrini in the fall of 2016. I fell in love with the campus, community, and professors. If you need the one-on-one attention with your professors, this University is for you. I also received a job in the admissions department only being on campus for one semester. I was never an A student, but coming to Cabrini I am now an A+ student.
Cabrini is building a diverse student body, and it is very welcoming as a hispanic student. Everything here is amazing, and I appreciate all that is offered.
I am in my freshman year and I love it! I couldn't picture myself being any place else. It is small and mostly quiet, but that is what I like best about it.
This is a very close college. student that go here have a lot to look out for. carbine is also very historic. campus is very relaxed.
I love it at Cabrini! The professors are really great as well as the support staff. Its size is also a bonus. You don't feel overwhelmed or like your just "that student". They really know each student as the individual they are.
Cabrini University is a wonderful Liberal Arts college in Radnor, PA just outside the Philadelphia. It is a pretty diverse campus, but it isn't hard to make friends. Academics are challenging depending on your major, and its pretty well known for its education program. If you're looking for a good time on the weekends, befriend athletes. You will no doubt have a great time creating memories, receiving a decent education, and enjoying what college is all about.
Cabrini has a beautiful campus. Classes are on the smaller size, so its a more intimate experience. They have a very diverse student body and embrace everyone's differences. It's a small school but it has a little bit of everything. The biggest thing I would like to see change is price. It is an expensive school. Even though they give scholarships and help, that just lowers the price to what it should be in the first place. So you think your getting this generous gift, when in reality your paying full price because the scholarship just lowers your tuition to a normal price.
So far my experince at Cabrini has not been the best. However, I feel like I can really levrage the small classes and proffesors to my advantage. College is what you make of it and this college is expensive so I have to make it mean alot.
It is not something that I enjoy.
I do not take interest in sports.
I believe that this school is the perfect fit for someone that wants to attend a small school. This school gives off the friendly vibe that ensures you that you'll make a friend.
Cabrini has some houses that need to be fixed, the money that we pay should go into the maintenance of the houses and other facilities that the students in capus uses
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We do not have a Greek Life at Cabrini, maybe we can start this program up for students like myself for people to get involved
I would love to play on the volleyball team but my academics will not allow me to
Cantons college is a great school that utilizes the work force experiences to connect with students
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