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Cabrillo College is located in a beautiful scenic area. The teachers are really approachable and knowledgable. The class sizes allow you to get to know your peers and professor really well. Some of the best-supported majors include Early Childhood Development, Agriculture, and Art.
Cabrillo College had a diverse group of staff and students. I enjoyed every course I took. I had researched the courses prior to taking each one to ensure it matched me as a scholar.
Cannot recommend Cabrillo highly enough! Class sizes are tiny, usually 20-40 students, and campus is easily walkable from one end to the next in about 20 minutes. For the most part professors are kind, enthusiastic, passionate, supportive, and invested in student success. Cabrillo is a great place for adult learners and people interested in science, engineering, tech, and math. The STEM center has free drop in tutoring for everything from algebra to organic chemistry. Sometimes there is free food there too! So many resources to help students succeed and transfer onto a 4 year university. You'll save so much money by starting at a community college first!
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Decent campus with great teachers, smaller classes compared to Universities. Would like more options in advancing languages such as French past 1 year. Somewhat affordable tuition (in terms of community college), great place to get an AS and eventually transfer out.
Everyday I go to class I always find someone new to talk to. Everyone in this campus is so friendly and in such a happy mood. The positivities vibes always around. Also the professors are very helpful!
Lots of resources for students. Very affordable but you get a great education. They offer lots of academic support and even financial support.
Cabrillo College has so far been an excellent experience. The professors are wonderful and experienced. This is a great place to prepare to transfer for university.
My first week at Cabrillo College was smooth. The staff and fellow students have been very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend Cabrillo College for anyone.
I like Cabrillo College because is so close to home and my family. Great people to help you out and get you in task to do great in all classes.
Cabrillo is a great investment in a very expensive but beautiful area. The classes are simple to understand and everyone on campus is extremely helpful.
Cabrillo College is a wonderful school. The science program has some of the best professors. They, not only love their students and want them to succeed, they're passionate about what they teach. They want their students to learn the topics they teach, so one-on-one meetings are very easily set up. Tutoring is free, and there are endless places to go when you're in need of anything from advil to chemistry homework.
nice college, has a lot to offer, class sizes are small. They have a great baseball program. The coaches are great. If you live in state it is very affordable.
All of the professors I've had here were really great, nice campus and they really like to promote student services
Cabrillo has some great professors, but you have to work to find them -- after a terrible experience in a very low-quality class, I find every professor on before taking a class. If you are serious about getting a high-quality, challenging education, you will have to pick and choose your professors. As it is a community college, student life is pretty much nonexistent, and I personally feel no attachment to the school whatsoever. The school is pretty non-interventional and lets you mess around in classes and take whatever you like -- probably a big part of why the school's graduation rate is quite low. I've had a lot of mixed experience with the counseling office, a lot of people will say the same. I feel that unclear instructions, lack of intervention and career-directed guidance, and a laid back attitude contribute to students wandering through classes and staying for 5 + years at what is actually supposed to be a 2-year college.
Great school, great teachers! Was able to get a student job at the library, staff is great and welcoming with flexible scheduling around classes. Most teachers (that I have had) are incredibly helpful. Only thing I am not fond of is that most teachers count attendance towards overall grade. As well as the lack of higher courses available for languages such as French.
Cabrillo College made going back to school as an adult a breeze! They offer flexible class schedules and professors are willing to work with you to help you succeed.
Cabrillo is a nice college is a quiet area of Aptos. I can't compare it to other colleges, but from what I hear from everyone, it's a great college! teachers are good, most students are good, no major incidents usually. Most students are pretty young (18-19). The best thing in this college is probably "The HUB," which is very efficient and helpful teaching center! you just come, sign, and get 1-on-1 tutors for free, 6 days a week, for almost all subjects! if you'll go to the HUB frequently, you'll probably get an A.
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I have had a wonderful experience at Cabrillo college. And the professors are very helpful and kind. The students are motivated .There ere lots of study groups. And extra help for everyone who wants it
Cabrillo is a very fun and diverse environment. Throughout my time here, I have really felt that a majority of my professors have cared about me and my overall wellbeing. Students and other staff are friendly. There are also many resources!
I have been taking classes Cabrillo College for 4 years as a concurrently enrolled high school student. This has allowed me to gain 25 units of transferrable UC credit and has satisfied many of my A-G requirements to graduate from high school. All of my instructors at Cabrillo have been accommodating, kind, and engaging. Cabrillo has helped set me on a path for a better future and I highly recommend the college for anyone who wishes to obtain an affordable and inspiring experience.
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