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Since COVID happened, everything has been online. The professors I've had have done their very best to ensure we have the necessary tools to succeed.
Cabrillo has amazing professors! Full of passion and devoted to see their students succeed! In my 3 years of being there I can honestly say I am glad I chose to go to Cabrillo to start off my journey towards my career.
Cabrillo is a great community college. The tuition is reasonable for residence and students who can't afford to start a four-year college right away. It is super easy to register. It's easy to navigate there website.
And they have two locations which makes it accessible to everybody. The campus offers financial aid, student health services, counseling, and the staff are friendly inclusive and the teachers are always helpful.
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I'm taking an online class for the first time due to covid-19 . So far the professor has done a really good job at communicating sending emails and replying to my emails. Were you seeing canvas and zoom for our lectures.
The Music Facilities at Cabrillo are wonderful! Between the supportive professors, the practice rooms, the lab resources, and the professors, Cabrillo helps Music Majors from all reaches of life pursue their passion in the arts.
The professors from my online courses have been very communicative and understanding of issues that come up. I can tell that they still care about students even if they are only online.
The courses I have taken online have been as successful as the ones I have taken in person. As mentioned previously, Cabrillo provides their students with the best resources possible for guaranteed success. The professors I have taken online courses with, have been very organized and very easy to understand. It was not hard at all to get used to.
Choosing to attend Cabrillo College was definitely the best decision I have made. The professors and staff there have provided me with the best resources to continue being successful throughout the two years I’ve been attending this community college. I would absolutely recommend Cabrillo to anyone who is feeling indecisive on what college they want to attend and especially to family and friends.
I liked that there were many resources provided to be able to help achieve success in Cabrillo. The classes where good class sizes they had a good amount of students and were not packed.
I took online classes they were very easy for me to go through and complete what was expected of me. The teacher were very hands-on to be able to help students out whenever help was needed.
Professors made the transitions as easy as possible, and we learned together as we went. They make very detailed assignments to understand what you are doing
I really like the location of the school. Most teachers are very welcoming and understanding. Campus seems like it's hard to navigate but you will get it in no time.
Cool teachers, so many options for courses and degrees, teachers that I have had are helpful and caring.
The location is really bad due to housing and living costs. You pretty much need help or you can’t go here.
Beautiful Agriculture department, and it’s right between watsonville and santa cruz which is cool for people of both cities.
Online courses are pretty simple. It’s easier if you took online classes in highschool. Do your work and you will have a good time, teachers are friendly and helpful.
I've been attending Cabrillo College off and on for well over 20 years as my life has been filled with unexpected challenges and life experiences where I've learned much about myself. Cabrillo has gracefully been there to welcome me back time and time again, each time feeling that we've both evolved a little bit further into a better representation of oneself. Me with clarity of my career path and Cabrillo with it's improved campus, teachers and offerings. I will forever be grateful to this outstanding community college that has felt less like a school and more like home.
I started Cabrillo College as a high school student. I took Psychology online. I received an A and 3 units. For high school I got 10 units for taking that class. The instructor was flexible and gave me accommodations. She was also super nice and sometimes extended due dates when she thought it was necessary. I enjoyed the class because I'm the one who picked it.
Excellent engineering department with tons of resources. The chair is committed to getting the most for her students, and insures there is alot of funding for opportunities.
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I like the open feeling of it, seem rather open.
Though one thing I would want to change is probably the color of the school, as the white can be blinding at time, and could be change into color, like a subtle bright color, to make it stand out more as a college.
Also I wish there was a recreational center, where students can on their spare time , play some games, ping pong, or some other kind of recreational center like CSUMB.
There are lots of services that help about with money and food, so its pretty good in that regard.
And most of the time the teachers are rather well verse in their subject and can be more friendly to the conditions of some of lives of the people in poorer conditions.
That’s my experience so far.
What I like about attending Cabrillo College is that the staff is really friendly and is always willing to help you with whatever issue you have. I like how there is so many resources to help you stay on track. Cabrillo College is the type of college you never want to leave!
Cabrillo is such a wonderfully diverse school with staff, professors, and students who all care about each other, equality, and opportunity. There is a fantastic Mentor program, access to Mental Health, and plenty of student groups to participate in. This school really supports all walks of life, growth, diversity, and success of all students who attend and think of attending.
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