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Cabrillo has a lot of resources and everyone is very welcoming. There are many clubs on campus and we have amazing sports teams. I am a part of the Puente program which was created to help guide students who are trying to transfer and need help with guidance. I also joined EOPS which also helps transferring, counseling, and vouchers in addition EOPS helps with test scans, free waiver for applications for a couple Universities. Many people find it discouraging going to a community college rather than a university, however I believe that it is smart. Many of us cannot afford a university and four years only makes is a huge burden.
overall a postive environment, teachers are very intelligent and respectful. the energy is very carefree and self dependent. one of the best college campuses i have ever been on.
I like how the teachers reach out to help you and some tell you of great opportunity for the student to get financial aid. The staff tries to connect with you.
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It's a nice environment I love this college and plus we always meet someone different in coumpus and it's very fun
For the most part, Cabrillo Community College lives up to its rank as one of the best community colleges in California. Cabrillo is home to some of the best professors I have encountered during my educational career. However, as a customer of Cabrillo, I found that many of the professors and counselors at Cabrillo did not provide the basic service expected of them. In lou of lectures, some professors choose to play Youtube videos for most classes. I have experienced professors that lose student's work, refuse to use resources (Canvas) that the college provides to help students, or coddle student's instead of preparing them for transfer.
I love Cabrillo College because it is a motivational place to be. All of my professors have been more than supportive and are great to help with students. They have a math and English tutoring center that is beyond helpful for students. I highly recommend going to this Community College and I'm so grateful that it's my college.
Cabrillo College has a beautiful campus and many wonderful professors. There are gorgeous ocean views from campus, and the school is centrally located in the Santa Cruz community. Cabrillo offers a wide array of classes in different formats and times in order to accommodate as many students as possible. Classes have been extremely affordable, especially as a California resident -- I've saved thousands of dollars by choosing to go to Cabrillo! All of my teachers have been awesome instructors and shown great care in my education. Santa Cruz is such a happy and gorgeous place to live, and going to school here has been unreal! With great classes and a beautiful town, what more can a student ask for?
As a STEM major, Cabrillo has helped me succeed academically via its challenging STEM courses and readily available resources. The STEM center, a designated study lounge for STEM majors, is full of resources whether it be tutoring or counseling. Free tutoring is available and the tutors are very knowledgeable. The instructors are intriguing and care about their students' success. One thing I would like to see change is the parking. Parking is terrible here. The garages fill up before 8am and are very tiny.
Honestly, I feel like Cabrillo College is an overall peaceful campus, everyone there is always nice and helpful, it definitely has a friendly welcoming environment and I would bet it’s one that is very unique compared to other college campuses.
Access to numerous resources in various fields makes acing classes here a breeze. One of my favorite resources is the stem center, where you can study, get tutored, and use the computers. The food is great, would definitely recommend the pho. Weathers typically really nice in Santa Cruz, and I haven't come across any unsafe situations. In terms of diversity I'm not really sure what their referring to here. I have no experience with athletics/dorms/partying. Great school that you'll get as much out of as you can put into it.
It's my second year in this college and I love it!! The culture and student life that surrounds this college are just amazing. The counselors are also very helpful and are always there when you need help. Classes are amazing and the professors really show that they care. I'm studying for Early Childhood Education and this college has an amazing program for this especially for this major. It includes a child daycare in which students can go do observation and have practiced for teaching and making one's experience hours. Amazing College!! I love it!!!
The reason why Cabrillo College is such a diverse school is because this school welcomes everyone. The academics are top notch and the sports make events very exciting. This school is located in Aptos where you can find the mountains but also the beach. There are endless amounts of activities that a student can do outside of school.
I how much I'm learning, and how helpful professor are. I've learned so much since I started attending Cabrillo in 2016, Im looking forward on learning more. I'm excited for the fall semester to start because im register on and I'm taking classes that I'm excited about
Its pretty cool, I couldnt really complain. It seems like its gonna be a really interesting experience. I cant wait to officially get started at cabrillo. I hope the year is fun and my classes are good.
Cabrillo College has been the best educational experience in my life. I must say that the decision to attend a community college before moving on to a four-year university has been one of my best decision to date. Cabrillo College offers a variety of classes that suits each person's' schedule who would like to extend their education. They offer associate's degrees, as well as, they grant people the possibility to transfer to a four-year institution.My experience in this school has been great, since there are many opportunities to receive help with assignments. Professors as educational centers are available during the week willing to help us in and concerns we might have. One thing that I would change is the schedule for the final exams. In my opinion, I suggest reconsideration since classes from eight to nine in the morning have their exams at seven in the morning. During the fall semester this schedule make is very dangerous, cold, and difficult for students to arrive on time.
Applications and financial aid easy to do online. Some very good teachers with a lot of work experience in their fields, that really care about the subject matter.
Cabrillo is a great transition for those not sure about where they want to go to college or just to save some money while taking general ed courses. I've had a really positive experience here and have enjoyed most all of the classes I've taken. For the most part, there's really great professors here. I've only had a couple that I really didn't like but other than that I've had some wonderful ones as well. Not a good school if you're looking to make friends or are expecting any sort of social scene. People keep to themselves and it's not really a place to make friends, even in classes.
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The counselors at Cabrillo College are knowledgeable, caring, and reliable. They have a wealth of information to help students succeed and attain their goals; whether that be earning a certificate, transferring, or completing an Associates Degree. The counselors carefully listen to what students have to say and don't speak down to students. Counselors also have credible information to give to students and have no problem cross checking information on multiple resources when they are unsure themselves.
This school has been a very grate for this place to be my foundation for my education that will lead me into the career I want to do. The staff at the school are very nice and are extremely helpful when understanding new topics that help me get the best grade in every class I take. Even if I may not be doing so well, this school has the right tools that can help me achieve the grade I want to get to become successful in all my classes.
I very much enjoy Cabrillo. Professors care about working with each student and work to help you succeed.
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