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Applications and financial aid easy to do online. Some very good teachers with a lot of work experience in their fields, that really care about the subject matter.
Cabrillo is a great transition for those not sure about where they want to go to college or just to save some money while taking general ed courses. I've had a really positive experience here and have enjoyed most all of the classes I've taken. For the most part, there's really great professors here. I've only had a couple that I really didn't like but other than that I've had some wonderful ones as well. Not a good school if you're looking to make friends or are expecting any sort of social scene. People keep to themselves and it's not really a place to make friends, even in classes.
The counselors at Cabrillo College are knowledgeable, caring, and reliable. They have a wealth of information to help students succeed and attain their goals; whether that be earning a certificate, transferring, or completing an Associates Degree. The counselors carefully listen to what students have to say and don't speak down to students. Counselors also have credible information to give to students and have no problem cross checking information on multiple resources when they are unsure themselves.
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This school has been a very grate for this place to be my foundation for my education that will lead me into the career I want to do. The staff at the school are very nice and are extremely helpful when understanding new topics that help me get the best grade in every class I take. Even if I may not be doing so well, this school has the right tools that can help me achieve the grade I want to get to become successful in all my classes.
I very much enjoy Cabrillo. Professors care about working with each student and work to help you succeed.
In my opinion one of the best community colleges in the state. It is a big and beautiful campus. It looks new and it is well cleaned and maintained. The staff here is great they really care about the students and trying to get them to reach their goals. The counselors are well educated and always help with any questions I have. I sometimes go without an appointment and I get seen fairly quickly. However, I wouldn't recommend not going without an appointment. The STEM and Math Centers have really nice and smart employees. If someone doesn't know the answer to a question it gets passed around and it always gets solved. The only problem you will find at Cabrillo is finding parking during the day. I try to get the earliest classes to avoid any parking issues. By 9 and 10 am you will most likely need to circle the parking garage a couple times to find some parking. After 3pm I would say it dies down and parking is not an issue.
My first semester at Cabrillo College was unfathomable. The classes I took were great with exquisite teaching by the professors. It was a great place to start my college education and I will continue to attend this excellent school.
It is a large campus that prepares you in transferring to a four year university. Parking is a bit limited during the earl morning and it is very liberal, if you are conservative this might get annoying. The teachers are usually also teaching at the universities that are close by or have worked at amazing schools but work at this college because it has an amazing environment with the beach and forest nearby.
At Cabrillo there are many programs, clubs, and support from others that its a great school to attend if going to a junior college. An area that provides support on anything related with computers, and a lot of aid from professors and peers that attend. There wouldn't be much to change that I dislike except the price on food.
Cabrillo has good academics, especially in STEM related fields. It is a good option for freshman who want to save money but don't want their quality of education to suffer. Also, Cabrillo has good professors and is in a great location.
Transferring credits is incredibly easy. Many classes are CSU and UC transferable, and it's easy to tell because the class numbers tell you if & where the credits are transferable.
I have only taken one online course but it was helpful to be able to do all the work at generally my own pace from the comfort of wherever I chose to be.
The post grad services are great. The job prospects are very strong and many people get jobs as soon as they graduate.
The courses are really great and the class sizes are small enough that the teachers can spend a lot of time helping you. There's a very wide variety of classes to take.
The overall career prospects are great. There are endless opportunities for employment and internships as well as multiple career tech programs that prepare you for a specific career.
My program is a career tech program. Their medical assisting program is an accelerated 2-year program that includes a work-experience externship, and although there is a good work load, it will help me secure a job as soon as I graduate. The facilities are new and high tech.
Cabrillo is unique because of all the different ways it caters to all kinds of different people. There are so many resources for those who have a hard time learning, plus an Honors Program and plenty of extracurricular activities to enrich your academic experience.
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I am majoring in graphic design and the course is perfect and shows you how the career will be, general Ed classes are also really great classes, which teach you a lot.
Cabrillo College is a great community school to go to, the school has helpful classes and programs that help you with classes or programs to transfer.
Online courses allow students to be more flexible with their schedule and prove to be more convenient than a traditional classroom setting. Though students must be self-motivated and dedicated to the class in order to stay on top of their workload and management, it can be a necessary tool in expanding their education to fit with their individual lifestyle.
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