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Instructors are very helpful and understanding. There is help for student's who need the extra help.
The stigma of community colleges not being as credible as its upper division alternatives is nonexistent at Cabrillo. Most of the professors are ambitious and engaging when teaching; this is critical to maintaining a passion and focus for learning. Cabrillo is also incredibly efficient from a financial perspective when comparing the cost of general education classes offered at higher universities. With proper guidance and self-discipline, students can transfer as quickly as 2 years while still exploring other options and opening their minds to career paths they would have never considered.
Cabrillo College is an excellent institution and represents phenomenal value for one's money. I would recommend this school to most, including those graduating high school or returning to school after a long absence. I highly recommend the honors program, which offers an enhanced curriculum, smaller class sizes, and opportunities to personally know professors.
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What I love about Cabrillo College are the professors. How they take their time teaching their students. Professors at this college go the extra mile for their students and they are human beings giving them the opportunity for a better future.
Cabrillo is an excellent college to attend. They have such supportive professors that truly care about you.
They help you a lot and have a lot of programs that can help you with paying for textbooks and the teachers are very understanding
Cabrillo college is a good school and allows students to learn in a focused environment. Great for transferring to four year university and different career programs.
Cabrillo is a diverse place to be at. Its a cheap alternative to begin your path to your career. Cabrillo is an excellent community college they offer a variety of classes for you to take.
I like Cabrillo's campus a lot because they have an excellent library, study rooms, and tutors. The cafeteria is clean and offers a variety of healthy to junk food. Some professors are great and know how to teach, while there are some professors who are unpleasant to be with.
Horrid school. A black hole that sucks you in and never lets you leave. I know few people who were able to transfer in less than 5 years. Huge wait times on counseling, poor treatment of lgbt students, refusale to give $ aid to students needing a non traditional dependency override, and not a safe campus.

Really lives up to its 16% transfer rate. I ended up moving to San Jose for school at de Anza and went from not being able to pass a class to graduating in 2 years with top honors thanks to the help and support I was given. Cabrillo sucks.
This is my second time attending Cabrillo. I received my AA degree 8 years ago and now I am back for nursing school. I love it here! The energy and vibe from campus is great and there are students of all ages.
I was taking Math 4 in this college and I absolutely loved it. Math 4 is a class that combines algebra 2 with pre-calculus all in one whole course. It was definitely intense, however, the teachers and tutors at the college are awesome and really helpful. I realized that many students overlook this college because it is underrated, however, it contains many awesome professors and I guarantee that if anyone gives this college a shot, they will not regret it!
I am a current junior in High School. In addition to taking my A-G requirements, I have concurrent enrollment in Cabrillo College on the Watsonville Campus. ALl the professors are willing to put in as much time and effort to help you succeed.
Cabrillo is a very comfortable school with many options. You could get all the classes needed to transfer here or just take some side classes if you have the time and bit more money.
I enjoy all of my classes and professors. They provide clear lectures and you are able to build a sort of friendship with your professors. The professors I've had are very approachable and are easy to talk to.
The school is set up to help students willing to succeed, succeed. There are great staff, great people, and overall a great community. Although there is a sense of kindness and positivity, the campus lacks school spirit or any form of way of getting students excited for events. After classes are over, the sense of community disappears. Cabrillo college is for those willing to put education first and make any situation a positive one for them.
Cabrillo College is affordable and offers great professors. Class rooms range from small to larger number of students which allows you to pick what kind of environment you’d like to have. It has great cafes and spots that offer tutors that help in all subjects for free. You are also allowed to study at the Hub which offered computers and tables for quiet or group studying. The counselors are always available and offer many great tips onto how to get on track and take the right path to your major. The teachers at Cabrillo are really kind and care about your education. Overall Cabrillo is a really calm and great envious and offers many opportunities for help towards your major and studies.
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Cabrillo is a very beautiful campus, and all the professors want you to succeeded. They are very helpful and made me enjoy all my classes I've took there so far. I cant wait to come back next semester and see how my classes go.
Attending Cabrillo College to complete the first two years of my degree was the best decision I have ever made regarding my education. The faculty there are incredible, they really get to know YOU as an individual & student. I felt heard in every classroom I walked into during my time there, I felt like I mattered and that my professors truly wanted to help me understand and learn. I met so many cool people in my classes and along the way in their tutoring facilities, everyone is so nice! I saved so much money attending this community college, which has given me an edge financially now that I'm transferring to a four-year university. I will miss Cabrillo College dearly, it was such a positive experience and a wonderful introduction to college!
Great transition from high school to a university! Very affordable and the best decision I have ever made
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