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So far I like this school, it’s my first semester and was online so I don’t really have any complaints.
Both of my classes were online this semester. My professors did a good job making sure we retained the material and gave different opportunities for extra credit which helped me because sometimes online courses are more difficult than in person.
I have not started school yet but so far communication has been golden and everyone has been very thorough and helpful. I am excited to start in the fall!
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This college is amazing. Small class size. Very community orientated. Varies age range. Faculty care about the students. Very home type feeling when you walk in.
I have not started yet, but the staff has been very nice and helpful since the first day, even when I had a lot of questions.
The professors here REALLY care about your success and they go out of their way/ go the extra mile to make sure you learn what you need to know. Plus we have gotten to go on a lot of "field trips" to gain more hand on training for our future health careers!
I am currently in the masters of occupational therapy program. I am a full time worker. This classes are hybrid so I have some online and 1 weekend a month. This program is doffcukut because of the workload however the teachers provide ample time to complete all assignments and are available via Skype or in person. I think I am getting the most of my education with this program.
The overall student body and instructors for my program have been amazing. Even with instructors that I did not take have been helpful if needed. All instructors are there to assist students and help them finds the answers. They a conflate work schedules well.
He quality of alumni networking and job placement is great. We had a weekly email pool that passes along new job alerts and who to contact. There are opportunities for alumni to interact between speaking with a new group of students, events, as well as instructors on clinical sites.
The school is vey flexible with accommodating students transferring in. They also work with exempting out of classes. I came into this school with another degree. The school has transferred almost all and the ones that weren't transferable I could test out of or I had to retake it because it had been more than 5 years.
I would prefer an in class instructor but when I do have to take online courses, the instructor is available for additional help and tutoring if needed. The online class are also easy to follow.
The occupational therapy assistant program instructors are wonderful in aiding students wth their resume and finding job placement upon graduate. There is also weekly emails with new job alert that I find interesting and helpful for a second job.
I absolutely LOVE Cabarrus College of Helath Sciences. As an adult learner, this school makes it easy to take classes online or hybrid and maintain a full time job. The staff/faculty make themselves readily available to meet with you-even weekends if necessary. The professors do everything to help you succeed and to find job placement upon graduation. I am currently enrolled in my second degree at the school. My first experience was just that awesome!
The workload is heavy, but that is to be expected. I have excellent relationships with my peers- some of them are friends I will have with me for life now! I also have great relationships with many of my instructors, while always professional, they are still down to earth and easy to talk to! I loved how easy the online courses were to navigate and being able to complete them on my own time.
There are lots of opportunities for alumni to stay involved with the school which I love. Once a Cabarrus College owl, always a Cabarrus College owl.
I love the smaller class sizes, almost every instructor I've ever had with the exception of one or two and the friendly atmosphere all around campus. This school does everything in it's power to produce successful human beings entering the medical field.
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For the nursing program, in our final semester we are given the opportunity to practice and perfect our interview skills as well as actually interviewing in front of a panel of people from CHS in order to get out resumes sent out to different units. This is a huge advantage and something I'm very thankful for.
I love that Cabarrus College is so closely tied to CHS! Being in the nursing program, this is a huge advantage over other schools. The teachers work very hard to make sure we are successful and develop the skills and working knowledge we will need to be a nurse in the real world caring for someone's loved one.
I have loved Cabarrus College for the 2.5 years I've spent there so far! I plan to continue classes to get my BSN after graduation in May. All of the instructors are incredible and I love the smaller school atmosphere.
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