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Butte is an amazing junior college. The campus is beautiful, relaxing atmosphere. Everyone who works in the buildings like in EOPS is nice and helps you with anything they can. Theres a couple nice places you can eat there. It has a huge field for all the sports. Most of my teachers since going here are likeable. The campus is well taken care of, its clean. My favorite place is the coffee shop or downstairs in the library where you can sit quielty and do your work. Tutoring serivces are wonderful. They have the CAS center, EOPS power center, a couple others I can't remember. I will be sade to leave when I graduate.
I really don't know I've never taken an online course expect for now with covid-19. Online learning isn't for me. I have a challenging time with taking online classes. I am doing my best.
Online transition was a little slow but the teachers did the best they could. A few of my teachers are on the older side so this is expected.
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I’ve enjoyed my first year at butte. It has way exceeded my expectations. I’ve now become super involved and I am part of the student board.
Fairly welcoming place with a diverse population. Lots of international students who are honestly, in a lot of cases, more open than the others.
It’s great. The professors are helpful and are willing too work with you for extra help. There are plenty of opportunities for extra help. Whether it be from tutoring or needing a meal. The campus is kept really clean. The main and Chico campuses always have people available that are ready to help if you need something. The only main downside is that the main campus is in the middle of nowhere basically.
It was a smaller campus but the professors were absolutely amazing! Everything was really easy to find and I was able to receive help quickly my first day when I was trying to find my classes. I learned so much and everybody was super friendly and helpful.
I've obly been at butte college for a year, and its the only college I've been at, but I think that its pretty good. It gets the job done and is a great way to get the General education done with. The classes arent too large which allows for a better understanding and a better relationship with professors. It allows you to be able to ask questions if you're confused. All in all, I believe that Butte College does a great job in getting the basics done for a really low cost. It ends up being greatly worth it in the end.
I’ve been to Butte many times and I’ve loved every part of it. I enjoyed the campus and the serenity following it. For someone with anxiety it made me feel absolutely comfortable and as if I was already apart of the Butte family.
the professors at Butte are so involved and want you to succeed! there are many clubs to get involved with. Also Butte college has multiple different campuses for better access to all students. Also they have many different programs for all types of students. They have a program for people with disabilities, weather its having a physical disability like blindness or cerebral palsy to mental handicaps like ADHD or anxiety. All of the students are very friendly and open. There is a variety of different types of people on the campus.
Great place to start. I’m majoring in art and the teachers are great. The location of the campus isn’t ideal but the environment there is very pretty.
The staff and instructors are absolutely amazing. The campus is very diverse and there are different butte locals in a couple cities adding more opportunities for people all over the county and country. Butte is a great college.
Butte college is a nice campus overall , its just not a good fit for me personally. I could've stayed closer to home and go to college. Plus I am living off campus in an apartment almost 20 minutes away from Butte and I just feel like I could've stayed in my hometown. I went to Butte for athletics but due to a terrible injury that occurred to me, I am no longer playing sports just focusing on my education.
I think that it is a great community college to go to. If you want a great education to either get an AA or transfer, Butte College is a good choice.
Butte is a wondering diverse school where everyone is welcomed! I love the school from the first time I step foot on campus!
love it so far, everyone who works within any office is really nice and do their jobs well. ive had many problems they just sort out for me with no hassle.
I like Butte College, I have been going to this college off and on for about 10 years. There are many clubs you can join. The staff is very friendly and love to help students and want you to succeed.
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Overall good instructors and a beautiful campus. Each department has a good community based approach to how it is run. It's easy to get information and counselling from instructors and department heads. The counselors at Butte are not good. Very hit or miss, but usually department heads are willing help through the process.
The staff and faculty of this community college are amazing. Most teachers have exciting and hands-on classes that offer the same education at university. The teachers are of the highest quality. The facilities are of some quality; the library vast with knowledge, the cafeteria has excellent and well-priced food, the classrooms are up to date and clean and overall the campus is beautiful. My time at Butte has been wonderful and I have not had a poor experience yet. The classes are easy to register for and are abundant. The agricultural department could be more advanced but it is fairly small.
I’ve had an incredibly positive experience at Butte College! The professors are excellent, especially considering the fact that this is a community college. There is a huge breadth of resources including a Maker Space and the staff and faculty are dedicated to creating a diverse, supportive environment. I’ve also had the opportunity to work as a tutor on campus, which has been deeply enlightening for me!
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