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Most of the professors are excellent. Very passionate about their work, however, a hostile liberal agenda often interferes with my learning while on campus. If this were to change, i would give it five stars.
There are great opportunities at Butte College. I love how diverse the campus and staff are. I have learned so much there and love the fact that the teachers are understanding of their students.
I took prerequisites for the nursing program at Butte College and all my professors were outstanding. They were very knowledgable in their subjects and helped me outside of class whenever I needed it. They were approachable and really wanted all of their students to succeed. If you put in the effort then they put in the effort. It was a great experience and I learned more than I ever have.
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So far, I love the campus and the opportunities that come along. Butte is huge, but the community within always comes together.
I enjoyed going to college at Butte. The campus is huge so be careful scheduling your classes because you might have your next class all the way across the school and only 10 minutes to get there.
Most teachers are nice and caring students. The campus building are new, but it is not so clean. There are little trash on the floor. Students attitude are depend on people, there are some smart and hard working students, but not all. Many students are working, and they have car. If you want to make many friends at Butte College, you can, but you might difficult to hang out with them. The campus located far away from town, so most student ride bus or their car hour long distance. There are only one bus for every hour, so if student miss bus, they might late or miss their class.
Butte is an excellent trade school, and has great athletic programs that really cater to the needs of its athletes. If you have a plan this school can be great. If however,Like myself you are unsure of what the future holds I recommend a smaller school with a more involved counseling program. Butte is an affordable school on a beautiful campus, however unless you have a solid plan walking in, walk away.
Butte College is a good campus with a lot of diversity compared to Pleasant Valley. The professors that I've had have all been good and they're great teachers. My math teacher is really good at teaching and showing how he got answers and providing examples.
The professors are knowledgeable and helpful
The workload has been fair.
The professors care and are available for questions and help.
I have to get on a 2 year plan
Still need more time to adapt into the school culture
Im still new so i have lots more to discover on campus
Still have to adapt to a new school environment
Im fairly new to the school so not as much input
I wish there were more classes available online during the winter and summer. I work two jobs so during the semesters I can only take so many classes. It makes it difficult to get classes done. I feel like I'm spending extra time taking classes.
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I took one online class. I was not impressed. The instructor still has yet to grade assignments, the "correct" answers for the tests and quizzes were certainly not the correct ones. There were many assignments that did not teach us anything. I felt like I just did tedious assignments without learning anything.
They have helped me explore job opportunities, where and how to find a job, and prepared me for such careers.
There are so many different classes offered it amazing. I'm in the process of getting my bachelors degree in biology before attending Physician Assistant school. I am currently working two jobs and trying to get scholarships to save up for PA school.

Butte offers most of the classes I need for my bachelors degree so I do not have to transfer right away to Chico State, I can save some more money this way, and it is amazing.
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