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The staff and faculty of this community college are amazing. Most teachers have exciting and hands-on classes that offer the same education at university. The teachers are of the highest quality. The facilities are of some quality; the library vast with knowledge, the cafeteria has excellent and well-priced food, the classrooms are up to date and clean and overall the campus is beautiful. My time at Butte has been wonderful and I have not had a poor experience yet. The classes are easy to register for and are abundant. The agricultural department could be more advanced but it is fairly small.
I’ve had an incredibly positive experience at Butte College! The professors are excellent, especially considering the fact that this is a community college. There is a huge breadth of resources including a Maker Space and the staff and faculty are dedicated to creating a diverse, supportive environment. I’ve also had the opportunity to work as a tutor on campus, which has been deeply enlightening for me!
My experience with Butte College was great. Teachers were very helpful and wanted us to succeed, they were interested in our lives and how I was doing in school. The counselors and Deans were the only difficulties I had because my program wasn't created to be able to graduate. I had to then fight for my classes to be offered to be able to graduate. Overall everything worked out well and I was able to receive my degree in Fashion Merchandising.
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Amazing college! Great teachers! Amazing counsulers! Good variety in courses and other things! Beautiful campus!
The main Campus is large and fairly easy to navigate. They have many different subjects to choose from. It's a very diverse community college. The professors that I took while attended Butte College were all great.
I love Butte College. The instructors are knowledgable, compassionate, and available. It is evident in their attention to the courses, material, and students that they want us to succeed. I love their variety of courses, programs, and clubs. Their special events are informative and fun. I love my college!
This is my first year attending the college so I don't have a deep understanding of the college dynamics, but it feels better than my Diablo Valley college which was where I had previously attended. The orientation was really smooth and all the students that were guiding it were very helpful as well as the counselors. The campus is clean and well kept and the incoming student body looked somewhat diversified. The diversity wasn't anything like Diablo Valley College which is in the Bay Are. The local area pretty much consist of the city of Chico which can be nice but can also be pretty bad. For the most part the geography of the surrounding area is flat plains spotted with hills and plateaus. Its also extremely hot. The party scene is dominated by Chico state so there is not a whole lot to say about it, it's Chico State.
Best thing I have ever done. When I decided to go back to school after 28 years I came to Butte and I love it here.
There is a fairly large option for study paths and majors to pursue. All of the teachers that I had were always enthusiastic to teach and make sure that if you put in the effort then they would do all they could to make you successful. they all care a lot about what they teach and the students themselves. the administration is always willing to help anyway they can too. The (main) campus is large and a little spread out but has so many beautiful places to study or explore. overall I had a really great experience at BUtte.
Butte Colege has a supportive CAS center with workshops of every academic course; from English, Math, History, Science, etc. From my personal experience, if you are struggling with your class or course you should attend the CAS center for help. Butte College has a fascinating and helpful CAS center filled with students that desire to support you and your career.
I love how beautiful the campus is but it is a hassle walking around as it's a very hilly terrain, the food on campus is great too! It's always very clean here and it seems like they're always adding onto some part of campus.
Currently still enrolled in butte college but so far this is the bet school ive attended. Everyone is very helpful, nice, and amazing. All the teachers and faculty is very nice and resourceful.
My experience with Butte college was very easy and helpful. Butte college is an amazing school and I truly recommended it. Registering was easy, if you need help their staff is always ready to help. everyone at Butte college is friendly and caring. I choose butte college for the reason it was close to were I live, also it has the career I want to study.
It's a very clean campus, very helpful staff, not sure why you're trying to force a 100 character review, it'd all be made up to pass that requirement anyway
The professors are understanding and do their most to ensure that their students understand the topics at hand. The school is wonderful in terms of encouraging and uplifting students and diversity. Butte college is a wonderful school, and is definitely cheaper than going to a four year right away.
Faculty incredibly helpful, approachable, and kind. If you have any issues you can talk to them and they will try to help you fix them. Great experience with professors, you learn a LOT for cheap- a great way to transition into college life!
My experience at Butte college is of course different from a four year, however it’s still as nice, and possibly even nicer than one. There’s not much I’d like to see changed, I am mostly satisfied with my choice in attending Butte college for my associated degree.
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I have been trying to get in the RN program for almost three years. They were helpful and encouraging but it would be nice to have more seats available. This would also benefit the critical nursing shortage. So my overall experience. is mixed. Exasperation at waiting so long, but glad to be among professionals once I was seated. I think the extra charges added to tuition are extensive for someone that does not use them. Books are expensive, but not any more than other campuses. Financial Aid is complicated, but the staff are helpful.
Great teachers! I love all my classes. I've gotten straight As every semester thanks to the amazing teachers. Everyone is super nice and very motivated to be in college! I recommend going to butte college if Chico State is too expensive for you. Going to a community college saves a lot of money!
The counselors seem to be behind and not really care about what the student wants for their future. They recommend student classes that they do not need to take, so it makes it harder on them financially and mentally. For a community college its a lot further then others, but every college needs some work I believe their target area should be the counselors.
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