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Butte college provided an amazing learning environment filled with supportive staff! The school dedicates alot for their students success!
Things I like about butte college is the wonderful teachers. The facilities are wonderful and clean.
This is my first year at Butte College and I enjoy it so far. My classes are nice. I have a flexible schedule. My teachers are very helpful. The curriculum is good. The campus is nice and has a good environment to learn in. I honestly have no complaints. I would recommend Butte College for everyone.
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My classes were all very manageable as far as workload goes. I did have a creepy teacher though when I was 19 that made me feel unsafe on campus to the point where I dropped out after spending my whole life being a straight-A student.
I love attending Butte College. The campus is beautiful and very well taken care of. The classes are up to date on many different technologies including the best Wacam tablets you can buy and 3D printers, for example. Many of the professors have an incredible background and truly know what they are teaching. The art programs in particular are absolutely amazing. Many teachers also teach at CSU Chico near by or have taught there previously. The few things I think need to be improved upon are the staffing in the offices, particularly financial aid. A lot of mistakes are made and false information is given. Butte really needs to offer financial counseling to its students so they can plan things with a professional, have access to advice and learn about opportunities for help.
Butte has a very nice campus and some really great teachers. The campus is a bit of a drive from most places, but there are good buses and such. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. I'm glad I went to this junior college before university.
My experience at Butte has been nothing but amazing! I've enjoyed every class I have taken, the staff and faculty were very knowledgeable, and the tuition is very reasonably priced. I didn't have any worry about getting any student loans to cover my expenses. Because of this I was able to focus on what is the most important; my education.
Butte College is an incredible institution with some of the best qualities a Community College can have. The main campus is a beautiful 10 minute drive from Chico, Oroville, and Paradise. It is a gorgeous, spread out campus with a very friendly staff. The Chico and Yuba locations are just as nice and are perfect for students that live far out in the county. There is something for everyone at Butte. There are many programs that one can take; from sculpting to welding to fire science. If you are looking to transfer, there are transfer counselors that strictly work with transfer students. If you are looking for an Associates Degree there are over a hundred majors to pick from. Overall the college is a great place to be and the only negative thing I have ever heard said about it is that there are no fast food places nearby.
Throughout my first year, I enjoyed the "green" campus philosophy, with the many environmentally-centric clubs and organizations present. The location is charming, nestled in the hills and buttes in a semi-rural area between two towns, making it highly accessible. The campus itself is large but not too strewn out, with ample grounds for the popular agricultural and heavy equipment courses. Also included is a relatively new football field and track.
All around campus are small niches perfect for studying between classes or just enjoying a grassy knoll with your new friends. It is not uncommon to see an occasional hammock strung up between trees near the sculpture garden or a pair of professors discussing lessons in the shade near the Horticulture Buildings, or the Koi ponds.
Overall, the campus itself is comforting and inviting; welcoming students from all walks of life.
I love the campus at Butte, its inviting and relaxing. Everyday when I arrive the environment helps me be creative and motivated. In all i love the campus but not only that the teachers are great and really show they care and want to help.
I enjoyed my time at Butte college. It was nice to have the option to go to school at the Chico campus.
Butte College gave me a great opportunity to take classes for low rates and get transferred to Chico State. I had some great teachers and the classes weren't too challenging to take while working.
Most of the professors are excellent. Very passionate about their work, however, a hostile liberal agenda often interferes with my learning while on campus. If this were to change, i would give it five stars.
There are great opportunities at Butte College. I love how diverse the campus and staff are. I have learned so much there and love the fact that the teachers are understanding of their students.
I took prerequisites for the nursing program at Butte College and all my professors were outstanding. They were very knowledgable in their subjects and helped me outside of class whenever I needed it. They were approachable and really wanted all of their students to succeed. If you put in the effort then they put in the effort. It was a great experience and I learned more than I ever have.
So far, I love the campus and the opportunities that come along. Butte is huge, but the community within always comes together.
I enjoyed going to college at Butte. The campus is huge so be careful scheduling your classes because you might have your next class all the way across the school and only 10 minutes to get there.
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Most teachers are nice and caring students. The campus building are new, but it is not so clean. There are little trash on the floor. Students attitude are depend on people, there are some smart and hard working students, but not all. Many students are working, and they have car. If you want to make many friends at Butte College, you can, but you might difficult to hang out with them. The campus located far away from town, so most student ride bus or their car hour long distance. There are only one bus for every hour, so if student miss bus, they might late or miss their class.
Butte is an excellent trade school, and has great athletic programs that really cater to the needs of its athletes. If you have a plan this school can be great. If however,Like myself you are unsure of what the future holds I recommend a smaller school with a more involved counseling program. Butte is an affordable school on a beautiful campus, however unless you have a solid plan walking in, walk away.
Butte College is a good campus with a lot of diversity compared to Pleasant Valley. The professors that I've had have all been good and they're great teachers. My math teacher is really good at teaching and showing how he got answers and providing examples.
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