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Butte College has an overall nice community of people. When the Camp Fire happened they accomadated well and seemed to care a lot for those affected.
I would like to see more programs in the arts. Also more classes offered in Chico, because the commute out to the main campus is wildly inconvenient.
There are so many resources for students and great jobs on campus. I love the campus itself and it isn't too impacted
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Butte is great for students who don't know exactly what they want to do with their lives yet. The professors at this school are more than helpful and friendly, and intimate class sizes mean that you will personally be able to connect with the staff. There is an abundant amount of resources and plenty of people who want to help you get the best education possible.
Butte College takes pride in being sustainable! 44% of the colleges electricity s powered by 5 large solar panels. The college has managed to save energy and still plans on doing so with energy conservation projects. The campus is extremely beautiful and the view when you walk out of class is breathtaking. Professors from Chico State enjoy working there as well! I have had the chance to meet and take classes administered by these professors. They are also giving freshman free tuition this Fall semester, which makes it really affordable as well.
Overall, Butte Community College has some of the best teachers I've had throughout my entire life. I have fallen in love with subjects I despised in High School. Thanks to my new found love for math and history, I've been able to broaden my view on a lot. This campus makes me feel safe, especially during my night classes. The only downside I find rather tough is the lack of counselors there are. It can be hard to make appointments when there are not many of them.
Butte College has been a wonderful experience this far. The teachers are always ready to help with open arms and go above and beyond to make sure we are understanding the material. The school is in immaculate condition! Everyone that works at the school seems to be in great spirit and has actually helped me get through some challenging times this past semester. I am very grateful to be attending this school! As a newly single mother, times can be hard but I am happy to say I was just hired part time in the Safe and Wellness center. I couldn't be more excited! This school has offered me ways to grow and a steady income. I am thankful beyond belief for this next semester and for the years to come!
I loved this college so much, its a beautiful campus and wonderful, helpful teachers. The whole campus is on a nature preserve so its not uncommon to see deer and other wildlife cruising around.
Butte College has given me a chance to have an academic challenge in my life through their program "College Connections". This college gave me the opportunity I thought I would never have, to be challenged and have the perfect introduction into college life. I have been supported by professors who really look for the best in their students and only want them to succeed, and isn't that what teaching is all about? The professors and staff are helpful and only want to make your college experience the best it can possibly be, whether it's getting help with homework or understanding the curriculum to making sure you find the restroom. They offer a transfer academy to also assist you in going as far as you can in this world. If you are looking to take a few classes and transfer then this is an excellent choice. If you are looking for a college that will actually take the time to get you where you want or need to go then Butte College is for you.
I like that alot of students and professors help you fit right in the social atmosphere and allow you to be yourself. Overall, the professors also allow you to express yourself and they allow you to exercise your passion for what you want to learn and do for the rest of your life.
Butte College is a great place to start your college career! It’s a beautiful, clean campus and there are many resources to help you along the way. They also have many academic programs so you can get your degree without having to pay a university tuition.
took too long to get through because counselors don't get too directly involved with getting students on a plan that helps them get in and out
Butte College is very helpful and I LOVE that they have a great range of classes online. If I have any questions, they are available online with student email or over the phone in flexible hours.
Butte college has a very diverse pool of students who all seem to be genuinely compassionate. The teachers actually care about their students grades. With all of the programs and support on campus, student Life is a breeze.
Its a great college. I like that it doesnt feel like youre driving to a college but more just driving around in the hills. Its all around a great school and has great professors (minus maybe two). If you are one who loves nature this campus is the right place for you.
It's actually a pretty decent campus. There's a lot of wildlife in the area that you don't get to see everyday.
Butte College is a great school. It has good diversity and a pretty good staff. The counselors are helpful and the teachers are pretty awesome. The biggest negative is some of there classes are both hard to get in and are not work friendly. it can be difficult to balance a job and classes, especially if you plan on taking science or math majors.
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What I liked about Butte College was the professors. They were great and wanted you to succeed and make it to a four year college. Many understood financial problems as well as other obligations and tried to help you as much as they could.
So far my experiences have been great, but obviously not perfect. The main problem lies in misinformation that can occur among the campuses, but despite that the college's staff and professors do their best to teach students the necessary skills needed for their respective futures.
I'd like to see the instructor reviews taken seriously, I love Butte, to be honest and the best area has to be the Center for Academic success, it really helped me fix my GPA from a 1.68 to a 2.45 in just two semesters after recovering from surgery twice. I think Butte is a great campus with a lot of resources for the student body. The tutor's in the CAS are incredible, you can use study rooms with whiteboards, They teach workshops to help with financial management and improving student success, and lastly, my favorite part is the couches and padded chairs they have for students to use.
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