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I am currently a first year student at Butler and I am enjoying my time. The academics here are fantastic and I get so much help from faculty due to the 12: 1 student to faculty ratio. The campus is great and there are a lot of extra curricular activities offered. The private college really gives a lot of benefits and allows me to take more time and space.
Butler University is a great place to be. There is so much support and opportunities here! The professors are amazing and the people are all so nice.
The three B's of Butler are Business, Basketball and Ballet. Those put Butler on the map. As a dance major, I can vouch for the Ballet training.
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I enjoy being on the Butler University campus and feel that it is a safe environment for its students. The students and professors are very welcoming and radiate love and joy for their campus.
I think Butler is a great school to attend. The professors care deeply about their students and seeing them succeed.
Butler commits itself to being a "community that cares" however this is far from the truth. Being a current student on campus I have come to realize that if you aren't in Greek life or athletics then no one on the campus cares. You are ostracized from social events and even clubs. Construction is always a factor and parking is far from most of the residential buildings. The food options besides scottys are all terrible. One of the few good things about the school is the basketball but the student sections aren't that energetic. I knew coming in that most colleges are liberal but this school takes it to an extreme and if your viewpoints are different from everyone else's then you get targeted by almost everyone in class when having class discussions. Almost every college has drinking and I understand wanting to keep kids safe but the BUPD on campus are getting kids in trouble for minor drinking violations that on almost any other campus would not be a factor.
Butler is a small but active campus full of friendly people. Professors are willing to work with students to ensure students are successful and classes are challenging but not too difficult.The party scene is decent but new administration on the police force is causing it it to die quite quickly.
I'm still attending here but the teachers are great and understanding. They love to talk and get to know you. They work with the class at a pace that works for everyone.
I started at Butler last year and I loved it right away! You get to know a lot of people on campus since it's smaller. You also get to know your professors very well, which is super helpful. The social scene is perfect at butler and I have made the best of friends here. I love all of my classes and professors so far. I'm about to start my sophomore year and I can't wait.
The students were generally pretentious and conceited; the facilities were lackluster and subpar; the food was repeated every morning, afternoon, and evening. The silver lining is the teachers: Butler had some outstanding teachers.
I will be a sophomore in the fall of 2017 and I would say Butler has treated me well. Education wise, I believe Butler is preparing me for medical school. For one, the courses are quite rigorous. However, the professors are great at what they do. They teach the material well and are open to meet up if you aren't quite understanding something. The core curriculum shapes students into well rounded individuals. Requirements include the study of a foreign language, taking an analytical course, a speech course, and writing course. The people are welcoming and helpful. The Learning Resource Center has a variety of resources including Exploratory Studies advisers for those who aren't quite sure what they want to major in. They also provide information on tutors and study tables you can visit when in need of help in a class. Some things about the campus could be changed such as the little amount of parking and more lighting around campus especially around the Mall
Choosing to go to Butler was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It is a great school academically and provides all of the opportunities a student could want in terms of good professors, real life experience and a supportive culture. Looking at the social aspect of the school, Butler has a very-tight knit group of student that share similar values ("The Butler Way"). Also, it is great to be so close to Broad Ripple and Downtown as this is obviously a big advantage both professionally and socially. Diversity on campus is not great, but I do think it is getting better. All in all, I would 100% recommend Butler if you are still deciding. The BU degree is only becoming more valuable!
-STEM education is severely lacking in career prep
-Advising is extremely poor - all are professors that don't have good advice or guidance to help students who are unsure of direction
-Administration is terrible. The Butler that I was admitted to and the Butler that exists now are in direct opposition. Their original value set was very student-oriented and now students are literally the university's last priority.
-Financial aid program: riddled with inconsistencies and lies. Tell different people different information on the "maximum amount" one can receive in combined academic and financial aid.
-Student culture and the Butler community: if you do not fit into the stereotypical white and upperclass community or are in any way "alternative", you will be miserable. Greek life completely dominates campus. That said, if that's something you're looking for, you will likely be very happy here.

+ Professors are great and genuinely care about the students.
The small community is the best aspect of Butler. Your professors all know who you are and will be as committed to your success as you are.
I just finished up my first year at college and it has truly been a perfect fit. It has already allowed me to grow and challenge me in ways that I am grateful for. I have made lifelong friends and have had the opportunity to get involved in amazing events the schools puts on. The community of care is real at Butler University.
Butler University is a great school for people interested in small close nit campus where greek life is the center of social life. If you do not have a car it is difficult to get around and there is no college town in walking distance. It is a beautiful campus but very expensive
I have only finished my first year at Butler, but it has been the best first year I could have ever experienced. I was able to interact with countless people and built relationships along the way. The classes were designed to have personal professor to student relationships. The only thing that I would like is that it had more diversity and have more people of color on campus.
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My experience at Butler University was indescribable. Butler is a small university, with a big school connection. Having attended Butler for 4 years, the liberal arts education has provided me with a sense of preparedness if my field of interest. I took an interdisciplinary social science major that allowed me to explore different facets of the field. My workload consisted of public health classes, pharmacy elective, psychology and environmental classes. Butler provides a sense of togetherness. Because it is a small university, the one-to-one interaction with professors and administration made my experience more personal. I was more of a name, rather than a number. With a small university, networking with faculty and staff was easy to do. Networking is crucial in order to become successful in one's future professional career. Professors worked around the student's schedule rather the other way around. This speaks volume as the care and effort the university has in students.
Simply a fantastic place to go attend college. The community is friendly, and the faculty are there to help you succeed and grow as an individual. It's the Butler Way!
Butler University is a great university to attend for academic purposes. I have attended Butler for a year and have enjoyed my academic and social experiences at this university.
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