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Due to COVID-19, many of my classes are online or hybrid this semester. Professors are great at accommodating students and I feel like I get a pretty great education through the online platform.
Butler University is a very great school. The education you get here is amazing and the faculty is full of wonderful people.
Butler has a lot of great professors who take the time to get to know you. There are a lot of opportunities but you have to take advantage of them.
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I took one class online and it was well organized and informational. This class tested in person and was self led.
The atmosphere at Butler is inspiring and students are encouraged to step outside of their current boundaries.
Due to the corona virus my classes were moved online and the experience went over well. Many of my professors took a couple weeks to adjust but quickly learned to run the class smoothly.
I took classes online when quarantine happened due to COVID. Most of my professors were able to adapt pretty well, but some of them had classes that did not translate very well into an online format.
Butler is the perfect size, where there are always new people to meet but the community isn't overwhelmingly large. There are activities and clubs for all different interests and most of the professors actually care for their students' learning.
Butler has the best school spirit and campus environment. Everyone is willing to help each other out, no matter the circumstances. The professors are readily available and easy to connect to.
All of my professors were accommodating to the sudden shift to having online courses and provided an ample amount of opportunities to ask them questions via their emails or by zoom sessions.
Butler University cares about their students wellbeing- mentally and physically. Butler has a cute mascot, the best basketball team, and several enlightening courses available to its students. Butler’s campus has been changing over the past few years to accommodate its students needs.
The Butler Bubble is real. You get what you put into the experience, but don't come here expecting diversity, inclusion, and the American college experience.
The campus is beautiful! The professors are very engaging and are very interested in the subjects they teach. The dorms are amazing!
There are so many great things about Butler University, including the academics and professors. The professors genuinely care about you, and go out of their way to make sure that you understand the material. In addition, the small class sizes make it easier to interact with your professors, and provide a great learning environment.
At first, I had liked the idea of a small campus, which is why Butler drew my attention. However, I soon grew tired of a small campus, only having a few places to go. At Butler, you really need a car to go to different places. I didn't like that. I wished they had more restaurants and food options, instead of just Starbucks. In the end, I found myself wanting to experience a bigger, more vibrant campus.
Butler University offers many services, clubs, and activities for students. The staff are always open to academic help and also personal advice if approached with it.
Butler lacks in the area of diversity greatly. Although there has been talk about committing to this aspect of the University, there hasn't been much action taken to back it up. There has been a decline in the number of faculty/staff members as well as students.
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Butler is a great overall place to get an education. It has a small campus feel, but it is located just 15 minutes from downtown Indianapolis. Professors there are top-notch and truly care about their students' education. It also provides the opportunity to get to know just about every student on campus. Not to mention that the basketball team is competitive annually in the NCAA.
Small school with a big school feeling. Everyone is extremely nice. It gives the advanatages of a school in a big city. It's a tightly knitted community. The professors care for you and will make sure you are suceeding.
Great school. Campus is beautiful. Academics are strong, especially in the college of business. New buildings are regularly being put up around campus (very impressive facilities)
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