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Classes and Professors are great. Food and many of the food staff are not. There are a lot of services available to you as a student that are not made very clear. Find and make use of these.
Butler is a good school. You get the most of what you put into it. I would like to see a strong diverse presence on campus and improve the safety of the campus life.
I was recruited by Butler to run cross country and track. It's really inconvenient, though, because when I'm running the final lap in a track meet, someone always rings a bell. Then I have to stop to ask, "how may I assist you?". Always ruins my placements. :(
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There's a real community of C.A.R.E at Butler. People are very accepting and inclusive of everyone. Everyone wants to succeed but still knows how to have fun.
I really liked the campus and the environment at Butler University. Everyone there was so nice and caring.
Amazing school with incredible people and endless opportunities. You'll make priceless connections and the location cannot be beat. School spirit is amazing and the students and faculty all have a sense of pride in being a Bulldog.
I love Butler! They just built the new dorm Irvington which I live in as a freshman which is extremely nice and often compared to a high end hotel. Everyone I've met here has been so incredibly friendly, everyone holds doors open and smiles to you. My experience here has been nothing but positive, I love my professors and have already made close connections with the people in my classes through the small class size that allows for in-depth discussions. I love everything here and couldn't have asked for a better university!
Butler just opened a brand new freshman housing building that is truly amazing! My favorite thing about Butler is their amazing student life as well as the fact that there are no TA's. Students interact with their professors.
I love Butler! The campus is beautiful and the classes are small, so you really get to know other students and professors. The professors are also very helpful when it comes to course work. We have our own police station that only works for the campus, not the city. We have a high ropes course and other activities that different organizations put on such as cookies and canvas and philanthropy events put on by the social Greek houses. Having access to the canal and downtown is also a very nice perk. There is a lot of construction and updates being made as part of the "2020 Vision" so tuition has increased, which is the only downfall.
I'm a first-year here at Butler and so far it's been an amazing experience. I've thoroughly enjoyed all my classes so far and the people I've met have been fantastic. We are the largest class in university history with 1,300 new students and I only expect that number to increase in foreseeable future. I live in Irvington House, the newest dorm on campus that opened this year. Other freshman residence halls on campus (ResCo and Ross Hall) don't even compare to this place which could be a disappointment for some, so my advice for future freshman would be to apply for housing as early as possible. Also your only real option for meal plan dining is Atherton Union dining hall and that can get boring sometimes, but I don't really mind it too much. Overall I would definitely recommend coming here if you can afford it and I look for forward to spending my next four years as a Butler Bulldog.
I love the atmosphere, the beautiful campus, and the great schooling opportunities the college offers.
When I visited Butler only 3 years ago, I immediately knew this was where I was meant to be. I stepped on campus and felt like Butler was my home and every day since my first year that has proven to be true. All the professors I have come in contact with have been super helpful and does everything in their power to make sure each and everyone of their students is succeeding. There is plenty of campus organizations for everyone and Student Government provides a lot of on campus activities free to us most of the time. If there was one thing I could change, it would be the quality of the food in the dinning halls. This is something the dinning hall staff is continuously working on but there is still flaws in it for those with allergies such as lactose intolerant and gluten free. Other than that, I have been very pleased with Butler and proud to be a bulldog.
Butler is located in the Rocky Ripple neighborhood of Indianapolis, meaning that it is surrounded by rich people who want to be served, and big houses that need to be cleaned, so there's always an abundance of internship possibilities.
It felt just like home! This campus gave me a great experience and I can't wait to go there next year! I love the friendly vibe I got touring the campus, and I can't wait to be a part of the Butler spirit!
I'n proud of this college. It is a pretty high price tag, but there are several opportunities for aid or on campus employment. It has felt like home since the first day I walked across the campus, and I'm proud of my friends and the legacy I will leave behind.
Butler is a great school academically! I've never had a professor that wasn't invested in their students success. Excellence is the standard here. I only wish there was more diversity. As a person of color, constantly being surrounded by people that don't look like you and haven't been through the same struggles as you can be mentally draining and lonely.
Great school and a great education. Many opportunities will come from Butler. Unfortunately, it is extremely expensive. You will have plenty of loans unless you're parents have a lot of money or get help from FASFA. It is a great univeristy and you will have a great time. The question that you should be asking though is "Is it worth it?"
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While a little on the pricey side, Butler has been the perfect college for me. A small school of about 4,000 undergrads made it the perfect size so that it didn't feel like I was still in high school, but I would recognize people all over campus. Go here if you want a strong sense of school pride, want to be close to an urban environment, and just want an all around great college experience.
Butler University is dedicated to molding students into adults who are always ready and willing to serve. What I love most about Butler, is that I can see that serving attitude with our professors as well. Just ring a bell and they'll be there.
The things that I like about Butler University, is that there is something for everybody to get involved in no matter your interest. I also think that Butler University does a good job of challenging us academically. The thing that I wish Butler would do better at is making sure that the professors that they hire are passionate about teaching and are continuing to learn how to become a better professor. I feel that some of the professors at Butler University give off a vibe that they do not want to be here. Another thing is that the food in the dining halls at Butler is not up to standards. The students that are attending are paying a lot to go to Butler, but especially for the dining halls. The quality and variety of food should match the price that the students have to pay for it. Finally, Butler does do a nice job keeping the campus looking gorgeous. They are always making sure that the grass is cut, flowers and mulch look good, and our fountains are clean.
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