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First year and I give it a 9.5 so far. The campus is beautiful - not too big, not too small. The new residence halls and the new Lacy School of Business are top notch. The food service is new and doing an amazing job overall - they have taken the time to get feedback about gluten free choices from me as I have Celiac diseases. Outstanding school that really cares about the individual students.
I'm not a big fan of the location and severe lack of diversity but the community and academics are great! Also, the food is not good.
I love that it is a small, tight community. I enjoy that my professors know me by name, that I am not just another number in the classroom. I have not been in a class with more than 32 students, one of the reasons Butler was appealing to me. However, at times this can be a downside too, as there is not much diversity on campus, or in the classrooms. Between students or faculty, I think something that could make Butler a better university would be a greater diversity in the population. It is a great campus location, making it accessible for students to get internships, and staff is very helpful with finding places for students. I just do not enjoy being in a classroom learning about a different area of the world surrounded by people who have similar perspectives on the world, because if we had different perspectives, more knowledge would be gained in these situations.
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I have only spent one year here and similarly to most college first-years, I had my fair share of ups and downs. The small, tight-knit community is very welcoming. However, the University heavily promotes diversity and I was disappointed to see how diverse it really is.
As an incoming freshman to Butler University, I have been very pleased so far with the registration and orientation process, and I am really looking forward to starting classes at the end of this month. All of the professors and administrators that I have had the chance to meet have been so welcoming and helpful throughout the entire process. Butler has a beautiful campus and it is in a prime location, just north of downtown Indianapolis, making it great for job and internship opportunities. Every current student that I have talked to has made it clear that they feel very safe on campus and enjoy the abundance of extracurricular activities that are offered. I am so excited to be a Butler Bulldog.
I have had a great first year at Butler University. I was extremely impressed with the amenities provided to us, including free food all of the time and brand new dorms. Campus life made it rather difficult for me to find friends in the beginning of freshman year due to the lack of social events available to meet new people in my class. It is such a small school that you can recognize everyone's face, which is a rather comforting feeling. There has never been an issue with safety. My teachers have all been extremely helpful, even out of the classroom. Unfortunately, the cost of going to this school continues to rise, and it is very disappointing how few scholarships they offer to students. Besides that, Butler is an amazing school where you never feel alone, and I feel prepared for whatever I choose to do in my future.
The professors' goals are to help students succeed and guide them to learn. Everyone on campus, from staff to students, makes anyone feel welcomed at Butler during their visit. Butler offers so many different clubs, organizations, and events for students to truly be involved and get to know their peers. Overall, Butler University is a great school to attend.
The best part of Butler is the LAS and LSB professors. I enjoy my classes and have learned so much, which is why I'm here! But socially, I wish there was more going on outside of greek life. Also not very diverse which is too bad.
Butler is a great school. I love what I am majoring in, and I love the professors who are teaching me. I think the classes I am taking in the business school are very hands-on, and I wouldn't trade them for anything else. It's exciting to think that I will be in a new business building in a very short time. I also think that the students I have met and made relationships with will be friends that I would have for life. I don't love the fact that there has been a tuition increase, but I am hoping that Butler proves to be worth it. I also think that regarding living on campus and living situations, Butler needs to learn to listen to their students a little more.
Butler has plenty of professors that truly care about their students. The people here are extremely nice and everyone always has a smile on their face. Plenty of great majors to choose from as well.
I'm an incoming freshman and I'm really excited to start school in the fall! I've wanted to attend this school for as long as I can remember and the staff made me feel so welcome once I got accepted. I really like how close everything is on campus but it's located in a large city and you can get away from campus if you need to.
There was a lot to like about Butler. I started as a Journalism major, but found my way into becoming an English major during the first semester. This was an easy switch as I had lots of guidance and assistance from staff members to allow me to join the new major. All professors are lovely and really do get to know their students, which only made me feel more comfortable when it came to asking questions about a class I was in.
The academics at Butler University are challenging, however the small classroom size and availability of resources allows for great learning. The business school pairs you with a career mentor and is one of the only schools in the nation that requires two internships prior to graduation. The location of the school near downtown Indianapolis is excellent and the programs at Butler are ranked one of the highest. Butler was ranked #1 Small Midwest colleges.
Butler is a very fun place to go. Greek life is fun, students are fun, and staff always goes the extra mile to help.
I loved my time at Butler University. The department that I was a part of was a tight-knit community of professors and students that supported each other through everything, from graduate school applications to writing papers and manuscripts. The professors are what make Butler a special place - the university would not be the same place without them.
Butler is a beautiful campus and I love the small school feeling even though I was nervous at first. They truly do have nice and helpful professors that care about you. Everyone is very friendly and helpful around.
I have enjoyed my experience so far at Butler. The faculty and staff are very caring, considerate, and good at their jobs. It’s a good sized school in which it’s not too small or too big and there’s a lot they offer from majors to activities to internships.
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Butler is an amazing school that gives all its students the best programs, opportunities to be involved on campus, and many study abroad chances. They are very friendly and helpful in figuring out financial aid, paying for college, programs to go into, and more. Indianapolis is also an amazing city! Lots of opportunities for work too!
The first experience I had with Butler was absolutely amazing. I had gone to several other college visits before Butler but instantly fell in love with the community and campus life. I love the class size aspect of Butler because I have a personal relationship with my professors and whenever I am unable to make it to class or missed a test, I can immediately make it up the next day and go in during their office hours.
The people I met on the first day of classes and throughout the school year have become some of my best friends. My favorite part of campus is when it starts to get warmer outside and everyone is hanging out in the central part of campus studying outside, having picnics, and laying out in their hammocks. At Butler, we have so many ways to get involved no matter what your interests are and I find that so unique. Our campus is very easy to get around and most individuals are very friendly and outgoing.
I love it here at Butler. I am very far away from home, however, I feel at home with everyone and the environment here at Butler.
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