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I was in a specialized major and had to leave after going through unrelated medical problems, but once I was allowed to go back to school, I knew that Butler wasn't right for me in particular. Friends who are in larger majors or who were raised in the Midwest seem to have a better experience than I did.
I was on the border about going to Butler, but now I am so happy I did. The professors are here to help students, campus life is great, and the people are awesome if you are willing to give them a chance. Butler's campus is beautiful and feels like home, and the health and recreation complex is really great to work out at. There is much to do on campus even if you are not involved in Greek life.
It is a great school with great academics and even better basketball. The campus is small yet still feels like you aren't crowded. Everyone is friendly and the greek life is amazing
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My experience at Butler has been nothing less than phenomenal. With going away for the first time, from a small town, my academic advisor saw my sadness. He emailed me and had me come to his office on several occasions during the first couple weeks. His words, "Chelsea, you are not going home." He was my second dad, mentor and an actual professor my first semester. I am forever grateful to him! I majoring in Sports Media and have already made huge strides in my field. The professors and athletic department are so welcoming and accommodating to their students! I now know what they mean when you hear, "The Butler Way!" Everything is absolutely top notch here at this incredible institution!
I love Butler. It is such a great place and I cannot say enough nice things about it. It is mostly rich white kids that come here but that is due to the lack of financial aid that they are able to give.
A college that offers the whole college experience. A gorgeous campus surrounded by a safe community. A visit to Butler is unlike the rest.
Butler seems to be focused more on prospective students and families rather than the ones that are currently attending. Tuition has increased and students here are paying for amenities for future classes that we will most likely never see. The professors are wonderful and dedicated. Having struggled with mental illness I have had great professors who have worked with me to help me be successful.
Butler is a community. Bulldogs stick together and I don't feel like I am fully removed from anyone else. We support each other and treat each other with respect. I like this feeling. Campus is small yet open and gives a very comfortable atmosphere for learning and expression.
The one thing I wish that Butler did better was seek student input on large decisions.
Butler has a wonderful over-all feel to it. You feel at home the second you walk on campus. The professors are great and actually care that you do well. Opportunity is everywhere if you're not lazy. Take advantage of your surroundings (Indy), there's plenty to do! I love this school, Go Dawgs!
There is an overall "snooty" atmosphere here at Butler sometimes, and most people come from those types of rich families. Although the teachers are great, sometimes the students are questionable.
Butler is a small campus, with a large sense of community, and the big school sports and academics. The professors truly care about you and your education, and the opportunities are endless.
I love Butler so much. I cannot imagine going to any other school. The one thing I do not like is the way the housing is headed. They are tearing down Ross and Schwitzer, so freshmen live in apartment or suite style dorms. There is no sense of community in ResCo or Fairview and Butler is making a huge mistake by eliminating Ross and Schwitzer.
My experience was fun and very sensational met a lot of smart beautiful people on the quad didn't have a visit just was an open visit to myself I the campus was so amazing and I instantly fell in love with it. Reason why is because it was my first and only college I ever wanted to see grew up around Bulldogs so might as well try to become one
I really enjoyed my overall experience with Butler. The dorms were nice, the food was delicious, and everyone there was very friendly. I would highly recommend this school for anyone looking for a small Indiana school.
There are tons of career fairs and recruiters coming in from businesses in the Indy and Chicago areas. We have a very high placement rate.
  • 8 months ago
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I love Butler! I can't imagine myself anywhere else.
It could be improved on. Sexual assault is a problem on many campuses and Butler is no exception.
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Kind of run down, but he dorms are being redone.
  • 8 months ago
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A lot of people are greek. It's a big part of campus
I love Butler! I'm so glad I chose to go here.
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