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Butler Tech-D. Russel Lee Career Center Reviews

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The classrooms and teachers are made for students.
Everything was very supportive and encouraging.
I applied for aid, but so far, I didn't get anything.
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The workload is a lot, and you must be committed.
A big variety, with many ways paths to go further.
It was an okay experience. I got to know a lot of people and have a good study environment.
I found it average. I didn't give it too much attention; I just tried to work hard mostly individually.
I did healthtech, but I now regret it b/c of my decision to change my career to IT. Still, I found my school time here helpful.
It's an average school. Since it's a technical school, there weren't any physical/exercise places on campus, but I guess that's to be expected. Overall, I had an okay 2 years of stay at the school
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