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I Love this school they have great resources along with amazing campus locations. They give the students a lot of opportunities to interact with each other. some professors are amazing while others are not but that just comes with every school. If I was a senior in high school again I would still choose the come to BC3 again hands down.
Friendly instructors, beautiful campus. Advisers are very informative and helpful. I find a good variety of classes and availability for times of classes present.
I like this school. The main campus is beautiful and packed with trees and benches. The buildings are also very well maintained and it seems like they frequently get updated and cleaned. The scheduling process is a bit complicated because they don't offer too many sections for each course, but that is really my only complaint.
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I enjoy the scenery around my school. It is in an average town but when you're on campus, it doesn't feel that way. It is very quiet and relaxing. The teachers are very kind and approachable and they help to make it easy to succeed in your classes. To add, the food is amazing!
Teachers and staff are wonderful. Accessible to first class education with community college costs. Close to home with access to computers, library, and teachers for questions. They also provide free tutoring.
The setting and the teachers and wonderful students. The beautiful campus is surrounded by forest, it's almost like it's smacked right in the middle of the woods! Quiet, beautiful, and the staff and students are amazing people. It's not your typical loud, obnoxious campus but it's the perfect setting if you're like me and enjoy nature. On the college tour I saw a beautiful baby doe calmly walking around on campus. You won't find moments like that in the big city campus.
I really like how laid back and open things are. The atmosphere is very welcoming and calming due to the amount of nature and seclusion.
There were hiccups with classes being canceled on accident but after I called everything was set back to normal.
I have had nothing but positive experiences over the past year at BC3. The faculty and advisers are extremely helpful and kind, and there are many class options to take including in-person, online, and fast-track courses. The campus is only a 10 minute drive from where I live and where I work, making it easy for me to be a full-time student and worker. The campus is nice and has a beautiful walking trail for students or locals to stay in shape. I constantly rave about BC3 and would recommend the school for anyone and everyone.
A great way to save money the first year or two of your college degree. Transferable credits can be hard to come by if you don't transfer to a state school. Most professors were helpful and taught a lot of valuable information.
I attended here for three years(I switched programs after the first year), and all three were very satisfactory. BC3 allows you get all of the basic classes out of the way for affordable prices and even has transfer and 4-year degree agreements set up with various 4-year colleges in the region. Since it is a community college, it currently has no dorms so commuting is the only way to get there.
Butler County Community College is great to start at. They offer a lot of opportunities to find a school to transfer to and a major to pursue. BC3 also has smaller classes which helps big time. Students can ask more question easier and get one on one time with their professors. The campus is relatively small which is great for the cold weather. They tend the campus very well and all the teacher I have encountered have been great! You get to pick your classes and when to go which really helps with working at the same time. They also have pretty cheap and good food.
Since I'm going to BC3 which is a branch of Butler Community college, I loved how there were 5 class rooms in the college so you can't get lost. In each classroom there are 15-20 people so you can be one on one with the professor and get to know them. I also liked how cheap the college compared to other colleges I toured. Lastly I loved how 75% of students who go to this college graduate debt free. What I want changed is I wish BC3 had more majors for people to go in.
This is an Excellent school to start college at. Almost all of the classes I took here transferred and the general culture of the school is very good.
The campus is a beautiful campus, complete with outside sitting areas and a walking trail. The professors are very helpful and effective. The administration is always happy to assist any students who have questions, and they respond quickly. There are many clubs on campus that help students get involved, and there are also monthly student activities that help the students to take a fun break from school work and enjoy time with their peers.
I enjoyed Butler County Community College because I saved a lot of money and got an excellent education. My professors were always willing to help me if I needed it and were very down to earth. I play baseball as well and I love it. My coaches are very hands on and help mold me into a better player and person. The students at BC3 are also very kind and welcoming. I am glad I chose to attend BC3 and I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything else!
This is definitely an amazing school to attend. They advertise themselves as a great place to start, but you can also complete a bachelors degree through other partnered colleges. Definitely worth every penny.
In my time at Butler County Community College I had great professors. I always had professors who were willing to make sure I was achieving success.
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I love it honestly. It's a life saver. I'm getting a great education that I can afford but still be able to work. They haven taken great care of me and worked really hard to help me be able to get the best out of the college.
Butler County Community College in Pennsylvania is a great place for anyone to start pursuing a college degree. The instruction I have received at BC3 has been superior to those who teach at four-year institutions.

Renovation of the library was completed back in August of 2016. The Theater, Science and Technology Building and the Student Success Center are new construction as of (give or take) ten years ago. The campus itself is beautiful with Oak Trees throughout.

Cafeteria food is good for a small community college.

I have met some wonderfully supportive faculty who appreciate the diversity of our student body.
Butler County Community College is affordable. You can get the same associates degree as other universities for a lower tuition. This aspect was huge in deciding to go to BC3. The majority of the professors are respectful and care about your succeeding. There may have been 1 or 2 professors that I've ever had issues with but didn't result in me seeking further action when I had grounds that I could (at least about 1 of them). There are many opportunities for you to get involved on campus with student activities and clubs. I was president of the Christian club on campus, and it was a great opportunity! Overall, BC3 is a great and smart place to start financially!
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