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Fantastic school, great and helpful teachers, small class sizes, and extremely nice staff. Would highly recommend for getting those gen eds out off the way for less.
Every professor spend time helping you once you asked for help and let them know you don't understand what's going on in their class.
Butler is a really great school. I am taking online classes but the teachers are terrific. I think that books should come out of either the school, tuition or just free. I don't like how the school and other websites have the books at different prices and some don't have the books that are needed.
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I have completed 27 credit hours so far through BCC, and I have loved every course! Given that this college offers smaller classes, it gives the professors more time to connect with students and truly help them develop and grow.
I love the school, The teachers care about your education. The class room setting is small so you will receive one on one. I have attended the school for 1 year and a half and have only had one bad teacher.
Going to a community college for my first two years was a great decision! It is much less expensive than going to a university and you get to know professors and other students on a more personal level than you might at a big university. Also Butler is close to home for me so I can go back when I need to and still be very close to school. I totally recommend Butler to anyone who is looking for a perfect Junior college experience.
Butler Community College is filled with good teachers who teach all of the materials in a way that it is easy to understand.
Last semester, I took two classes on campus and was amazed by the way that students interacted with the staff and one another. As a high school student, this was a pleasant shift in atmosphere.
Butler is very welcoming and helpful, but I would love to see more oportunities for high school students who would like a head-start on their college careers.
I had a great experience here. The professors actually care about your education and success. They also will help you in anyway.
I am a full-time online student at Butler Community College, and so far I really enjoy how my classes are set up, and how easy it is for me to keep track of everything that is due and will be due. My teachers get back to me quickly, and there is an online tutor that comes in handy. As a nontraditional student who hadn't attended school in 10 years, I was pretty intimidated but attending Butler has been an awesome experience for me thanks to the resources and helpfulness of everyone.
Butler Community College is an amazing place for all students to go and enjoy an affordable freshman and sophomore year of college before transferring to a more expensive 4-year university. Even though some of the lectures are quite large the professors always take the time to learn each students name. I remember professor Kim Karr and me had some inside jokes and she really made me feel welcome in her classroom. Her and many of my other professors continue to make my college experience very enjoyable.
Butler Community College is a great place to start your education. It is very affordable and the instructors spend a lot of time and effort in to making your education experience as smooth as possible. This is a great place to get your general education courses out of the way.
People in the office are very helpful with academic and financial advice. At times it can be confusing, you have to be on top of your bills and due dates. Teachers and the financial department don't always remind you. You have to be aware so you don't get late fees or grade penalties.
Butler Community College is not bad, it is just small. It feels like high school all over again and I wish I would have gone away and met some new people. I don't have a problem with the school but it is mainly regret that I did not go away and have that college experience everyone else did.
Butler community college is a great college. It is very affordable. Most of the teachers are great in their own ways. Butler does have its faults, but what school doesn't.
Small college with teachers willing to help. Smaller classes in order to be more close with the students and teachers.
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I've enjoyed my experience here. I've had good and bad professors, just like anywhere else, but it was definitely a good decision to apply here.
I enjoy Butler Community College mainly because of the student to teacher ratio. I have been able to become personal with all of my professors, and that means a lot to me. I have been able to communicate with all of my professors efficiently and they have all been willing to help me when I am struggling. I also really appreciate the different campus locations, which allow me to take classes in my home town instead of live on campus in dorms.
I would like to see better trained advisers and professors who took the work a little more serious. One time I met with an adviser and I asked him if he could help me figure out which credits I needed to transfer to WSU. I told him I wanted what I wanted to major in, etc. Finally he, very rudely, told me, "Well I dunno what classes to tell ya to take. I'm not a WSU advisor." He was very rude. The professors are alright.
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