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Butler is a place you can ease your way into a university. It's a great stepping stone. Due to the smaller size, you feel more comfortable. With a big university you might feel overwhelmed with the size of the campus, or how big the classes are. Butler provides a more cozy feel so when you first start college the size of classes and campus does not cross your mind one bit. They also have great professors who care about your education and also have fun with their students.
Butler is a great school. They are very supportive and the teachers there really care about their students. They care about their student excelling in their courses and they do whatever it takes for us to accomplish our goals.
Teachers honestly care about the students and want them to succeed. The math program was a game changer for me. It helped me go from struggling in math to passing Calculus with a high B! They have a great music department also.
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Butler is such a great learning environment, everyone is so friendly there and the campus just gives off such a welcome feeling. I don't think there is anything I would change about the school.
I've learned a lot from here they are very nice and always there when you need them except for after-hours the financial aid is easy process and they walk you through it all admissions will help you pick whatever you need for your degree I love this school
I have had a wonderful experience at Butler Community College! The professors have been wonderful and helpful. The structure of the courses I have taken have been great and have helped me learn a lot!
They worked with me on filling everything out. The math modules made it easier to finish my math classes. All the teachers seemed to care about their students.
Professors that want to see you succeed. Administrative staff always working to help you. Great facilities.
I have only taken online courses through Butler, about 27 credit hours so far. The professors are all highly-credentialed, and while some are very good, about several of them are not very engaged with their online class load. I would describe difficulty as moderate, as some classes have been pretty easy, and others have been more challenging. The admissions staff that I have dealt with are very slow communicators, with a couple exceptions.
BC3 is a great and affordable college that has great programs and staff. It is definetly not the party scene but it allows an affordable jumpstart towards your career.
I think this school is amazing. The classes sizes are small, so the professors are able to provide individual attention.
The professors were very helpful and enthusiastic about the course they taught. Overall, I met a lot of nice people. There are several different campuses so you might have a different experience than I.
If you know what you want, they help you get there. If you don't they can help you figure it out. There is not a lot going with parties, but that's due to the location. However, students make their own parties, so make connections and you'll find some good friends.
Many professors are extremely helpful and down to earth. Each campus is clean and modern, and there is always a good tutor at each campus.
You cannot beat the affordability of BuCo! If you want to be a student-athlete, this is the place to go! A plus is the location - close to Wichita!
Very great college, with respectful students of all diversities. I plan on attending this college in the fall and I have participated in cheer camp here the last 4 years and there is always students there for off season practices and they are always very welcoming.
So far so good, just went in to get enrolled into classes. As long as you follow what they send you in the mail it'll be a breeze. But leaving and officially being billed for the classes, their lines where "here's the amount, here's the date if it's late there will be a late fee". Without giving me any sort of contact for the financial aid office.
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The atmosphere is very welcoming, the teachers here want to see people graduate and succeed in the pathway that they picked. The other workers like coaches and facilities are very polite when some asks them for help and are always looking out for the students.
I'm a high school student taking dual credit classes, therefore I'm not on campus often. El Dorado's campus, though, is pretty good. All of the BCC professors have been decent. (Except Nathan Swink, don't get him for anything)
Butler Community College is awesome, from the teachers to the employees, everyone is knowledgeable and understanding. As a student who is also working for the college, I get to see a different side to things the average student wouldn't always see. The work that goes into a persons education is a lot, and I am impressed with how butler manages it all.
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