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Butler Community College Reviews

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Butler had great facilities and online programs for non-traditional students! It is priced well and had exactly what I was looking for in an education program, directly linked to Emporia State University.

Some professors were unclear with instruction online and in-person.
The teachers are extremely helpful and actually care about you; not only as a student but also as a person. All of my teachers were always understanding of any situation I was in and helped me in any way they could. The peers were also very supportive of one another.
Hard for me to get involved. I didn’t know where to go to get connected to activities outside of the classroom
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Butler can be a great school, when you know what you want. I have often found that if you go into the advisers office and ask for help, they will give you endless attention. The environment is very small and homey. It's a great place to starat for your first year.
Butler Community College was very similar to my high school in my opinion. I really enjoyed that the class sizes were identical to that of my high school. I felt like I got more time totally and connect with the instructor and if I needed help they were always available. Butler has a great atmosphere, I've met great people in what seems like very semester.
Great college for people looking for higher education at a good price. As a high school student, it has created great opportunities for me to get ahead on my medical track for college and take some advanced classes.
I've had no regrets attending Butler and I enjoy all my classes. The professors are understanding and friendly. The work environment is great because there are many resources for student uses and there's never any disturbances.
Butler Community College offers several classes and opportunities for ambitious high school students to get a jump start on their college education. They have basic courses and specialized career programs available at several locations in the Wichita Ks area.
Loved most of my professors except my College Algebra professor. The classes were enjoyable and not too difficult. I wish the Andover campus was nicer and I wish some people took it more seriously.
Ever since I walked through the door, everyone has been nothing but helpful and supportive of me! They helped me not only to enroll, but to figure out what kind of path I wanted to take.
I have been attending Butler CC for two years now. I like the small class size since it's much easier to interact with the professors and classmates. It is well-equipped with computer labs. Staff are nice. They also provide the students with free tutoring in each location.
Butler is cheap and easy. The professors are helpful and it’s non invasive. I really didn’t know how i felt about attending a junior college, but I’m glad i was able to go to college directly after high school to ensure I didn’t miss out.
I give butler an average rating due to staff reach out. With big universities advisors usually send out emails constantly to help out students with scholarships, interns, jobs, etc. This is not done at butler and would make a huge difference in students success.
This is my first year at Butler CC but I can already tell you that I absolutely love the atmosphere. Everyone is so kind to one another. I also enjoy the professors here, they are wonderful people. For this only being my first year here at Butler CC, I enjoyed my time well.
Fantastic school, great and helpful teachers, small class sizes, and extremely nice staff. Would highly recommend for getting those gen eds out off the way for less.
Every professor spend time helping you once you asked for help and let them know you don't understand what's going on in their class.
Butler is a really great school. I am taking online classes but the teachers are terrific. I think that books should come out of either the school, tuition or just free. I don't like how the school and other websites have the books at different prices and some don't have the books that are needed.
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I have completed 27 credit hours so far through BCC, and I have loved every course! Given that this college offers smaller classes, it gives the professors more time to connect with students and truly help them develop and grow.
I love the school, The teachers care about your education. The class room setting is small so you will receive one on one. I have attended the school for 1 year and a half and have only had one bad teacher.
Going to a community college for my first two years was a great decision! It is much less expensive than going to a university and you get to know professors and other students on a more personal level than you might at a big university. Also Butler is close to home for me so I can go back when I need to and still be very close to school. I totally recommend Butler to anyone who is looking for a perfect Junior college experience.
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