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I took my summer courses online. We didn't have many zoom meetings and the learning material was easy to understand. Professors usually would respond to emails fairly quickly incase you needed help.
Butler Community College has a wide range of classes, sometimes some are offered at different high schools for a lower price. Helpful staff.
Butler Community College has a very supportive community. They are great at accommodating to their students needs and the teachers Ive had have always taken the time to help.
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Classes online have great instructors that answer questions quickly. Classes are clear about class work and due dates as well.
Butler has Professors that are available. Class schedules that are convenient, and an easy to navigate campus.
Even with everything going on with the pandemic, Butlers staff has been amazing at making me feel comfortable and letting me know they are there if I need any help. Being a new student during this time is challenging.
I liked that Butler was very welcoming and loved seeing all the professor's there. Even at the high schools, some teachers have to come down to the High School and work with them.
I like how simple and user friendly most of Butler's online classes are. Online classes are very convenient especially for those working full time. I have not had any issues with my online classes until this semester and have been attending Butler for 3 years now.
My experience at Butler has been phenomenal through my tenure here at Butler. When i first got here I had no friends, being that I moved to Kansas from California. It only took a few days to get me ingratiated into the culture at Butler. The professors as well as the students were very welcoming and comforting and it allowed for me to blossom as a student. Now I am the head of the Radio Station at Butler and it is all because of the environment Butler produces on a daily basis.
It is a great opportunity for high school students to earn college credits. They provide great assistance in your classes, but the password stuff is pretty bad.
I got laid off right before classes one semester. I logged into my account and dropped all my classes. When I went back to try and enroll the next semester I found that my classes had not dropped, I was lucky that the professors dropped me before it destroyed my GPA, and they STILL CHARGED ME IN FULL FOR THE SEMESTER. I've appealed twice now with proof of being laid off and they don't care. Avoid this school! They do NOT care about students just their $$$!!!
People are very friendly and nice. However, some academic advisors are not helpful. One of them is very mean and arrogant that I didn't get any information I need. Also, I had one chemistry professor who did not care and help students. Because of that, my classmates and I had to help each other. Other than that, the cafeteria food is alright. There is not a large variety of food you can eat in the cafeteria. Some of the food is very dry. Overall, my two year experience of Butler is not great.
Butler is a great school to get a degree in and they will help you get the credits you need in order to transfer to a university
Butler has been the best decision ever the teachers here actually learn your name and have time for you to talk to them. The faculty and staff are willing to help in any way needed. It is very affordable and you get a great education.
Butler is a place you can ease your way into a university. It's a great stepping stone. Due to the smaller size, you feel more comfortable. With a big university you might feel overwhelmed with the size of the campus, or how big the classes are. Butler provides a more cozy feel so when you first start college the size of classes and campus does not cross your mind one bit. They also have great professors who care about your education and also have fun with their students.
Butler is a great school. They are very supportive and the teachers there really care about their students. They care about their student excelling in their courses and they do whatever it takes for us to accomplish our goals.
Teachers honestly care about the students and want them to succeed. The math program was a game changer for me. It helped me go from struggling in math to passing Calculus with a high B! They have a great music department also.
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Butler is such a great learning environment, everyone is so friendly there and the campus just gives off such a welcome feeling. I don't think there is anything I would change about the school.
I've learned a lot from here they are very nice and always there when you need them except for after-hours the financial aid is easy process and they walk you through it all admissions will help you pick whatever you need for your degree I love this school
I have had a wonderful experience at Butler Community College! The professors have been wonderful and helpful. The structure of the courses I have taken have been great and have helped me learn a lot!
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