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Teachers were inconsistent. Of the three classes I enrolled in, only one had a clear syllabus and good structure to their online class.
School offered classes with professors who did not have proper syllabus. Not a good or flexible choice for non-traditional students who work full time jobs. One professor was teaching out of date information about programming.(Computer Science class, essentially the 101 for CS majors)
Online classes at bunker hill are interesting. Since COVID-19 stared, bunker hill moved the courses online. I personally think they did a great job with their productivity in sending emails, maintaining us up to date and the professor are really good at keeping us fresh with the homework. Also I believe the websites that they choose for us to complete homework and do class work are really easy to follow up and complete the task we need to do.
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I’m in my third semester at Bunker hill. In the short time I’ve been there I have noticed that is a great school to start with your learning and your long path in education. Bunker hill has a variety of classes that covers a lot of fields of careers. I believe they are amazing with maintaining the alumni up to date with many scholarships, clubs and internships that we can apply to. Even though is a community college, the college is very prepared to teach amazing classes. They have a lot of rooms for tutoring available any day at any time.
I personally did not take any online classes. From what i've heard the online coursers are very flexible and understanding.
The mini session courses are very advanced, yet professors are still able to help students understand each individual section of work.
Very good. There were some problems related to connection at the time of classes, but in general the whole experience was same as if I was taking a real in person class.
Overall pretty decent college for money. Some of the professors from foreign countries need to work on their English.
It has been really helpful and they help you pick out your classes and the professors are really understanding in helping you know the class work and making sure to get a good GPA.
It’s a great school and it’s very diverse and has a range of majors and classes to choose from . They provide the best support and making sure you are on track to graduate .
Bunker Hill is by far the best community college in the greater Boston area! It has more course selections and facilities than all other community colleges in the city. The student body is very diverse, especially in age and lifestyle. You meet lots of people who are on completely different paths. And it makes the experience more interesting! Of course, there are no dorms (so no parties), but there are a lot of clubs on campus to get involved. If you're into the arts like me, there's a drama department and a new theater space in Charlestown. The dining area is quite small, but there are enough tables and seating areas for everyone to feel cozy! The classes are quite good, and most professors really care about their students. The campus is always calm. There is a train and a bridge nearby, so there isn't much surrounding the actual school. But the school is easily accessible by car or train. It's a great school for anyone on a budget or looking to explore their career options!
I am currently taking online summer courses, and will be taking more in the fall. Bunker Hill offered laptops to student to make remote classes easier. It's very easy to get in contact with professors, advising and other staff. I am having regular check-ins with an advisor about my progress and class performance. Everything is very well planned out and simple. I am really impressed by Bunker Hill!
The most exciting about BHCC that they give you a lot of opportunities and also the program of help they have is excellent. The professor always understands you and makes sure that you can achieve in there. The students who go there are really nice. I really recommend you this college becuase it is not expensive and you can save money to continue your goal. Also, make you have a coach who can always go to remain you what you have to do and they will help you with everything.
I recommend online classes to student who can study by themself and also those who can concentrate on their family at home because I did take one class online. But I am a person who can not concentrate at home. I have to be out of my house and listen to my professor the lector.
Online placement test was straight forward and very well organized. The people in charge were very kind and helpful.
Student central service is very helpful. Responses from emailing the school comes quickly and filled with important information that will clarify any questions.
The college and Professors are great. I have been treated with the utmost respect. There are many different ways to get the help you need, and it was made possible to finish my classes with ease even though the COVID 19 epidemic was a challenge for the school.
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The college provided me with all of the tools I needed, an internet connection, a notebook, and finances in order to complete the semester.
It was a challenging transition to an online structure but it proves useful. Whenever I have a question, I would email and correct those questions to my professor for the appropriate answers and receive the assistance needed. Over time, it would help me create a better time management schedule for myself in terms of completing assignments.
I enjoyed a sense of community and feeling welcomed by my fellow peers. The professors are real professors and are willing to actively engage in open discussions, along with student needs. Being able to rely on the resources provided by the college whenever it is needed was the best part of my experience.
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