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So far my college experience within this campus has been very good. The new semester for fall has just begun and I have only attended this school for a couples of weeks now. The Campus seems very appealing and I like the aesthetic of the campus on the inside. The student life seems to be fairly active being that a large amount of students attend this community college. I am hoping as my time here continues, I learn more and more each day about life around this environment.
Bunker Hill Community College is an OK school safety wise they need cameras in the elevators a lot of the stuff needs to be fixed the professors don’t really care if you feel they’re just there for the money
I love that we have a lot of great progams. We've improved a lot of things this year physically as well as electronically.
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schools great! just wish they had more info on out of state transfer options.. I would definitely recommend it!
I like how the school is right on the train station,they accommodate students of different countries and cultural backgrounds. Some professors are very good and helpful.
You can notice the great diversity of Bunker Hill Community College right away.I had just had a baby so all the staff and professors were very understanding and helpful about my situation. My first English teacher is my favorite professor,so far, because she revised my essay of my birth five times! Until it was an A. What I would like to see change is the library computers because some kids depend on the computers at the campus and end up running into so much problems,making college even more stressful than it already is.
Very good experience with this college. The representatives there are so nice and ready replies the emails very quick.
It's a good place to go as an in between option. I feel as though most colleges have the same problems such as financial aid never picking up the phone, a lot of homework, subpar food, etc. but it's not completely horrible. It's a good starting point right out of high school but if I could've gone to a four year college, I would've.
Going part time has been not the best experience. The professors have been very knowledgeable. What I like most is the diversity it has
I love that there are different ages and races in my school. I feel very comfortable and safe while at my school in any area. The teaching style is perfect for my personallity and my acidemic struggles. There are many places to relax and study. The library is amazing, I don't feel like everyone is too close to eachother.
wonderful College with great professors. you will make a ton of friends here. It is a great place to start out at if you don't fully know what you want to major in. All the professors a nice and willing to help you with anything.
I love how they are so helpful with your education, and so are the professors which I appreciate. If I need help anything related with the school or for myself, I know I could get the help there. The people at Bunker Hill Community College are very reliable.
Bunker Hill is a really good school. Instead of going straight to a 4 year college, I should've saved myself the stress and distraction by going to BHCC. The professors at BHCC take their time to explain the materials and are very considerate of students situations.
It was okay. Don't take Isaias Sacrimento or Yvette Straughter. Don't take classes at the H building or Chelsea campus unless you HAVE to. You're better off taking the T. The school is very disorganized. If you want something done, get it done ASAP. I get you're not going to expect much out of it, I just wish it was better. Getting there by public transportation and being able to afford a higher education is about the only two things that make this school worth going to. I gave this school two stars because I'm generous.
A good school with different opportunities for the future for students who attend the college. Different cultural diversities for every student regardless of their background
I overall enjoyed my experience at Bunker Hill Community College I was able to use the helpful resources to help develop my future for that reason Im thankful for all the opportunities.
I transferred to BHCC from Roxbury Community College, and it was definitely worth it. Although you may think both are community colleges, there is a drastic ifference. BHCC has very supportive staff. A lot of resources to take advantage of. A lot of connections for internships and transfer. Diverse pool of majors. Really good professors.
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Bunker Hill Community College has been a great school for me, especially during a personal period of adjustment and change. The adjunct professors that I have had have been outstanding! You may have the ability to be educated on the same level as undergraduate students attending large and private universities but at a tremendously cheaper rate. BHCC has also been a great school for making connections with professors and other students who are on a similar path. There are always a ton of events happening as well, which are often fun and a great way to raise awareness around various topics happening in our world today. I have had a great time starting my path of higher education at Bunker Hill Community College.
Everything is amazing. The professors are friendly. The classes are easy to get to, plus there is always someone to help you with directions.
Bunker hill community college is a very affordable college with both online and on campus courses. Very little percentage of students take out student loans and the majority of colleges do accept bunker hill transfers. It is also accessible through the mbta orange line community college station. Making it easy for commuting. The staff and professors are nice and helpful. It is a great and fun learning place.
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