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It is a nice college because they have every material that you need and they help you if you need any help that's why they have a life map to help you and they have a good education.
Bunker Hill Is an incredible school. I am so happy that I found this school. The program is so great, not only at teaching you the knowledge but also at at helping you become the person you want to be. Very accepting school, can't say enough good things.
Affordable small classes and easy to maneuver through essential classes in preparation for a four year school.
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I’m actually still at this college. The classes are great I do online courses which I love. The only thing they need to change about this campus is the fact that you can’t get through to certain departments. Not everyone wants to email all the time, and not everyone can make it to campus especially when you have a child in your care. Other then that it changed over the years which is great.
The location of their campuses are excellent. You can drive or use MBTA to get there. Its very accessible. I enjoy the diversity on campus, and also its affordability, I will not have a HUGE debt after college like other colleges in Boston/ Neighboring cities.
So far this college has been very helpful with my career success. The professors work very hard for the students at this school. I just wish there were more student activities and functions.
I love Bunker Hill, the professors are all in for students. They won't let you fail and they also are reaching out to help and see you succeed. I love going here and it is quite diverse. I have met and made so many new friends from all over the world. The school itself is beautiful and i feel safe and welcome everytime i walk in. I would love to say that anybody considering community college, this is the one. Boston is the way to go!
I liked the professors I had. I like that they have multiple helpful resources. The parking at bunker hill is very scarce, one very annoying flaw.
My experience here has been awesome, I’ve been able to get a lot of work done and get the help that I need. I would like to see the amount of staff change. There are so many students and not enough staff there.
I went to bunker hill and I absolutely loved the support and environment I could not expect more from the school. I do wish they had more clubs like a dance club I love to dance and was thinking about making one but I not a really good dancer haha
Great school, great location, great faculty, great resources, variety of majors to choose from. It's an overall great institution to attend.
Bunker Hill is a great school to apply to when you are unsure of what you want to major in when you graduate high school. Those who are undecided can go to Bunker Hill and within the two years that you are there, you will figure out what you want to do as a career. Now, you might change your mind many times, but the counselors and the professors are there to help you figure it all out. There is a bit of a rush in figuring out what you want to major in as you hit your third semester there, however, the school will help you figure it out along the way. It is a commuter school, so people usually go there just to go to class and then leave, but there are clubs, sports, and organizations you can join to get the college experience.
Bunker Hill Community College has a campus layout to rival some of the local private schools. It is an incredibly easy campus to navigate and with its own T-stop right on campus who can disagree. The Facilities are modern and improving inside of an old city giving it a fresh and productive environment. The course facilitators and campus staff are knowledgeable and helpful. I have not met a more motivated staff at any institution.
I'm a freshman. I think that this school is a good school to attend as a whole. Even though it is a community college, it has a wide campus, excellent professors, and they lead students well. Food is okay and, they hold various events and speeches. In particular, Advisers help students well. However, if there is any disadvantage of this school, there is no dormitory. But if you want to find some places, Advisers will help you.
I really enjoy the diversity that is radiated throughout the Bunker Hill Community College environment. All of the professors I have been instructed by apply their real world work experience into the classroom to help students understand material better. Bunker Hill Community college strives for all of their students to be supported, feel empowered and are determined to aid in all student success whether it be to get a degree, transfer to a 4 year college or just learn something new.
great start
excellent community college, great professors, faculty, and there are a lot of resources. the school helps you so much. the professor really care about their students, and they do their best to explain and make sure everyone understand the subject. this community college is a great start for someone who does not want to spent a lot of money or don't have the money right now to spent in school. the tuition is very low, and you will have an great expecience and be prepare to transfer to a 4 years university.
Most teachers are understanding when it comes to workload and the fact most people are also working while attending school. No assigned academic advisor makes decision making tougher, but their online set up is clear and helpful.
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Bunker Hill provides so many benefits and a great environment for it's students. There are support groups for almost every student needs. It is technologically at the level of private universities. Most professors are interested in you learning.
overall experience was alright. not a very good school, a few amazing professors while the rest really just fall short. the atmosphere is high school and immature. the crime is getting ridiculous. the advising center sucks just as much as the actual advisors.
The campus is modern, however, sometimes it is not clean enough. I would like to see less fried and high-calorie food, like pizza and fries, and have more healthy food options, like salads. I like that Bunker Hill is very diverse and accepting. Social life is great - there are many clubs and events happening.
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