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I attended BHCC for my A.A. in Psychology. While the initial admissions process may be tedious due to high volume of applications, it is a great school and there are many great professors there. I did a mix of online and in-person courses and found the curriculum and staff to be designed for me to succeed in both. The teachers were understanding of life events and were very willing and enthusiastic to explain the material further and allow you to make up work. There are some safety concerns that occur as in any other campus in the city many times suffers from muggings but not more so. I am also unsure about the party scene at BHCC as there are not any dorms or clubs within walking distance. BHCC also offers lowest tuition in the state of MA!
The programs are teached by professors, not by teaching assistants as some colleges. Professors are the people who have Masters degree and/or have PhD degree. The best place to study in the state of Massachussets.
Bunker Hill Community College is a fantastic institution filled with some great teachers and helpful offices at every corner. Students who demonstrate financial need have many options available to them to cut down costs, and there are many tutors available to assist students who need extra help. There are plenty of clubs to join and many notable speaker events that occur throughout the year, as well as visiting college ambassadors who come on certain days of the week to assist students with transferring. Lastly, Bunker Hill Community College truly embodies the word "community" and often has cultural celebrations for Black History Month, Women's History Month, Asian History Month, and so on.
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Well I been in Bunker Hill Community College for a few weeks now and i'm loving it a a lot. They have people that can help you with your work, they help you get the stuff you need for classes and they also have great food.
Did not enjoy my time at bunker hill at all. Most of the professors were terrible. Felt too much like I was back in high school again. Wanted to leave ASAP.
Great school! They have a great faculty and staff. Being from out of state and former military, they assisted me with information that would help me for my college career. They also have a veterans center, and they help assist prior service members.
A really good school worth considering whether you're unsure what to study or if you need to get control of your bearings again. The school often is in touch with many universities both in Massachusetts and across the country. This opens plenty of opportunity academically. Not only that but there's always plenty of companies searching for new employees as well as job listings from prestigious companies and universities always looking for new hands. The staff are incredibly kind and will always help as long as you ask and will help point you in the right direction if they themselves cannot answer. And most of all as a community college it prides itself on creating a sense of community and carries resources to help when a student is struggling to pay the bills, becomes homeless, aids in completing tax forms, and runs a monthly food drive to ensure the student and their family have enough food to eat for the duration of the month.
Overall good school. Since it's a small college they have fewer spots available in their programs. This makes it very competitive.
Its a good 2 year college to attended then transfer to a 4 year university. You’ll save money especially international students save up a lot.
I loved all aspects of Bunker Hill except I wish they had more professors teaching the core classes for the Information Technology program. I work while also being in school full time and appreciate having options in the scheduling process but am somewhat limited due to having 1 or 2 professors teaching certain courses.
great college , with a great academic level. sympathetic professors, great and safe location area. friendly students. well organized
Bunker Hill is pretty good for a community college. It offers a wide variety of classes and majors. The school is very affordable and it's great place to earn an associates without student debt. The campus itself could see some improvements. Its very dark and dingy, and feels very old. Like any school, there are good professors and bad professors. Classes seem to be taught to the least educated students and not to the middle, so it can feel very dumbed-down. Overall, it's a good place to start before transferring, but there could improvements.
Loved Bunker Hill!! I definitely loved how it paved the pathway for better oppurtunities. Once I graduated, I noticed Bunker Hill Community College has a GREAT reputation in the working field. It made it incredibly easy for me to find a job and it made me VERY proud to let fellow co-workers know I was a bunker hill graduate.
I love the school a lot and it's very diverse and the professor are really detigated to help out there student's and want them to be successful in every way.
It's a great community school with nice professors that care about their students. Most resources needed are available for the students, whether it is food for those that need or finances for those going through hard times.
My experience with Bunker hill is amazing. Its super diverse and everyone from staff to student are helpful in every way. After not being able to afford college when I originally graduated high school back in 2007, Bunker Hill welcomed me with open arms and it was affordable. So I could get my education and not be stressed about my financials while I do it. A single mom like me really appreciates it because I can show my girls that you can do anything you put your mind to.
My Years in Bunker Hill Community College was very good I learned a lot Met a lot of great Professors and became a better student. Bunker hill was a great opportunity for me to figure out what I wanted to do.
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This school is a great school to attend. Everyone is very nice. The fact that they have midnight classes and weekend classes they accommodate everyone's schedule and that is amazing.
I truly feel that if you need to begin a college career in the city of Boston, Bunker Hill Community College is the place to being. The coursework is extremely similar to what you would get at a 4-year institution. You won't find it difficult to transfer these credits to other colleges. Secondly, many of Bostons best universities frequently visit the campus and tell us that BHCC has strong standings and they would welcome students. The professors, in my experience, are more than willing to help a student succeed, and often will cater to a busy students schedule. Being in Boston, the college is in close proximity to many opportunities that faculty are willing to help a student go for. I would highly recommend Bunker Hill Community College from the high school or international student all the way to the working parent.
This school has a lot to offer but it's not offering it right. Staff is rude and goes out of their way to be unhelpful. Most professors are great but students who have no interest in taking their studies seriously end up ruining the experience for everyone else.
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