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It’s small, everyone is nice, campus is gorgeous, and class sizes are about 20kids. I would change that if you are not a freshman you are not requirred to have the meal plan to help cut students costs down.
I love it here so much! They are so open and welcoming. They have the feel of a small college with all the amazing opportunities of a big college! This school has helped changed my life for the better and is going to really help me make in the outside world.
In my time at Buena Vista, I have really enjoyed in. There is a great atmosphere on campus, and it is very enjoyable for students. They always have activities, whether it be midnight movies or intramural activities, that are suited for every type of student. As an athlete on campus myself, I have enjoyed all of the sports here on campus, and we have great fan attendance at all of our home games. I feel like the teachers are very good on campus and make sure we get a quality education. Another thing that is nice, is that it is the cheapest division 3 school in the conference, so it is reasonably affordable to attend. Overall, Buena Vista is a great school that I would recommend to others.
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Love that it is a small school where the teachers are really here to help you learn. Everything on campus is centrally located and easy to get to. People are friendly and caring and the there are resources for help everywhere, you just have to ask. The food could be better with more variety.
The online courses are fast and educational, as well as very appropriatly geared toward my degree. There are many areas available to help should you need it at anytime. The site and the support have been amazing. The cost is very comparable to others and I feel that the education that I am receiving is top of the line.
So far my experience with Buena Vista has been great! I've advanced academically and enjoyed my time.
This school is a great school I just wish they offered more ways to make the school more affordable through financial aid.
I love the community. Everyone has been so helpful and nice.
I have met a lot of great people. There are a lot of ways to get involved.
BVU is very diverse compared to my high school so that is great! Most professors are pretty good about getting to know your name so classes are easier for both parties. The size of the classes are also generally smaller, which is something I like.
Sometimes I've gotten the run around from different offices when I need help on something, but I love the education I get here!!!
Buena Vista University is very student oriented, they truly have the students interests as top priority.
I like that Buena Vista University is a small college. I would like to see more courses offered. I would like to see the college be a more friendly environment.
I am a incoming freshamn going to Buena Vista univeristy and i will say that based on my visit it has been an excellent suprise it was an excellent visit i got to see the campus see how college was going to be like in a day and i love it
I would like to see more adaptation to the students who don't live on campus. I would like to see teachers who respond to their emails and who can offer help to students when they need it instead of refusing to help them because they are not traditional on campus students.
Most of the professors are great! They offer advice and information to enhance your education. I am able to complete multiple field experiences so I get my foot in the door different places. But when they say this is a school for working adults that is not accurate, many weeks I have 20+ assignments due each week. Also the academic adviser I was assigned dose not respond well to emails and does not tell me about things in advance. Better notification from the adviser, questions answered quicker, and a realistic view of what this college is would be better. The classes are very good, the professors a great, but having so many assignments in one week makes working and going to school very difficult.
Buena Vista is a great option for those non-traditional students such as myself. You can take courses online at your own pace and convenience. Every advisor I have spoken with is very knowledgeable and helpful. If they don't know an answer, they will definitely go above and beyond to find it for you.
I love how many options you have for online learning. I will be able to graduate with a double major all online which is most convenient for me. I also like that the classes are accelerated, so you have each class done in a two month span.
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So far I love how everything has gone.
Love that I can get my degree completely online
Very easy to apply. Advisor was so helpful and friendly.
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