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I take classes online and Buena Vista University and I love the setup. The professors are knowledgable in technology, so classes move smoothly. The course material is interesting and informative.
Buena Vista University has an excellent variety of knowledgable professors. You learn as much in an online classroom as you do in a face-to-face class. The instructors are patient and kind. The atmosphere is very welcoming.
I really enjoy Buena Vista. I would like to see the dorms and housing to improve. But overall it is a great place to go to college and a great place to meet many great people.
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Buena Vista University is a great college to attend. The professors are very friendly and connect well with students. They have a very nice and clean campus. The dorms are about your average dorm and you will feel very safe in them. Campus security is always ready to help whenver.
As a current student at BV I feel let down, when visiting the college I was promised scholarships to help pay off the expensive tuition, but now i'm paying 50% of tuition which is more than what was told to me. There are only select few or professors who do care about the students' academics but all the others just seem to care about their paychecks. The workers in the kitchen are some of the nicest people on campus, the worst are the workers in the business office who seem to throw their hatred for work onto the students. The university also seems to care about their athletics but to the rest of the students they could care less. Living on campus, everyone gets irritated with everyone because we aren't allowed to live off campus our first year, this makes it hard to those who live in storm lake or for those who want to live in an apartment. Over all Buena Vista has let down a large portion of their students, as well as some professors.
Buena Vista is a very close knitted community. Professors are dedicated to helping you learn and are always available. They really try to make you feel at home here. The school is heavy in volunteering and in club activities so there is something for everyone to do around campus.
My first semester as a first year student at Buena Vista University has been great so far! The faculty and all the staff members are all very welcoming and kind. There are all sorts of resources to help out students and the staff members are always more than willing to help out a student with any question that they may have. The diversity of sports and clubs have helped really me branch out of my comfort zone and allowed me to meet many new people that I would not have met otherwise. I am grateful for this great experience!
I love the small campus and small class sizes, it lets me get to speak with my professors a little more freely.
What I like about Buena Vista is the staff putting our class schedule together and if they have a problem or question they always get ahold of me. The college would be better if the student had the same advisor all year around instead of switching, but overall it’s a great school.
Buena Vista University is a great family orientated College. Professors and staff alike want to see you succeed in every aspect.
I am transferring in from another University after my program changed. The admissions rep was incredibly helpful and responsive and had no problems at all with me changing my starting semester.
I love the small school culture that we have. It is nice to walk across campus and say hi to at least 3-5 people. It is especially nice when you have professors know your name and not feel like a number.
My freshman year at BVU was great. The class size is small enough that you get hands-on experience in the classroom and really connect with your professors.
I am an incoming freshman to Buena Vista University and will be attending in the Fall of 2019. I chose the school partly because of softball but the other parts were because of the beautiful campus and because I could see myself their for the next four years of my life. I could see it as my home away from home. The support that is offered there is not even comparable to the other colleges that I looked at. I can't wait to start attending BVU.
Buena Vista has an amazing science program here as well as new business buildings. The professors are very easy to talk to and understanding when something comes up.
I like how diverse the atmosphere is. I really connect with the people that go to BV and the professors.
I had a wonderful experience with Buena Vista University when I took a college visit there. Everyone was very friendly and the atmosphere was productive and fun. It is a smaller school which is what I am personally looking for with small classes. The professors are there for your success and guide you onto the right path for your career goals. The campus is beautiful and I felt I was in a safe environment.
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I go to to BVU site on the Ottumwa campus. I really enjoy it and all the staff and students are so pleasant. It is an ideal place to be for the working adult.
I continuously see improvements on campus whether it be from the new renovation or simply making new additions to student life.
So far my years at BV have been wonderful! The experiences that you have make are one in a million. The professors are great and really have your best interest in mind. Classes are fairly easy if you put in the work and effort. BV has a great campus and wonderful resources!
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