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Schooling at BCCC offers me the ability to grow and make connections, while saving money. It mirrors the on campus experience of four year colleges without the extra cost. Professors are motivated to help their students succeed, and if you decide to work hard your environment gives back to you.
The administration staff are super helpful. My professors really care about helping the students learn. And the class sizes are perfect ! Overall a great environment to learn in .
Bucks County Community College is great starting school. Coming out of high school and not knowing what I wanted to pursue in life, Bucks made it easy and helped me choose what I should pursue. My experience with staff has been nothing but amazing. The staff want to help you and are very friendly. They want you in and out so you can move onto bigger and better things but, want you to enjoy your experience there and be more than prepared for whatever you want to do.
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So far I love the professors who are true masters at their craft. I currently major in Computer Networking Technology and I really do feel prepared to take certification tests once I am done with this semester. The facilities are very nice and the location beautiful. Overall, I am very pleased with this community college and what it has to offer! I recommend to go!
I think it's a good way to save money and going to college. The teachers and staff are very helpful and they always have ways of getting the students involved. I have very much enjoyed my time there.
I am a student here at bucks and my experience with them is Rocky. I can never get my advisor on the phone or by email, sometimes I have to do a pop up visit. Financial aid and student accounts are no help at all for anything.
I love all the teachers and students that go to this college. I have never had a bad teacher or a bad interaction with one. For the most part the faculty is very dedicated to their students. This college is also perfect for those who need to work and pursue their education at the same time. I worked approximately 25-30 hours per week and was able to take both in person and online classes to achieve an associates degree. I only gave it four stars though because the financial aid department is a nightmare to work with.
So far I have had a nice experience at Bucks. There are people trying to fix up the campus and they finish construction on one building. Everyone is very friendly. The professors are nice, and they each have a different way of teaching.
Bucks County Community College is a school I would recommend to anyone and everyone coming out of high school looking to save some money before transferring to a four-year. With the exception of one, all of my professors have been caring, knowledgeable and passionate about what they teach, and the classes reflect this. There are three campuses that comprise BCCC, so driving an hour to a campus out of range is never necessary. The application and class registration processes couldn't be easier. There's a cafe with all sorts of food available any time, as well as a Starbucks. I noticed that many reviewers tend to rate Bucks negatively in terms of student life/involvement. Bucks has any number of clubs & honors societies with a portion of the building dedicated to them. Yes, a clubs and orgs wing. People who claim there's "nothing to do but go to class and go home" haven't made an effort to look into what Bucks has to offer. You get out of community college what you put into it!
Bucks County Community College has great curriculum and teachers at a fair price. I enjoyed all the classes I have seen so far and the only thing I hope they improve on is more online classes for those who cannot physically attend their classes.
I have been at Bucks for 3 semesters and I love it. I'm an adult student going full time. Bucks has a small student to teacher ratio, this allows students to have more one on one time with there Professor. Most of the Professors really care about their student and go above and beyond to help the students learn and pass the class
My experience was a good one. Newtown is hard to navigate at first but once you find your way it's great. There are many opportunities there. However I live about 45 minutes from Newtown and because I'm coming to the end of my college career there, all my main classes I can only take at the Newtown campus. It would be really nice to have that opportunity at the Upper Bucks campus since it is so close to home. Overall most of the professors I have had have been amazing and are willing to work with you. They are flexible with your work or emergency schedules. That's one thing I liked the most. Great staff and very helpful and willing to make your college career a good one.
There are plenty of class sections available for general education classes.
I have had a half good half bad experience regarding professors at Bucks County Community College.
Many schools will recognize and transfer the credits from Bucks County Community College.
Personnel in my academic major seem to really care about their students getting the best education.
Bucks County Community College is a great way to cost efficiently earn an associate's degree.
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The teachers were wonderful at BCCC. They each had a strong passion for what they taught and it made the class, regardless of what it was, more interesting.
Bucks County Community College was definitely the best option for me before transferring to a four year college. I discovered my major while I was taking prerequisites. It was a wonderful experience.
As a community college, it is a stepping stone to other colleges, so the actual associates that I will obtain from them is not necessarily as valuable as it could be. However, there are jobs and internships that the college does encourage and help students to apply for. There have been numerous recruitment days and job fairs while I have been on campus.
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