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Buck College is one of the best community college. They offer free tutoring, and you can get help in whatever subject you need help in. All the Professors are great.
I thoroughly enjoyed the education I received at Bucks. I think it's a great school to go to if you want to receive the experience that you desire, but you don't want to spend several thousands of dollars to do so. The instructors that I had in my major were all very kind and willing to help us learn, and the coursework, though challenging, wasn't insanely crippling. Would definitely recommend!
I transferred to Bucks after being worn out by my time at a 4-year university. Not only was I saving a tremendous amount of money, but I was able to focus on my academics in a less stressful environment. My grades improved and my mental health as well. The professors in the Business department are all fantastic.
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I like that the school us diverse, and cares about its students. I really like how the student success center is always willing to take anybody even if you did not make an appointment. I can't rate the housing/dorms because there is none, and the clubs and organizations are very welcoming to new members. I made a lot of friends, and highly recommend going to this two year university before heading off to another prestigious college or university.
Im currently in my second semester here. I would wait before really seriously commenting about the school.
The teachers were overall very knowledgable. The location was beautiful. Classes were small enough to support learning. Easy to get loss in the shuffle.
Bucks County Community College feels very close knit. The staff, clubs, and students make you feel immediately welcome. There is always something going on, whether it be eating a Thanksgiving feast or BINGO with prizes. If I were to change anything, I would choose to get rid of all the lazy professors who get paid to do nothing and keep the exceptional professors that inspire their students. Also, the appearance of the campus is sub-par.
Professors are educated and know what they’re teaching. They are helpful and kind, always ready to answer questions and encouraging us to ask, as that is a great way to learn. Tuition is affordable, and because of the good education you will receive, you are definitely getting your money’s worth.
I've attended Bucks County Community College online, and it is very well organized. I went there to apply and sign up for the online courses, and they were all very helpful, in fact, we got it all done by the end of the day. All my professors answer my emails quickly and contact me if they think I need help with an assignment. I use canvas for my courses, and it is really easy to find assignments, deadlines, and grades. I would recommend this school to my friends because of how good the teachers are, how easy it is to find books for the class and how well they grade essays or little assignments.
Bucks is a great place for students who are maintaining an academic status and working at the same time. I would recommend this college for part time students.
Bucks is a great starter-school for college. It helps ease students into the college scene without having to live on-campus. Many of the students who attend the college go to improve their GPA or save money before transferring to four-year institutions. However, if anything could change about Bucks, they should include more class variety at their Perkasie and Bristol campuses.
Great college! Only negative about the school is the parking lots are a hike. All the teachers I’ve had there are great.
Bucks County Community College isn't just an education. Bucks is another world full of opportunities that will lead you to develop skills that will be necessary in everyday life. I would reccomend attending Bucks not only because of the return on the investment, but the positive atmosphere that the campus posesses.
Bucks is a small, tight-knit community filled with inspiring professors and kind peers. Every professor I have had was inspiring and wanted their student's to achieve.
As an adult student with a full-time job, I highly recommend Bucks as a great school to help you get on your feet with the education and skills you'll need to pursue a later-in-life career change. The teachers are great, the classes are small, and time slots are available for people who work 9-5.
I had a nice experience at Bucks County Community College. Most of the teachers I had were very nice and helpful. Their food isn't that good. Best to go to the nearest Chick-fil-A.
So far my experience at Bucks has been very possitive. After not being in school for 30 years everyone has been very helpful and answers all of my questions. The professors have been great and helpful and willing to take the time to explain something that you don't understand.
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I am a non-traditional student and will have attended Bucks for the better part of five years to complete my associates in business administration. I have interacted with administration members, financial aid staff, guidance counselors, book store staff, professors, and peers and have truly valued and appreciated the interactions. The professors are always helpful and supportive, which makes the goal achievable.
bucks is a wonderful college. IF your looking to save money and take the alternative route of transferring to a university. bucks is the way to go. not so expensive. great teachers great atmosphere.
A great community college to start at, whether it's to transfer or go to work after 2 years. Aside from the Financial Aid office, most of the staff are extremely helpful in assisting your career goals.
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