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Its an awesome school that makes schooling easy. I love sports and they do have alot of sports but not all like they don't have my main sport cheer leading but I still love the sports they have.
The advisors are quick to answer all your questiona and the professor take their time to work with you
I have attended this college in the past, did not have a good experience. The school did not treat me nice.
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Bucks County Community College is a great way to start your college career, the professors can and will help you when you need it, all you have to is ask, that is the one important thing is that you need to ask questions, and they will help you, they will not do everything because they want to learn and be independent.
Bucks county is a smooth and satisfactory school, it's very open and explorative, there's an online option for those who want to do so and professors and the teachers are very helpful.
So far, school is going well. The teachers are great and very knowledgable as well as the students. The resources offered are really good, for me being an online student full time I'm able to acquire the same resources as a student who is on campus on a daily basis.
I am a Freshman starting at BCCC this fall and having already taken a class, I am very impressed with my experience so far. I love how some classes are online so that I can do the assignments on my schedule without any hassle at all and I love how the professors are so dedicated to making sure you are getting all the necessary learning. BCCC also has a lot of student life involvement such as clubs and athletics and jobs you can have at the college (I am employed at the bookstore) which makes you feel right at home. I am so happy that I am at BCCC and I can't wait for the future classes.
As for an international student Bucks County Community College was my first school experience in the US. Without any hesitation, I can tell that this was the best experience so far in my life. Advisors were always there for me, as well as my professors who were always ready to be addressed with any concerns I had. I would get prompt responses within a day on any email I sent. Classes were challenging. Every professor encouraged me to work hard and helped me out in all ways possible including availability after class and during office hours, as well as help with homework via email. It took me as non native speaker a lot of hours and dedication to achieve a 3.9 GPA; however, it would not be possible without great help from all the staff that I had. I recommend everyone to take some classes at BCCC. It can give anyone a strong background, especially in science classes but besides this, it will also make you feel like you are a part of one big family. I made so many friends at BCCC!
My rating is based on the teachers that I have had. Every single professor I've had has been absolutely amazing.
Bucks County Community College was an amazing experience for me! It enabled me to explore and discover what I wanted to major in, and then to be confident in that decision. Their resources and staff were incredibly helpful and continue to be.
Bucks County Community College is my first choice. The reason for this is because of the educational opportunities it offers, along with a close commute, friendly students and staff, the plethora of transfer-school options, variety of course selection, the campus itself, and many other reasons. The campus is a relatively small community, so there's more personable relationships with educators and students. The college is so close to where I live, so it’s extremely convenient to commute. I'm always welcomed with a warm smile and an eagerness to tend to my specific needs. I appreciate the sense of community, and the way that I feel accepted there. Because of my desired degree, I will have to transfer sophomore year. I was immediately revealed to all of the opportunities of potential schools to transfer to. The vast list of different courses has something for every unique individual coming to Bucks, leaving no interests excluded.
The teachers and advisors are all very helpful with all of your needs. They are very nice, and care about your learning experience. They want you to learn as much as possible in the best possible way. They care about teaching you and want you to get all the information you need to go into that field.
It's an amazing school to start off with. Very affordable and definitely the best option to save money at first before going to a University that will cost you 10x more.
I loved going here. While many people may call their community college “13th grade,” it is what you make of it. They have some great professors and have built/renovated many of the buildings. Their science center is a work of art, and the renovations done at Founder’s Hall are great and will keep it modern for many years to come. I especially liked the combination of old (Tyler Mansion, Orangery) and new (Science Center, Linkz Pavilion, Founder’s Hall) buildings. One thing that I wish was improved upon would be student involvement; they have many clubs but very little motivation from the students to join them.
Overall, a very good experience. Most professors actually care about what they are teaching plus, there are only small classes which make it a good learning environment. The only complaint is the lack of school spirit because it is a community college.
The class sizes are small, which is a plus especially being a science major. All the professors know their students and get to sit one on one and help them through problems.
Bucks is a very good school! The professors will work with you and they are always trying to improve
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The general environment is very friendly and the professors generally are happy to help you however they can. I would however like to see the advising system re-worked as it often takes too long to schedule necessary advising appointments.
While the campus itself is nice, I didn't find most of the teachers to be very helpful. I also think that the advisors didn't provide a clear plan for outgoing transferring students.
Bucks was the perfect decision for me. I did not know where I wanted to go when I graduate high school, so bucks helped me continue my education and help me decide. the tuition is low and the classes are great.
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