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I personally have liked it, and even though at the beginning it was a little tricky to transition from person to a computer screen, the college and professors have done everything they can so that we can have better experiences in the future.
BCCC is an organized college, and it has many different resources that can help you through the path of experiencing college and. The professors are caring toward their students and teach us how to succeed in college life.
I am currently a freshmen at Bucks County Community College. I am majoring in Computer Science. I was going to major in Engineering but because math is my weakness, I decided to major in computer science instead. My first college semester went pretty well and I loved all the courses I took at Bucks. I saw that Bucks even has a bookstore to sell textbooks for classes and merchandise. Bucks is located adjacent to Tyler State Park but because classes were held remotely, I didn't even have a chance to take a walk in the park after the end of the class. If classes were held in-person, my friends and I would take a walk in the park after the end of class and it would be nice during free time.
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All the classes were held remotely because of COVID-19. I met my professors through Zoom. We completed the assignments using Canvas which is our learning management system. We met everyday during class days over the live video session just like we would meet regularly during the in person instructions.
I have obtained most if not all my pro board certifications with Bucks, I loved the instruction so much im returning to get a degree.
I have obtained most if not all my pro board certifications with Bucks, I loved the instruction so much im returning to get a degree.
Great school. Great professors. The campus is always neat and clean. The school offers many resources to help students succeed.
My online experience has been great so far. The professors are quick to respond to emails. The online course are set up very well and are easy to follow.
I never had online classes but I had friends that had online classes and it was pretty good they had said. It was just difficult for some students because some were not good using the computer and other's were confused on assignments and deadlines.
My experience with Bucks County Community College was amazing I loved the staff, the positivity there was. Everyone is so warm and welcoming from the students to the staff which is really nice because you do not find that everywhere. The counselors are really nice and go out of their way to help there students out. In addition the professors communicate well, really nice and they treat you with so much respect and really want you to succeed and help you out. The one thing I would change or needs improvement is the trailer system. They have trailers that are always available for students especially at night they drop you to your car or where you need to go. The only issue is you have to call them and if no one tells you about it you would not know about it . Which should not be the case they should constantly be outside the school and every exit especially during night classes.
It was affordable and I had a great time attending. Most teachers are very sweet and care about what they are teaching you. The campus' are very nice and updated. They also have plenty of great resources for the students attending. It is a great option for students who have financial restrictions or need a smooth transition from high school to college.
Online learning is not bad, the professors vary on their workload like any other school. All the professors I had have been very understanding of certain situations and worked with me to get through any obstacle. I've also have worked hard in a class to barely get a C from a tough grader. Make sure you check RateMyProfessors before enrolling and you'll be golden.
Online classes where very self explanatory and canvas was great to use. Books were affordable for any class let alone online classes. My nutrition, math and psychology classes were the very first online classes that i had taken, ever. It was the best experience ever so now i am enrolling in completely online, flexible classes at WGU online with local student learning for 12 weeks.
Bucks County Community College is one of the most homely and helpful schools I have ever attended. All the staff made me feel like i could reach the stars and fly over the moon. The classes are affordable, i paid out of pocket. The advisors are always timely about scheduling your classes with you and they don't leave you to walk blindly through the semester. 100% would stay there if they had bachelor programs, they are amazing.
Bucks County Community is a very well diversed college with amazing professors! The one thing I would change is that the administration staff can be more informative to students when it comes to students applying for a major.
Due to the pandemic, I ended up taking some online classes. The teachers did a very well job at switching from in-person to online. They posted videos and lessons up so the students can get a good understanding of what they are learning.
I am a Biology major student from Bucks and I am an international student from Myanmar. I got into Bucks in 2018, and came to US in 2018. I was first really nervous about the college, as this is my first time in US, I thought I would have such bad experiences with the college. But, it turned out that there are so many people and faculty who helps me so much that my college life at Bucks was so flawless and I was really happy with everything. They offered me a part-time job on campus as a Bio Lab Technician. And the professors were so helpful that they were always there for me to explain everything that I don't understand. Overall, I really had such great time at Bucks and I will never forget my college life at Bucks.
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The college was alright but i think it lacked a lot of what 4 year schools have to offer. The professors are nice, but sometimes it seems that some of them don't know what they are talking about.
I love the professors. They are very easy to connect with and are always there to help with anything you need. They make it their goal to have you succeed.
Bucks will be my school come September, and after visiting the campus and exploring my major, I can safely say it is a fantastic place to start your college career path.
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