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Overall I love this college! There is great professors and they are all so nice and wanna be there to teach! All the advisors are so nice and really help you out when you need it!
My experience at Bucks County Community College has been great so far academically. I would like to see communication in the financial aid department improve. I went in to speak with someone regarding loans/scholarships/etc. and was bumped around from person to person. No one was able to sit and address my specific questions about my specific courses.
BCCC is a great community college to start at if you are unsure what you want to major in or just don't want to jump into a 4 year college. The professors there are very helpful and will work with you if you are struggling in class. They're are usually multiple times for certain classes in case you can't make it at a certain time. You will make friends and have many experiences along the way. I would definitely recommend Bucks to anyone, I had a great time there.
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I am going to be a sophomore at Bucks County Community College this fall, as far as education goes I give this school an A. Teachers are very knowledgeable and despite being a community college and being looked down on, the courses are just as challenging as any other college so you won't be shocked when you attend another college later on. The greatest downfall of this school would be it's financial aid office, and "advising" system. No matter how early you have your Fafsa done , the school never seems to have it processed in time, and it leaves you scrambling trying to figure out what's going on , and rather or not you can even afford to attend. The "advising" process is the WORST! I've only attended for a full year and I've met with at least 4 different advisers, of whom didn't seem to really help you that much. I've even been told to that I had to take certain courses and then hearing from a new adviser that those course weren't necessary.
A good way to save money while completing your first two years of your college degree. Typically a very friendly and laid back atmosphere inside, and outside of classes.
Bucks got me back on track to complete my bachelor's degree. The resources and staff were all excellent in making me feel comfortable and confident in my abilities.
My experience with Bucks been good and bad. Some of the professor do really care about you but others just are harsh and unfair. Financial aid is always a problem every semester.
Initially I was nervous; however, they had so many opportunities to visit the campus (open house... new student cookouts... mock classes) and meet the faculty... now I feel much more comfortable. I also felt very supported after meeting with career development and the accessibility department.
Campus was well maintained and safety was excellent. Professors were very accessible and knowledgeable. The facilities and classroom were clean and material was available for labs.
Wonderful staff and teachers, but some policies were ridiculous, and some classes were not worth the money. For example, astronomy was awful.
The class sizes were small and personable. Every professor knew their students name, and because of this as students we have many resources and I myself have had an internship come from it.
I absolutely love Bucks County Community College. My professors were amazing, there are always activities going on, and they provide many opportunities for students to grow. The tutoring center has been a huge help for me in the past two years. I don't think that I would have passed any of my math classes without the help of the wonderful tutors. I have never felt unsafe walking through campus, even when I took a night class. BCCC is a place where I have made new friends, connected with old ones, and became friends with people that I never thought I would be friends with. One thing I would like to see improved is the wireless internet. I have had many problems with it and have not known who to go to for help. There certainly is a stigma about community college, and I feel this is why not many students want to attend one. I attended BCCC because I was unsure of my career path and the wonderful professors were able to help and guide me in the right direction.
My overall experience with Bucks County Community College has been amazing. The low prices of the classes has helped me out a lot in the long run because I will not be struggling with money as much as I would have at another college. Bucks allowed me to choose how many classes I wanted to take per semester and the class sizes were small enough that I was able to build a relationship with each of my teachers. There were also many clubs and organizations that I could pick from to become more involved with other students. Bucks has given me the head start that I needed to become successful without breaking the bank.
Being a community college many people will say it does not compare to a University. Honestly, Bucks feels like a campus is exactly like a University. The staff is very professional and they really want you to succeed.
Bucks County Community College has a nice campus and the teacher are also nice. Some of the teachers can be hard but if you do your work, you will be fine in the classes.
Bucks County Community College is fantastic. The professors for the most part are extremely helpful and are looking for you to succeed. It's a very comfortable environment transitioning from high school to college.
Buck College is one of the best community college. They offer free tutoring, and you can get help in whatever subject you need help in. All the Professors are great.
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I thoroughly enjoyed the education I received at Bucks. I think it's a great school to go to if you want to receive the experience that you desire, but you don't want to spend several thousands of dollars to do so. The instructors that I had in my major were all very kind and willing to help us learn, and the coursework, though challenging, wasn't insanely crippling. Would definitely recommend!
I transferred to Bucks after being worn out by my time at a 4-year university. Not only was I saving a tremendous amount of money, but I was able to focus on my academics in a less stressful environment. My grades improved and my mental health as well. The professors in the Business department are all fantastic.
I like that the school us diverse, and cares about its students. I really like how the student success center is always willing to take anybody even if you did not make an appointment. I can't rate the housing/dorms because there is none, and the clubs and organizations are very welcoming to new members. I made a lot of friends, and highly recommend going to this two year university before heading off to another prestigious college or university.
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