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I really like the fact that Bucknell does go above and beyond when it comes to networking and having companies come here so students can get their name in with certain ones. I also really like student life here and how involved all of the students are here, especially how welcoming they are as well. However, I wish there was more diversity here on campus because those of color who are brought here are mainly from posse. Although, posse is a great scholarship program it only allows for so much diversity. I also wish that there was more diversity among the faculty here as well.
Bucknell University is an amazing school that focuses on undergraduate success. Research opportunities are endless!
I just graduated from Bucknell and I can only say great things. My time at Bucknell was absolutely incredibly– it was a great balance of academics and social life. I fell in love with Lewisburg (which I never thought would be possible), had incredible teachers who drove my intellectual curiosity, and made friendships that will last forever. Before I attended Bucknell, every alumni I met spoke about the University with a huge smile on their face. Bucknell is a community that lasts for a lifetime and I can't express how much this small school in Lewisburg means to me.
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I love Bucknell! The people are so friendly and the teachers are passionate and excited about what they are teaching. The professors are great at working one on one with students and take a genuine interest in their students and their wellbeing. The school spirit is amazing and the campus is beautiful throughout all seasons.
The campus is beautiful and I have been graced with wonderful professors and enlightening classes. However, that is about as much I can say about Bucknell with a positive tone as a Black person on the campus. The diversity is virtually nonexistent, with about 120 Black students on a campus with 3600 students. This disproportionality is exacerbated when the people that hold the majority in the school refuse to work with you in class, keep you from engaging in social events, and overall make Bucknell an unwelcoming and depressing environment. Bucknell can't be the worst, but it surely has a large amount of work to do if they want to continue to bring diverse students to campus, because they are not ensuring the health and happiness of the diverse students they currently possess.
As a guy who is finishing up my freshman year, I can say that coming to Bucknell was a great decision. At first I felt a little unsure about the school when I first got here, since it was a big shock coming from an urban area, but it definitely grew on me. Being stuck on a rural campus with 3,500 people is what leads to great bonding experiences. Everyone that I have met has been really friendly and overall cool people. You’ll see people you know pretty much everywhere you go. All of my professors have been really helpful and are passionate about what they teach. Many students here definitely have the work hard play hard attitude, but it really isn’t so hard to do when you get the hang of it. Partying is big here, but sometimes overhyped. There’s a lot of people here that don’t regularly go out. Sure it’s not the most diverse, but everyone finds their group, and most people are welcoming.
The school provides an excellent education, and a terrible, alcohol fueled, elitist social environment. Greek life dominates conversation and receives a huge amount of money from the school.
Students are on any campus for two 4 month blocks a year. Bucknell is about building connections building your network while experiencing TOP shelf education. Complainers simply do not understand the purpose of college beyond education. Literally no student should be complaining about it being 3 hour drive from NYC else they didnt reflect about themselves properly. The alumni network is outstanding and in a different category from 99% of colleges in US in this regard. Do your research and understand your objective as a student. Freshman year is difficult for most everyone; if you are one of the lucky to find it easy then good for you.
I am an alumni of Bucknell. (Electrical Engineering). Yes there was frat parties which wa basically the social life on Fri & Sat. I got bored sometimes but in general had fun and like the fact that the school was small and I could get to know folks.
That said I made AMAZING friends at Bucknell. We still get tough as a large group sometimes and if life is busy and I don’t see my friends for a time when I do it’s like no time passed.
The professors are wonderful and really care about the students. Years later and I can still reach out to them and they know me. I went to graduate school later and will say it was easier than Bucknell undergraduate engineering so it was challenging but the professors will help you. (Has 1 bad professor and he did not last)
I like the small classes, the professors, and the beautiful campus. I think Bucknell can stand to be more diverse.
The academics are excellent and I made a few good friends, but overall I had an absolutely MISERABLE experience.

They don’t care about your mental health at all. All they care about is your money.

This school sucked the life out of me and it still hurts to visit.

As an alumni I’m constantly bombarded with emails, letters, and phone calls asking for more money on top of an already ridiculously high tuition.

Don’t waste your money here. Go somewhere else, anywhere! Just not here.
The academics at Bucknell are great, but I personally have trouble with the social scene. There is barely any diversity amongst the students and most of the students are white, upper class, and conservative. I was shocked by the casual racist, homophobic, and sexist comments I heard on campus, as well as the lack of friendly, driven, open minded people. As for the party scene, there is nothing else to do but go to small, sweaty frat parties every night. You're completely isolated if you don't join Greek life, which has a very clear hierarchy. This makes it very cliquey on campus, making it feel more like a high school than a university. There is also little else to do outside of campus, besides take a trip to Walmart or go to the one of the few mediocre restaurants in Lewisburg.
If you are considering going to Bucknell, I strongly suggest you visit campus and talk to some students before you make any decisions. If you want a small, wealthy rural school, it may be for you.
the small class sizes make it possible for students to get to know their professors and makes learning more efficient. the professors are willing to work with students and help them succeed in their academic endeavors.
Mostly rich upper class white students but there is some diversity. Bucknell is working on increasing diversity. Professors are great, and they want students to do well.
Bucknell is a wonderful community for students to learn and make life long friends. The professors and the athletic department all genuinely care for the students and athletes. The campus is beautiful and so is the surrounding area.
I am from the west coast and came to Bucknell on an athletic scholarship. I knew it was a big party school and I was someone that was cool with partying. But let me assure you there is absolutely nothing else to do here.

Professors and academics are great but it does not make up for the horrible social scene. Parties are in disgusting, sweaty frat houses and are no fun unless you like getting black-out drunk. The fact that it's DI doesn't make much sense considering my friends who played DIII sports got better uniforms and didn't have to fundraise.

The university is merely concerned with getting more money from alumni despite the professors being quite good. I have good friends through athletics but unless you plan to join Greek Life you're pretty much screwed. You'll tell yourself you can sacrifice things just to get the name "Bucknell" on your diploma...but just know very few people outside of New York, PA, or New Jersey know what it is anyways.
Bucknell University is a small, rural, liberal arts college of almost 4,000 students. It’s three colleges: Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and Management. Education wise Bucknell is a great school with amazing and for the most part thoughtful professors. They know what they're teaching and have a noticeable passion for their work. The school itself is beautiful. However, the school is on a hill so it is troublesome for students in wheelchairs and crutches. Food is boring, tasteless, and bad quality of vegetables and fruits. The meal plans are expensive for this below average food. The campus atmosphere, the students are all clones of one another. In this prestigious, predominantly white school there are a lot of cliques based on financial status and greek life. There is alcoholism, drug abuse, and an above average rate of sexual assault and harassment at Bucknell. Location wise, students feel trapped in this "Bucknell bubble" since there is nowhere to go in the small area.
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Great courses and the professors are amazing! I am a history major and as sophomore I was able to do research. There are so many enriching opportunities that Bucknell has to offer. However, the campus can be a bit isolating at times. Transportation is very poor in the area and there is virtually nothing to do off campus. Nonetheless, the school offers affordable trips to different cities and cool activities. Overall my experience at Bucknell has been good!
Very wealthy environment, lots of rich/stuck up kids driving around $90k cars their Ivy league parents paid for. Very expensive and little help from financial aid office.
As an alum I continue to be impressed by the career paths and life achievements of my peers. Bucknell afforded me the opportunity of a well rounded education leading me to an Ivy League business school and a high level career in finance. I had the opportunity to teach a group of students for a management class recently at Bucknell and was amazed by the intelligence, thoughtfulness and well roundedness of my students. The campus has expanded without losing its bucolic appeal and it remains a great place to strike a strong work play balance.
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