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Great courses and the professors are amazing! I am a history major and as sophomore I was able to do research. There are so many enriching opportunities that Bucknell has to offer. However, the campus can be a bit isolating at times. Transportation is very poor in the area and there is virtually nothing to do off campus. Nonetheless, the school offers affordable trips to different cities and cool activities. Overall my experience at Bucknell has been good!
Very wealthy environment, lots of rich/stuck up kids driving around $90k cars their Ivy league parents paid for. Very expensive and little help from financial aid office.
My first visit was as a parent with my family and I trying to find a suitable college for my son. My experience was horrible, First it was hard to even find the admissions office as no one including staff and students were able to help us when we asked. They either directed us in the wrong direction or didn't know. When we finally found the office, we waited for a hour. My two year old became hungry so we went to the dining hall and met a very rude lady at the front. We were about to pick out foods when the lady starts to yell at us saying that we had to pay first. We explained that we were guests and that our 2 year old was hungry. She didn't care. We payed 40 dollars and picked out our foods. The food was horrible and nobody ate it. And to top it all off, a student told me that they pay for their own laundry. I was done with Bucknell and we chose another college that is very excellent and respected us and welcomed our family.
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As an alum I continue to be impressed by the career paths and life achievements of my peers. Bucknell afforded me the opportunity of a well rounded education leading me to an Ivy League business school and a high level career in finance. I had the opportunity to teach a group of students for a management class recently at Bucknell and was amazed by the intelligence, thoughtfulness and well roundedness of my students. The campus has expanded without losing its bucolic appeal and it remains a great place to strike a strong work play balance.
Bucknell University provides students with all of the necessary tools for an outstanding undergraduate experience with an amazing academic and social environment. If I could change one thing, it would be more diversity amongst the social norm. Everyone is typically pretty similar.
It's great if you're not looking for an urban feel in a college, but there is a lack of diversity and not many things to do. Most professors are nice and academically challenging.
I have had a great experience at Bucknell so far. I have had amazing professors and everybody really wants you to succeed. The food can get old pretty quick. But Lewisburg is such a nice area and there are some good food options downtown.
I was a first generation college student woman of color when I attended Bucknell. There wasn't a lot of financial or racial diversity, but the campus was welcoming, professors were passionate in their subjects as well as good at teaching, and I met some lifelong friends there. The campus is beautiful. It's definitely expensive, but I don't regret attending.
Bucknell University is honestly such a wonderful place to grow into a young adult. The classes are interesting, challenging, and rewarding. The professors are passionate about what they teach and really care if students understand the material. It's not just about the grades at this university, it truly is about learning information and expanding your knowledge. The location is great as well. A safe small town that still is full of fun activities to keep students occupied on the weekends. Another great part of Bucknell is that it is a liberal science university. I can major in biology, but also take art or dance classes if I want. It's overall a great place and I'm very happy with my choice to attend.
What I like so much about Bucknell is the environment created by the staff, campus, and students that promotes not only success within the classroom but also outside of it. Bucknell is welcoming to all students and provides ample opportunities to be involved in various activities throughout campus. The class sizes are also small which allows students to become close with their professors and makes it easy to meet new students.
Bucknell certainly made college some of the best years of my life by attracting students from across the country. The orientation program along with campus events and clubs brings the students together. You will not meet a student body more supportive of their school. Ray Bucknell!
I am currently attending Bucknell University as a freshman enrolled in the engineering program. My experience so far has been great. I am a member of the baseball team so my schedule is quite busy, but fulfilling. My team mates are all very supportive and inclusive and have helped me make the transition from high school to college quite easy. I am looking forward to my next 3 years here at Bucknell.
I have loved my time at Bucknell and am sad to be graduating in the spring. The professors really try to form relationships with the students and yearn to get to know you. The school spirit is great and everyone that goes there loves Bucknell.
I am freshman guy who just finished my first semester. I have enjoyed my time here. The classes have lots of work, but in my experience it is still possible to do well. The food is better than most colleges, but it can get repetitive if you are on the unlimited swipes. There is better food when you use dining dollars instead of swipes. The party scene is very Greek life oriented. As a freshman guy, especially first semester, it will be very tough to get into parties. Girls will get into pretty much any party they wants. However, it will get easier for guys to get into parties as time goes on. Bucknell has a work hard play hard mentality.
Love the people, great education. I'm very happy with my choice in college so far, and I am looking forward to another 3 and a half years on campus.
Academics and professors are great for the most part. Few complaints on that front. However, the school has so many other problems.

First off, diversity sucks. It doesn't really affect me since I am white, upper-class male, but I could imagine that it would be awfully difficult to adjust for international/minority students. The wealth is obvious around campus, and honestly I wish I could meet more people with more diverse personalities. Everybody has virtually the same background.

Greek life dominates Bucknell. There is barely anything else to do and trust me I have tried looking. After you join a frat, say bye to your freshman friends. Your frat completely isolates you from everybody else, so you better pray that you made a good choice and like the people. Between meals, events, etc, it actually consumes your life, especially during pledging. I guess you could say it fits the lifestyle of a stereotypical white, upper-class person though.
For anyone who is just looking at Bucknell or on the fence about going here, I strongly advise you to go here. Bucknell academics are rigorous, but for anyone who can get in to Bucknell, they are easy to manage. The professors are absolutely amazing and really care about their students. The party scene is crazy as expected, but you also don't feel pressured if you need to stay in to study for a weekend. The friendships I have made already are so special, and as there is a decent amount of preppy stuck up kids (as any college has), there are so many incredible individuals from all over the US that I have met. People that don't go to Bucknell think Lewisburg is a boring secluded little town, but once you come to Bucknell you will realize like everyone else that this is a gorgeous place where you have your own little world, never feeling away from the world.
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I have had many positive experiences and a few negative ones. I feel a bit out of place sometimes because I come from a upper-middle class family and it feels like the majority of students here are from the top 1%. The party scene here is vibrant, which I personally like. However, if you don't like to go out and drink then you may not have much to do on the weekends. Nearly everyone goes out and if you don't you may have trouble making friends. With that being said, the academics are excellent. I love my professors and classes. Class is often times more of a discussion than a lecture. It is very involved and even classes I don't see myself enjoying I end up really liking! The professors and students alike are caring, kind, helpful, and intelligent. The Bucknell mentality is definitely work hard, play harder.
Bucknell University offers wonderful academics and chances for engagement and involvement with the campus community and student body. I've been able to connect with wonderful people through Bucknell while developing personal growth and learning a lot about an array of issues with our society. However, I had a poor experience with the social scene at Bucknell. It is highly dominated by Greek culture and partying, which is not for everyone. There are some problems with lack of diversity and inclusion, making this school seem like a good fit only for certain group of people.
Bucknell is a lot of fun and has a very accepting community. I love my professors and I feel like I am learning applicable things.
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