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If you want to be a decent, educated person do NOT go to Bucknell. Professors are great, but the students and the admin do not make it worth it. Greek life and parties dominate the social scene and if you're not rich and white then you will absolutely hate it here. It's impossible to sustain a meaningful conversation with most kids here since they only care about partying and most likely got in bc of their parents. This school does not have its priorities right. My dorm had bats, floods, and a cockroach infestation, but they only show you the fancy dorms when you visit. Most frats are full of rapists but the school won't do anything about it because they just care about the money. The food is both expensive and disgusting. Besides the professors, everyone else at this school does not want you to succeed.
Classes were online in spring 2020 and professors were understanding about late assignments and provided resources so you could join lessons a synchronously.
I took no courses online, but this software is buggy and won't let me post my review without entering text here.
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If you are disagreeable, depressive, unmotivated, like the big-city life, then you will rate your Bucknell experience badly through no fault of the school. Instead, focus on its unique charms: sports teams, clubs, guest speakers, events; great gyms and sports fields in a quiet town with fresh air, open spaces, farms, a golf course, a big river, woods, easy access to shopping at Giant, Weiss, Wal-Mart, and a 24-hr Dunkin' Donuts. Four Starbucks to study at. Also, small class sizes, smart professors, good library, interesting campus, open classrooms in Vaughn Lit to study in late in a safe, serene setting. So much to take advantage of. Try to get in the best shape of your life and get A's in your classes, and you will never be bored. And find the key books in the library to help take your own education to a higher level beyond what the class requires, to prepare you for life, work, law school, or grad school. Visit your prof's during their office hours to discuss things. Stay positive.
The atmosphere at this college is great and the professors are very passionate. Once in a lifetime education for sure.
I took all of my courses online in the second half of the semester due to COVID. Since this college is not really known for online courses it was a learning experience for both staff and students. Overall, it was great
Thought this school would set me up for an excellent career but I've yet to interview at a single company that's heard of this no-name, overpriced 60/K Private Liberal Arts School. Half my classmates were unemployed when I visited for my 5 year reunion.

Lewisburg is IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. 2 bars in downtown Lewisburg. The most exciting thing to do is visit the local Walmart (I wish I were joking)

Gray, depressing weather during the entire academic year.

Social/party scene gets boring after 2 weeks. If you aren't in a frat/sports team you will hate it. I was in a fraternity and still hated it as their was no "brotherhood" whatsoever. Everyone constantly picked on each other.

School is EXTREMELY strict. Feels like 4 more years of High School.
The campus is absolutely beautiful. Professors know you by name and are always willing to foster meaningful relationships with their students. Greek life is VERY present on campus and affects a lot of the social scene.
I actually didn't take any courses online and i don't know anybody who did either. Professors are great.
All professors were very helpful and really went out to help each and every student. Even though the learning was online the quality did not go down.
Absolutely great school. Bucknell has a lot of outstanding programs and has a great student with professor relationship opportunity.
The Bucknell online experience was amazing, especially when compared to my peers at other institutions and their experiences. All of my professors were incredibly lenient in regards to deadlines, and many altered their syllabi. Also, they gave out generous grades to students considering the issues ongoing in the world.
Bucknell is a great university with top of the line professors, majors, and class options. I enjoy the intimate class setting where students get a great opportunity to forge relationships with their professors and peers. The school is very greek-life concentrated, which can be a downside to some. Also, some of the dormitories are a bit outdated.
Going into my freshman year, I was nervous to start a new phase in my life, but Bucknell's staff and student body made me feel so welcome. The campus is beautiful and there is a tight sense of community. There is always something to go do, so you're never bored, and all school-sponsored events are really fun! I have made life-long friends and know that I'll always have a place in the Bucknell community. The academics are so immersive. The professors are very helpful and kind, always making time for students in class and outside of class. They are really there to help you learn as best you can. The class sizes are typically small, so you can develop a good relationship with professors. I really love Bucknell. It's such a great school and is really preparing me to transition into the workforce or graduate school.
Unfortunately, moving online for the remainder of the spring semester took away many on-campus opportunities us students were usually offered, but the Bucknell community made the most of the situation at hand. The professors were very understanding of how the change had affected students, and they took the time to rework their class structures to best accommodate the changes. I missed being on campus, but in light of the situation, I feel like Bucknell did the best it could to make the rest of the semester as normal as possible for students.
My online learning experience has been very solid. Bucknell was on top of things from the start and we really did not lose much time from the transition.
I like the student-faculty relationships because everyone working there really wants to see the students succeed. They want to get to know you and are welcome to the idea of students helping them with their research.
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The campus at Bucknell is very beautiful, and being in a college town means everything is in close proximity and tailored in a manner that benefits the students.
Bucknell is a predominately white school in the middle of nowhere. I found myself bored of the social scene after my first semester of attending. There are three bars there, only two that people go to, and neither of which are fun. The social scene at Bucknell is my biggest problem with the school. Everything is dominated by the frats, which are not fun after your 3rd time attending, and they create a toxic culture. When I told my friends, who were freshmen-seniors, I was transferring Many replied with “I can’t blame you. You won’t get the college experience here” which speaks volumes about the school. If you like small, isolated, where you will get a good education yes bucknell is for you, but by then end of your time there I bet you will be more than ready to leave. In Bucknell.‘s defense I didn’t meet a lot of good people there and make a lot of good friends and learn a lot but the school itself is not for me. I want more from college.
Amazing school for engineers because it allows you to be social and have a liberal arts education as well as a rigorous engineering education.
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