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I attended undergrad and grad school at Bryn Mawr. I've also taken courses for credit at Lehigh, UPenn, Haverford, LSE, and received another grad degree from Purdue. With that wide perspective of colleges and universities, I am confident when I say that Bryn Mawr academics, professors, and the students are second to none.
Bryn Mawr College is a place for a very specific kind of person - a person who is politically liberal, likely not within the gender binary, and likely on the sexuality spectrum in a place other than heterosexuality. This person must also be willing to figure things out for themselves and stand up for themselves against staff (not faculty!) members who aren't usually helpful. However, attending this college has vast academic and social opportunities not only on this campus, but also on the campuses of other local colleges. The professors are engaged in the material and very dedicated to their students and their students' success.
I like the atmosphere at Bryn Mawr College and its community. All faculty members and students are extremely supportive in providing a safe and welcoming environment. As a freshman, I felt so welcomed by other students and everyone makes sure that you are comfortable and doing well.
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I came to Bryn Mawr fearful, nervous, and alone. Nothing could have prepared me for the overwhelming kindness and support from my peers. At Bryn Mawr College, the success of few quickly turns into the success of the many. The party scene isn't phenomenal, but everyone finds their people at this school and everyone's emotional well-being is prioritized. We have tons of traditions that help to unify us as a campus and to foster long lasting friendships. We are a very liberal campus, full of boisterous young activists and individuals who genuinely love learning. At Bryn Mawr, everyone is treated with respect and tolerance. Racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, etc. are not tolerated, and hateful individuals quickly realize that this is not the campus for them. We are made of wisdom. We are made of love. We are Bryn Mawr.
Bryn Mawr is a wonderful place, I love it here! The community is very diverse, there are so many ways to meet people and we all want to have the best experience we can! The Academics are very engaging and challenging and thats what makes so interesting.
If you're a caucasian, cisgender, heterosexual female with conservative leaning values you better be ready to either censor all of your opinions or get bullied off of campus. While many people at Bryn Mawr are wonderful there's a significant amount of students who are radically and hatefully liberal. Not only are those students present on campus, but they are allowed to run wild with no resistance from administration. People at this school get offended by the dumbest things and there is a constant competition to see who can be the most victimized. It's stupid and exhausting. Don't be tricked into thinking that this school is accepting because it's not. You're only accepted until you're not like them.
Honestly I could care less about the sports teams but the athletic facilities are fantastic! There's plenty of equipment to use and everything is clean and visually appealing.
The party scene it littttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.
It's fun to go to parties with your friends, but most parties are with your close friends. Bryn Mawr has a couple of huge parties that happen during the year where a lot of people and schools from the surrounding area come, but other than that it's really who you know to go out and party. It's also pretty cool to have Philly so close so a lot of people go there as well.
The professors are great and extremely knowledgeable and influential. The registration process is fairly easy and you can pretty much take whatever class you want. I wish there were more unique study spaces, but that is what Philly is for!
Bryn Mawr is extremely diverse in terms of race and gender, sort of political but not really economically.
Very safe, I've never felt in danger. Most parties happen in dorms.
The professors are what really make the academics here worth wild. The students are really supportive and non-competitive because of the honor code, which I think is a wonderful aspect when attending an undergraduate institution.
Bryn Mawr is REALLY well known in higher-level education so even though someone off the street might not have heard of it, when you're looking for a job, that's when Bryn Mawr's name really does come into play. Bryn Mawr has LILAC services in order to help students who are looking for internships or jobs and they're pretty nice too.
Public Safety really does care about the safety of the students. The health center is okay, but they are going to go through renovations so it will be better hahaha.
The housing options for the dorms are INCREDIBLE! You are basically living in a castle, it can't get any better than that.
People don't necessarily pay attention to sports, but I feel like they are really underrepresented. People should pay attention more to them especially because athletes really do put a lot of effort into their team.
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I have really enjoyed my Bryn Mawr experience and I know that for some people it is not for them, but Bryn Mawr is truly a warm and inviting place for all students. The traditions, the alums, and the professors really do make this place wonderful.
Ethnic diversity is pretty prevalent but political diversity is not.
I don't really dabble around here, but honestly, nobody cares much if you do or you don't. You can easily get away with it if you want to and easily get away with it if you do.