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Bryn Mawr is a socially awkward place, people are very private and stay in their cliques most of the time, and their isn't really a sense of community college wide. Because of these qualities, Bryn Mawr campus and classrooms definitely lack a dynamic atmosphere as you would normally encounter in other colleges.
Academically, Bryn Mawr is rigorous. Though I do suspect that some Bryn Mawr professors water down the courses to make the contents more accessible to students...
Living at Bryn Mawr is generally comfortable. However, since the structure of the dorm buildings are inflammable, none has kitchen. Also, there are no apartment style dorms. Food is nice, it has a lot of variety and healthy eating options.
Bryn Mawr is located in a safe neighborhood. SEPTA train can take you to center Philly in 20 minutes. However, Bryn Mawr students do face risks of occasional harassment against social activism.
I love the community at Bryn Mawr especially the community that the students have built for each other. Within a couple of days after the dorm assignments came out my roommate and I bonded and we applied to enter a computer science conference / competition together. My entire class created a group-chat in which we have shared information regarding classes, trips to tour Philadelphia, and how we plan on supporting each other throughout our undergraduate years.
Bryn Mawr has rigorous academics and a whip smart student body that will challenge you in class discussions, without being actively competitive. The honor code and strong sense of community allow a student to focus on learning everything she can without worrying about who might be getting a higher grade than she is. The alumnae network is amazing.
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BMC is a small school that will give you the academic support and attention you need to perform well. It's a school filled with academically driven students which is very motivating.
It's very pretty and the atmosphere is super chill. The professors are really understanding for the most part and they all are very knowledgeable in their department. Also the Bi-Co is a pretty neat program at the school. We could also take classes at Swarthmore and UPenn even though that's more uncommon but if you really want to do it you can. The students can get a little rattled when it comes to politics and it's really liberal, some people like that others don't, just depends on who you talk to. The campus is sooo beautiful all throughout the year! And housing is one the best parts because most of the rooms are really big and you can get a single your sophomore year. The college also does a good job at matching roommates for first years. It can get a little boring because it's in a suburb but Philly close enough that you could go into the city every weekend if you wanted to. Would totally recommend!
I love the community and the people here, and it’s really easy to schedule an appointment with professors if you need help and their office hours don’t work for you. Academically, some classes are obviously harder than others, but you learn a lot, no matter what.
Extremely academics oriented in a good way, with plenty of on campus resources to help you succeed. Does not have too much party life on campus though. Among the top ranked dining services.
Bryn Mawr is a fantastic school. The academics are top notch, and are a wonderful balance of challenge and personal support. Your professors push you, but make every resource available to help you succeed. The women of the college are inspiring, and it is easy to excel among a cohort of driven, empowered women.
As an alum of 2004, Bryn Mawr was one of the most formative and special experiences of my life. I am grateful to have gone to Bryn Mawr and in no way would I have been able to achieve or learn in the way I was able to, by not being at an all-women's college. I majored in areas that very few women across the world have an opportunity to do. In addition, with great work comes great reward and I was able to easily matriculate into a top Ivy League graduate school immediately upon graduation. I was stunned because I thought never in my wildest dreams could I achieve that--But all the thanks goes to the incredible teachers, TAs, and professional counselors, that allowed me to succeed. If you go, you have to be in to win it, and never take this experience for granted! I am so lucky I counted every day as important during my time there. It was worth it, for all the hard work and effort. Also, the school traditions are extremely special and incredible--Especially Lantern night!! ;-)
BMC is a fantastic, liberal school with inspiring students and professors! The classes are well worth the money and the campus itself makes it all worth it.
It is truly wonderful how much professors at Bryn Mawr care about students' success. The faculty is invested in your future, and you get personalized attention in all your classes. Additionally, research and internship opportunities are abundant, and the close-knit community of students is truly wonderful.
Bryn Mawr has been a place where I have been allowed to be me without being afaird of being judged. I can finally be me.
I think that Bryn Mawr College is for a specific type of student- this school is not for everyone. I am white, straight, and come from a conservative background and southern town. People would make AWFUL assumptions about my identity (even though I'm liberal). I became really upset after awhile because students would form cliques based on their status in certain niches. BMC students all try to espouse the same ideology and only care about school and politics. Bryn Mawr also has a huge problem with restrictions on free speech- students may become hostile if you stray away from the norms of the "honor code". I was called a racist, bigot, and classist at some point during my time at Bryn Mawr. It seems like an accepting place; however, students are very intolerant of unpopular/uncommon opinions.
My time at Bryn Mawr has been a great experience thus far! I've met so many wonderful people from a wide variety of backgrounds, I've had some incredible professors that really care about their students' success, experienced great traditions on campus, and I've had access to so many academic and extracurricular opportunities. I can't wait for the coming years here!
I attended undergrad and grad school at Bryn Mawr. I've also taken courses for credit at Lehigh, UPenn, Haverford, LSE, and received another grad degree from Purdue. With that wide perspective of colleges and universities, I am confident when I say that Bryn Mawr academics, professors, and the students are second to none.
Bryn Mawr College is a place for a very specific kind of person - a person who is politically liberal, likely not within the gender binary, and likely on the sexuality spectrum in a place other than heterosexuality. This person must also be willing to figure things out for themselves and stand up for themselves against staff (not faculty!) members who aren't usually helpful. However, attending this college has vast academic and social opportunities not only on this campus, but also on the campuses of other local colleges. The professors are engaged in the material and very dedicated to their students and their students' success.
I like the atmosphere at Bryn Mawr College and its community. All faculty members and students are extremely supportive in providing a safe and welcoming environment. As a freshman, I felt so welcomed by other students and everyone makes sure that you are comfortable and doing well.
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I came to Bryn Mawr fearful, nervous, and alone. Nothing could have prepared me for the overwhelming kindness and support from my peers. At Bryn Mawr College, the success of few quickly turns into the success of the many. The party scene isn't phenomenal, but everyone finds their people at this school and everyone's emotional well-being is prioritized. We have tons of traditions that help to unify us as a campus and to foster long lasting friendships. We are a very liberal campus, full of boisterous young activists and individuals who genuinely love learning. At Bryn Mawr, everyone is treated with respect and tolerance. Racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, etc. are not tolerated, and hateful individuals quickly realize that this is not the campus for them. We are made of wisdom. We are made of love. We are Bryn Mawr.
Bryn Mawr is a wonderful place, I love it here! The community is very diverse, there are so many ways to meet people and we all want to have the best experience we can! The Academics are very engaging and challenging and thats what makes so interesting.
If you're a caucasian, cisgender, heterosexual female with conservative leaning values you better be ready to either censor all of your opinions or get bullied off of campus. While many people at Bryn Mawr are wonderful there's a significant amount of students who are radically and hatefully liberal. Not only are those students present on campus, but they are allowed to run wild with no resistance from administration. People at this school get offended by the dumbest things and there is a constant competition to see who can be the most victimized. It's stupid and exhausting. Don't be tricked into thinking that this school is accepting because it's not. You're only accepted until you're not like them.