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The school is very small but gives me the opportunity to branch out and learn. I have had numerous internships , jobs and a research position. I have created a schedule of classes that fit my wants, needs and interests.
When I walked onto campus I felt like I was home. I knew I belonged there. There is a very strong sense of community and family. I have support not only to exceed academically but also athletically.
Bryn Mawr College has a beautiful campus and a wonderful community that is based around learning and student growth.
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Bryn Mawr is an incredible institution that gives the best possible opportunities to pursue your dream career.
Good academics, great language programs, could use improvements on allocation of finances and student resources (although it's still better than most).
Bryn Mawr is an amazing school! The environment and culture is so positive and adamant about change; it makes everyone an even better person by being a part of it all. I have found a real home and family here.
I like the small class sizes that Bryn Mawr provides. Students are able to get to know each other within the class setting, as well as the ability for the professor to know each student. Bryn Mawr is an inclusive setting, where our social honor code fosters trust within the community such that creativity and diversity is always welcomed. In the future, I would like to see Bryn Mawr allow more opportunities for students to explore the greater Philadelphia area within the structure of a class, instead of strictly lecture based classes for the entire semester. In addition, Bryn Mawr needs air conditioning in ALL of the dorms! It is brutally hot in the warmer months of the year, especially on the upper floors of the dorms.
Bryn Mawr has great resources for students. Everyone has a dean, who works closely with them and is a great resource. Professors and very understanding and allow students to take extensions on assignments and will hold special office hours if someone needs. The academic scene is really great and, in my opinion, the saving grace for Bryn Mawr.

The community here is very exclusive, however. Students are not encouraged to have diverse political opinions. The campus is rooted in inclusion to the point of exclusion. By this, I mean, that I have known many peers here who have shamed me for not being gay. Friends of mine have been made fun of for being religious. For a place that is supposed to be inclusive of all viewpoints, I find it so sad that people are bullied for not fitting the extreme-far-left views (only term fitting) that Bryn Mawr almost requires.
-A small and beautiful campus with strong academics.
-Plenty of opportunities to explore one’s potential.
-Welcoming and friendly!
The diverse community of Bryn Mawr college provides a sense of belongingness and encouragesme to be myself. The Freshman experience was not made easy but it was made interesting:courses like the Thrive program helped me to make friends.
Professors love what they teach and want to ignite an interest in higher learning in their students. The campus is lovely, with castle-like buildings and gorgeous greenery and hills. The weather can get very cold close to the winter months and gets insanely warm in the summer times. The buildings are not all well-insulated, so I would be careful to bring warm clothing and/or light clothing.
I read a review saying the people are awkward. "Awkward" is a relative term & not really a gauge for quality. The sense of community was strong & welcoming. If you don't participate in the traditions, then you wouldn't see that. If you are not participating in traditions you are not experiencing BMC. I played athletics, 4-year athlete. There was huge community & support in athletics. The facilities are amazing. My professors and classmates were like my family. I found the most sense of community & belonging when I declared, I knew I made the right choice. The campus & dorms are beautiful. No kitchens but you know that before you attend. There’s plenty of things to do if you make an effort to find them. The town of Bryn Mawr is small, SEPTA can take you wherever you want to go. As an alum, I have a support system of alums & resources that I use today. The women I knew have gone on to higher education or have fulfilling careers. BMC was one of the best decisions I ever made.
Bryn Mawr is a socially awkward place, people are very private and stay in their cliques most of the time, and their isn't really a sense of community college wide. Because of these qualities, Bryn Mawr campus and classrooms definitely lack a dynamic atmosphere as you would normally encounter in other colleges.
Academically, Bryn Mawr is rigorous. Though I do suspect that some Bryn Mawr professors water down the courses to make the contents more accessible to students...
Living at Bryn Mawr is generally comfortable. However, since the structure of the dorm buildings are inflammable, none has kitchen. Also, there are no apartment style dorms. Food is nice, it has a lot of variety and healthy eating options.
Bryn Mawr is located in a safe neighborhood. SEPTA train can take you to center Philly in 20 minutes. However, Bryn Mawr students do face risks of occasional harassment against social activism.
I love the community at Bryn Mawr especially the community that the students have built for each other. Within a couple of days after the dorm assignments came out my roommate and I bonded and we applied to enter a computer science conference / competition together. My entire class created a group-chat in which we have shared information regarding classes, trips to tour Philadelphia, and how we plan on supporting each other throughout our undergraduate years.
Bryn Mawr has rigorous academics and a whip smart student body that will challenge you in class discussions, without being actively competitive. The honor code and strong sense of community allow a student to focus on learning everything she can without worrying about who might be getting a higher grade than she is. The alumnae network is amazing.
BMC is a small school that will give you the academic support and attention you need to perform well. It's a school filled with academically driven students which is very motivating.
It's very pretty and the atmosphere is super chill. The professors are really understanding for the most part and they all are very knowledgeable in their department. Also the Bi-Co is a pretty neat program at the school. We could also take classes at Swarthmore and UPenn even though that's more uncommon but if you really want to do it you can. The students can get a little rattled when it comes to politics and it's really liberal, some people like that others don't, just depends on who you talk to. The campus is sooo beautiful all throughout the year! And housing is one the best parts because most of the rooms are really big and you can get a single your sophomore year. The college also does a good job at matching roommates for first years. It can get a little boring because it's in a suburb but Philly close enough that you could go into the city every weekend if you wanted to. Would totally recommend!
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I love the community and the people here, and it’s really easy to schedule an appointment with professors if you need help and their office hours don’t work for you. Academically, some classes are obviously harder than others, but you learn a lot, no matter what.
Extremely academics oriented in a good way, with plenty of on campus resources to help you succeed. Does not have too much party life on campus though. Among the top ranked dining services.
Bryn Mawr is a fantastic school. The academics are top notch, and are a wonderful balance of challenge and personal support. Your professors push you, but make every resource available to help you succeed. The women of the college are inspiring, and it is easy to excel among a cohort of driven, empowered women.