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I love my college. I recommend it to everyone. I am glad I decided to come here. I feel like the overall environment is great.
I like the campus. Students and faculty are really nice. The professors want to see you succeed and help you in the best way possible
Bryn Athyn is a very small school with a lot of helpful advisers. I had little trouble transferring from my High school in Ohio to the campus life. Everyone seemed to be a little unique and different in their ow way but so am I. i am eagerly looking forward to the next years to come.
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The History/Human Society department is populated largely by talented and dedicated professors. Students are also given the opportunity to anonymously review classes after every term, and the reviews are taken very seriously. On occasion professors have been fired because of them.
Some employers are turned off by an unknown school. Others find it very interesting.
Nothing ever happens here. However in the event something does, the police and fire stations are across the street, and since nothing ever actually happens, they come very quickly.
Its pretty spacious, even for Freshman, and we get the room fully furnished already. Also the dorms are relatively new, and new Freshman dorms are being built Summer 2016.
We only have one sorority. They are nice, but they aren't the big stuff like other schools.
I love Bryn Athyn; the people are great, the professors are knowledgeable, the dorms are spacious, and the campus is beautiful.
I find my workload both stimulating and manageable.
Some of our facilities aren't the cleanest and health issues occasionally break out.
Living on campus your first year sucks. The freshman dorms have so many strange rules! But once you move into upper classmen housing (the suites and cottages) the atmosphere is more relaxed and you are allowed a lot more freedom.
As a member of the volleyball team, I love the atmosphere the school has for sports! Everyone comes out and supports each other's sports teams. Hockey is the biggest sport we have on one misses a game in our outdoor rink!
My school definitely isn't for everyone. At first, I felt really out of place. Everyone here seemed to be either super religious and slightly odd, or super slutty and slightly rude. I didn't really fit in with the very small school vibe. But after accustoming myself to the new environment and making some really good friends, I began to enjoy my time here.
The school is smaller than most and does have a religious spin that can be restricting for those that are not ready to change and adjust to their environment. That being said I have had the ability to experience academic activities that most schools could not offer in the way of internships and teachers. Everyone truly cares about you as a person here and is willing to take the time not only to know you but help you. As an athlete it has been great to be a part of a school trying to build something from scratch. In my time here I have seen drastic changes both academically and athletically that have made me very proud to call this school my own.
I really feel as if I made a great choice in my college decision.. My school is not as big as your average university but quite frankly I love the size of it. The student to teacher ratio allows us to have many one on one opprotunities with our professors which leads to achieving better results in school work and communication skills. I am grateful to be able to experience college athletics at its finest with my great coaching staff and a great group of girls to play with. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. The staff are very open to talk to, not just about school work but they have open arms even with our personal problems. Bryan Athyn is a home away from home and my experience falls nothing short of a great one. The students are just as open as the staff. It's just a happy place everyday and I enjoy being apart of the learning and growing community.
We met with the college and they took the time help my parents
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I've never eaten off campus, but there is a few brochures I have received from the school telling us about some of the places around here and from what I've seen there was a wide variety of choices.
No rules, no problems. Money is definitely a con, not only would you have to pay for rent, but you'd have to pay for food as well.
Students are encouraged to participate in sports, or to come out and support the teams. Mostly all of the professors come out to support the teams and always ask you about how it's going.
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