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Small school centralized around business, but is quickly growing and adapting to an ever-changing world. As the business world changes, Bryant is quick to adjust its programs.
I think Bryant is an amazing school with amazing people. Whether it be students, teachers, advisers, etc. everyone at Bryant is concerned with the success of students. I transferred to Bryant and am beyond thankful I was giving the opportunity to do so because I feel that this school pushed me to my limits, in a good way, and helped me succeed in every aspect possible. I started as a second semester sophomore and only regret not starting sooner. I have no negative things to say about this amazing school.
I am currently a freshman and have to say the overall experience is positive. Most teachers really care about their students and take time to know everyone's names. Small classes make that easier. Good school.
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Bryant University is a great school overall. Its community is warm-hearted and welcoming to new freshmen. Although it is a great school, academically, sports are one of my biggest concern. As a Bryant University cheerleader, it brings to my attention that cheerleading is not a sport. By introducing scholarships for the cheerleading team, the university can attract more female students and also people interested in cheerleading. Therefore, i would like to school to change the rules, and consider cheerleading a sport.
I love the small college life. You know almost everyone and there is always sonething to do and never bored
I Love the psychology department. Everyone is so friendly and kind. It makes you a well rounded person. I live off campus and there is still so much for me.
Bryant University is a university built on a sense of community and helping each other. This translates to great job opportunities after graduation, which results in an over 99% job placement (or grad school placement) rate.
Good for business students. The school is expanding its College of Arts and Sciences but is not anywhere close to being exceptional compared to other schools. However, if you're interested in International Business or Accounting, this college will prepare you.
The party scene gets repetitive really quickly, as well as the campus culture. Fortunately, Providence is only a 10 minute drive or 30 minute RIPTA away.
Food is horrible and costs about 6 grand a semester. Absolutely criminal. People only go here because they didn't get into Bentley, or they didn't realized Bentley existed when they were applying to schools.
I love the community feeling of being at Bryant. Being a small school, you get to know the same faces really well, not only colleagues but your professors as well. Almost all of the professors I have had were very personable and got to know me.

I also loved the great variety of clubs and organizations that are offered here. Personally, I was able to branch myself out and discover what I like versus what I don't like.
I loved my time here at Bryant. The campus is beautiful, and there are so many different clubs and organizations to join. There isn't much of a party scene anymore, and if you want something fun to do off campus expect at least a 20 minute drive. The professors are okay depending on the subject. For example, history professors are awful, but psych professors are wonderful. We're top rated for marketing, accounting, and finance, but all business majors are pretty good. You get a very well rounded education if you go here, since if you major in business, you have to have an arts minor, and vice versa. All in all I would say Bryant is a wonderful school to go to.
Bryant University was a school that I chose based on the outstanding academic program that they had for Actuarial Mathematics Majors and the fact that my father attended the university himself. Lead by President Machtley, Bryant should be considered one of the up and coming business schools in the country. The President has made great strides to the school including new dorms and academic facilities for everyone to use. The only thing that could use a bit of improvement is the food program. Options tend to be limited sometimes and the main dining hall, while improving, is still not the best. The campus itself is a beautiful place to be at as the campus is gorgeous. The area around Bryant is great as it is right next to Providence and only an hour from Boston. The professors are mostly good as Bryant seems to pride themselves on having a great staff as there has not been one bad professor I would not recommend.
Bryant University is a great school for business. However, not only is it a good school for business, but for liberal arts as well. Bryant does a really good job making sure their students are all well rounded and prepared for life after college. The connections that Bryant has are also tremendous.
I went to Bryant University for my freshman year. I thought it would be a great change for me but I found the environment to be too much like high school due to the small amount of people. The classes were fine, I was a part of the honors program which is pretty good and they give out good scholarships. However, if you don't want to be stuck for all of February on campus it is hard to expand beyond the area since it isn't in Providence. I was an IB major at first and when I decided to change majors it became difficult to do what I wanted there due to their Business/Liberal Arts major minor requirement. I ultimately left for a number of these reasons and more but I don't regret going there, but I have found a better school to suit my needs and am happier now.
Small school with people coming from small towns is about 90% of the community. It can get repetitive really quickly but luckily the RIPTA to Providence is free and Boston is an hour away
Bryant University is an excellent school. Most of the teachers there are talented and are amiable individuals, so if someone needed help, they were generally there. The dorms could be better, because they are all crammed together, but the positive side is that the students who live there are very community oriented, and are very kind individuals.
It is a great college. It small but not very diverse. The education is great and I really like most of my teachers. There is not a lot of events that happens on campus tho.
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I love it here! My only concerns are that the acceptance rate is quite high, but the caliber of student is relatively high. The career programs are fantastic and the people are friendly.
If you ache for a small community feeling, this school is for you. No matter where you go or time it is you will always see a friendly face you know.
Best parties are at the townhouses. There's usually something going on thursday-saturday.
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