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It’s hard but the professors are getting better at using online learning tools. They try to help you, or al least my current professors do. Very tiring without breaks tho
Not very diverse but is def getting there slowly. The food is so much better than it was my freshman year!
Bryant Univerity is an up-and-coming school. Well developed community with a very diverse faculty. Students tend to get along, and classes are in small groups, so it is straightforward to interact with each other. You have to be very careful with what professor you decide to go along, because no matter how easy or hard the class material is; the professor is a vital element in your learning process and grade in Bryant. Residence life is average, they lack some remodeling in dorms and the common rooms. Nevertheless, the university facilities are fully remodeled and filled with technology advanced. I will recommend this school for someone that is looking for a school that everyone knows each other, like some type of high school edition but with the great college experience.
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I decided to take the Fall 2020 semester online full. As we were all obliged to do the last semester online, I was convinced that doing another one online wasn't going to affect my education because of the way the professors and the faculty adjusted to my necessities, and concern was very well done. The professors really tried to get the student's attention, and almost all were willing to give high-quality classes throughout the semester.
Bryant is an amazing school. The atmosphere and diversity is what separates the school from others. The professors are easily accessible and accomadating. This year was challenging with COVID-19 but I feel that it was seamless and rewarding. I wouldn’t change a thing!!
The professors are exceptional. This past year the online classes were amazing. We transitioned to online learning due to COVID-19 it was challenging yet rewarding. Zoom learning was not what I envisioned when I applied but I felt like. Ryan’s falculty made the transition very well.
Bryant does not offer online classes so switching to online was very challenging. Most professors rose to the occasion.
It is a great school with a lot of resources. There is a lot of pressure to excel and find jobs but that is a good thing. The advisors listen to you and work with you to make sure you get the right classes. Professors get to know you well.
Professors were quickly trained on how to conduct online learning. However, it was clear that 50% of my professors didn't value their time with me and i ended up learning nothing in their online classes.
The online experience at Bryant was academically very similar to being in a classroom setting. The only real difference I noticed was that math was a bit harder to follow due to the nature of the setting. There was no semi-functional board to write on in Blackboard's online classroom. Besides math however, the experience was very much the same as the classroom, and it was an overall easy experiance.
I absolutely loved my Freshman year at Bryant University. I made so many friends during my first year, and when I say that 95 percent of the people you will meet at Bryant are great people I'm serious. All of the professors care a ton about the students, and they are super nice and understanding. I am very happy that I chose Bryant.
Only took online courses during the pandemic. But they were just as good if not more interactive and motivating.
I love the culture, classes, and faculty. There is an immense amount of activities and ways to get involved. My only complaint is once people find their friends they don’t really stray from their groups which makes it difficult to make new friends in the later years.
Bryant was one of the first schools to adapt to a remote model and immediately they did a great job. People we’re connected via Blackboard only a week after being sent home and they changed to P/F grades for those who wanted to accommodate everyone.
I love going to school here. Small enough that it feels like a tight knit family, but enough to meet new people all the time!
My experience with Bryant has been okay so far. I have gotten a very good scholarship from them so far, but they are so expensive. When I asked for a little more money to attend they turned me down which was dissapointing, but I think I will be still able to attend by working on other scholarships and with a good job in the summer. There campus is nice. There academic building are beautiful but their dorms are not the best. This is part of the reason while I will not be dorming there. Also, being known as a finance school has really driven my interest in this institute. I still haven't declared where I will be going this fall, however I am almost positive it will be Bryant.
awesome school! I would recommend anyone to go to Bryant. You will get a great job after and make friends for life.
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Although I am only a freshman, I believe that Bryant has provided me with the resources I need to succeed. I have had excellent encounters the staff at Bryant University and I feel that they truly want their students to succeed. I love the small class sizes and I feel that I can create a personal connection with all of my professors.
I loved my time at Bryant. It is a small school and can have a high school feel to it at times. However it is large enough that you can always make new friends. The professors are amazing, but that can really depend on what program you are in. They have a ton of activities going on all the time and it is super easy to find something you want to get involved in. Big sports school and athletes are treated well at the school. The campus is beautiful especially in the nice weather and you can set up your hammock by the pond. Overall, had my ups and downs here but I am very happy with the people I met and what it taught me.
I like almost everything about Bryant University. I love the fact that they are moving in the right direction with the future looking brighter and brighter every day. I also like to see how they earn their respect from the students, by giving them the exact same respect. Everything there is clearly kept at well maintenance from the classrooms with the clear whiteboards, to the gym. The teachers show the same respect as well. They give just the attention the students need when they need it. These elements all show why Bryant gets the respect it deserves.
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