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I'm writing this review in hopes that I can prevent a single person, with similar circumstances to my own, from attending Bryant University.

I transferred to Bryant from a 2 year college where I was top of my class. As a marketing major I was excited to learn new concepts but quickly realized that the marketing content was outdated and purely repetition of concepts I learned previously. I graduated in 2012 and only had a single class(during a single lesson) that talked about social media marketing. Not a single mention of SEO, PPC, A/B Testing, Email, Mobile, etc—it's like the professors believed that Madmen was relevant to modern day marketing and digital wasn't a thing.

Currently a marketing director I can attribute none of my success to Bryant. Everything I have learned has been self taught or gained through experience. If you don’t come from a wealthy background and have to pay for your education, please, reconsider—worst investment of my life, don't let it be yours.
I absolutely love the atmosphere at this University, it is a small campus so when you walk around you see the same people all the time and bonds develop. I can't think of anything I would change, maybe the cost but I don't have control over that. Expensive or not Bryant University is a great place to be and a great school to get a degree from.
Great school, would highly recommend the executive center courses. Great value and a worthwhile investment. This school has got it right.
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Bryant University is an exceptional school. I am very impressed with how up to date they are in regards to their technology and events in the business world. This is very beneficial to me because I can take what I am learning in the classroom past the graduation stage and into the real world. I am also amazed by how everyone at this university treats each other like family. This university is very close and interwoven together, which helps it stand out.
It's a good experience overall and a family environment. Small school so you know everybody and you're friends with everyone. However, the school should invest more into making students happier with simple amenities.
I like the class choice that are available at Bryant. The environment at Bryant is motivating and inspiring, most of the faculty appear to be invested in the success of the students. The classrooms are very modern and most rooms have computers available for students. Some of the classes focus on presentation skills to prepare college students for Business presentation. The presentations are great experience and learning opportunities. Bryant does need to be better when it comes to communicating activities for Student Life as well as to increase the availability of sport intramural teams.
Really appreciate everything this school and it's people have me. I went to Bryant when it was Bryant College back in the early 90s. It was the times of change when a small not a well-known school was beginning to change. I am happy to see more and more Bryant graduates taking executive positions with the national companies as well as embarking on the entrepreneurial paths. Great work!
I love everything about Bryant University. The class sizes are just right, and having a small community is great for the students and professors. I am thrilled to say that I will be attending Bryant this year!
I am loving my experience here at Bryant. The course load isn't that bad and the parties are awesome. Providence is literally right there with all these cool bars and other fun schools that you can visit whenever you want. GO BULLDOGS!!!
I applied to and was accepted to 10 universities. After my initial college visits, I narrowed my search down to three schools of which Bryant was one of them. I was looking for a smaller school with a strong sense of community. After a second round of campus visits to my top three schools, I decided on Bryant. Knowing that I wanted to concentrate my studies in some area of Business, but still unsure exactly which area, I liked the fact that at Bryant, I do not have to officially declare a major until the end of my Sophomore year. In addition, as a requirement for graduation, Bryant requires every student to select both a major and a minor. If your major is in the Business School, your minor must be in the College of Arts and Sciences, and vice versa. I think this will better prepare me for the business world by making me a more well rounded individual.
Do not come here. This school has a great academic reputation however this does not weigh out the numerous other shortcomings of the University. The food is literally prison quality food (supplied by Aramark), the dorms and townhouses are extremely outdated and have mold growing in them. The party scene is non-existent due to the Department of Safety officers who patrol the townhouses and don't allow parties. The athletes get preferential treatment even though they do not even pay to attend. The school pretends to care about its students and their well-being however it just cares about making money by forcing anyone with a scholarship to live on campus (overpriced housing) even though they do not have the room to accommodate all the students. Over 100 seniors were denied townhouses because they did not have enough of them and no housing discounts were given to those students. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND STAY AWAY!
Small school centralized around business, but is quickly growing and adapting to an ever-changing world. As the business world changes, Bryant is quick to adjust its programs.
I think Bryant is an amazing school with amazing people. Whether it be students, teachers, advisers, etc. everyone at Bryant is concerned with the success of students. I transferred to Bryant and am beyond thankful I was giving the opportunity to do so because I feel that this school pushed me to my limits, in a good way, and helped me succeed in every aspect possible. I started as a second semester sophomore and only regret not starting sooner. I have no negative things to say about this amazing school.
I am currently a freshman and have to say the overall experience is positive. Most teachers really care about their students and take time to know everyone's names. Small classes make that easier. Good school.
Bryant University is a great school overall. Its community is warm-hearted and welcoming to new freshmen. Although it is a great school, academically, sports are one of my biggest concern. As a Bryant University cheerleader, it brings to my attention that cheerleading is not a sport. By introducing scholarships for the cheerleading team, the university can attract more female students and also people interested in cheerleading. Therefore, i would like to school to change the rules, and consider cheerleading a sport.
I love the small college life. You know almost everyone and there is always sonething to do and never bored
I Love the psychology department. Everyone is so friendly and kind. It makes you a well rounded person. I live off campus and there is still so much for me.
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Bryant University is a university built on a sense of community and helping each other. This translates to great job opportunities after graduation, which results in an over 99% job placement (or grad school placement) rate.
Good for business students. The school is expanding its College of Arts and Sciences but is not anywhere close to being exceptional compared to other schools. However, if you're interested in International Business or Accounting, this college will prepare you.
The party scene gets repetitive really quickly, as well as the campus culture. Fortunately, Providence is only a 10 minute drive or 30 minute RIPTA away.
Food is horrible and costs about 6 grand a semester. Absolutely criminal. People only go here because they didn't get into Bentley, or they didn't realized Bentley existed when they were applying to schools.
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