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Bryant is truly one of those schools with a work hard, play hard mentality. The students and school has a high focus on succeeding and getting a great job, but sees the importance of having fun and living your best life. Often a question in the work place is “who would you rather be stuck to in an airport for hours? Either a really smart ivy-student, or someone who is relatable, funny, interesting, and decently smart.” Bryant students are definitely the latter.
Bryant university is a farley small school, but has a great community feel. The campus is beautiful. The professors really want you to succeed.
Bryant University is not only a beautiful campus, surrounded by trees and water and many plants, but it is also a place where learning is the priority. Everyone on campus is there to learn, and everyone has the same desire to graduate. The teachers and their classroom's create a safe and fun environment for the students to excel and reach for their goals.
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Bryant University is a good school with a strong campus life. The Professors are all very knowledgeable.
Bryant pushes its students to excellence and helps their students become prepared for the professional world ahead of them. I am going into the finance sector and Bryant offered CFP courses which means that I do not have to take these courses after graduation. This saves me time and money. Bryant offers many other opportunities like this to help make their students stand out.
I absolutely love Bryant. The social life is great and the academics are even better. I feel like I will get a job after college and that Bryant has trained me well. I wish that they had better food however. It is college though not many schools have great food.
I'm a person who does not like to be away from home, after my first year (living on campus) I found that I've really evolved as a person. I love the community Bryant stands for. I'm glad to call it my home away from home! If there's anything I would change it would be a better interview/analysis of some of the professors. Some of the ones I had my first year sucked, and need more training to better teach/help the students with material.
The faculty here are super helpful and are always willing to answer question! There are lots of opportunities here! Only downside I would say is the food, there are little to no choices in food.
Bryant University is a college where you can receive excellent education on Business. Therefore, I chose to major in International Business. This is my first year at Bryant, I fully feel involved because there are so many events going on in the campus. Such as Gateway sessions and different cultural festivals.
The school is beautiful and the teachings are excellent. The university have a policy that it makes you major in one of the schools and minor in the other school. The school food is not as good as one expects because the variation of it is bad. Student lives other than studying is fair but not too exciting because there is not many entertainment facilities.
I transferred to Bryant as a junior. My experience was challenging in that the work load was a huge increase form the community college. In addition, I am a part time commuter student so I found it challenging to feel like I was a part of the Bryant community. Overall, Bryant does have a great community. Most of the teachers are great and the campus is beautiful!
eh it’s ok. At first I loved it then the year went on and it wasn’t that great. Some people love it though.
Bryant really gets you prepared for the business world and all other fields connected to it. I myself am in school to earn a bachelors degree in communications with a double minor in psychology and business administration. One amazing perk at Bryant that many schools don't have is that you are required to have a major as well as a minor and it's all planned into your schedule, so you don't have to take extra classes. So you graduate with not only a major, but also a minor. Everyone at Bryant from staff, professors, and students, they're all accepting and helpful in every way you could imagine. They have lots of connections and can get you ahead of the game as soon as you start.
It was the perfect schoolfor me. It is well rounded with academics, extra criicullar activies, and sports. It is the school that will nourish and guide me throughout my four years and will make me a better human.
The best thing about Bryant is the people and the community. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help each other succeed. I was a little skeptical about this at first but it really is true. Professors are always willing to help you during office hours or with emails. I would say the dorms and food are average but there are plenty of other options on campus.
What I like the most about Bryant is you meet a lot of different people from different cultures. Also the class sizes are smaller so you get to learn at a smaller setting and teachers get to know you at a personal level. What I don’t like is that the housing for sophomores and juniors are really dated and they don’t have A/C. In the summer the housing gets really hot, especially if you live on the top floor of one of the dorm buildings. Also I feel that the amount that that we have to pay for food is really not reflected in the quality of food that we get from the dinning hall.
I'm writing this review in hopes that I can prevent a single person, with similar circumstances to my own, from attending Bryant University.

I transferred to Bryant from a 2 year college where I was top of my class. As a marketing major I was excited to learn new concepts but quickly realized that the marketing content was outdated and purely repetition of concepts I learned previously. I graduated in 2012 and only had a single class(during a single lesson) that talked about social media marketing. Not a single mention of SEO, PPC, A/B Testing, Email, Mobile, etc—it's like the professors believed that Madmen was relevant to modern day marketing and digital wasn't a thing.

Currently a marketing director I can attribute none of my success to Bryant. Everything I have learned has been self taught or gained through experience. If you don’t come from a wealthy background and have to pay for your education, please, reconsider—worst investment of my life, don't let it be yours.
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I absolutely love the atmosphere at this University, it is a small campus so when you walk around you see the same people all the time and bonds develop. I can't think of anything I would change, maybe the cost but I don't have control over that. Expensive or not Bryant University is a great place to be and a great school to get a degree from.
Great school, would highly recommend the executive center courses. Great value and a worthwhile investment. This school has got it right.
Bryant University is an exceptional school. I am very impressed with how up to date they are in regards to their technology and events in the business world. This is very beneficial to me because I can take what I am learning in the classroom past the graduation stage and into the real world. I am also amazed by how everyone at this university treats each other like family. This university is very close and interwoven together, which helps it stand out.
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