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The teachers and instructors here are very good and seem to care a lot about their students. There are many different clubs to join and even basketball, golf, and soccer teams to join as we are a d-2 school.
I have only just began the process but everyone has been so encouraging through the process. I was able to tour the building and see different classrooms, such as the lab, the mannoquin room, and the biology room. In one of the rooms I was able to talk to a couple of girls that did the LPN program and are now bridging into the RN program. They gave a lot of advice and let me know that I will never be alone in the program.
I love the entire experience so far. The only thing I would change is the cost of Tuition, it’s very expensive
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This school offers some challenging courses from professors that teach at other 4 year universities. It's a big advantage having some of the professors teaching elsewhere at more prestigious colleges. Although it would be nice to have more access and availability to use the school as a resource to get internships and jobs while your a student to learn the job field.
Bryant and Stratton college was an amazing experience. The environment and the atmosphere was just so welcoming. I would highly recommend people to attend Bryant and Stratton.
Very good I enjoy touring a campus seen all the other insights that they offer the college seemed very helpful and learning it has a lot of tools and resources to help learn also enjoy talking to basketball coach about potentially joining the team
Instructors and faculty really care about the students. I can ask for help from numerous resources, and they are alsways checking in to make sure students are doing OK.
Too much online work. Bathrooms do not have toilet seat covers. Nursing labs are awesome. Nursing room is beneficial.
When I was first interested in transferring to Bryant & Stratton, I had so many questions. The staff at Bryant & Stratton were very involved with my transfer process and went out of their way to answer all the questions that I had, as well as make appointments for me.
The few experiences I have had so far there have been staggering. My enrollment counselor is willing to go above and beyond for me. A truly eye-opening experience with peers and staff, every one you pass ready to meet your gaze with a warming smile. This is the hidden jewel of all colleges, the services provided for possible students, current students, and even graduates are endless.
I like this college because they work around your schedule. They want you to succeed in your classes and will help you do that. The class sizes are small and you have the option of doing classes online or in class.
Bryant & Stratton College has a quiet learning environment, that has a library and study tables where you can get help with your work. Each course challenges you to think critically. Bryant & Stratton does a good job for preparing their students for the workplace by developing their hard and soft skills. They have recently updated their lounges, one for the athletes and one that has the Cantina, where you can order food. Overall, great experience.
Bryant and Stratton has a nursing program that only takes 5 - 15 week long semesters. This is very good for adults that don't need to work full-time. Campus is very nice.
What I do like about Bryant & Stratton College is that they offer numerous programs so if you are confused about what you want to do there is so many options and you can change your mind at anytime. They are no accredited. What I do not like about the college is that I feel that some of the financial aid advisors do not help you as much as they should and I have been through atleast 3 or 4 advisors because they would leave or move to a different campus
this school follow up, communicate, help you through the whole process of enrolling. It also make you you feel confident
The programs are quick to get to where your goal is. But overall, a lot of professor leave in the middle of the program which causes ca motion with grades, test, and other learning.
I love how dedicated the staff and professors are to helping you succeed. There are always resources available whether it’s career services, Library study groups and their peer mentor program where they have a student who has completed some of the course and Is doing well act as a guide to help you throughout your college experience especially if you are a first year it is ideal to at least get a mentor the first semester. They are very understanding and go the distance to work with you and your life’s needs.
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I love all of the support that is on campus! There are many ways they will help you to succeed. These free services are available while attending school there, as well as after you graduate.
Teachers are very understanding of outside obligations such as jobs and family and very willing to help you if you are struggling with any of the content from class.
Bryant and Stratton is an amazing college because, they have smal classrooms and one on one learning opportunities for all student. Of all age and of all diversity
The entire faculty at the college cares about your education and is accessible. They are always looking for ways to improve your classes and the way you learn. The teachers go out of their way to help you and there is always tutoring available if needed. Everybody wants you to succeed.
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