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The entire faculty at the college cares about your education and is accessible. They are always looking for ways to improve your classes and the way you learn. The teachers go out of their way to help you and there is always tutoring available if needed. Everybody wants you to succeed.
Instructors are very helpful in you reaching your optimal education. Staff very friendly and easy to talk too. This college is always teaching current and useful skills that many employers seek in today's society.
I like that the class sizes are small and that give the instructor more time to help the students. I don't like the fact that it is far from where I live.
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Love the small class sizes, the teachers are all super helpful and actually really care about their students. I really loved the fact that they were able to transfer in so many of the credits for classes I already took. The biggest complaint I would have would be the cost to attend there and the fact that they charge you for technology fees yet there are still computers on campus that aren't working and a lot of the printers are out of ink when you go to use them. Overall, this is one of my favorite schools I have gone to because of the closeness of the students and faculty.
This school is perfect for students who do not like overpopulated classes. The classes are less than 15 students. The teachers and counselors do whatever they can to help you learn and pass. I love this school.
I really love the class small class sizes and that you can work with your instructors one on one. I also love the labs and clinical rooms. The daycare is a plus for my little one!
If you are pursuing nursing avoid, avoid, avoid. There are so many better schools in the area. There is no consistency to the program and a high turn-over in instructors. Additionally, favoritism comes into play. If the nursing instructors like you they will bend over backwards, if they don't like you they will set you up to fail. The Dean of Nursing is a joke and will hire the first warm body that will take the position when in a bind for an instructor whether they are qualified or not. She also acts and speaks as though she chased one too many Xanax with a bottle of wine. Scheduling is done in a block style so good luck managing your classes around work. Often you will not find out your clinical day, time, and site until a few days before the semester begins. There have been semesters where I did not find out where the clinical site was until the night before.
So far, so good. My campus has quite a few ADN students, so I fit right in!
Class size is SMALL! Small, as in twenty students or less. For me this was great, the professors get to know you as a person, and with the smaller class size its easier to focus and get extra help if needed.
For a private "career college", employeers respect and acknowledge it, like any other college, or university. What you "put it" is what you "get out". Do your best, and take it seriously and instructors as well as potential employers will notice.
As a student, that also works 30hours a week, as a hospice aide they have been very helpful and flexible with my class and schedule options.
Online courses are average here. My opinion of them may be slightly biased, because I personally prefer the "traditional" classroom setting.
Career services is awesome! Even before you reach the clinical point in the ADN, if you go meet with them, they try to find employment for you.
I began the winter semester, and so far so good. What's nice is I don't have to wait to "petition" for my nursing classes, I am doing my generals right along with my labs and nursing courses. This is an accelerated, five-semester program though, so you have to be willing to work HARD. We go to school, even during the usual "breaks", since we have three semesters in a year at this school. Work hard, finish school quicker, get employed quicker seems to be the main idea for this school.
All classes are offered year round. All courses, except for the nursing courses, are also offered online - ideal for the commuting student.
When applying, the staff made feel valued and cared for. They did everything they could to make the application process and transferring easier.
Class sizes are small. Students are able to develop relationships with their professors, unlike at a state school.
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I love everything about this school. Quality of the education, staff, peers, is high.
The student body seems to be made of adults pursuing higher education.
All interactions with my financial aid advisor have gone well. He was very straight forward and explained everything in detail. It is a private school, so tuition is expected to be higher than that of a state school. They provided me with a detailed list of scholarships that would be applicable to their nursing program.
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