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when I began with this school the Professors were amazing, and they really did everything to ensure that you understood the material. in my last year there has been a lot of changes, many of the professors are no longer there and the new ones only care about quota's not what the student is learning. Also the financial aid department has change for the worse, there is many delays in the financing on their part, with giving out refunds after they get paid.
Veteran friendly and Adult (returning student )friendly environment! I especially love the on campus daycare and Vet center with complimentary Wifi.
Bryant & Stratton College is not easy they work you hard. The best thing about them is nobody on staff is going to let you give up no matter how hard you want to. The Staff is willing to work with you, anyway they can. The teachers are some of the sweetest people I have ever met. I am so excited to go back every semester and do it again and again until graduation. Love this college.
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I like the flexibility and overall convenience of the school. My instructors are always there when I have questions or concerns and the class sizes aren’t too big. The online experience is straightforward and has shorter sessions, which keep me motivated! The discussion groups really help me understand the information further and get to know my classmates. I really enjoy being able to make friends from all over the country. Overall Bryant and Stratton has been a second home to me, I am so thankful for the opportunity to study here and pursue my dream of becoming a nurse!
I am a former student and I really enjoy this school. The staff where willing to stay late just to provide extra help or any services you need. The classrooms aren’t as large which helps those students that need to be in a smaller classroom setting. The sports coach work hard to get you to where you need in the sport and they are very caring. Bryant &Stratton is like a home away from home. The facility provides the Necessities that all students attends would need. They also have a lounge are where you can go for a break or if you just want to relax.
I have had a wonderful experience at Bryant and Stratton College, I attend the Hampton Campus. I don't have no reason to complain. The processors I had are excellent at what they do.
I love the staff here. Everyone is so fixed on you succeeding in your field of interest. My admissions advisor really went above and beyond for me and i couldn't be more grateful. I'm so excited to start in the fall
I love how the teachers are very interactive. The lessons are very fun and active to learn. I want to apply myself more everyday to learn something even better than before because you know I love it and typing love that too.
I have had no issues to date.
I have only taken two online courses thus far. I enjoyed each one as they were taken at my pace. I found the teacher to be approachable and reachable. The work was ideal for each lesson plan and we all participated in weekly discussions.
During my second semester I lost my job and career services helped me update my resume, made calls to people selling my experience, sent my resume to prospects, and gave me VA Unemployment's jobs that were hiring immediately. I was beyond satisfied at the care and attention that I received.
The teachers are very accommodating, understanding, knowledgeable, and build life long relationships.
I am uncertain of the internship prospects for my degree. It is a new program so I don't have any alumni to relate to or to mentor me. I have seen the career fair recruiter fliers previously and was satisfied with the companies that attended. I have had to use Career Services on campus and they went above and beyond my expectations.
As a middle aged, single mother, working full time, I found Bryant & Stratton to be conveniently located. They also have experienced and helpful staff. I feel everyone truly wants to see us succeed and graduate and will point you in the right direction if not assist you themselves.
They ordered my official transcript from my previous school I graduated from, looked to see which ones could transfer to help with my major and set up my classes so I could jump right in my career path heading to accomplish my goal.
Online can be kind of boring verses being in the class. It's more reading verses listening to someone talk and teach.
They help find you job placement
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I was told that the are one of the best schools ranking 100 percent for job placement.
I have not started just yet but I'm sure if you are taking the time out to go to school and attend everyday that you want to be there and learn and that's what the instructors are there for to teach you and make sure u need to kno everything you need to in the field that you are going for.
Well based on the information I received, I am very excited for my instructors to provide and teach me all aspects of my major that I need to learn to be successful. When I enter my field of work it wld be a breeze for me. I'm ready for the challenge of what it's like to really work in my field of medical.
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