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I have had no issues to date.
I have only taken two online courses thus far. I enjoyed each one as they were taken at my pace. I found the teacher to be approachable and reachable. The work was ideal for each lesson plan and we all participated in weekly discussions.
During my second semester I lost my job and career services helped me update my resume, made calls to people selling my experience, sent my resume to prospects, and gave me VA Unemployment's jobs that were hiring immediately. I was beyond satisfied at the care and attention that I received.
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The teachers are very accommodating, understanding, knowledgeable, and build life long relationships.
I am uncertain of the internship prospects for my degree. It is a new program so I don't have any alumni to relate to or to mentor me. I have seen the career fair recruiter fliers previously and was satisfied with the companies that attended. I have had to use Career Services on campus and they went above and beyond my expectations.
As a middle aged, single mother, working full time, I found Bryant & Stratton to be conveniently located. They also have experienced and helpful staff. I feel everyone truly wants to see us succeed and graduate and will point you in the right direction if not assist you themselves.
They ordered my official transcript from my previous school I graduated from, looked to see which ones could transfer to help with my major and set up my classes so I could jump right in my career path heading to accomplish my goal.
Online can be kind of boring verses being in the class. It's more reading verses listening to someone talk and teach.
They help find you job placement
I have not started just yet but I'm sure if you are taking the time out to go to school and attend everyday that you want to be there and learn and that's what the instructors are there for to teach you and make sure u need to kno everything you need to in the field that you are going for.
I was told that the are one of the best schools ranking 100 percent for job placement.
Well based on the information I received, I am very excited for my instructors to provide and teach me all aspects of my major that I need to learn to be successful. When I enter my field of work it wld be a breeze for me. I'm ready for the challenge of what it's like to really work in my field of medical.
I think that this school wld be great because right off had they instantly provided me with good information as far as the course that I was looking for and giving me all details about it. Letting me know about the excellent job placement that they have for their school is ranking 100 percent. And also providing information on scholarships and how they would match every scholarship we get to help pay for school.
The reason why I choose Bryant & Stratton College because it work with my busy life I have. I am am single mom of four. I can take online course or classes on campus. They also have a children college were I can bring my kids with me to school and they offer financial aid as well for children college. I can go to school at night or during the the day. This college fit my life style.
Instructors are truly helpful helping students understand the work. You take all the proper classes need to graduate, and they prepare you for your career.
So far things have been pretty well advanced and my ability to reach my instructors as needed is awesome. Most instructors give out their mobile phones and emails so if I have an issue I may reach them.
Bryant and Stratton College has an online library strictly for it's college students to use. It is far better than having to drive to the library. There are other activities you may get involved in as well.
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The schools process for helping the student is the best by far. The counselors help you through the steps on the computer, but you enter the information required. It is speedy and easy as far as getting the job done. The financial aid office is one of the most informative and helpful I have ever experienced anywhere.
I take all of my courses at night, or on the weekend due to my full-time job. Most of my instructors have been very understanding of those of us who do work full-time and come to college full-time. We still make the most of our classes and are required to maintain a certain grade point average. I would not change a thing about Bryant and Stratton College!
Our college is acceptable of everyone, and very welcoming of new ideas and approaches. The students are comprised of a mix of ethnic backgrounds, political and religious aspects as well. We are very dynamic, but accepting of others. At our best we try to help each other outside of class in study groups, and during class when possible.
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