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Good education good people learning lots enjoying the experience wish I did this earlier can't wait to graduate and get a real job
I love my teachers, and there is no denying that I’ve grown so much as a professional during my time at this college
I just want to start off by saying I have attended 2 other Colleges before this one and the difference is night and day. I am a new student currently enrolled for this fall semester. But just in the short time I have been connected to the campus it has been life altering. From my Admissions advisor who goes above and beyond to make sure I have everything I need. To the financial aid counselour to my scheduling counselour everyone is just amazing!. The professors in my program are knowledgable in their field and with the small class size I feel like a person not just a name on a list I am so Thankful for this opportunity
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I went to a community college and disliked it because the teachers never took the time to even know your name. At Bryant and Stratton they really get to know you and there is a smaller amount of kids in your classes
I prefer day classes rather than evening classes, and getting into classes is never an issue. I know others who work and attend school, and they have not had any problems scheduling classes to fit their schedule.
I don't have much input on this topic, as I am only a freshman and have not yet completed an internship, but I hear that the internship and job opportunities are great.
When I was looking for schools, one of my main priorities was finding a school with small class sizes. The class sizes here are small, and receiving help from instructors is much easier than a school with large classes.
Being a business major is great. I've learned many things, and the teachers I have had so far are wonderful. They always tell us about things that they have gone through in their careers and it helps me understand the lessons much better. This is especially true in Marketing. It is my favorite class this semester, and that is mainly because of the teacher and how she teaches. Her lessons are very lively and she uses an example from her experience in every class. She also tends to use humor in her lessons, which is very helpful in keeping the class interested in what she is teaching.
The teachers are all very easy to talk to, and are willing to help whenever they can. They use real-world experiences to teach their students. Many teachers here like to get their students involved in the lesson, rather than lecture for the entire class.
Bryant & Stratton is the best College that I have attended so far. The school starts building every students resumes from day one!
class scheduling has been amazing, as I work weekends schooling fit perfectly with my days off.
As only orientation and registration have been completed, I will say those so far.
The campus is driven to motivate you to get into work as soon as possible. They wish to see you getting your degree for what you want to work in. The services allow you to go into an internship as you go through school to be better prepared for the work place.
Students at the campus come as a wide variety. The diversity is astounding for such a small campus.
All topics were discussed clearly and accurately. No question was unanswered, and all options were explored to suit my financial placement into the college.
the campus staff strive to give you all forms of information needed, and prepare you for getting a job right out of school. The campus is career driven and show that they wish to put you into your field as soon as you graduate.
All aspects of the program are oriented around your schedule, advisers work to make your experience the best it can be with out putting too much on your plate.
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Registration was amazing, no matter the question someone had an answer, no matter the concern, someone could help make things work for you.
Small class sizes make the campus feel more person driven. Admissions specialists are there no matter what the problem. Teachers and Advisers are always there for you.
The workload is a lot but managable. The professors work with students to make sure that they can complete the work given and offer make up's if its for a good excuse. My classes are built around my carrer with few elective courses. The fincial aid and academics works with you to make your experiences good.
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