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Personally nursing is very different than other degrees at the school but I can say that in-person classes are so much better. You can reach your professor much easier and most of the classes are around 3 hours so that 1. they are only once a week and 2. they can be flexible with people who have lives outside of just school. I think just like any other school some professors you learn a lot from and others I don't really understand the way they teach. One class I took was a flipped classroom which meant all of the work and lectures were outside of class and in-class we didn't do anything productive( to me) for 3 hours. But normal classroom setting with lectures I enjoyed here.
I am a nursing major and I have my indifferences about this program. Up until this point I have not experienced a staff member that I didn't like except for maybe 2 of them but they are not nursing teachers so I am not that concerned about it. I would say if you are going for nursing go somewhere else to finish all of your prerequisites because there is very slim picks for who teach some of the non-nursing classes you have to take. Other than that just follow the rules, some of them seem dense but I think they are looking out for themselves trying to uphold the fastly growing program. Overall a good school when it comes to being flexible with a busy schedule but I think they are working on working out flaws they may have.
I have enjoyed my experience at this school. I am a nursing major. All the teachers are so welcoming and push you to do your absolute best. The program is by no means easy, but the teachers prepare you with everything you need. They do not teach you to memorize the material, they teach you how to apply it. Which I think will help in the long run more than memorizing
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It was a great school, I love that they offer hands-on learning for the students. The best part about attending this school was the externship. The externship gives you insight to your career choice and it gives you the tools that you need to succeed.
This is a very fast pace college but they focus on exactly what you need to know for your career And life goals.
I have been at Bryant & Stratton for two years now and I have seen some changes that I appreciate and others I could care less about. The school itself is trying to do better but could stand to listen to the feedback of its students. I do like the evening courses that they offer and all of the extra assistance you can receive outside of class however, for the amount of money you pay, some of the staff could be nicer.
Bryant and Stratton is an excellent college and with amazing professors. Every educator there is hands on and will do whatever they can to help you succeed. The school has a very welcoming atmosphere and is clean! Everyone is super friendly and always there to answer any question you may have. I would recommend this place to anyone pursing a nursing degree! Overall it is a 10 out of 10 and the best place to earn a quality education.
I am currently still enrolled at BSC. I love everything about this school! From the first moment I stepped on campus, all of the admissions reps developed a relationship with me and made sure I was taken care of every step of the way (because the relationship doesn't end once you're registered). I wouldn't trade this experience for anything!
The school was great! The teachers were very helpful and caring. If you needed help they made sure to find someone to help you.
Bryant & Stratton has the best tools to help you get ready for your actual career. They prepare you for what's out in the real world, I'm very glad to have the opportunity to be apart of the Bryant & Stratton community!
Not a good school to attend terrible instructors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The instructors are very nasty to students and career services are not helpful when finding student's jobs.
There are many helpful resources that you can use. Your instructor's are very knowledgeable and helpful.
This is a great college and with the best nursing family EVER !!! I have some with some wonderful men and women and have reached out and made connections.
they are a good school from my experience overall I've had some good instructors ,I'm just wanting financial backing so I can go back & finish
Had a excellent experience. The advisors are amazing and have your best interest at hand. Scheduling can be iffy, however they have online courses.
I am currently enrolled here at Bryant & Stratton College in the Bachelors Program for Health Service Administrator. I have enjoyed my time here and looking forward to graduating in 2019. there have been some awesome Instructors that I have encountered with and got to explore their greatness, however; I am excited for myself, having to embark on a new journey in the Health Serve arena. there is no great joy then within, knowing that you about to latch on to a world of wealth and prosperity. this will definitely be a new journey for me and yes, I am so ready for it.
i am currently an incoming Nursing student. I am as well an adult student returning to further my career. the staff has been Extremely helpful. They encourage you and make sure that you know that although returning to school with other obligations such as family and work, it is possible to obtain your degree. The tutoring programs as well as the childcare make the campus feel like a home away from home and you are always surrounded by family who want you to succeed.
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My experience has not been the best especially being promes to attend to all my classes on Campus and having to take online classes.
I am currently a student and enjoy the professors! The professors that I have encountered take the time to help you learn. Its exciting to see the faculty encourage the students. I am excited to keep going and working hard to obtain my degree.
Sam Hardy has been excellent to deal with since day 1. The campus is extremely inviting and they assist you in every way possible that they can. Wait time is extremely minimal within the facility to be able to see an adviser. Assistance with studying for a test is offered even before being accepted as a student.
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