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I am an active duty military member with a full schedule all year around. With Bryant and Stratton College I am able to work with the most flexible schedule and still manage to keep above a 3.75 GPA. I have had no problems with professors and staff as well as tech support for any online login troubles. I personally thank my advisors for being so informative and helpful. I will encourage any of my friends and family to attend this school.
Overall great program! Online classes work best around my work schedule and the classes feel one one one. I went to a larger school before with lectures of 200-300 students and I felt out of the loop. This feels like a better option for going back to school.
I like being able to choose my own schedule and do it on my time plus everyone is there to help u as much as u need it. I enjoy the easy registration and the work that the admission people did to help me .. I've been out of school 25 yrs and I am nervous about going back to school but they encouraged me that I could do it and that they are there to support me
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My experience so far has been great! Everyone that I have been in contact with have been wondersful!
I have enjoyed every minute of my time at Bryant and Stratton College. The entire staff is very supportive and helpful.
I absolutely love this college. I take online courses and every instructor I've had since 2016 have been very helpful and know what there teaching. Academic Advisors, financial advisors are all so helpful with answering questions and reaching out to students. I highly recommend this college..
Very good, professor s that care and staff always willing to help. I study online and never had an issue. I think it is a great school.
I like how your advisor and success coach check in often. You never feel by yourself when your struggling with something. Classes can become challenging at times.
I just started and anytime I need help they are right there. It is nice to have the help when you need it.
Bryant & Stratton college is the best education experience I've ever had. Every department tries, to the best of their knowledge and abilities, to help you in every aspect you need. This includes the administrative staff, success coaches, counselors, career coaches, financial coaches-aid/staff, technical staff, and above all, the teachers. Throughout the 7.5 weeks of class, you have access to an online library, tutors, Smart-Tools, and so much more; everything you need for research, assignments, etc. They're goal is to help you succeed in your career goals. The teachers are available through email, phone, and even Skype, to help you along your learning journey.
I Love This College! Bryant & Stratton is awesome for not only have so many places you can attend, but they also have online courses. The Instructors are great so far. It is really important to manage your time when going online. You have to be very focus and independent.
Being over 40 years old and starting back to school was intimidating and stressful. Bryant and Stratton helped me through the admissions process and all of the staff has been so responsive throughout my first semester, ensuring that I have all the tools at my disposal to have a successful experience. I'm so pleased with their support services.
I am currently attending this college for online education. The instructors and academic advisors are great. I would like to see the college improve on the amount of scholarships they offer to students.
I like Bryant & Stratton College on-line because, they are very on top with making sure me and their other students are getting all the help and attention we need from them 24/7. Also I love the professors that i have had, they make sure if I was falling behind in class they would email, call, or even send a text meassage asking in their concerns if I was alright. And even though I haven't has the best of year when I first started there they made sure to let me know I can come to them and the would help me the best the could and still do thank Bryant and Stratton college, You've made a difference in my life
I am very pleased with my choice in Bryant & Stratton Online. I get frequent updates from my academic success coach. If I have an issue that needs resolved, it gets handled in a quick manner.
I like that I am not just a number at Bryant & Stratton. Any time that I need help I have always got help. Also, during the admissions process my admissions advisor made sure I had everything I needed and everything went smoothly.
Not very helpful. When reviewing your award letter they do not explain to you that all the grants and loans that you qualify for goes towards tuition and you do not see any of it. But they give you a career life prep grant of up to $700. I'm a mother of 3 and I have always been told that when im ready to go back to school that there was assistance for me and that I would be paid to go back to college.
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I really enjoy how flexible my class schedule is. It works around my full time job all the time. While there are demanding weeks, the instructors are also flexible with deadlines. I really enjoy my classes so far, and has been a much better experience then when I attempted classes with UoPX. My classes have all been relevant to my degree and career field, with actual skills I can apply right out of my first set of classes. I look forward to continuing my education with Bryant & Stratton!
It's awesome. The instructors work with you and open at different times of the day. The coursework is related to my degree.
I absolutely love my college, they are great working with you and are so understanding. They are focused on helping you in aid of your success and future career. I am so pleased to spend this year with them. I highly recommend this college, if you are going to school for any courses they offer, go for them! They will give you well approved results, I am glad I picked them.
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