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I love my experience because they check in with you when you are falling behind. They are friendly they take care of there students even though it's online they are still for there students. People dont realize that for some situations people find online easier because they still got to work.
I have not officially started school at Bryant & Stratton but while going through the admissions process everyone has been so help and very professional. Very responsive and educative.
I absolutely love the online classes! The staff are very helpful and kind. I get to do my work and spend time with my family too
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I have not found any issues or problems I would like to change. I love the online school. It is flexible. I can do my school. I have time to help my kids with their school. I manage a job, my house, and time with my family. I do all the things I love to do while I am learning and growing. I can not wait til I graduate so I can show my kids no matter what age, you can do anything you set your mind to.
The college is very friendly and the campus setting is friendly and convenient. The classes seem real small and close nit, looking forward to attending class and getting a certificate with my name on it.
I have just started the application process but everyone is very helpful and personable. I like that the commute is short and the class sizes will be small. The campus feels like family
Bryant and Stratton is a pretty great school to do online courses. It is very flexible and there are tons of resources available to help you with your studies. It is a private school, so the expenses are kind of high, but as long as you qualify for financial aid and student loans you will be fine. The team at Bryant and Stratton is very accommodating and they are available to help you with all of your academic needs.
I have had the greatest experience with Bryant and Stratton College.they leading me all the way on my first year of college and help me graduate with the excellent staff and teachers. Also they walked me through and help me find my way to graduation. Now I am going back to Bryant andStratton college to further my education. The school truly care about your education at the student not as a number. they're always checking on you and making sure you're doing the correcting to further your education no matter what your condition may be they're always pushing you so that you could become someone in the future.
Over all it is a good school! The instructors are attentive to every individuals needs of every student. In my experience with the administrative and financial services they have as well been attentive to my needs and questions. The school to me is very good and I have never had any problems.
Admissions staff and financial aid staff have been very helpful in helping me prepare for the opportunity to improve my life. I find the classes to be expensive but the 100% online options to very convenient for my busy life. The online system is easy to navigate and everyone is friendly and helpful.
I like the way the classes are set up, the work load for some of the classes are a little high but not too bad.
I loved everything about Bryant & Stratton especially with all of the staff being as helpful as possible with everything that they can.
Everything's good so far. everyone has been very helpful throughout the entire process. the online courses are very easy. the only thing that I say I wouldn't like too much is how much aid you receive back from the school and they tell you that you are unable o get any excess loans that you may be eligible for leaving you to have to apply for other loans through banks or any other sort of loan means.
They don't give you a walk through of online programs before you go in. Your not told all requirements. Teachers act like they don't care and are not easy to get in touch with. If internet goes out your in trouble. They falsely advertise big time.
This is my second time going here and I love it. They work with you regardless of your situation. I am currently expecting my fourth child and will still be able to do my assignments.
The instructors I have had while taking my online courses have been very understanding and helpful. They work with you to make sure you have all your assignments done before the end of each session. I had fallen behind in a couple of classes and had to turn in late assignments and they still graded them as if they were turned in on time. I would recommend this college to anyone, I will consider this college first if I decide to get my bachelors degree. I am studying Medical Reimbursement and coding and thanks to my instructors I have been able to maintain a 3.87 GPA. I love this school and will be coming back to do more studies.
The registration process is easy and there are many people to work with you to get you thruogh the registration , Finacial aid, academic advisory , ordering books and a computer. They keep you moving forward to achieve your goal. Also they are very good at follow up to make sure you have what you need to achieve your goal of graduation.
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The things that I like about Bryant and Stratton online college is that I love how everyone is involved from your instructors to the advisors are invested in seeing you succeed. What I would like to see Bryant and Stratton online college make changes to the financial aide aspect of things. I say this, to say that I wish they offered scholarships or at least have affliates that are associated with scholarships for students that may need a little more financial help outside of the FAFSA, etc.
I have wanted to go to college since I graduated high school which was in 2010. I always talked myself out of it or made excuses mainly because I had nobody to help and was scared to take out a loan. Someone from Bryant & Stratton called me and was so friendly and helpful. He walked me through everything and made me feel confident that I can do this!
I’m enrolled, but haven’t started classes yet. So far so good. I’ve liked the people that have helped me enroll.
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