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Bryant & Stratton College - Milwaukee Reviews

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I can finally say I am in Nursing School! I was at a University before I came to Bryant and Stratton and I love it so far. Staff and professors are super welcoming and they WANT you to succeed! Classrooms are well equipped and classes are small, which makes interactions between professors and students more active. What I also love about Bryant and Stratton is that printing is free for students! I mean who doesn't love that? Overall, I am very happy with the decision I made to become a B&S student.
I went to this college to get my Associates Degree. The experience I had with the school itself was wonderful. My teachers were excellent when teaching the course. I also worked in the library in helping the students out which was great because it gave me an chance to give valuable tips to other students in other subjects. My class size was really small so my teacher was able to give us a little more attention. It gave me an chance to make friends in my area that I was going into. I loved joining the Allied Health Club.
Bryant & Stratton College is a career based college with caring instructors and faculty. The instructors are in the field of the course they teach. It is easy to get help with assignments from the instructors and there is a smart center where free tutoring is offered. Additionally, there are clubs that you can join the is based on your major. The Milwaukee campus has the B.I.D Union ( Business. In.Design) Club, the Allied Health Club, The Criminal Justice Club, and The B.O.B Club (Brotherhood). Overall, students can sit in the student lounge and watch tv, or eat, or conversate with their fellow classmates or join in on the activities that the school has from time to time.
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It's a great school it has great teachers and you can learn a lot of different things.
I really like that they have a career based curriculum. I would much rather learn stuff that I will use everyday in my career. I'm very excited to start my career and I love learning about people and the reasons why we do the things we do.
I had a great experience at Bryant& Stratton. I was treated like a peer. No one looked down on me or treated me like I was below them. The whole process was easy and was explaiIned thoroughly. I will refer family and friends the only down side I see right now is the cost is much higher than most schools.
Bryant & Stratton college is a laid back atmosphere with help available if needed.
I enjoy my professors. They listen to my concerns and are helpful.
This is a little concerning.
Overall the expereince has been pretty good. I did have a few classes where io felt was a waste of time.
very well put together far as resources and helpful as well.
They do their best to try to accommodate all of their students with class schedules etc.
Very strong,grounded and educated group of individuals considered joining myself.
Everything went well when I to search for information about the school and resources.
Haven't had much experience with online courses just yet but maybe in the future I'll consider it.
as far as i know as of right now it's okay no complaints.
Not to much of a difference from other colleges when it comes to academics.
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The financial aid at my school is very limited and tuition is very high overall.
very diverse and different cultural backgrounds. Professional and hardworking.
I love how the school shows the art work of the daycare children. It lets us be different, I know a lot of colleges do not offer day care for the students that are parents. I think it is nice how they also do fundraisers. they seem to get the students involved when they can especially when they have "lunches" to offer.
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