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I love Bryant & Stratton. They do a program called Jump Start which is where high school kids who don't know what they want to be yet can go to college for one night a week. I love all the professors that teach there. They know what they are teaching and they are always willing to help you out. They also have on site tutors to help you through your college journey.
Trying to transfer credits has been a hassle. I have a degree already and there are courses that I had to take as a student that were nearly identical to courses I have already taken. I don't like spending money to learn nothing.
I hate the online program. These courses were a waste of time and money. It was incredibly boring and hard to be successful in subjects I had no interest in.
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Class sizes are rather small. Usually this is a good thing but classes with less than three students are not as conducive to learning.
I'm not as familiar with these options right now.
Instructors are very knowledgeable in the field.
Very attentive staff and instructors
I wouldn't choose another school if I had to do so. The professors are caring and helpful. They are available when you need them to help you with assignments.
I wouldn't change my college choice if I had to choose a college all over again. Bryant & Stratton is very dedicated to your education and are very caring. They even have a career service and help you with job searching and help you prepare for your interviews. They are always willing to help in any way possible and professors are always available to help you with assignments.
My overall experience with my college is geared towards being with family. The love and support from the staff and the students is a wonderful thing. You have your ups and downs but you work through it. In the end if I would gladly do it all over again.
The only reason I would choose another institution is the cost.
I have not gotten back word about if any of my credits transferred.
There's a variety of courses here. There are online labs for students, the professors are professional and there to help.
I am unsure of this area but I do know that they help you find a job once you graduate and while attending, they hold career fairs.
I really did not want to any online courses but they gave it to me anyway. I like that they offer online course orientation to help ALL students understand online course navigation.
The students in my school are average people. I am not finding many people who are younger than 25 years old but we are working people. It could be because I attend night classes.
I spent time with the financial aid adviser. He was very nice but once he told me the cost I was shocked. He helped me understand that the cost I am paying is for the fact that the school is a private school.
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The school offers employableYOU where they help you find a job once out of school. If you leave the job you may come back and they will help you find another job.
The workload is fairly easy. The instructors are easy to get along with and easy to communicate with. The registration process was very easy.
I like how once you get your associate's in Business here, the school gives you $1000 per semester for continuing to attend the school to get your bachelor's degree.
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