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The overall atmosphere of the school is great. If I have a question then someone asnwers it or finds someone to answer it. The online classes have clear exoectations on their rubrics. I overall did not like the orientation process because it felt like they forgot about me until the days that classes started. I ended up having to go through financial aid and admissions the day before classes to get everything straight before I could even start classes, which caused me to miss part of my nursing orientation. Wish they would stay on top of students during the whole admissions process but we will see how the program goes!
The nursing program is new, it has had to overcome a LOT of challenges. I'm hoping things will get better with time for future nursing students, but right now it's a mess.
Even though I have not started classes, I have had a very good experience with the staff thus far. They have really kept me motivated to start this journey to becoming a RN
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This is a great college if you are an adult who just wants to get their degree. Show up to class, do your work, and earn your degree. The only issues I have had were the academics department scheduling classes and figuring out what books i needed.
I have greatly enjoy going to Bryant & Stratton College in Hampton, VA. One of the most interesting part about this college is that they will match your scholarship. I find it very helpful when your bank account is empty and you have to rely on scholarships to help pay for classes. Lets say I receive $100.00 from a scholarship, Bryant & Stratton College will also add $100.00. This has help multiple students afford tuition for classes that will lead to a better life.
my experience with Bryant and Stratton is good. The front office is nice and very respectful and patient with you.
I would loved to transfer my English credit but it wasn't approve so I took the course all over again. Life goes on.
I've heard it was ok but I haven't had an online class yet.
Mr.Dewitt is a great teacher.
so far its okay it could be better tho.
they are there for you.
the school is ok. I just feel like they should change the online rules.
Had to transfer credits with parchment website , there was a fee
Haven't reached tha level with internship... Job resource dept is available if your in need of their services
Coding and billing . Instructor was committed to students interest to absorb material pertaining to billing and coding, above and beyond to supply materials and tools to excel with assignments and projects
My last 2 semesters were awesome,, I think the curriculum can be enhance ,especially with amount of tuition b&s charges. I do worry about being placed after graduation. The debt I have worries me,,
The teaching staff is excellent and so is the counselors
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I love my school. It really helps me figure what I want to do in life.
I can work full time and attend my classes
I had help with the whole process
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