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Bryant & Stratton College - Hampton Reviews

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I have greatly enjoy going to Bryant & Stratton College in Hampton, VA. One of the most interesting part about this college is that they will match your scholarship. I find it very helpful when your bank account is empty and you have to rely on scholarships to help pay for classes. Lets say I receive $100.00 from a scholarship, Bryant & Stratton College will also add $100.00. This has help multiple students afford tuition for classes that will lead to a better life.
my experience with Bryant and Stratton is good. The front office is nice and very respectful and patient with you.
I would loved to transfer my English credit but it wasn't approve so I took the course all over again. Life goes on.
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I've heard it was ok but I haven't had an online class yet.
Mr.Dewitt is a great teacher.
so far its okay it could be better tho.
they are there for you.
the school is ok. I just feel like they should change the online rules.
Had to transfer credits with parchment website , there was a fee
Haven't reached tha level with internship... Job resource dept is available if your in need of their services
Coding and billing . Instructor was committed to students interest to absorb material pertaining to billing and coding, above and beyond to supply materials and tools to excel with assignments and projects
My last 2 semesters were awesome,, I think the curriculum can be enhance ,especially with amount of tuition b&s charges. I do worry about being placed after graduation. The debt I have worries me,,
The teaching staff is excellent and so is the counselors
I love my school. It really helps me figure what I want to do in life.
I can work full time and attend my classes
I had help with the whole process
its great. I love it
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I love that all the employees are on a first name bases with you. They recognize you through out the whole building. Very friendly environment.
Amazing. I have nothing bad to say
I have visited and review several different schools. I have never found a campus that had such encouraging and friendly staff and teachers. They are so in touch with your education and so on point with helping you succeed. I would never recommend anyone different.
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