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Bryant & Stratton College - Greece Reviews

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Bryant & stratton is a great school. I love how small the classes are, the one on one attention is perfect. The instructors do a great job explaining everything and going into more detail for those who need it.
Ive had a great experience at this college. Instructors and peers are fun to work with and many cool projects to do.
Bryant and Stratton has a wonderful support team. When registering, you meet with admissions one on one and financial aid is there with you every step of needed. I am looking forward to attend Spring 2019
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I love Bryant and Stratton. They want to help you every step of the way. Bryant and Stratton is like a second family to me.
Attending Bryant & Stratton college has changed my view on going back to school. At The beginning of the semester I was very discouraged , now im very excited looking forward to my future after graduation. The entire staff is very welcoming.
I love the small class size. The teachers pays attention to you and is very helpful.The school is very clean. Its my first semester but feel like I been there for ever. All the staff make you feel welcome. The teachers break things down so you could understand. Home work assignments dont be to hard. I love the school and will tell any one bout it.
I prefer to attend class in a classroom. I find online work to be more tedious.
The admissions counselors work very hard for the students to ensure that everything is handled professionally and easily. They really advocate for you!
The greatest benefit is that all alumni have the ability to go back at any time to receive career help and prospecting.
Class sizes are small and hands-on learning is the standard.
The college works closely with students to determine their needs and helps with resumes, networking, and career services to gain employment.
The occupational therapy program is very intense and fast paced. There is a lot of support from the teachers and fellow students. We have state of the art facilities to learn and enhance our experience. Clinical requirements also allow a student to network and begin to develop a plan concerning what interests them most and where they would like to build a career.
Bryant and Stratton is the perfect education for the adult looking to switch careers and get back into the work force as quickly as possible! I would highly recommend it to others looking to advance.
Bryant & Stratton College is with every student every step of the way. Training to be employability by teaching softskillk as well as wants. They hire professionals workers out in fields of study. Bryant & Stratton College has 100% graduation rate and 100% of hired out of college students.
very straightforward and they let you know what to expect
absolutely the best environment possible to complete my B.S.Degree
I enjoy being here at the Greece campus, I have all the amenities from home here at school.
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I really really enjoy being here at the Bryant & Stratton Greece Campus. This campus, is quite and has all the amenities I need to be successful while studying for my B.S.Degree.
We have excellent resources on campus, we have the student center which is our learning center, you can go into the center as a walk in or make an appointment and have someone tutor you in any and all subject. We have excellent campus activities, we have sort of groups here, pick a major we have a group that will allow you to join at anytime. You can also cross reference your group. I am very pleased with the campus, we have a great set up with study time, computer rooms, extra tutoring if needed by appointment. The administrators here really want to to focus on achievement here.
I have not had the opportunity to go to career services to see what they can offer yet.
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