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Staff is great and they really care about your success ! I love that they have small class sizes and everyone is able to relate to that. Overall great school other than the price.
I was unsuccessful in passing an ADN program at Kent State Ashtabula even though my grade point was 2.8. The administrations peopme were welcoming and guided me through everything I had to do to applied for my second chance to achieve my goal of becoming a RN!! They helped me transfer some credits and I have had a fabulous experience with the college thus far!! Can’t wait to start classes September 5!!
I loved the small classroom sized so the teacher actually knew who you were. I campus was small so there was no getting lost. Everyone knew everyone. Overall great campus!
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The school holds everys for every season and differnt times throughout the year. They also hold cook offs and charitable events.
Class sizes are usually not too big. The larger classes is usually an English or Math class. The smaller classes I love because there are enough people to have conversations on the topic discussed, work in pairs or small groups but not feel like your voice isnt heard.
Everything is what I expected. Professors who are there to help uou when you ask for it and encouraging.
I have had several good teachers who are encouraging and willing to help.
They sent me emails of possible jobs to apply for and would send my resume to company's.
I have been going to school here part time since May 2010. Received my Associates in Accounting in December 2012. When I started, it was easy to transfer credit, they male you feel welcome, are extremely helpful when asking for help and encourage you.
A little higher then some but not the most expensive
I do not like online school. I like to be in a classroom setting
They have different activities here throughout each semester. The summer brings cookouts and baseball games between students and faculty. The colder months bring pasta cookoff competitions, holiday parties, various pizza parties, etc. They usually have activities where students kids can be included as well which is nice.
Generally speaking, I do not do well with the online courses, I am better suited for on campus classes. When I did take them however, the professors were good.
There were limited internships for my associate program, and even now I do not see many varied job postings from the career services dept.
Prior to this I handled all of my financial aid myself, so sometimes when my loans, etc are being explained to me it doesn't make any sense. I think the tuition here is way too high, esp. with the issue with transfer of credits to the school and from the school to other schools.
There are many types of people here, from all ethnicities, financial walks of life, age.
For the most part the professors here are excellent because they have real world experience in the topic they are teaching.
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I'm going on for my Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice to supplement and round out my Associate's in Paralegal Studies. Some of the CJ classes are excellent in that they have hands-on training with fingerprint dusting and lifting, bite mark analysis and participating in mock investigations and trials. I think it would be helpful if the students could participate in actual events outside of school such as spending a few hours in a police precinct, or attending more court trials, etc.
One of the complaints I have is that many credits are non-transferable to my school and they should change that, because seems like many of them could be transferred over. I think the tuition could be a little lower, because job placement from this organization in my stated major is not high.

The strong points of the college are the willingness of the staff/faculty to work with you most times. I went through three deaths in my family within 7 months and there is no way I would have graduated with my Associates if it had not been for the caring and understanding I received. Any time I have schedule conflicts and can't make class they are mostly understanding. There are also a lot of events geared to the students such as parties/celebrations and contests.
Not familiar with what is offered
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