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My experience has been good so far. The people in admissions are very helpful and explain everything well, it makes the process of being a transfer student easier.
I loved the teachers and the support I received throughout my degree program. The staff was very helpful and we all worked together to get our assignments done.
This is my third school that I have transferred to since 2013. I really like the atmosphere compared to the other 2 schools that I attended.
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My experience as a student at Bryant and Stratton College has been very positive. I have been able to focus on my studies . The professor's are dynamic and are always available to meet with you and help you to reach your fullest academic potential.
This school is perfect for me the small class size, great instructors and teachers, adjustable scheduling is making Bryant & Stratton College the place to be for higher learning. the staff is professional, the latest in electronics, plus security so I can say up to this point I am happy.
well right now I'm having a difficulty with financial aid because I don't have any more grant money. but my overall experience is great.
the only problem I have with online classes is that they are 7 .5 weeks long which is half the semester. this means and heavy workload.
the student services department is very insightful and helpful. the career services department can help you find an internship and job placement. the customer service representative is always there when I need them.
I am currently in and internship program and the instructor is very helpful in making sure we succeed.
the instructors help you catch up with makeup work and also they are very reasonable about certain circumstances with life.
everyone is very helpful. and the classmates you meet are very cooperative.
the instructors are very helpful. In the financial aid department helps you find the resources you need to finish your program. I would recommend this college to someone who is an independent learner and is pushing for success
The nursing program is very rigid.
Being in the nursing program I am more set up to get jobs because I had experience at differing clinical sites.
There are a few great ones, many average ones, and a few real terrible ones. Luckily I got to avoid having to take most basic classes so I avoided the worst ones. Class size was small.
Nursing is my specific major. I wouldn't attend this school if I didn't have a clear path set with a well-paying career afterwards since it is so expensive. The workload can be heavy - especially if you had a job. The classes are very small and you're with only a few professors. Some of the professors aren't as great as others.
As a nursing student, once I was in the nursing program I enjoyed the school more. The nursing professors are great, willing to meet with you. It can be pretty dry material. The classes were small and clinicals were small as well which helped to give me lots of individual attention.
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I only go to school on Saturdays but the instructor are great they are very helpful and always willing to stay after to help with all me need that pertain to any of the classwork or homework.
I really have a great time learning and earning my degree from BSC.
Most of my instructors have been professional, I did have a bad experience with my Survey of Math instructor, but I simply dropped the class, and picked it up later, online.
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