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Bryant & Stratton College - Buffalo Reviews

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The classes are small and the professors are there for you. The staff is very nice and the school is very convenient in the location
Since being here I have had a horrible time with financial aid, They try to keep all refunds and try to doctor up the paperwork so that it looks like you owe or will not be getting your refund. They scam they students that do not know how to ask the right questions and some have not received any refunds back from not using their book money or scholarships. They have been at this scholl for over three semesters.
Everything I have experienced at Bryant and Stratton has been wonderful and the personnel have been very helpful
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I enjoyed the campus and classroom sizes. I’ve been to a large campus and felt like I could never reach my professor when needed. Small classes gave me the opportunity to concentrate and have better one on ones.
I'm new to the Buffalo area and this school really cares about their students and their education. The very first day I came to this campus I said to myself, yes this is the school for me. The advisors are so nice and they helped me with getting started and enrolled in the program. Most of all they are patient with you, and by me being in the shelter they really reached out to me and ask if I needed anything. They really take the time to get to know their students.
When i first attended Brant Stratton some of the professors who taught there didn't have a masters degree and was misinformed in certain things. In fact a student had to correct a professor on something that he said. They also misinformed students of the status of their disbursements of financial aid. It would have been disbursed and they will tell you that they are still waiting for it to come in
I love everything about this school. It's all online and everyone is very friendly. It a blessing a joy to be able to go to school. If anyone has an opportunity to go to school. This school is the best.
I have recently been accepted into Bryant and Stratton College-Southtowns Campus and I love it! I have been out of school for over 12 years and this is my first time enrolling into full-time college. From the moment I requested information, every staff member that I have dealt with has been very friendly and so helpful. I worked closely with the admissions representative who has been there every step to answer my many questions. My biggest concern coming back to college was how I was going to pay for it; the Financial Aid department was more than willing to work with me to get as much aid as I could, including directing me in the right direction for scholarships and loans. The professors have been helpful in reassuring me that I am capable of doing the work, as well as offered help to me whenever I need it. I am so excited to be attending this college, and I truly can't say enough about it!
So far my experience has been wonderful. All the staff is friendly and answer any question you have. They keep you informed on everything and the minute something changes they are contacting you. The online classrooms are so much easier to navigate and use than my other online school I tried.
Best decision I've ever made. I did some research before applying here and also found nothing but good reviews. The amount of extra help provided and the instructors availability ensures my success within the courses and I felt comfortable with asking any questions I struggled with.
At this point this school has allowed me to persue my dream on my terms. Classes are set up for the usual 7.5 weeks. So far every instructor has been very supportive and want you to succeed.
I really enjoy the OTA program at my school, the workload is heavy at times, but very relevant to the real world. The facility is really engaging they care about all of the students and want them to do well. There will be several job opportunities once we get done with school in several different areas of practice such as acute care,Early intervention, geriatrics and more. The internships are really well thought out and individualized per student. Field work is also great and starts your second semester.
I really enjoy going to my school! I really love my teachers and I appreciate the small classes and attention from the teachers. The OTA program is awesome!
Post grad and for life they help you with job placement.
The professors are very focused on all the students.
We are people not a number at this school. Other school's I have gone to your just a number and they help you get a job in your field even way after you graduate it's for life.
Class time is flexible and I haven't had many problems.
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I love having time with my family and being able to do school work on my own time.
They help you find employment throughout the US.
My professors have been there to help me every step of the way. I like online classes because I have time with my family still.
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