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This college has awesome staff member. They help you with any questions that you have in mind. It is a good college towards what I heard about what I want to study for.
They sit you down and go through the entire application process. They make sure you are comfortable with everything. They try to personalize your experience as much as possible.
I was applying from Indiana, so being a student out of state not knowing anything about the area and the school was frighting but the admission adviser helped me out so much. He worked with me through emails to be all ready and have my classes signed up. He also gave me an understanding of what area of Milwaukee are good, and where I should look for a place to live.
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I am just now beginning but so far i love it. The small class sizes give you the opportunity to connect with classmates and teachers.
Due to my background I was asked to change my major, I was fully prepared to submit an appeal to the medical board about a issue that happened 20yrs ago. An issue that had nothing to do with the Wisconsin caregiver restrictions and Bryant and Stratton wouldn’t allow me the chance to appeal they just told me I had to change my major. I feel like if I’m paying 20,000 a semester please allow me the right to appeal whatever I would like.
What I like about Bryant & Stratton College is that the College is on the route. I can take two buses to, and from classes.
What I like about Bryant&Stratton is the accelerated classes people are about to take. I also appreciate the flexibility this college offers.
What I think needs improvement is the way things are communicated to students. School is expensive and students can be misinform about there programs offered.
I am allowed to finish my nursing diploma in 21 months, which I like. The staff is very helpful and want to see the students succeed. They always offer their help or resources to aid you in your work and studies.
My experience at Bryant and Stratton was an average experience, the turnover rate with instructors was quite high. I never inquired about why, I was just stayed focused on my studies. I did enjoy the peers I studied with, they were all around the same age and maturity level as myself and that is what made it very comfortable for me.
Coming from a university to a small college campus has definitely been a game changer but I've enjoyed every moment so far this semester. All of my classes are reduced by 75%. I get more one on one with my professors and cohorts. My cohorts and I have developed group studies over the semester to get through are hardest classes. The staff are very welcoming and able to answer all questions if concerned. If you're thinking about Bryant & Stratton, I'd say go for it!
I loved going to classes...they were was flexible....the changes i would like to see is that the counsels be more involved in their students.
Its has been ok. Advisors and Financial aid people are always available
I am learning alot in my online class. Instructor is very helpfu
Nursing students can enter clinicals in their first semester
It was a ok process.
Clinicals are hands on. Most instructors are helpful. Class sizes are small. Some of the teachers are ineffective but overall ok
Most of the classes are easy. The enrollment process is good. Clinical are first semester. 3 semesters
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I had some trouble getting in touch with the Financial Aid team to discuss my FA. They are not that great at returning calls or emails, but their teachers are wonderful and the admissions team is a very big help with things.
i like to tend to myself in class but while in class i will get help from my classmate but or then that i like working along
I Am Pleased – BSC has allowed me the flexibility I needed to be a single parent, work a fulltime job and earn an Associate's degree in Accounting. That experience is what made me choose to remain at BSC to earn my Bachelor's degree in Accounting.
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