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I have two degrees from Bryant & Stratton and what I liked best was the flexibility. I was able to work two jobs and still be a full time mother without the flexibility of taking course between campus’ and online. I also enjoyed the small classrooms and the relationships I was able to build with my professors.
one of my favorite things is how the staff cares about your success, they want you to succeed. the low student to teacher ratio helps me stay focused and allows the teacher to create a personal relationship with all their students. everyone knows me by name and I feel at home, not like I'm at school.
Classes are small, which is nice, but I have not always had the best teachers. My first degree I was unable to find a job with, and am now continuing my Bachelors.
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I loved the small classroom sizes they offered and about 90% of the teachers do their best to help you in any way they can. Overall had a very pleasant experience, I do, however; wish they had more design instructors teach the curriculum and took the students personal lives and feedback into consideration more.
Love the staff and instructors in campus, would like to see some changes to online classes, can only reach instructors once a week to recove receive help.
We have a Medical Reimbursement and Coding club which helps you get to know different doctors and participate in organizations.
I would choose my school again if I did it all over again because all of the employers are very helpful with getting your financial aid, schedule or any other questions answered. The professors also want you to succeed so they do everything they can to help you reach your goal. I would definitely suggest my school to others.
online courses are hard for me, i prefer a teacher in front of me encase i have questions, the workload is a little harder.
Diane has worked hand and hand with us in every step of the internship and finding a career after scholl, she is friendly and understanding and will go out iof her way to find the most suitable position for you.
i love the class sizes and the individual attention the instructors can give you due to the numbers.
Have always been treated like i was their only student, they really make you feel important
I am in the Medical Administrative Assistant program, i have learned so much about the health field, i feel equipped to get out in my new career with confidence and experience.
I love being here, since the first day i walked through the doors, i have been treated with respect, kindness and understanding. Everyone is there to help with every step you take, good or bad. I feel so comfortable asking anyone a question, no matter what it is, if they do not know the answer they will point in the direction to get the help you need.
flexibility is great can work full time and go to school
very helpful and helps us look for jobs
always a bunch of job ads posted emailed daily
small classes one on one time with students
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work load easy curriculum easy facilitie clean neat
I love this college and my grades are amazing.
Bryant & Stratton College is a wonderful college to attend! It is ABA accredited and the class sizes are small. This allows more one on one time with the instructor and peers for any questions concerning coursework or general questions about the school or future career opportunities. I would highly recommend this school to anyone. There are many different volunteer opportunities, career opportunities, current job opportunities, fundraisers, charity events, etc. The school always sends an e-mail about new career opportunities and job placement opportunities. The different clubs work together to raise money for support, charities, etc. They always keep on top of the students when it comes to setting up a schedule for the next semester, making sure the students have their financial aid paperwork filled out and submitted on time, and are very willing to work with students and help in anyway possible if the student is struggling in classes or financially. They have an ePorfolio which is very beneficial when applying for a position in your career field. If your looking for a school that is willing to go the extra mile and do everything in their power to make sure you succeed in school and enter into a successful, rewarding career field, Bryant & Stratton is the right college for you!
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